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Found 11 results

  1. In the current flow of great postings of the marvelous modelled Cityscene of Auckland by Orbx, I see a continuing fine representation of the reality trough MSFS as FlightSim. Previously made cityscenes in that Sth Pacific Ocean part of our Globe confirms my findings. Hereby via my arrival at Brisbane airport(YBBN) and visit to the City......+ Bonus : Bonus = Nightviews of Adelaide City
  2. G'day all, I am absolutely delighted to unveil one of our most ambitious airport projects to date; LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11! After 18 months of development and R&D from Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, our award-winning airport has been brought XP11. An airport that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the world's great aviation destinations. Dramatically stunning terrain, beautiful architecture, and of course one of the most infamously challenging approaches in the world, Innsbruck is a destination that is instantly recognisable to aviators of all stripes. Whether you are a seasoned jet jockey looking to hone your skills, a GA flyer looking for your next high-brow scenic joyflight, or an eggbeater expert seeking out the next challenging helipad, Innsbruck has it all. For those of you who have enjoyed this airport in FSX, P3D or AFS2, we have gone to extra lengths to provide you something next-level. Beyond the already massive traditional coverage area, Innsbruck for X-Plane 11 includes a entire 8200km2 mini-region! Beyond the ultra-detailed airport itself, explore a complete cityscene (with over 160 POI), 3 heliports and vast coverage area in complete TrueEarth-style detail. All of this has been created with optimization foremost in mind - explore this scenery with your favourite resource-intensive aircraft without having to stress about performance. AT A GLANCE THE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport - Extremely high definition ground polygon - Beautiful hand-coloured and cleaned ground textures at 30cm - Entirely customized GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Innsbruck - don't expect to see generic airside vehicles or unexpected aircraft types - Hand-crafted texture work incorporating special materials, baked ambient occlusion and baked night lighting - Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing - Optimized for use with default and well-known AI programs - Animated GSE and static peopleflow - Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail - very low texture loading for a scenery of this scope and detail. THE CITYSCENE - One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11 - 160 custom points of interest - Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery - Major freeways and bridges custom modeled - Hand-placed custom vegetation - Stunning night lighting THE HELIPORTS - Hat Tux/Aplin 5 Heliport (LOJT) - rescue heliport hidden deep in the valleys south-west of Innsbruck. - University Hospital (Uni Klinik) Heliport - rooftop hospital heliport in the heart of the city - Flight Rescue Centre OAMTC Heliport - major Christophorus/Police heliport adjacent to the airport THE MINI-REGION - An enormous 8200km2 of TrueEarth-style detail, encompassing the majority of the Austrian state of Tyrol and the southern reaches of the German state of Bavaria - Highly accurate building autogen using custom central European types - Beautiful vegetation autogen using the latest placement techniques and custom Orbx artwork - Expertly colourised and cleaned ortho at 1m resolution - Best-available high-definition elevation mesh sampled from 10m source, optimized for best balance between high fidelity and performance. - Complete detailed overlay - accurate roads, watermasking, rail, powerlines and other features you'd expect from a TrueEarth region - Expertly collated, hand-edited and compiled using proprietary Orbx technology We'll have plenty more details, screenshots and goodies coming out for this project over the coming week. Suffice to say we are all very excited about this project, and can't wait to share more info with you all. In the mean time, here is selection of screenshots from the product - and I should point out that these barely scratch the surface of all the features Innsbruck includes. Enjoy! Jarrad
  3. Airport | CityScene | Mini-Region A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, heart-stopping approaches and location smack dab in the heart of the European Alps. Our award-winning depiction of this famous location has now been brought to life for X-Plane 11! Far more than just an airfield, this scenery is essentially three-in-one; a highly-detailed rendition of LOWI, a complete CityScene for the metro area, and a TrueEarth style mini-region for the complete tile. Developed by Vittorio Greco, Tony Wroblewski and myself, this scenery brings together an immense level of detail, coupled with careful optimization, for the best balance between performance and immersion. AT A GLANCE THE AIRPORT - Ultra-detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport - Animated GSE - Beautiful hand-coloured ground textures - Unique static aircraft and GSE made exclusively