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  1. A long flight, but one with a really diverse landscape. Starting out over Lake Tahoe, ... ... before we cross the Sierra Nevada on the way south. I love these shadows in the cockpit. The next famous lake on the route is Mono Lake. I think it looks much more detailed and coloured in MSFS. But the lake was only the starting point to cross the mountains towards a valley... ... a famous valley with a Half Dome. Yosemite Valley it is. Here we pass El Capitan... ... and catch a look back towards the valley entry. The flat (and dry) lands begin with the lakes Don Pedro and McClure. Crossing the Diablo Range... ... on the way to the Guadalupe flats, at the southern end of the San Francisco bay. We just hop over the coastal Santa Cruz mountains... ... before we descend into Half Moon Bay. Sure there are some sights left nearby which can be visited on the following flight.
  2. My virtual travel has lead me to Benton, CA, and there is clearly a preferred choice when it comes to liveries to be used from there. Starting to the north I crossed Keswick Dam... ... and Shasta Dam. Still filled with water. Is that true also in real life now? Heading southeast I climbed across Lassen Peak, high enough for a snowy scenery. But Honey Lake looked as expected and feared. Which makes it easier for the stuff at Sierra Army depot to stay dry. Reno-Stead airport looks like a free upgrade, not totally fitting into the region pack? South of Reno we met Lake Washoe (to the left) and Lake Tahoe (to the right). Looks like a pleasant refreshment. So we descended towards South Lake, ... ... spotted the Heavenly Ski arena, ... ... before we landed at KTVL. Let´s go hiking!
  3. Hello. I just installed KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport. If i try to load the scenery, with any % of airline traffic, for example 15%, the simulator crash while loading. If I set the airline traffic to 0%, no problem, the scenery load and I can fly without any issues. With general aviation traffic activated, there are no problems. I try with and without static aircraft, but in both ways, the simulator crash when airline traffic is active. I am using this addons in the area: - KTVL Lake Tahoe - True Earth North California - Global Traffic thanks.
  4. Guys: I installed P3D v4.5 hotfix 2 last week. Decided to fly my Mustang from South Tahoe (KTVL) to Furnace Creek (L06). Noticed that the terrain was not flat, and some of the nearby parked airplanes were on the non-ORBX surface, while my P-51 was on a semi-opaque, higher surface. Here is a screenshot, showing my Mustang sitting on the higher surface, with shadows being cast on the higher surface and the lower surface: Here's the external view at "ground" level: Here's another view, from the back of the airplane: Here's what I get with my ORBX KTVL scenery turned off: I have flown into and out of ORBX KTVL several times before, and it's always been OK. I tried reconfiguring Global BASE Pack, and Libraries as recommended in another thread on this subject, with no difference. Turning the KTVL scenery works pretty well, but I consider that to be a temporary fix, seein' as how I paid for the airport scenery. Any ideas? Thank you ATB
  5. Hello, I just purchased and installed Orbx's Tahoe Airport (KTVL) using recently installed Orbx Central (ver 4.0.33) and now I have no airport buildings. The runways and taxiways are there with their markers but there are no buildings. My P.O. number for this purchase is 5e055bde3e709, and I use Prepar3D v4.5 HF2 on a Win10 Pro system. I also have installed and up-to-date, Orbx Global Base Pack, Vector, openLC North America, Buildings HD, Northern California Region. Orbx Central say my Libraries are up-to-date. I've successfully run 'Verify Files' for KTVL and 'Sync Simulator' with no effect. I've attached a screen shot, my scenery.cfg and central.log files for your review. Thanks Falcon67 scenery.cfg central.log
  6. I know several years ago TVL decommissioned their tower. Turns out they did quite the job with building demo and landscape clear cutting. In any event, haven't been to TVL in awhile, so was surprised to see it void of buildings. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling via ORBX Central. Libraries are current at 19.6.1 and files verified. All other ORBX products working, and no recent changes made other than updating from FTX Central 3 to ORBX Central. ORBX Central is not showing any updates pending or other anomalies. Scenery library shows TVL installed and properly placed. Any help is appreciated.
