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Found 9 results

  1. Getting out of Nanaimo land airfield CYCD we pass the nicely detailed industrial area at Duke Point... ... on the way to Nanaimo city. A bit further north is Departure Bay, ... ... where we turn east to cross the channel to the mainland. Another one of @BradB John´s favourite holiday vehicles on the way. Here we cross the confusing coastline of Pender Harbour. Enough parking lots for yachtsmen, it seems. The advantage of using a Cessna rather than a boat is that you can take a shortcut, ... ... looking at Sechelt & Salmon Inlet from above... ... before climbing up to Mt. Wrottesley and Mt. Ellesmere... ... and descending over the Brennan Lakes... ... towards Watt´s Point... ... and into Squamish Harbour. We chose the land airport again, ... ... with a nice place to park... ... and to rest. On a cool July evening.
  2. The traveller, let us call him Martyn, arrived with all his luggage on time at Nanaimo Water Harbour. And his pilot was kind enough to make a little round over the harbour after takeoff. Just a short hop over the strait brings them to Pender Harbour. All these piers down there! Magnificient fjords... ... and mountains. The traveller and his pilot descend... ... into Squamish... ... for a little rest at the airfield. Thanks to the traveller´s brother for taking all these pictures!
  3. BC tour along Larry's freeware jewels and surroundings, hope you enjoy,
  4. After clearing customs at the Seair terminal in Nanaimo (Orbx CAC8) , the next scheduled stop for Kenmore Air flight 410 is John Henry’s, one of few classic marinas still remaining in the Pacific Northwest. It has not changed much since I was first there 50 years ago. I have tried to capture the atmosphere there; to show why people keep coming back year after year. I should mention that this project is quite different from my previous ones, but it’s still in keeping with the main theme – Seattle to Desolation Sound via floatplane. I hope you like it. Here’s a link to a short drone video that gives a feel for what the Pender Harbour area is really like. It's known as 'the Venice of the North'. Some of the scenery features: John Henry’s Marina, the Sundowner Inn and many nearby buildings Over 300 docks and marinas modeled with reasonably accurate footprints Roughly 20 square km of photoreal scenery (12 square km land coverage) Three hundred or more static pleasure craft moored at the various docks (half that for FSX) A high resolution AI model of the pleasure craft Angelfish A high resolution AI model of the Pender Harbour tour boat Slocat An AI racing sailboat A static model of a Kenmore Air DHC3 at the seaplane dock daytime May through Sept. Custom, wake, wave, sound and navigation light effects Accurate marine navigation aids PeopleFlow; the number of people you see will depend on the season. As an extra, a pilotable version of the pleasure craft Angelfish A number of real life challenges for the floatplane pilot If you give CAG8 a try, please read the User Guide, or at least look at the charts and maps; you chance of finding the seaplane dock is otherwise not so good. CAG8 is now in the beta stage, so if all goes well the release should be not too far away. Now what you really want to see: the screenshots. (There is one real life shot in this mix too, just for fun.) Thanks to Rob Abernathy for a few of these. This first shot is from Google Earth showing the extent of the scenery. The rest are in random order.
  5. Getting ready to leave Pender Harbour, without having damaged too many rigs... .. but before this I have to fill up my supplies. The picture is blurry, but the menu is lovely. A final view of Pender Harbour ... ... and here we turn into the next fjord to the south, ... ... having the city of Vancouver already to our right. Heavy traffic around my designated landing area... ... but this should be sufficient. Climbing out again with a yellow cab, Mr. Sawyer. After this landing I recognized that you could tick in and out so many additional details in the Squamish scenery - too much for my PC, and too many alternatives if you want to fly around in that city. So I probably can not show all detail that might be built in here - but definetively I do not want to switch and restart the sim multiple times before I can enjoy a little inspection. Instead, I went uptown... ... to CYSE. But who do I see there?
  6. I just had to hope these traffic controllers at Sekiu stay out of my track during accelleration... Ok, they did. But I was prepared for an emergency break during take-off, which adds another bit of realism! Crossing San Juan de Fuca strait with no border control. Maybe they recognized my livery. Nanaimo ahead... ... and below. But my next stop is Pender Harbour.
  7. It's been awhile since the "Dude" has made an apperance so I decided to make a short scenario for Mr. Jack Sawyer (and anybody else that is interested of course). Dedicated to Jack Sawyer and my compliments to Larry R for the Angelfish & CAG8!!! The Civilian Dude decides to "borrow" Jack's Angelfish (NOT THE YELLOW ONE) for the day to do a little sightseeing and maybe some swimming! All is well after a few hours of crusing around the harbor and strolling around the decks. But then he spots the roof of the cabin and thinks "That will make a great diving platform" So up he goes and sure enough, it just might be high enough He checks the wind and everything is a GO! Let's hope the water is deep enough in the harbor! BIG SPLASH!!!!! Now to get back on board and get this thing home to Jack before something bad happens. Well, looks like he learned "inverted" from the boats owner, Not good, not good at all.. And this is what happens when you loan anything to the "Dude", he just can't be trusted! Jack, I've got the number to a good salvage crew and the lawyer firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe if you need them! Wakashi Thanks for looking! Regards
  8. Hi, I did my first flight to CAG8 Pender Harbour today. Unfortunately I was greeted with some missing hills and ground textures as per the attached photo. In the lower left of the photo is the aerial image and it clearly shows some missing ground textures around Pender Harbour. When I zoom out these are the only missing textures that appear on the globe. Regards, Lance. Running - Win7 (64), FSX (SP2), NA PNW.
  9. The fantastic made sceney that is released recently for free is as good as a payware-product. I did a short hop over this area in a floats-version of the DHC6-Twotter:
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