for the airport - Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail THE CITYSCENE - One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11 - 160 custom points of interest - Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery - Major freeways and bridges custom modeled - Hand-placed custom vegetation - Stunning night lighting - Three bonus heliports: Hat Tux/Alpin 5 / Uni Klinik / OAMTC Flight Rescue THE MINI-REGION - An enormous 8200km2 of TrueEarth-style detail, encompassing chunks of Tirol (Austria) and Bavaria (Germany) - Expertly colourised and cleaned ortho at 1m resolution - Best-available high-definition elevation mesh sampled from 10m source, optimized for best balance between high fidelity and performance. - Expertly collated, hand-edited and compiled using proprietary Orbx technology LOWI Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11 is now available to purchase from OrbxDirect for $39.95 AUD (approx. US$27.70 / €24.30 / £21.75) Customers who own Innsbruck for FSX/P3D or AFS2 on OrbxDirect will receive a 40% discount. Hurry - this offer is only valid until 01:00Z on 21st August 2019! Grab your copy now!
  4. Hi Folks, I seem to be having an issue with CityScene Gold Coast. Some of the buildings included in the package are not showing fully. Basically, parts of the roofs are floating! This issue occurs regardless of whether ORBX YBCG is installed or not.
  5. Flying around CityScene Orlando for the first time yesterday, I found a few issues that should be considered for a future update. So first for the good. My tour consisted of 2 parts; first was a flight into KMCO (from KSTL) in the NGX, with CityScene enabled. Normally I wouldn't have attempted this but I wanted to see the limits of my system. I have to say that performance approaching the Orlando area was admirable; there were only a few points where the sim choked momentarily, and only short periods of time, maybe on the order of 30 seconds, where I had black buildings before things caught up and textures loaded. Landing FPS was a little sluggish; on the order of 18-25 fps but nothing completely unreasonable or precluding a nice smooth landing in the TDZ. (Also consider this was all done with the residential building setting unknowingly ticked; so my performance probably could have been significantly better.) The only glitch was discovering that the Taxi2Gate KMCO taxiway bridges were missing, but a scenery reload seemed to fix that - no idea what that was all about but it would seem to be an issue on my end. All in all, I was quite pleased! Now for the "bad". The second part of my tour was a helicopter tour from KMCO to the I-4 corridor and to the southwest to and around Walt Disney World, then over to downtown Orlando and back to KMCO. Aside from my always suspect helicopter piloting skills, I found a handful of issues. No show stoppers - I suppose with over 200k buildings as claimed, a few glitches are to be expected? DoubleTree Inn Universal Studios (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/jD2YxeDGaZ32) A few buildings appear to be missing, except for floating fascia wall elements: Odyssey Center, WDW EPCOT (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W6ukapf4M7v) Similar to the DoubleTree, there seems to be a building error: Building just west of Cinderella Castle, WDW Magic Kingdom (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/sGnPY1s14Bp) Another similar problem - part of the building appears to be too short and is missing textures: The Magic Kingdom Skyline This was mentioned by a few in the preview thread but bears repeating here: I measured the heights by slewing in-sim, so they are approximate. The original comments in the preview thread centered around the height relationship between the castle and Space Mountain; they visually "don't look right", but when actually reviewing the heights they appear to be roughly OK - the castle could be made a little taller and Space Mountain a little shorter, but in the scheme of things it's a minor complaint. The Astro Orbiter is grossly out of scale, however. I wasn't able to find a height listed anywhere but based on a Google image search it appears to be somewhere around half the height of the castle. Also, the castle is facing the wrong way! Overall, let it be known that despite the backwards castle, the representation of Walt Disney World earned overall praise from my Disney nut girlfriend. KMCO There's an airplane on short final to RWY 35R. Not really a big deal but thought I would add it to the list:
  6. Hi. I am facing some problems with Orlando CityScene that i've just bought. The scenery simply does not load. It freezes in 6% and nothing more happen. I loaded KTTS default scenery and tried to fly manually to Orlando to see what i could find. When i got close to the City, the textures on the ground were blured and some buildings appered slowly, with a delay from black to the regular texture. FPS got low and the Simulator freezed and closed. I have many orbx sceneries without any problem. I deactivated the Latin VFR scenery and the Orlando Default scenery from my P3d (4.4), but without success. I did try to reinstall like 2 times, but the problem persists. What can i do? Thanks.
