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Found 9 results

  1. Good to spend some time in P3D with this stunning aircraft and some great Orbx scenery.
  2. hi Chaps, hope someone can answer or shed some light on this issue i noticed today ? Just taxing around Compton Abbas and i notice a few of the people are not sitting correctly on benches and just sort of floating on thin air # has anyone seen this ? or can you advise what the fix is to correct this ? I did have the elevation issue which i have corrected already, but wasn't sure how to remedy this issue ? See the picture Circled in Red you can see the issue any help would be appreciated many thanks Dom
  3. As i fly most in P3D, AFS2 and XP11 recently, I was curious to fly for once in my first FlightSim : FSX in Steam Edition remains on my PC, the original FSX is deleted. I was surprised to find back the recently for XP11 released Compton Abbas airfield EGHA and fooled around with some not so often seen aircrafts. At the end I departed satisfied from the airport in my fantasy-car to other adventures.
  4. FSX. I have an issue when flying IFR into EGHA. There is one runway, 08/26 but when ATC directs me into 08, it says it is vectoring me into 26 and vice-versa. Does anyone else have this problem or is it something in my setup? Without ORBX EGHA installed it behaves normally. The Make runways program which I use for RAAS also reverses the runways with ORBX installed, but not with the vanilla FSX scenery.
  5. Hi All, I have recently purchased the Orbx Compton-Abbas Airfield (Order Number: 586056e1ab5d8), and although it is beautifully constructed, there is one major flaw: the whole of the refuelling concrete apron is about 3m below the rest of the airfield looking like a sinkhole (10m by 10m square), within which are two parked aircraft and a character sweeping the concrete. The adjacent buildings are over-hanging precariously and there are floating parking cones…(see attached image.) I already have a number of Orbx FTX sceneries installed including the Orbx England and associated library objects. It looks as though the Compton Abbas Airfield has a 10m square area of mesh missing. The airfield is fine with the default Orbx England scenery. Is this a known glitch and is a patch being made to correct this? I would much appreciate any help in solving this visual blip. Thanks.
  6. Seasons Greetings May I ask a question... are the european airports compatible with P3Dv3? I purchased 5 of these airports (Compton Abbas, Shoreham, Damyns Hall, Old Warden and Sumburgh) not too long ago and then shortly afterwards purchased p3dv3. I have been busy uninstalling, reformatting and re-installing all that I have and have now got to the bit where I would like to put my airfields back. I have been keeping a watchful eye on the orbx site for the thumbs up on these products but nothing yet. If FTX England is loaded and compatible are the airports ok too?
  7. So last week I was lucky enough to find myself sat in the back seat of a Westland Scout Helicopter on a mission from a farm in Somerset to North Weald in Essex and back. We flew back via a fuelling stop at Thruxton and decided to pass through Compton Abbas in case any photographers wanted a dusk shot of a Scout. (As it happened, there was almost nobody there!). We approached from the east (rather like the three wise men) onto 26 and kept to the north side of the runway to keep our wash out of the way of a taxying microlight. (could well be JV in the Trike - have a look!). Slowed to a crawl outside the restaurant, then pulled on the power and departed towards the Somerset Levels due west. Apologies for the noise, filmed on my phone and Scouts rattle and vibrate like nothing else! Amazing fun though! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfTvLuyNKoM Yours truly standing next to the Scout at North Weald. Just banking over the M25, the Dome (or O2 Arena) just above the GPS mount on the console. Friday afternoon traffic on M25.. most satisfying feeling ever!! Whizzing over the Dartford Crossing! More pictures on my PC, if anyone does want to see I will post them
  8. Haven't flown for a while, finally had a free day and the weather was gorgeous so I could continue with my Nav solos. And where else could I go but Compton Abbas! Feel like I know the place inside out thanks to Orbx, even thought this was only my second time flying there IRL! Flying out of Dunkeswell. Flight time just under 30 mins. The aircraft in question is G-OCPC, a Cessna/Reims 152 Aerobat, although I'm sadly not allowed to do aeros! In the cruise, 2500", 90kts IAS 08 at Compton today, as I was the only one in the circuit (everyone else was already depleting the restaurant stock..!), I joined a left base leg. About to turn finals - can be tricky to land at with the bumpy grass runway, but so fun! Looking down the line - very busy today - the Around Britain Air Rally had just flown in from Perranporth and were heading off to Goodwood after lunch. A slightly better view. The iconic restaurant and ops building! The view is just incredible! Waiting for a space to run up, took a shot just to prove how bloody brilliant the Orbx version is. On a left downwind, about to exit to head back to Dunkeswell
  9. Hey guys, Here's another quick preview shot of Compton Abbas (EGHA). This time showing the light maps. Thanks, Russ
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