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  1. We were called for a tourist to pick him up at Kings Creek Station. The report said he was run down by a "gigantic, fierce man or bear", fell and got "severly" injured. An unknown time later he was found "somehow lying on the ground of his tent, not able to speak in understandable words". When he woke up he claimed that he only had "one beer, maybe two" during the evening. Upon our arrival he was found stable, but with a severe headache. No traces of the offender were seen, and none of the other tourists reported any uncommon observation. Even the crowd of Big Reds aside the cattle station were quiet... So we just put him into the Jeep and drove him to our plane. Off we went, following Larapinta Drive to the north, ... ... passing Kings Canyon NP. Not a big sight in the sim, but should be in real. (Will be checked next year...) The road winds itself up northwards through the western ridges (there should be a lookout point)... ... and finally turns to the east at "Camels Hump". I wonder how this name was found. Into the western MacDonnell Ranges... you see the crossroad bottom left? As our patient seemed to be in stable condition, we did this little detour... ... seeing Gosses Bluff meteroite crater up the road. We continued to follow Larapinta Drive, which goes right east through Hermannsburg. A few minutes later we passed Pine Gap tracking station (to the right), still following the road towards YBAS. The city of Alice Springs to the left. Descending over the ranges... ... into the 13. Do not land on the dragway to the right! After a safe & soft landing... ... our passenger was taken to the nearby RFDS center. No more symptoms left! In the afternoon he was picked up by his bunch. They also returned the trash from their tour. Maybe this "one beer" is an explanation for all symptoms and observations of our patient.
  2. Dear all, I miss the two icons mentioned in the title in my P3Dv4.1 instalment. With the whole OZx active I only see this over Derwent river: Does anybody else have the same phenomenon? Or even have a cure for this?
  3. Sure you all are frequent flyers or airline managers, so you know about the advantages of "5th freedom flights". For those of you not familiar with fifth freedom routes: these are flights where an airline from one country has the right to operate between two other countries or within such. These are often operated in conjunction with longhaul flights back to the airline’s home country. You can find some examples here: https://onemileatatime.com/fifth-freedom-flights-europe/ . Today we are flying from Sydney to Canberra, a route which is not naturally flown with a 777... but SQ288 does this! The plane is getting loaded and substantially fuelled in YSSY, international terminal T1 ... Looking at all the big brothers while taxiing... ... and at the magnificient city. The domestic terminal showing some little Jetstar planes... ... and here we accelerate, into a sea of lights. Caltex refinery in Botany Bay. It is just about 140 miles, so we do not go higher than FL140. Only 21 minutes later we descend into Canberra (not too much time to enjoy the famous Singapore service ). My AIRAC has a slightly complicated RNAV approach... ... but - at least - I could already spot the runway, while being far too high for a direct landing. After circling in the dark it worked, even with 105 t of fuel on board. OK, my brake temperature was a bit too high afterwards - I´m not a professional... . And I had to squeeze the Boeing into a parking lot just as we do it with our cars here in the city. Next time I´ll have the static airliners switched off!
  4. ... and I still had a slight headache when I entered my Cessna after last night´s party. Opening my eyes I was shocked: The engine seemed to be on fire! But then I remembered: My friends had already restarted the barbecue. So I just flew out of Southport, ... ... and did a quick round over Gold Coast. The Metricon stadium is already nicely detailed. I would not be totally surprised if we see AussieRulesFlow in the next level of development. Bye bye, Gold Coast! Hello Brisbane. Thank you for the crosswind.
  5. After a short pit stop in Canberra, SQ288 continues his way home. Real departure time is 23:15 h. Even if you can´t see the plane. Accelerating for a lovely SID... ... and turning left over Canberra city. A waypoint in the middle of the country. If you have it in full screen mode, you can see Yulara north of the rock, and the runway of YAYE airport even a bit further north. Broome. Bye, bye, Australia! Tanjung Pinang, shortly before our arrival, ... ... which will follow another lovely STAR. It looks like we are going to survive, ... ... even veeeery soft! 9V-SVV is home again. Without defects. Real arrival time is 05:15 h, but we were a bit faster. @Captain Lars, you can take over, for example for your next leg after https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/165974-from-oz-to-singers/ !