  7. Hey there, I recently flew into YBCG Coolangatta / Gold Coast, which I do own from Orbx together with CityScene Gold Coast. The slider setting was the same that I use when I fly to really big payware airports like Toronto or Frankfurt. Nonetheless I experienced really slow loading times. I was approaching runway 32 when I realized that the terrain textures where really blurry, so I paused the simulation. After approximately a minute, skyscrapers belonging to the Gold Coast scenery where popping up in the background, and then, slowly, the textures of the ground in the approach path were sharpening, so that I could press "P" and continue the approach. Framerates were totally OK btw - about 25. While I'm using the PMDG 777, I never encountered such extremely slow loading times in the sim. I can fly to almost any airport in the world with 25+ fps and not get blurries. Is this how it's supposed to be? After all, my rig is good enough to handle big payware airports well - so where could be the problem? Regards Lars
  8. Hi all, I have recently purchased CityScene Barcelona (do you need me to add TransactionID?) and I have noticed Vela Hotel, an iconic hotel in the beach, close to the industrial port, is not available. I also have Aerosoft Barcelona Professional airport installed and I have unselected the Barcelona scenario there and also the Barcelona airport in the CityScene Barcelona configuration. Any advice? Thanks! José
  9. Hello everyone, CityScene Barcelona is here! From Allen Kriesman - the developer who brought you CityScene Gold Coast - you can now experience the largest city in Catalonia to it's fullest. Barcelona is a city in Spain and is the capital and largest city of Catalonia. With a population of 1.6 million within city limits, its urban area extends to numerous neighbouring suburbs within the Province of Barcelona and is home to around 4.8 million people. This makes Barcelona the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union. It is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, located on the coast between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besòs, and bounded to the west by the Serra de Collserola mountain range. ORBX CITYSCENE BARCELONA FEATURES Highly detailed, accurate representation of Barcelona, Spain and surrounds Nearly 1 million accurately placed regional trees Over 100,000 accurately sized, shaped and positioned custom buildings Over 211,000 efficient roof objects, lighting, container and box car objects, 812 hand placed library objects (including OrbxLib objects) 7 point of interest buildings in addition to re-positioned core sim POI's for area Expertly optimised using ground-breaking techniques for best performance Please note that CityScene Barcelona is not compatible with LatinVFR Barcelona. For more information, click here to visit the store page.
  10. Hi, i just bought and installed the new gold coast CityScene however it seems it hasn't installed properly or something. Popular landmarks such as the Q1 building and Metricon stadium aren't showing up (pictured below) plus the ground textures are extremely blurry and don't really look like the photos from the ORBX website. Cheers.
