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  1. As I sometimes execute virtual flights via AFS2 as flightsimulator, I still find it a fine and smooth Sim and already with a large collection of sceneries available worldwide made by enthousiast users. After the commercial start of this Sim, made Orbx also a small quantity of sceneries but I regret that no further add-on's where made by them. Hereby some shots of area's well done by Orbx and are a joy to fly around but only represent a small portion of the available sceneries worldwide existing. Netherlands-Amsterdam area; Chicago with Meigs airport(to observe just above the glareshield): Eagle Vail-KEGE at Colorado Innsbruck with LOWI airport: Monterey airport in California Palm Springs - KPSP Paris City area:
  2. One of the 4 Orbx US-airports made for AFS2 lies in the mountainous scenery of the Colorado Rockies. A take-off with a B737-500 in 'American' livery :
  3. Over the lakeside of Chicago in direction of the, for the old MS-flightsims, default legendary Meigs airport. In the current flightsim's a more lifelike looking scenery:
  4. Thanks to the Polish Mr. Krzystof Kaniewski for his freeware made available aircrafts for AFS2 are mostly uncommon seen flying machines, hereby some over TE Netherlands over the Rotterdam area: 1. BD-5J : World's lightest single jet-engine aircraft 2. Rutan Model 61 Long EZ: homebuild with canard layout from 1979 3. Caproni Ca33: Italian WWI-bomber from 1917 4. Grumman-J2-F-Duck-or-company-name-G-15: US-Flyboat-in-use-from-mid 1930 to just after WWII 5. Polikarpov I-16: Sovjet fighter: World's first low-wing cantilever plane with retractable landing gear 6. Kyushu J7W1 Shinden: Japanese WWII prototype with propellor in the rear 7. Horten H.IX or Ho229: German prototype fighter-bomber from late WWII 8. Yakovlev Yak-23 Flora: Sovjet Fighter till early1950 9. Shavrov Sh-2: Russian Flyboat from 1930 10. Schneider Grunau_Sorken Glider SG-38: Germany-mid 1930 11. ERCO-Ercoupe 415C Floats
  5. The fine Orbx-addon LOWI for AFS2 is a marvelous decor for some rare visiting planes:
  6. Rotterdam, Europoort. Vulkan renderer, graphic quality settings ultra, insane, fps 150 - 270!
  7. A special view on Innsbruck and its airport LOWI when the sun has passed the horizon and the citylights are ignited. FS=AFS2 and aircraft=Aeromacci-S211.
  8. Freeware SIAI-MARCHETTI S-211 for Aerofly FS2 by Dino Cattaneo. indiafoxtecho.blogspot.com/ Swiss Cultivation Aerofly FS2.
  9. Thanks Sylvain for your continued work with AFS2 . Have a great weekend mates !! . Cheers John
  10. What an incredible detail and a joy to handle the brand new added aircraft into AFS2: the heli Robinson R22 betaII. Hereby some shots in Innsbruck-Austria
  11. G'day everyone, I'm incredibly delighted to announce my next foray into IPACS Aerofly FS2: Palm Springs International Airport! Hot on the heals of the truly ground-breaking TrueEarth Netherlands, I've been fine-tuning the last bits and pieces to bring one of my favourite airport projects over to AFS2. A much-loved ORBX destination, the airport was originally released for FSX and P3D and has been brought to life for the new simulator. Perfectly situated a short hop away from Los Angeles, Palm Springs ranks is one of the most dramatically beautiful locations within the United States. Much like other recent airports brought over to AFS2 (shout-out to Monterey Regional and Eagle County), Palm Springs was chosen as it sits smack dab in the middle of the default Aerofly default coverage area. This means that not only do you have several ultra-HD ORBX destinations to visit nearby, but you also have a seamless transition and plethora of beautiful photorealistic locations to visit en-route. For those not yet to experience Aerofly FS2 itself, look forward to incredibly performance-friendly simming and stunning terrain visuals. The IPACS team have also created new cultivation types for this airport; expect to see new vegetation types not seen in previous ORBX Aerofly releases. As with many of my recent airports, Palm Springs includes an enormous 1500 sq km area covering a wide variation of topography. From the lush golf resorts and gated communities of Palm Springs to the harsh desert of the Coachella Valley floor, to the the high-altitude alpine wonderland of San Jacinto, there is plenty to explore in within this scenery. Palm Springs. Home of Frank Sinatra, chic modernist architecture, golf resorts and stunning desert vistas. An iconic resort city just beyond the furthest reaches of the LA metropolitan area, Palm Springs became the epicenter of all things cool and swingin' from the mid 1950s onwards; the perfect get-away for Hollywood's rich and famous (and even the occasional US President!). Located at the base of the towering San Jacinto Peak, Palm Springs is situated in one of the most dramatically scenic locations in the United States. Be sure to keep an eye out many Modernist landmarks around the city, as well as casinos, resorts, waterparks and even a couple of kitschy dinosaurs - these are just a few of the dozens of points of interest modeled in the scenery. For those who are looking forward to the much-anticipated R22 helicopter for AFS2, you'll also find the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This marvel of engineering was created during the 1960s to serve tourists visiting the upper reaches of San Jacinto. Each tower along the tramway route includes a precarious helipad - perfect for honing your landing skills! KPSP is an international airport located a short distance from the centre of downtown Palm Springs, and is currently host to twelve airlines serving the continental US, Canada and Mexico. The unique