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Found 7 results

  1. Did a very short hop from Kansai to Haneda in the early morning (realtime). Lets load this stuff up. THe sun comes through already. 5 oclock in the morning. Lets go finally Cruising on FL370 Descending to FL5000 Aaand we are there. Not even 1h trip.
  2. Hi Guys. I've had a really busy year and as some of you may remember, I finished a Tour of the States, Canada and Alaska earlier in this year. After I finished, I wanted to attend to some maintenance in the sim and I also wanted to integrate P3D V4 into the sim, as well, for the next upcoming Tour of Asia/Europe. It's been a lot of work, amongst which, I integrated triple intercom system so Pilot, Co-Pilot and Observer now have headphones and microphones for communications. This meant a total overhaul of the sound system. Many electrical fixes and upgrades also to the overheads, front and rear and the re-installation of my Aerosim Solutions Pedals with brand new million cycle pots. I also installed a new pot in my tiller and have it all operational now, too. Then the real work began with V4. Three IG's all had new software installed and updated. I bought two thousand bucks worth of scenery software for the Tour and that all had to be installed and tested, as well. So, it was nice to finally get in and crank it all up today and find that 90% of the fixes and updates worked straight out of the box. I still have tweaking and configuration of some systems, but overall, I was able to take to the air, from Launceston and did a relatively uneventful Test Flight to Sydney. The Tour will Officially kick off on the 22nd October and my good mate, Richard from New Zealand, is making the trek to Oz for a week of continuous flying. He's in for a treat, if today is any indication of what's in store. Here's a short video of today's Test Flight. I'll be post video's of every leg, starting off at Russ White's magnificent YBBN and ending there, as well. I'll update this post as we get closer and throughout the Tour. Chocks away, Guys and Gals, Frank
  3. I decided to do some flying in areas I haven't been to before, so I'm creating a series of flight plans that follow the ground journey of the Silk Road from ancient Constantinople in modern day Turkey (Istanbul) to the ancient capital of China, Xi'an. I'll be flying the journey in a biplane, low to take in the scenery, and following roads that follow the ancient Silk Road paths, using FSWidgets EFB so I have a map displaying the roads and flight plan, and stopping at nearby airports along the way to refuel. Today I left Constantinople, an area surrounded by lush green fields and trees and farmlands, and as I headed south, it slowly became a bit more arid. At my third airport stop along the way, I parked at a place called Balikesir (approaching it in the screenshot below). I'm really impressed with the colours and textures of FTX Global as I fly through Eastern Europe, and am looking forward to watching the scenery change around me as I head into the Middle East and on into the Far East as I follow in the footsteps of ancient merchants along the Silk Road. I really wish the OpenLC Asia was out, because I imagine it would enhance a journey like this. If it comes out after I reach Xi'an, I might use it for the journey home, which follows a different route back to Constantinople.
  4. I was wondering why this has shifted, it was suppose to be next, but it seems now South America will be next. Why is Asia lacking in attention when it comes to flight simming, there are a lot of flight simmers in this region as well, not just USA and Europe. When will we start to see more stuff from orbx for this region? I would love to see full fat regions specifically for SE Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Phillippines), as well as Korea and Japan as well. I know orbx does excellent work and I hope to see more developers take some time to give Asia a bit of attention too in terms of scenery and airports. I would love to see an orbx version of Hong Kong. I know FlyTampa has one, buth I think orbx can bring this area to a whole different level.
  5. Hi. Mount Everest is covered by city textures. Anyone else see this? I run P3D v3.4 with ORBX scenery exclusively. I have all the FTX Global products + North American regions and Norway installed, and 15-20 FTX Airports on top of that.
  6. While I was staring blankly at the school board after finishing my exam, I thought "You know what would be cool? FTX coverage of Singapore and Singapore Changi Airport" I think that Singapore would just be a great product, it's the destination of a lot of flights. Singapore has a lot of flights to Australia and is a stopover for several flights from Australia to Europe. For example from Sydney to London, BIA and SIA stop over in Singapore. Singapore is a great airport to have highly detailed scenery for. I know some previous producers have created Singapore scenery, but I think that if FTX made one they would completely be blown out of the water. -Kick
  7. Dear Sirs, Will You make the Scene for Asia especially South East Asia.. I live in Indonesia, and Indonesia is well know as a beautiful country with the best conture mesh terrain. As connection from AU to EU.. Asia is the beautiful continent like China, Bhutan, Thailand, Japan, and many others country very beautiful terrain. Hope you'll make this one day.
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