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Found 3 results

  1. I recently purchased a new computer. It has an Intel I9 processor, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card running WIN 10. A dedicated SSD containing the FSX Steam installation and ORBX sceneries was taken out of the old computer and installed in the new computer. The Global ORBX products installed are Global Base, Global openLC Europe, Global openLC Mesh South America, Global openLC North merica, Global Trees HD, Global Vector, Global Iceland Demo, Global Airport Pack, Global Lights Configurator and ORBX Libraries. In addition I have for Europe EU Norway, ENNK, ESSA and LOWI installed. For North America I have NA Northern California, NA Pacific North West and NA Southern California with KPSP and KSAN installed. I have several ORBX sceneries for Oceania and in the FTX Global Vector Configuration Tool the Add-on for FTX Australia is checked. Although I have some additional sceneries from other vendors, these are currently not activated in FSX. Once the SSD with FSX Steam and ORBX was installed in the new computer I veriefied the FSX installtion using my Steam account. I also used FTX Central to verify all installed ORBX products and updated those that required an update. By physically checking (flying) each installed ORBX airport in FSX I noticed that several ORBX sceneries showed issues that I did not experience on my old computer. These problem sceneries are YMML Melbourne International Airport, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ENNK Narvik Airport and KSAN San Diego International Airport. As the issues are not the same for each scenery, I will submit requests for support for each one individually. This request for assistance is for the San Diego International Airport Scenery. The problem is depicted in the image. It looks as if some remnant scenery is overlaying the KSAN scenery. Things I have tried so far: 1. Ran the Airport Elevation Corrections utility. 2. Verified KSAN installation using FTX Central. 3. Uninstalled KSAN. 4. Re-installed KSAN. 5. Tried to set FTX mode to "FTX Southern California Mode" in the Control Panel for KSAN. I can select the Southern California mode but the selection is not saved when the control panel is closed. I can only select and save "FTX Global or OpenLC NA Mode". 6. Based on the fact that the selection mentioned in 5 above is not saved, the NA Southern Califiornia installation was verified in FTX Central and the update installed. None of the above resolved the issue. I have not changed the order of sceneries in the scenery library. All other 3rd party sceneries are disabled. Any suggestions will be appreciated
  2. For those using the Glacier Park scenery, are the winter apron textures at KGPI supposed to look like this:
  3. Hi there, please see the screenshot attached. I have all the setting's exactly as the manual for YBBN Specifies. but the taxiways all seem bluured, allmost like FTX Aero is not working, particuarly since the taxiway lines dont seem to change. I have tried re-installing the pack and updates, as well as the libraries. still no no avail. Could the mesh pack be interfering with this? Please have a look at the screenshot. you will notice the apron is clear as day, but the taxiway... i can barley make out the yellow line Here is a closer view
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