terminal is a combination of mid-century Modernism (the main building) and open-air planning (the Sonny Bono concourse). This makes for a wonderfully unique setting for your airliner flights; park alongside the outdoor terminal area that includes sculpted parkland, a children's playground, shops and even a well-known coffee chain. Beyond the terminal, there is plenty else to see at the airport. Explore the Palm Springs Aviation Museum (well worth the visit if you are passing through the area in real life), with it's wide variety of airside and non-airside exhibits. As well as this, check out the FBOs, the ongoing work at the Skywest facilities, and of course the (relatively) new control tower. As can expected for an Aerofly scenery, be sure to enjoy extremely good performance and high-end visuals, even on mid-range systems. If you are lucky enough to own a VR headset, this scenery is absolutely perfect for checking out -the feeling of speed, height and immersion are unparalleled. Whether you are intending to fly the Q400 up to Monterey or Eagle County, test the high-performance warbirds within the PSP circuit, terrorize the neighbours in the F-18, or take a relaxed scenic to LA in the C172, Palm Springs is your perfect base of operations for the heartland of the Aerofly world. PALM SPRINGS INTL AIRPORT for AFS2 FEATURES: Ultra-detailed rendition of KPSP Palm Springs International Airport Enormous 1500sq km coverage Beautiful hand-edited ground textures at 30cm/1m resolution Impeccable 10m high res mesh High-detail ground poly with bump/spec mapping All-new custom vegetation cultivation Dozens of custom landmarks Palm Springs Aerial Tramway helipads Unique static aircraft and vehicles exclusive to KPSP Extraordinarily detailed Airport Terminal Incredible virtual reality integration: optimised for performance and smoothness, best-in-class Extreme high-density vegetation and building cultivation 3D Night lighting for the entire city Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and unique night-lighting techniques used for maximum realism Custom animated content ORBX PeopleFlow technology Designed to blend seamlessly with default Aerofly scenery Incredible performance on even mid-range systems - far superior to FSX/P3D/XP11 COVERAGE AREA Expect more info and screenshots over coming days, and the good news is that the airport is very close to being ready for release! Whilst we add a last few bits of spit and polish to the scenery, please enjoy the screenshots Cheers, Jarrad
  12. United Express serves a quick flight from Palm springs KPSP to the Los Angeles airport KLAX, hereby an early morning departure and till cruising altitude for the short hop of 100 Mi. The second part(landing on KLAX) will be soon published as a movie in the section 'Community Movies': Turning right to fly over the San Jacinto Peak and over Banning direction Los Angeles:
  13. Another exciting Orbx-addition to AFS2, just installed and a joy to fly fluently(+100fps) over the fine detailled area of Palm Springs and the airport KPSP:
  14. Here are some shots from my first flight into KPSP, in Aerofly FS2... Awesome work Jarrad! Looking forward to what airport you have coming next to AFS2.
  15. A stunning piece of scenery in a beautiful and smooth flight sim. Netherlands TrueEarth (AFS2)...
  16. Some shots I took during a short hop over the Netherlands in AFS2...
  17. AFS 2 - LOWI - Test using Flickr
  18. In an earlier post(catching ICE train....), I announced further screenshot with a more aerobatic flight in my Pitts S2-B. The last shot is a collage and displays 4 different lightconditions that I regulary use for flights in AFS2 and my preferred setting(late afternoon). Enjoy the showcase : After flying around for an hour more, a look on my fuel-gauge tells me to quickly return to the airport, just before the darkness I made a safe landing on airport LOWI : Bonus - different lightconditions over Innsbruck via AFS2 as flightsimulator :
  19. The ICE-train from Munich in Germany to Milan in Italy passes with a stop at Innsbruck-railroadstation. I was heading same direction 'west'. After I was airborned I was flying for a while at about same speed as the highspeed ICE-train but my goal was doing some aerobics in my Pitts-S2B in the sky around the airport of Innsbruck, so I returned to stay in the airport-area of LOWI......these shots are for a future posting.
  20. The sim AeroFly FS2 doesn't have(yet) the possiblility to change the weathercondition, well adaptable are the clouddensity and -height. In follow video I choose to fly at about same level of a first layer of clouds and a modest cloud-density. Also choose several viewpoints of the choosen aircraft(Airbus 320 in Lufthansa livery) to show how good the inside- and outside textures of planes are done in AFS2. And of coarse the several glimps that appear underneath the plane of the gorgeous TrueEarth Netherlands by Orbx. Enjoy the movie:
  21. I have a couple of flights in the newly added True Eart NL for AFS2 and recorded one roundflight in the Amsterdam area and landed finally at Amsterdam airport Shiphol(EHAM). The flight itself was smooth(supposing +100fps) but the movie (how and why?) stutters with FPS under 20 !? Sorry for that, I will try to improve the viewer-comfort in later postings. Also the animation(rotating windmills) doesn't show in this movie(reason ?), sorry...I hope you see hereby some goodies regarding the fine made True Earth scenery and AFS2 itself:
  22. One of the fine sceneryparts to fly over the new True Earth Nederland is the regio Rotterdam-harbor. I performed a first flight yesterday and it was a joy to discover so much:
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