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  1. I just purchased and installed the Southern Alaska (North America) package. The usual boundary outlines are not showing up in Google Earth nor does the wording "Southern Alaska". I moved an aircraft to several airports and the scenery appears to be installed. FTX Central indicates the product is installed and up to date. I already have the various landclasses etc installed and the libraries are up to date. What have I forgotten? Order # 5d389c4e9cb4a Jus
  2. G'Day fellas, here's a few from the recently released CZST triple installer.
  3. What an absolutely fantastic piece of scenery. The textures are truly amazing and every bit of autogen and objects fit perfectly into the mesh and the aerial imagery. Simply amazing! All screenshots were resized from 4K DSR to standard 1920 X 1080 for upload.
  4. Some views of the new Misha's place to be Captures under P3D2 and the Fury X
  5. Some captures from Lady Musgrave island in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia(Queensland), a nice place to enjoy beach with sand and emerald lagoon. A nice opportunity to enjoy HD coconuts and palm trees after some months in the North Pole
  6. Hi Mates, Do you know or remember of Jan Mayen ? It is a volcanic island located between continental Norway and Greenland. It's 55km long and has a huge volcano partially covered by glacier on the Northern part. The island is well known for its polar station which operates the LORANC emitters. The airfield, nammed Jan Mayensfield (ENJA), is used by both Royal Norwegian Air Force and civilian operators from Bodø. For people following the forum since 2013, I already did the scenery based on vectorial landclass This version is a total rework. You will learn more later. Before that, enjoy the captures from P3D2:
  7. Welcome to Jan Mayensfield, International Airport ! Not a joke, that's the truth A mix of FSX/P3D2 and summer/winter set:
  8. First of all a very big thankyou for all the freeware you offer and support for the comunity, i appreciate very much. But I'm not shure what freeware is compatible with P3D2. AFAIK all the NA- and EU-Airport Packs have triple installers. The same with KHQM Bowerman and Yosemite National Park. Others like CEN4 High River are "now updated for FSX/P3D", but the installer makes no difference between P3D1 and P3D2. What freeware is usable in P3D2 and what is not?
  9. Summer flight from Værøy to Leknes. ...Gasp, we'll have to deal with a very very strange language soon ! In Winter, Polar night is coming soon:
  10. After drooling over the various Community Screenshots, with accurate traffic models and liveries, I just have to know what traffic program you guys are using in P3D 2.4. I've done some research on the various forums, but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer as to which programs are compatible.
  11. Hi Mates, Some captures for you. The Goose seems to be the best choice for visiting Norway
  12. Just a quick question regarding the Master list of all P3D2-ready Orbx products: I notice that EU England is not included in the compatible list or the coming soon list. Is this an oversight or will England not be upgraded to P3D2?
  13. This is the first time that I posted on this forum. I routinely use Orbx FTX Global Base and Vector on my P3Dv2 system. I have been very impressed with this new Terrains - it is a big improvement over the Default Terrains. I particularly like the Configuration Program for FTX Vector. Today, I tried to install the Orbx FTX NA Blue Southern Alaska this afternoon and I am having a big problem. Once the software had been unwrapped and began the installation process, I receive the following error - "Radio Buttons ? On Next, Line 13: Argument 2 must be of type string. Stack Traceback: 1: [Radio Buttons ? On Next] Line: 13 in main chunk". WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN? I have tried downloading this software 3 times from different servers but with no luck as of yet. Has anyone had this problem and how can this problem be fixed? Thanks FSS0272478 - Orbx FTX Global Base FSS0272473 - Orbx FTX Vector FSS0273710 - Orbx FTX NA Blue Southern Alaska
  14. terrain, clouds on the horizon, and haze. terrain looks awesome here.
