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Found 12 results

  1. Early morning flight from Monroe FirstAir W16 to Yakima Air Terminal KYKM. 13,000' over Snoqualmie Pass, Mt Baker to the north and Mt Rainier to the south. The Yakima area was experiencing an inversion with 1000' ceiling on approach. Hadn't had this much fun before a coffee in a while.
  2. Out of Oldenburg-Hatten (EDWH), in Germany...in the Taifun: Out of Monroe-Firstair (W16), in Washington state...in the Cub:
  3. Tested in FSX SE, with opus as weather and Ants Drifter. Really love that place but a quick OOM after less than 10 mn ... need to be improved ? Have a good flight
  4. Hello Everyone! When autumn sets in, i usually go flying into all the great ORBX PNW sceneries before winter comes along. It is always a great joy to see the beautiful leaves oft he trees, the lakes and rivers, the ocean and all that – and not to forget the many fantastic mountains all around here. It is a nice way for me to „definitely finish“ the anual „flightsimming summer season“ in the northern hamisphere. This year i have decided to take the camera with me and capture some shots in between. I have split this seriesof shots into two parts. This first part here will take us from S43 to W16, 1S2, 3W5, WA56 and on to a „Touch and Go“ at KBVS. Besides ORBX’s great PNW sceneries, there is the A2A's superb C172 in use here, the DX10 fix applied and FS Global Real Weather running in the background with various freeware textures and changing REX textures. I was not able to take all of this route in one run, so day- and flyingtime may vary. Nonetheless though i hope You enjoy flying along with me at this VFR-circle along this specific area in the Pacific North West. Cheers, Christoph Good Morning! … „Attention“ Above S43 now an towards the east … W16, Monroe … but no racing today … and towards Darrington now … … … landing „in between“ these trees and mountainious area is always a challenge i think! … a little while later we are already flying downwind at 3W5 Concrete`s RW07, with some misty weather around … … And here we are! By the way: While i was flying this short leg, my passenger stayed in Darrington to go hiking a bit. But later on again and … … after a little brake, the flight continued. Flying by Israel’s Farm towards KBVS now soon … Israel’s Farm … Crossing KBVS at approx. 1500 feet here now, trying hard to spot the windsock (although the nearby KBLI ATIS was already very helpful) ... i really need some FSX-binoculars And here we are on a „Touch an Go“ at KBVS P.S.: Here is Pt.2 of the series http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67155-vfr-autumn-flying-at-the-pnw-pt2/
  5. This evening I took a break from tubes and flew my Piston Duke again. i started at Felts and went nearly directly to First Air. On the way I noticed an interessting strip. It is 27W Lake Wenatchee State Airport. I wanted to do a touch and go but noticed that the runway was not built for this kind of operation. So I stopped, turned and took off again.
  6. Hi everyone, This is going to be a two part question. 1) I am eyeing to buy W16 (the promotional video on the site, was super cool - especially with RaceTrack, and Train). If I buy this airport for my P3D, do I need to enable Road Traffic to see train and racetrack (I have that traffic setting set to 0 at the moment, for performance reasons). 2) Can anyone tell me the awesome chill soundtrack used in the second video as posted in the CZST's info page - what amazing scenery and amazing soundtrack. Link to the video is ! I know I am going to buy one of them (just can't do both at the moment, I wish I could) Thank you
  7. Turning into the "heartland" of the PNW … … three balloons near W16 – … better stay away from them and, by the way: Please Christoph: Don’t forget closing the Cowl Flaps again next time after take-off … … somewhere near 77S Creswell, heading north into some typical early winter-sky … … another day, early morning, and yet: The same weather - a bit more purple skies though … … letting the wind-sock tell me where to go … … Over-Night-Stay! … maybe next time …
  8. I probably spent an hour flying between W16 and S43 this morning and the detail is unbelievable. Thanks again Heiko and Andreas for these 2 masterpiece's
  9. Finally I am back online, so here we go with Monroe Firstair. Unfortunately I faced some ugly stutters, because I was pushing the settings to the very maximum, using 4096 texture_max_load, and a LOD radius of 6.5 ... Obviously too much for my system ... Now, flying at 2048 and LOD radius of 5.0 turned out to be good on my end ... Monroe Firstair is just perfect !! Amazing PeopleFlow2 characters, the animated train, the stock car circuit .. definitely blew my socks ! And .. did I notice a big prison near by ..? Just perfect for my next big FSX movie ... Enjoy the video, folks ... [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPOCmDaUkbs&hd=1
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