  6. Flight VA962 is ready for boarding at Brisbane, gate 44. During taxi passengers can enjoy a last city view... ... and one of the terminals. Then we climb out... ... over Moreton Bay... ... into the clouds. Look carefully towards Gold Coast. I don´t mean the skyscrapers at the coast. I mean the foreground! I am not sure if this is Orbx or OZx. Ocurrence was about 4:15 pm on a Sunday. After notifying the local authorities (by mobile for sure, the way to the cockpit is forbidden !), we continue to the dry fields of NSW. Warnervale. And here we have Pittwater Bay, where @teecee has his weekend hideaway. In the distance we see our destination. The Caltex refinery below us, ... ... while the sun sets over Botany Bay. On final to the 16L. I can´t give you more close-ups, cause I use add-on scenery...
  7. After another equipment change, this time in Hervey Bay... ... we follow the coastal road southwards, ... ... to River Heads ferry port. Ships depart to Wanggoolba Creek and to Kingfisher Bay Resort from there, ... ... which has a beautiful bay view. The resort gave home to a Royal visit recently, who most probably enjoyed the beach view as well https://www.kingfisherbay.com/royal-visit.html . For a little island tour we just follow the roads... ... which might lead to fresh water Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora as the Butchulla people say). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_McKenzie Touristic tours pass by the main ranger station at Eurong, ... ... where you can also start a 4WD tour along 75 mile beach. Speed limit is 80 km/h, I think. Not for me... The wreck of SS Maheno is a touristic focal point, ... ... though it might be wise to ask locals for the ocurrance of sea animals before going swimming here. We just cross Fraser Island back to Bogimbah village, ... ... over Big Woody Island, ... ... and watch some Whale watchers. If you like, you can book your tours in Hervey Bay. And remember this advise for travellers: Wear relaxed clothes, no smokings!
  8. To the northwest of Brisbane is Mount Coot-tha https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Coot-tha,_Queensland . The aboriginal people used to collect honey ("ku-ta") up there. This is the view from its top: Just a few miles south should be Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_Pine_Koala_Sanctuary , but it is missing here. So I had to head back to the city center. The vector data are good here, even the landclass makes sense. But autogen and buildings are still far away from reality... That means: Down to Brisbane River, ... ... to Story Bridge (you can also climb it if you like http://storybridgeadventureclimb.com.au/), ... ... and further on to the M1 motorway bridge. For navigation purposes we pick up the airlink railway here... ... pass the cargo area... ...towards the domestic terminal, ... ... where the airlink line ends. Does anyone need a map or signs, or is Orbx just enough?
  9. Not from the start at Brisbane, ... ... and also the "Port of Brisbane" is not significant in the sense of the post title. But wait and see. We cross Saint Helena Island... ... and come south over green estuaries to Boonnahbah Island, ... ... followed by Woogoombah Island. This part of the Gold Coast settlements is Coombabah. The view to the left uses different letters: Runaway Bay. Turning to Surfers Paradise, ... ... before we arrive in Coolangatta. Tmrrw I will have t type with ther letters.
  10. In this case the King is a KingAir 200, being started in Hervey Bay. Climbing out over Fraser Island, ... ... and southwards to Rainbow Beach, the second ferry point onto the island. Passing Noosa... ... Caloundra, ... ... and Redcliffe... ... on the way to Vegas. Brisvegas I mean... When you are travelling in Australia, always look out for the Roos. They don´t follow established traffic rules and quickly come closer than you like!
  11. Qantas flight QF1709 was getting ready in Cairns. Severe rain this season in the lowlands, ... ... resulting in a foggy, partially even blind takeoff. But the Queensland coast was clear on the way south. Unfortunately the clouds came back as we descended, so it was difficult to spot Fraser Island in the background (under the 320´s belly). In this case the weather radar was of no big use. But some visibility was left, Brisbane showed up! Archerfield airbase was part of the approach procedure... ... before we turned over Brisbane River... ... and along the CBD. Some of our fellow simmers would probably modify the approach and fly under the M1 bridge? I did the conventional way. In FSX YBBN always turned into a slideshow on my computer, even when flying GA. P3dv4 makes it work much better, though still demanding (with the given weather and my standard AI setting just above the 10 FPS mark). Even worse: Still raining at the Queensland coast. Better stay inside today!
  12. After arrival from Cairns we change vehicles in Brisbane, domestic terminal. Following Moreton Drive, just right of the airlink railway, until it meets the M1. On the way north we pass Caboolture, nicely upgraded in OZx. The Glasshouse mountains appear to the west of the motorway, ... ... and Caloundra to the east. We pass the coastal settlements of Noosa in the distance... ... and the surprising location of the airstrip IN Lake MacDonald. This is sugar cane land. No doubt. You can follow the road to Hervey Bay, but we are already on base... ... final, ... ... and parked.