  15. G'day all, As many of you know, Graham Eccleston has been working very hard to get many of our Australian airports up to P3D2 compatibility for you all to enjoy alongside FTX_AU. I'd like to showcase a small set of shots with the latest three releases; Jandakot YPJT, Cunderdin YCUN and Busselton YBLN, all of which are located in south-west Western Australia. These airports were the first three that I made for ORBX, and given that they date back to late 2008/early 2009, I thought I'd offer a quick re-introduction for those that are newer members to the forum. JANDAKOT AIRPORT YPJT Jandakot Airport is the major general aviation airport serving the city of Perth, Western Australia. One of Australia's busiest airports, in 2011 Jandakot had the highest number of annual movements for any airfield in the country. The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia, China Southern Airlines Flying College, Singapore Airlines Flying College, Heliwest, Air Australia and the Royal Flying Doctor Service are some of the larger operators at YPJT, making this the major hub for the GA industry in Western Australia. A lot of love went into this project; being my local airport I was keen to make it as real as possible. FEATURES - Very high-detailed rendition of Jandakot Airport (YPJT), surrounds and approaches. - Coverage area at 25cm/1m resolution, including extended circuit area, approaches and other POI's including Forrestdale Lake - Numerous custom static aircraft made exclusively for Jandakot including WA Police BK117, RAAF Rescue S-76, FCI Nanchang, Dromader water-bombers, R22/R44s and others. - Landmarks and POI's within the circuit area - Canningvale industrial area, shopping centres, schools and other reference points. - Peopleflow and other newer content added in v1.3 - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX AU Blue PRODUCT PAGE - P3D2 UPDATE COMING SHORTLY BUSSELTON REGIONAL AIRPORT YBLN (Freeware!) Busselton is a thriving tourist city located a short distance south of Perth. As gateway to the iconic Margaret River wine region, as well being home to a growing population of FIFO (fly-in/fly-out) workers, Busselton airport serves as both a true regional airport and local GA operator. Suitable for both low-and-slow GA flyers and small airliners, the airport features a small passenger terminal, Flying Doctors station, flying school and several other operators. FEATURES - High detailed rendition of Busselton Regional Airport - Coverage area at 30cm - Numerous custom static aircraft made exclusively for Busselton including WA Police BK117, Dromader water-bombers and others - Peopleflow and other newer content added - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX AU Blue FREE TO DOWNLOAD - P3D2 INSTALLER AVAILABLE HERE CUNDERDIN AIRPORT (Freeware!) Built during World War II to originally serve as a training base, Cunderdin is a regional airport located east of Perth in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. During the war, RAAF Tigermoth trainers and later B-24 Squadrons, were based at the field, operating missions as far afield as Java. After the war, the Gliding Club of WA took over many of the old hangars and buidlings, and now operate the largest gliding club in WA (side note: for an excellent account of real-life adventures at the field, I strongly recommend reading Derek's accounts in this thread). As well as gliding ops, the airport is a favourite for both civilian and airforce students operating out of Perth; it is not uncommon for the circuit to be shared between a Cessna 152 and RAAF PC-9 or BAe Hawk! Due to it's wartime legacy, Cunderdin features two large runways, though caution should be advised as only the centre section of both runways are kept in serviceable condition. As well as the airport, Cunderdin includes a very extensive coverage area, including the airport circuit, salt flats to the east and west, and the entire township of Cunderdin. FEATURES - High detailed rendition of Cunderdin Airport (YCUN) - Very large coverage are at 60cm, including the airport, salt flats and entire town of Cunderdin - Numerous custom static aircraft made exclusively for Cunderdin including Neptune and Dromader models. - Many POI's outside of the airport perimeter, including Ettomngah Pub, Tigermoth memorial (in town), wheat silos and trains, agricultural school and many others. - Caution cattle on short finals to some runways! - Peopleflow and other newer content added - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX AU Blue FREE TO DOWNLOAD - P3D2 INSTALLER AVAILABLE HERE
  16. I have just loaded the Yarra Valley Aero Club at Lillydale (YLIL) into P3D2 and have got a rather strange result. There are many of these square markings. What have I done to cause this? Thanks
  17. Some images - YPLC Port Lincoln Airport V1.5 for P3D V2 Enjoy! Sinesio
  18. Screen Grab near the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan - 0400Z 18/01/2010 Prepar3D v2.0, Rex Textures, Opus Weather engine, Orbx FTXG & VECTOR, PILOTS 2010, BAe Avro RJ70; FL280 Heading 145:
  19. These is not for stimulate controversy. Only thoughts that see me. Today, after upgrading FTX AU SP4, both in FSX and in P3D2, no, no, I could not help noticing, but compare: Australia in FSX is a marvel - colors beautiful - the whole country is more beautiful, live. In P3D2, even using REX4 and more texture is not the same thing. On the other hand, in FSX, of course, there are gagging; at P3D2 smoothness; FSX have no future; P3D2 is the future. Of course I am committed to P3D2... but I love the colors of FSX. Do not worry. They're just thoughts! Cheers, Sinesio
  20. Some shots of my visit to YLIL. P3D2 with Orbx Weather 3: Looks like it was more colorful, by an Aussie wx. Only V-Key. Refueling point is false. There is no fuel! LoL Thanks for watching, gents! Sinesio
  21. Hi mates, Some shots over Australia under P3D2. Enjoy
  22. What a wonderful trip with such a Nice Lady !
  23. Today I´ve transferred to the P3D2 the MiG-29 FSX. Aircraft very good, simple but highly maneuverable combat aircraft. I use her and other combat aircraft, not to shoot or drop bombs, so I've done in the real world, but to maintain the agility of shares in the cabin. Hooray for the Russians, they understand the subject. Overflight and landing maneuvers in Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands When you get bored, please let me know. For now, thanks for appreciating. Sinesio
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