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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I don't know if an admin or the guy who did this video trailer for Burbank airport will read this message, so i'll kindly ask you: do you know how this fast moving clouds effect was made in Prepar3D? I'll appreciate if you could help me with this! Thank you!
  2. Hi, On the latest version of P3D v5 vanilla install with only the FSLabs, when on wing view the Orbx GB buildings show through the clouds. This only seems to happen on the wing view and doesn't happen in the cockpit and only seems to be with GB scenery not Orbx Global, Open LC Europe etc.
  3. Good Morning All, Can any one help me with above subject, have cloud presentation that appear to be discharging 10,000 volts maybe known as the jaggies around edges of clouds, not noticed this on Eurpopean fits. Kind Regards Charlie
  4. The sim AeroFly FS2 doesn't have(yet) the possiblility to change the weathercondition, well adaptable are the clouddensity and -height. In follow video I choose to fly at about same level of a first layer of clouds and a modest cloud-density. Also choose several viewpoints of the choosen aircraft(Airbus 320 in Lufthansa livery) to show how good the inside- and outside textures of planes are done in AFS2. And of coarse the several glimps that appear underneath the plane of the gorgeous TrueEarth Netherlands by Orbx. Enjoy the movie:
  5. Running KTEX in P3D 3.4. I cannot figure out why cloud shadows are having no effect on some of the terrain around KTEX. I have double checked the config to make sure I have OpenLC and Vector toggled to on since I am running both. I use the fully hardened terrain model in the config but tried the other options too but no dice.
  6. I'm thinking of upgrading to Active Sky 2016 and I noticed that Active Sky Cloud Art is available. I already have Rex 4, so is Active Sky Cloud Art necessary or not?
  7. I used to think that cloud making was way beyond my abilities becuase I didn't have the tools or understanding. The SDK formed this belief. The SDK is misleading. To my knowledge, no one who has ever made cloud textures does what the SDK talks about. If you know how to work with the targa file format and create and use selection masks (greyscales) then you can make cloud textures. You need: Imagetool.exe from the SDK digital pictures of clouds image editing software that works with targa files a desire to create If you have these things you are good to go. Im writing this thread because I read a comment where a member said he didnt have the understanding to make clouds and neither did I until recently and since its really not that hard and it can be great fun to hunt down clouds and then place them in your flying environment, I thought Id start this thread. The hardest part I had was understanding how to start. The SDK talks about making cloud files (.cld) and using tools I didnt have. Once I realized that the textures themselves had little to do with the cloud files, I was able to move forward. the cumulus01.bmp contains 16 sections and each section is a different texture. The SDK describes this. From top left to top right and then down, the first three are stratus elements and the fourth image (the base cloud) is at the top right. The base cloud is the trickiest and most influencial in my opinion. The next 6 elements are 'forming cumulus' and then there are 6 'towering cumulus' elements. It takes experimentation and thought to make things work the way you want them to. The cloud files (.cld) are actually what takes the various sections of the cumulus01.bmp and places them in the sim. The SDK describes this also. So...the texture itself: The cumulus01.bmp (the default one) is mipmapped and DXT5 (I believe) and it of course has alpha. You need Imagetool.exe to take your targa file that you create and 'create mipmaps' and 'convert' to DXT5. Im guessing you dont have to convert to DXT5 (or create mipmaps apparently) but thats what ACES did originally so thats what I did as well. Thats the last step though. The first step is to get some cloud pictures. I had originally thought that clouds with lots of heavy shadows would work best but in my opinion its actually those clouds that you see in the distance that have bright faces with defined shadows surrounding each 'cloud bubble'. You take your cloud picture and select out the cloud you want. I use square selections and I try to make sure my cloud is at least 1024x1024pixels. If you have tons of memory and hard drive space and really good image editing software then you might choose to work with higher resolutions like 2048 or 4096 even but I stick with 1024. I select out the cloud I want with a square selection and copy and paste it as a new image and then resize it to 1024 by 1024 pixels. I then make a greyscale of that cloud. From there I use 'Highlight, Midtone, and Shadow' to try and increase the highlights just to the point of clipping and I will decrease shadow and midtone slightly. I use a large round very soft brush to fill in black around the cloud making sure to get the edges of the image actually black. Dont get too close to the cloud. you'll need some room for the next step which is to use the 'Burn' tool (Dodge and Burn) with a large round soft setting to slowly edge away the parts of the greyscale that are not cloud. This takes practice. You need a good greyscale to make the cloud. After you have a workable greyscale for selection, what you do will depend on you're editing software. In mine I can import a selection and copy and paste onto another image and so i create a foreground color for the highlights and a shadow color. I have discovered that its best to avoid 'white' when making clouds because the shading will always introduce unnatural violets and reds into the clouds. Clouds may appear reddish in nature but thats due to environmental factors like smog and haze. Formed cumulus clouds are generally blue and forming cumulus will often appear yellowish. What I do is use and RGB value of 254 255 255 instead of 'white' and I do this so that when I mix it with my blueish shadow, instead of getting violets and purples that arise from saturating and shifting down from what is basically red, you get a soft shift upwards in hue towards the shadow color. I have also found it works to use a bright light shadow for the highlights and a darker more saturated version of the same hue for shadows and then I will make a 'highlights only' version of my greyscale and import that onto white and copy and paste with variable transparency until it looks right. I've tried making