  13. The next tour from Cairns is another obvious one: Out to the Barrier Reef, as long as it is there. With the AW-109 it takes only 5 minutes... ... to discover that the AU scenery is already complete with excursion boats, kajaking and snorkeling tourists. Let´s visit Michaelmas Cay. John V. has recently shown us some great teasers of AUv2 reefs with great improvements, I´m keen to see that! Jumping over to Vlasoff Cay, where I recognize my wave setting is a bit wild for swimming. So I head back to the mainland, giving Green Island a short visit. But not forgetting to stop at the official heli tour providers. So sorry there is only one seat left in my chopper... My favourites. One is busy on the phone and the other on the glass. Downtown Cairns, with the famous saltwater pool. If there is a heli platform, use it! Back again. Indeed Cairns has some sights.
  14. The next daytrip from Cairns leads us up the Barron river... ... following the gorge to Barron Falls. Once again I have missed the virtual rain season. Kuranda city, a touristic highlight at the beginning of the Tableland. And below us is Leila´s airstrip, an artistic highlight of OZx-land. We go on southwards over the Atherton Tableland... ... to make a stop for lunch at Mareeba. The choice of the plane was already done when this flight plan was made. Here we go again... ... towards Atherton, ... ... then back to the coast over Lake Tinaroo, ... ... and, uuuh, that´s what they call "rainforest", isn´t it? But soon we can drop down back into Cairns... Crosswind, as ever so often...
  15. For this little daytrip we take off from Cairns in northerly direction, ... ... follow the Kuranda coast, ... ... until we reach the village of Mossman (right). Mossman Gorge (left) should be worth a detour for a little hike. https://www.mossmangorge.com.au/ But not in the plane: We head further north towards Daintree River, which can only be crossed by a ferry. In real life, I mean: In the sim this is already solidified to a bridge. Some minutes later the road ends at Cape Tribulation. One of Captain James Cooks tours ended here as well, and unpleasantly, this is why he gave this cape the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Tribulation,_Queensland The wilderness below belongs to Daintree NP, which is home to the rare species of the Cassowary. A bird who, in contrast to us, knows that he is not able to fly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_cassowary Here we head back south over the river again. A number of local animal-watching tours are offered here, like http://www.crocodileexpress.com/home---crocodile-express-daintree-river-cruises Unfortunately there is no suitable airstrip for us, so we go on to Port Douglas, ... ... and back into Cairns again. PS: Good to see my AS16 working & communicating again.
  16. We asked for the safest way to fly from Yulara / Ayers Rock airport to Kings Creek, and the guy in the ATC told me "Follow A4 to the east. At the first road crossing turn left. Kings Creek will be the first airstrip to your left." That sounded to be a short hop, Just take the next one left and we´re there! So here we went from YAYE, having the famous rock formations in sight... ... and following Lasseter Highway. From Curtin Springs (at the end of these two little blind roads - missing in the sim just like the airstrip) the traveller can see Mount Connor, "Fooluru" as some say because it is often mixed up with the more famous rock some 50 miles west. Hmm, the way is longer than expected: The predicted "first road crossing" came only after 60 miles... but now we are following Luritja Road northwards, passing Angas Downs (settlement and airstrip also missing below us). Wallara Ranch should be here. 60 miles since the crossroad, and the road goes on... I should have asked for a map instead of flying "IFR". The penguin could have flown a shortcut... Finally we could see it! Left of the road, as said: Kings Creek Cattle Station. Beautifully OZx-ed as so many of these bushstrips. With the obvious tree in the approach... 29°C (in the shadow). Means some upwinds from the hot sand kept me gliding. And here we are. Ready for a cold one.
  17. Qantas flight QF1948 was ready for boarding in Alice Springs. Which took some time, because the paxes were doing nothing but sweating. Finally the aircondition was started and the cargo was taking their seats. Soon we were acellerating, ... ... looked back to the airport ... ... and Alice Springs just north of the Ranges. 37 kft over the outback. Near Mt. Isa the landscape was getting greener (to my surprise). The Pacific ahead. Descending downwind over Lake Tinaroo, you can see Cairns to the right. As my ATC assigned descend a little late, I had to use the speed brakes extensively... City view. Turning into final towards the 15. Fully established to land... ... and here we were. Pulling the brakes. And soon the honoured guests left the plane.
  18. Warning: This teaser is only for rich travellers. The official Uluru-kata Tjuta scenic flight. Obviously we simmers have an alternative: Take a suitable plane from YAYE... ... and seconds after takeoff the first rock can be seen. Well, the other bunch as well... Entering inbound base point at 4000 ft. After turning back and climbing to 4500 ft this is the "outbound" leg, for those tourists sitting on the left. Then following Kata Tjuta road... ... to the Valley of the Winds... ... and Walpa Gorge. While turning back the descend to 4000 ft. is mandatory. On base to runway 31 the "city" of Yulara can be seen. You can strech your legs on the short stopover before we go on.
