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Found 18 results

  1. Also in Africa I see very weird sceneries which looks like I have seen at Hawaii (I didn't get any response): The airport at Tanger (lbn Batouta International) looks strange: And I have landed here before. Look at the end of my movie I created at that time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNS5QKeXx2U&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Also, when I take of and reaching the coast very soon I should see the water of the ocean, but instead it looks like this: Today I already got a library update. I also verified 'openLC Africa' and 'openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal'. Nothing worked out well. Any suggestion? Nick? Have a nice flight, Wil
  2. Hi there, For some time I have been wanting to make a request and finally, after the addition of OpenLC Africa (which is really great), I think the time is now right. Please could the river, coastlines and beach Vector details be improved and corrected throughout Africa, particularly South Africa, which is becoming more and more popular for flying in P3D etc. Here is an example of the more correct looking beaches in the Durban area - using freeware Aeroworx Vector scenery. The 2nd photo below shows the Orbx Vector detail and the missing beaches from the Umgeni river towards the North East. This is but one example of the poor vector data included in Orbx Global Vector. As the more correct data is obviously available, please could it be fixed and updated. The same applies to Vector detail concerning rivers in Africa - like the Zambezi and Okavango Delta. You can even see in the attached image, that the Umgeni River is almost completely missing with Orbx Vector (between the dam and the river mouth at the sea). However, the coastline and beach detail is far more pressing and in need of some attention. Thanks, Rhett
  3. Not sure where to post this question, so move it if needed please. I already have Open LC Africa, do I need this freeware? I have many beautiful free airports that blend in very well with Orbx land class and the current mesh (whatever it is). I wonder what this download (the mesh) will do to these free airports. I would hope a functioning uninstall routine comes with this download. - Open LC Africa owners should download this for photo real? - Mesh could possibly render free airports unusable? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Just purchased Open LC Africa. One word awesome. I do how ever have a slight problem.As advertised all seasons are covered. In my case how ever I only have one season Any ideas? Regards TJ
  5. Today I noticed in the user manual that Orbx Open LC Africa includes coverage for some regions of Middle East, including Yemen and Saudi Arabia. So I decided to fly from Sana'a to Ryiadh. It was indeed a very beautiful flight. In the middle of the cruise I noticed what seem to be agricultural spots. I then double checked it with Google Maps (screenshot included below) and yes, they are indeed like depicted here. Really impressive.
  6. I am really impressed with the diversity and quality of Orbx work for this huuuuge continent.
  7. I very enjoyable flight from the green and hilly Addis Abeba (at 7,700 ft) to Khartoum. a city in the midst of the desert, where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile. It's amazing to see how Orbx was able to create such an immense region with this level of detail. I once did this flight in real life, and I felt that the views here were very close to reality. Yesterday I saw @Jack Sawyer flying with his beautiful jet from Ethiopian, and I couldn't resist to buy one for me too Hope you like it, folks
  8. Hi Orbx, Let me first thank you for giving us OLC Africa. It was my most look-forward-to add-on (with OLC Asia) and I bought it instantly. As one who never been to Africa (well, only to Tunisia), I am unsure if I simply imagined Africa in colors that have nothing in common with reality or if something is a bit off? So maybe somebody with travel experience can clarify on this for me: I always imagined West Africa and East Africa to be more green with lush vegetation. There is of course a dry and a wet season at most places. But right now it looks a bit strange in the sim. Uganda, DRC, Rwanda are very yellowish / dried out and the wet seasons seems to be totally missing. The same for West Africa, which looks a bit like fall in Europe. And I tried various months in the sim before posting here. Moreover, I compared some places with screenshots posted by Nick and they are similar to my setup. So everything should be installed correctly. OLC Africa is a huge product sold a bargain price and I am very thankful for the discount. But does it really look the whole year that dry in Africa? My shots were done in Lomé, Togo and Entebbe, Uganda. Real life:
  9. Departed from Cairo / en route to Sudan. It's nice to explore this continent for the first time on P3D.
  10. I've just purchased and installed Global OpenLC Africa. It looks great but I'm having this floating airport buildings problem in some airports. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  11. I see there are many green fields in the area of HEGN and also in other areas. I compared with real life satelite images and there is no green field:
  12. Hello! In West Africa, Vector creates this huge ugly pool The coordinates of this place: N12 ° 25,38 ' W16 ° 22,21' Of course, in fact, this rectangle does not exist in this place. If possible, correct it. Orbx order receipt 5c65e3298ed36
  13. I'm experiencing major texture morphing in Africa. My replacement terrain cfg is quite a bit smaller than the original that I backed up. Wondering why, and whether it's relevant. The original size is 457 v.s. the rebuilt texture cfg size of 448. thank you I'm currently attempting the Holger terrain cfg. fix:
  14. Hello Orbx, I am creating the small Kaijansi Airfield, actually bedded in between parts of Kampala city in Uganda, at the North coast of lake Victoria in Africa. Positioning the airfield is no problem using the coordinates from Google Earth. Although FTX Global and FTX Vector is installed, there is a great lack of even a bit correct landclass in this area, as well as vector data like roads. Even the main roads are lacking. If you take a look at the screenshot, you can see the huge difference between Google Earth and FSX with Global and Vector here. I do understand, Open LC Africa is still in devellopment, but I would appreciate, if Global and Vector could also be more comprehensive in this and probably more african areas. Would this be a thing I can hopefully look forward to? The area inside the yellow cirkel has been extended with various landclass by my. At least I am very much missing the big roads crossing the big city area. Thanks for having look at it! Kind regards, Bram Stikkel
  15. Hello! Found in Africa a lake, which is incorrectly displayed. N5 35.21 W3 13.62 Sincerely. Yuri Travkin
  16. Good evening - sightseeing flight around KIlimanjaro Cheers Mike
  17. Dear ORBX-Team, I am a bush pilot by heart and love your NA sceneries and airports. I am not (and will not) follow ORBX to Europe. Instead I am eagerly waiting for SAK as my next region. As Africa is another famous place for bush flying I kindly ask if there are any plans to treat that forgotten continent with your special treatment? This was, however, not included in JV’s overview for 2013. It would be great if ORBX could make a southern Africa region and maybe another one for central Africa. Or at least a package of airports as an upgrade of the coming FTX-Global. I imagine that a lot of ORBX customers would be fascinated by that special continent, its beauty and wildlife. Regards, Till
  18. Hi there, As mentioned before, thanks for what appears to be an awesome product (FTXG). However, having now had time to fly around some favourite areas in Southern Africa, I have discovered a serious problem created by the FTXG installation. Initially I was not sure if the problem was with FTXG - but after having completed a full re-installation of FSX and all scenery addons, as soon as I installed FTXG, the problem returned. Here is the problem: I, and the majority of simmers in Southern Africa, use Aeroworx's freeware mesh and landclass (available at AVSIM and Flightsim.com) as the default mesh and landclass and all other land class products available for Southern Africa are close to useless. The Aeroworx landclass prior to FTXG installation worked extremely well - even with the so-called "washed out" default textures. In general, the correct African indigenous tree varieties were rendered based on the landclass so as to ensure the terrain looked African and not North Alaskan (i.e. no pine or fir trees are found in indigenous forrests in Africa). However, with the installation of FTXG, the textures look great - but they have had a seriously negative impact on the types of trees rendered. An example is around the Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe, or in Northern Botswana, were the indigenous trees are no longer present and have been replaced by thick pine / fir tree forests - making the area look anything but realistic in Africa. I have tried using ORBX trees as well as not using them (via the FTX Central Control panel). I have also tried inserting the Aeroworx landclass scenery entry "above" FTXG entries - with no impact. I was under the impression that FTXG did not affect the landclass (and thus tree types rendered?) - but rather only improved on the ground textures rendered over the default ground textures. How can FTXG completely change the TYPES of trees that are rendered if the landclass has not changed ? Please help. I really hope there is a solution to this problem. Regards,
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