black and white clouds and it just doesnt work (Im working in P3D mostly). The clouds need some color. How much is a matter of opinion. In P3D2.4, I found a level of saturation that gave me yellowish forming clouds as well as nice blue shadows for heavier cloud conditions. We have dynamic skies where I live. Its hardly ever flat looking. What you are going to have to do is slowly build a collection of textures that you like. I remember reading Peter Wilding suggesting that one should try to take as many textures as possible from pictures taking in similar settings and he's right. The clouds just look better if you can manage to get all your textures to look like they belong together. Its a lot easier to say than to do. But anyway, this is just about basic cloud texture making and not about your creativity. The targa format has both a foreground and an alpha. Its the format the SDK often talks about for ground scenery design and watermasks. I think airplane textures use it as well. You'll create a foreground of a size such as 1024 by 1024 pixels and you'll create a greyscale of the same size. All of your foreground elements go into the targa foreground and all of your cloud greyscale elements go into the greyscale. In my editor I can enter what is called 'mask mode' and then copy and paste the greyscale and merge and then exit mask mode and then save that as a targa file. I then use Imagetool to create mipmaps and convert to DXT5 but as I said earlier Im not sure how much of that is needed. You can set up batch files to make things easier. Ive done that for both sky and cloud design. Im not sure what else to add at this point. I just want you to know that cloud texture design is possible, not that hard, and a fun challenging hobby. cloud alphas: there is no cloud where the alpha level is black and there is a lot of cloud where its white. Its a selection mask. Clouds have bright spots and darker shadows and if you leave the greyscale that you use for your finished cloud targa unadjusted then you will suffer transparency in your shadows and thinner weaker clouds. you will also have weaker shadows of the ground because the aplphas play a role in that as well. For these reasons I like to use the Dodge tool with a moderately large, very soft round brush to brighten up the alpha mostly in the shadow regions. this will give the cloud more boldness in the sim. It will tell the sim that there is cloud there and the forground of your texture (incluing the shadow colors you built in) will show up better. There is nothing that can be done about the weather influnced transparency though. cloud sizes: there was some discussion about cloud sizes at one point with an earlier version of P3d. You can make a cloud texture just slightly larger (to fill more of the section its in) and it will be much larger in the sim. If you like full looking cumulus then concentrate on getting a soft, large base with a good alpha. more about texture foregrounds: I use the selection mask to copy and paste a foreground highlights color onto a background shadow color and I merge that as one image. I then import the greyscale onto that and expand the selection a little (Ive use as few as 3 pixels and as much as ten -- round expand if your image editor does that) -- but then you copy that and paste it onto white and thats your final foreground element. This seemed necessary in P3d2.4 but Im not sure it matters in other sims. almost - if you want your final total targa to be 1024x1024 then you need to resize each element down to 256x256. also do that for the greyscale elemenst of course.
  8. Hi. I went for a stroll earlier today, and saw this and had to go home and grab my camera. I am really unsure if it's a contrail or cloud of some sort. I have seen and taken photos of many clouds and many contrails, but this one was different. It looks like a contrail because it's so uniform along it's length, and it started to dissipate as a contrail would, but it seemed to start fairly close to the ground and was heading from the ground up on a roughly 45 degree angle. Also the section that I could see closest to the ground did look more like a cloud. Weird. Cheers,
  9. G'day all, Another short flight here, flying the Turbine Duke from that seminal piece of ORBX freeware, Launceston, down to Hobart in some stunning real weather. In the past, I've always flown with a custom REX theme that I rarely change... the past couple of days however, I've started using a bit more of the functionality of REX and let it choose the sky, cloud and wave themes based on the weather along my planned route. I've been stunned to say the least, and can't believe I never bothered with this option before. While I've always been a fan of REX, I'm starting to gain a whole new respect for what it adds to the experience. Here's some screenies of the resulting conditions on Thursday evening... On the ramp at Launy, near dusk as an almost full moon rises in the East. Turning onto the VOR track down to Hobart, and appreciating the fine job Shade does of adding some contrast to the hilly ground below My favourite of the set... running around some simply stunning cloud formations that REX threw at me. I really wish I'd noted down which cloud set was installed on this flight as it was just amazing. More low cloud and scud as I near Hobart, and some beautiful rendering of the excellent AU Blue landscape in Tassie wit some Shade help. Flying the pattern for an over-water approach into Hobart, with another REX surprise in the sunset on the water. I think the water theme here is Clear Lake, looks pretty amazing at this time of day, but messes with the landscape reflections somewhat. Well, that's all for now, back to some flying for me! I hope you like them! Cheers, Derek
  10. good morning concrete, and all you screenshooters went back to do some dodosim 206 hover training and ended up with a wonderful sunrise over the 3w5 concrete area, here are some of the shots i managed to take! helipad at 3w5 concrete municipal airport at 5:40am, systems running, good to go! standard FSX updated real-world weather + my fav. REX 2 textures = pretty exciting atmosphere! view from the 3w5 tower following the roads turning over the river outside view to spice things up panel lights not helping much during dawn time it seems... the lower baker dam and lake shannon returning for a coffee half decent landing on max realism... as always the full set (and all my other snapshots) is viewable at the flightsimdojo (no adverts, only FTX scenery, no evil links, just screenshots of my adventures )
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