  19. Our arrival time in Conellan is scheduled for the afternoon, right in time to visit the area during sunset. So we pass Yulara, ... ... from a slight altitude even Kata Tjuta comes into view, ... ... before the famous sunset perspective is ready. Most visitors spend their night in Yulara, some in hotels, ... ... some in tents, ... ... before they get up early to catch the sunrise view. Who has been here before in real? Don´t hesitate to post your teasers!
  20. The next leg of our real travel plan would be done with Virgin Australia VA1627. Getting ready in Sydney (domestic): After a southbound start sitting on the right side of the plane would be advantageous. Too high to enjoy the Blue Mountains... ... not even the other way round. But you can still see the Pacific. Fly-by in Bathurst... ... and finally you see the green-red border. I will surely do a flight like this in Australia v2 to compare. Hours later. A landmark for orientation... ... and, after turning into final, another one. What a challenge for the pilots not to only look at that rock! After an eventual safe landing OZx YAYE already shows us where to go...
  21. It was a boring spring morning in Warnervale when 3 beautiful young ladies came to the airport. Instantly I was totally awake, but they did not ask any questions about the cool life of a pilot - they only wanted to know where they could meet millionaires. I said hey, I´ll take them where they want, maybe I´ll get a chance. When getting ready for the flight, they told me their names: Loco Dempsey, Pola Debevoise and Schatze Page. Uncommon names, but did it ring a bell to me? Okay ladies, let´s head south... ... to Pittwater Bay... ... and around Scotland Island. Quite some yachts around. Is that place ok for you? If you so desire, I´ll take you to the nearest airport, which is just south of the city center here... Uuups, traffic! And finally a slight crosswind. The girls started screaming as if they were fearing for their lives! But no worries ladies, Oi´m an Aussie bushpilot. You´re safe in my hands! No pictures of the excitement and the relief after the landing. Nor from the rest of the day neither .
  22. C´mon, lets get on board in Aeropelican. Down the coast... ... this must a place where the energy for Sydney is made. One for Jack: Norah Head. And just a few kilometres away we are closing in to Warnervale. Ready for a drink. But... something else than that.
  23. I left Bathurst in the morning... ... to reach the Great Dividing Range only a few minutes later. It just takes about 15 minutes to reach the Hunter Valley - ... ... do you see the blue balloon just next to Cessnock´s runway? Here you can see it better, though surrounded by reflections. In the evening I went on, after tasting the products that are made from these rape fields. A golf course with an airport. Very useful for a short flight. Maitland, just some miles north of Cessnock. Here I follow the Hunter river on his way to the Pacific... ... towards Newcastle. Slightly south Belmont comes into view... ... and, finally, Aeropelican. Should I land on the airport... img]https://i.imgur.com/AAQa7Qi.jpg[/img] ... or on the beach? OK, I´ll be a good guy (having Christmas in mind...).
  24. This flight goes a bit off my real travel plan for next year. From Katoomba, ... ... turning west over Leura, ... ... and reaching the tablelands near Little Hartley. Do you see what flies drives under me? And the airstrip itself is also perfectly blended into FTX. Lithgow, without the ZigZag railway, but with a PNG-like airstrip. Oh OZx team, what an outstanding work. Further to the west we reach the green plains... ... and Bathurst airport. Sometimes the trainspotter has bad luck, ... ... sometimes better.
  25. Today I´ll take you on a little longer tour to some sights of the city and beyond. Sure we start at YSSY again, ... ... head towards the city center, ... ... and cross Sydney cove. After disabling FT´s landclass, the double Harbour Bridge comes up in my p3d again, even though I had disabled highways, primary and secondary roads in Vector. No good look, but I won´t care much. Taronga Zoo. Well, in real life it is there, not in FTX AU, unfortunately. In 2002 this inhabitant was looking at me... and I was faster in those days! Back to the south over Darling Harbour. Cityscape, I miss you! The area of the Olympic Games 2000. Following the motorway towards the Blue Mountains. A pleasure to see what p3d, a good landclass area and AS16 can show us. Crossing the plateau... ... to Wentworth falls. The structure of the region is much more impressive in motion. Or in real. Katoomba city to the right, the 3 sisters below. And this is the famous view towards the 3 sisters from Echo Point. Katoomba airstrip ahead... ... and below. OZx was is so great. A lovely piece of work!
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