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Found 11 results

  1. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and I’m still having issues. The reinstall fixed the issue I was having in the FTX control panel where it wouldn’t let me choose “without static aircraft.” But the issue I’m still having is it won’t let me click the box to use “FTX Southern California Mode.” I check the box, but every time I open the control panel, the box remains unchecked. And I’m guessing as a result, I’m getting duplicate runway/taxiway signs on the ground. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I can find a fix other than a reinstall.
  2. I had to download and reinstall my Global Base pack. Now the Control Panel button is Grey and I cannot configure my settings. I was able to do it the first time I installed the program. Anyone know what may have happened? Thanks
  3. Hi Matteo, just a request please. I attempted to find via the KSAN control panel a button that would help eliminate airside clutter such as the static baggage carts, etc. I am using GSX2 and need the space allocation for GSX2 vehicles. Are you able to add another option to remove these airside static vehicles please? Many thanks, Steve
  4. I had a question about the KSAN control panel.. when i first opened it.. neither option (select this if using southern california or select this if using ftx global or openlc) was selected.. Which of these should be used? IE: i have all 3.. there is no joint option.. just to test i compared each setting for a given shot.. i noticed the openlc gives more details, but at a cost of about 5 fps on my 4k display, which is fine given the detail level. Is openlc the correct choice here (unless frames are desired), despite having southern california? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I just updated my FTV Vector product through FTX Central v3.1.0.2. All went well until I ran my FSX:SE for a second session, my Norton Security kicked in, despite the FTX Central app and all other FSX folders being excluded through "Silent Mode". I've been successfully running FSX:SE and ORBX products this way for years now. My Norton Auto-Protect function advised that "Heur.AdvML.B" was being removed. I couldn't stop that process. Now I run FTX Central and my Vector Control Panel isn't accessible - button greyed out. FTX Central advised me to send the log file to Orbx staff - attached for consideration. Does anyone know what's happened here and how I can recover things? Thanks Rupert ftxc3.log
  6. Hello everyone, searching in the forums, I see a few mentions of vaguely similar issues, but no definitive answer. I have repeatable behavior on several computers, one a clean install, and am unable to enable "Animated Grass" "Grass - All Grass (including animated)" "Animated Butterflies" The panel allows me to select, and check, closes cleanly, but on reopening, these features have unchecked themselves. Is this a bug or by design "feature"?
  7. Just purchased the Lancair aircraft from FSS. When installing I get this error x\\Fonts\LCD.TTF A decompression error has occurred (#2026) Unknown decompression error Also no control panel application installed. I ignored the install error. Aircraft installs and loads but no control panel application, only control panel within FSX with icon toggles. How do I correct this error? Note - downloaded and installed several times with different browsers - same results. Also tried installing with antivirus off, same result. Please help. Thanks. Rich
  8. Hi Jarrad, I finally installed KPSP into FSX, and for the most part KPSP plays fine with FSX despite not having FTX Global. However, I noticed that there is no Control Panel for KPSP to be found - not within FTX Central V2 or anywhere else. Is this due to the fact that I do not have FTX Global? Or some issue I'm experiencing whilst waiting for the SCA-KPSP patch? Thanks in advance.
  9. Greetings, I have been trying to set the "Runway Hold-Short WigWags" and "Runway and Taxiway Light Intensity" settings in the KPSP Control Panel. When I try to select one of the options I get a "Could not switch option 'xxxxx'" message. Closing and reopening the panel shows no selection for either category. I have the latest version of the Orbxlibs installed and all features of the airport are otherwise working fine. The image below is what I am seeing. Any help would greatly be appreciated, Tom Jones -Head Reviewer at FlightSimGlobal.com
  10. G'day Everyone, Thanks for the great feedback on Monterey so far. Work is continuing at a hectic pace behind the scenes; we're starting to get close now. Talking of behind the scenes, I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to explain in a bit of detail some of the new features that will be included "under the hood" with Monterey. I know that most of us (including myself!) are fly-and-forget kind of simmers; that is, we don't want to waste too much time playing around with settings. However, there is always a good deal of thought that goes into both the design layout and control panel for all our airports, and after listening to various feedback on several of my last airports, I have come up with a couple of new options. 1. The Control Panel As you can see, there are many different options for you to play with to get the best balance on your machine. Of note are the Static Aircraft - rather than a "nuke all" switch, I have divided these up, so that you can, for example, disable all airline statics (in lieu of airline AI), whilst still retaining other types around the field. Of course, our APX and traffic has been plumbed to ensure you ca still enjoy plenty of AI in addition to the full suite of static aircraft. 2. The Ground Textures Resolution Switch This is the most important addition to the control panel. By default, the textures for the ground polygon apron will be set at the extremely-crisp 7cm resolution - and don't forget that with noise and detail layers (lines, asphalt noise etc) this is technically much higher. As long as you have your P3D2/FSX settings enabled for 4096 textures - by the "texture resolution" slider in P3D, or the appropriate line in your FSX.cfg, you can enjoy the 7cm textures with a considerably reduced performance load compared to 1024 sheets. Of course, if you would prefer to allocate your system resources elsewhere, this option also enables you to downsize the base textures to 2048 or 1024 textures - note that the high-res noise layers are not effected. As a benchmark, the ground textures at Redding on the runways and taxiways are the equivalent of the 1024 option at Monterey. As we move towards more P3Dv2-centric design techniques, using this 4096 in various elements will allow greater resolution for far less performance hit. But don't forget, if using FSX, you will need to ensure your FSX.cfg is manually edited, as this will not be automatically changed by the ORBX control panel. 3. Runway and Taxiway Light Intensity Now I can guarantee with every airport I've ever released, I have always received requests to change the brightness of the lights, usually in both directions! The .fx system in FSX/P3D2 is a little fickle, and based on a host of variables, the same effect can look quite different on different setups. I've endeavored to alleviate this by offering four different lighting options, with the default set at my preference - 85%. Please note: due to peculiarities with the new P3D2 engine, these options will not effect the runway 10R/28L in this sim. 4. AI Traffic and Parallel Runway Operations We have decided to create a special layout for Monterey; AI traffic has the ability to concurrently use the parralel runways at the airport. GA traffic is more likely to use the secondary runway (10L/28R), whilst heavier commercial traffic stick to the main runway. Should you wish to use the second runway for yourself, you should select "Monterey Aero Club" from the ATC menu; both share the same tower comms and are easily interchangeable. We have also included a minor update to the NA AI Traffic with Monterey - ensure you have the latest NA AI traffic patches installed to enable a variety of FPS-friendly aircraft. 5. The "Gold" Parking Spots There is nothing fancy about these; I just added a little extra flair to two sections of the airport to give a nice aesthetic to arrivals and departures, should you choose these I would recommend calling up "Ramp Parking 1" (GA/Corporate) or "Gate Parking 3" (Airline) from the airport menu to get the best view at the start of your flight And without any more descriptions, some more screenshots from Monterey. Most are areas that have been requested; please enjoy Jarrad
  11. I have a problem where none of the settings in the Orbx YMML V2 control panel is being applied to the scenary when I am in FSX. For example, in the control panel I select "Landside Passengers", "airside ground staff", or "airport perimeter fences" but in FSX these feature do not appear. Please help!
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