  11. G'day All, I am delighted to make three introductions to you all; a new member of the Orbx Team, a new line of Orbx Products, and a much-anticipated new scenery project for Australia! Allen Kriesman is a legend of the Flightsim community; a master of his craft for several decades, you will know from his company Scenery Solutions, and highly popular products such as Ultimate Terrain X (UTX). We are delighted to have him on the team; not only will you see new scenery projects from Allen during 2018 and onward, but his technology will be making it's way into many of our other product lines over the coming months. Orbx CityScene is a new line of scenery products that will recreate urban centres and cityscapes around the world in incredible detail. Building upon thousands of hours of R&D over several years, Allen's ground-breaking new technology enables highly-detailed scenery, coupled with highly improved performance and optimisation compared to default city centres. Bypassing traditional autogen methods, buildings correctly replicate unusual footprints, improve on building height and type accuracy, and even add more details for an immersive experience. Vegetation, lighting, terrain, traffic, are all fully integrated. Most importantly, CityScene technology uses next-gen optimisation techniques to ensure the very best performance. The CityScene line will sit alongside bespoke hand-made Cityscapes such as Maurizio's Canberra and Cote d'Azure; likewise some components of this new tech will be utilised in upcoming region and airport products. In short, features you can expect from an Orbx CityScene product: - Highly detailed city and urban landscapes brought to life - Accurate and detailed buildings that go far beyond the limitations of the P3D autogen system - Realistic photoreal/satellite orthoimagery base - Dense and highly-accurate vegetation placement - Road traffic, vector, mesh (DEM) and landclass where required - Full 5 seasons (where applicable) and complete night lighting - Important POI, landmarks and features modeled - Optimised for the best balance between performance and detail CityScene Gold Coast is Allen's first project with Orbx, and recreates the entire City of Gold Coast and surrounds. A long-awaited return to our Australian roots after a hiatus of several years, Goldy has been designed in parallel with Matteo's YBCG Gold Coast International Airport (more news on that soon!). The CityScene captures one of Australia's favourite tourist destinations in complete detail; explore 600 sq km of beautiful beaches, urban landscapes, hotels, towers and waterways. As a bonus, Allen (with the help of Jordan Gough) has included lite renditions of several helipad locations, and Southport Flying Club (YSPT), perfect for launching low-and-slow flights over the coverage area. As Australia's largest non-capital city, Gold Coast has long been famous for it's beaches, surfing and weather. After a massive development boom in the 1980s, the population of the area is now over 600,000, as well as being home to dozens of skyscrapers, including Q1, the tallest building in Australia. The area straddles the New South Wales - Queensland border; Brisbane lies 65km to the north, whilst major NSW regional centres such as Balina, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie lie just to the south. One of the features of the calendar is the Gold Coast 600 Supercar Motor Event; held in the centre of the city, the event is a launching stage for spectacular aerial displays from the RAAF (recommended flying inspo here, here and here!). Given it's southern Queensland location, Gold Coast is the perfect centre for short airline flights to well-loved ORBX destinations such as Brisbane, Coffs, Port Mac, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Cairns, Tamworth and Bathurst. Talking of airline flights, CityScene Gold Coast is prepared and ready for the upcoming Gold Coast Intl; a simple placeholder airport representation has been included as an interim measure until the full HD airport is ready as a separate product. CityScene Gold Coast has been designed to blend with ORBX Australia. ORBX CITYSCENE GOLD COAST FEATURES - Highly detailed, accurate representation of the City of Gold Coast and surrounds - Beautiful ground textures at 60cm, with bonus 7cm ultra-HD at Southport Flying Club - Huge 600km2 coverage area - Next-Gen CityScene Technology - Custom 3D lighting, road traffic, and vector components - Bonus Southport Flying Club (YSPT) lite airport - Bonus light helipads: Marina Helipad and Gold Coast University Hospital - Custom DEM mesh - POIs including Q1 (Australia's tallest building), Jupiters Casino and more - Over 69,000 custom objects! - 119,000 accurately-placed buildings - 1.12 million trees! - Expertly optimised using ground-breaking techniques for best performance. - Compatible with all versions of FSX and P3D, designed for use with ORBX Australia - The exciting first product for Allen Kriesman! - Price will be AUD$24.95 (approx. USD$19.50 / €16 / £14 ) COVERAGE AREA MAP Please enjoy these first screenshots from Emmsie, and stay tuned for plenty more shots and information over the coming days! Cheers, Jarrad
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