  7. A very short flight from KTVL to Chuck Yeager's home airfield.
  8. Dear Orbx/members, When I first installed KTVL it worked perfectly. I'm not sure what happened, and even since completely reinstalling P3Dv4, I have no buildings. I've run AEC, and I've tried different terrain mesh resolutions. I've only reinstalled Orbx scenery so far. Please see screenshot for the order. The other sceneries work fine (bar Skagit, separate post). Any suggestions are gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  9. If I was a rich man ... I'd definitely buy a Turbo Commasnder 690 (After I pay off all my bills of course..)
  10. Is there a fix available for KTVL elevation problems? Have the latest everything, P3d V4.2 Ran the elevation auto for vector, no luck. The ground is too high for the objects. Set Mesh to 5m sliders to max. Still ground is high for objects. Very weird. . .
  11. Orbx Lake Tahoe airport for P3D V4.1 does not have buildings. The ORBX binaries are up to date. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.
  12. The breakfast is finished, ... ... so let´s terminate our stay in Tahoe. Climbout & turn westwards, over these fantastic mountains. Sacramento is nice & sunny, but probably does not need a descent mesh... ... the opposite is true in Napa Valley: These coastal hills collect all the fog... ... at least Angwin-Parrett on its little hill becomes visible & landable. A Turbulent place, as you might know. You may imagine Angwin´s location on top of the ridge here? I changed to a VAS-undemanding plane there (I currently fly all my planes to save the EZDOC settings, in order to upgrade that program to v2). And the airport of the city ahead is frame-rate-consuming also... Unfortunately KSFO was covered with clouds, and created by a non-Orbx provider (yes, there is such!), so I won´t show you that landing here. But I made it!
  13. Folks, now that my sim is working well again, it is time to start a tour around my recent purchases. Recent means "since December 2016", as I have not been flying in NA since then... So getting out of KLAX... ... across the Griffith Observatorium... ... and the Victorville plane cementary. Then further north across Edwards... ... and into Yosemite NP. Mono Lake is kind of disappointing in Open_LC, maybe it shoud be individually enhanced towards reality. Lake Tahoe definetively does not need to be enhanced, a "must-land" on every tour in the region.
  14. Gerold suggested a move south for some nicer weather when flying. So it is down to KBLU and his forecasting was spot on. 1. Yak-52 speeding down the runway at KBLU. 2. Heading east and following Route 80 towards Emigrant Gap. 3. Yuba Pass. 4. Lake Tahoe North Star. 5. At KTRK Truckee 6. Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe 7. Rubicon Peak is in the distance. 8. South Lake Tahoe 9. Now that was a nice landing. 10. A different parking spot. 11. VH-XSU "Red Alert" at Albury 6th April 2008. 12. A close up of the beautiful artwork a lot of these Yaks adorn. Some much better weather Gerold, thanks for the advise!
  15. Hello, I apologize if this has been covered already. I searched the forum for threads on KTVL but did not find my exact issue listed. I have FTX Global, North America LC, Vector and the Northern California + Southern California regions all installed and updated. I have KTVL installed and I have run the automatic elevation correction tool. (Please see the attached image) Despite having done all of this, the textures and elevations around the main building at KTVL are not aligned. The man sweeping is under the asphalt texture, vehicles are under the base ground textures kind of sticking out a little, and the ground texture in front of the main building is higher than the base of the building itself. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. I have also tried the ModuleInstaller at C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery I am running P3D V3.4 and am totally out of ideas. I tried to manually add KTVL to the elevation correction tool but it is not listed and does not accept "KTVL" added manually. Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated. My best regards, -jjdayo
  16. hi i have yellowstone kwys and lake tahoe ktvl with no buildings. they have black spots on ground where buildings are suppose to be but nothing is there. ive seen no airplanes or people at other airports as well. any idea what is going on? getting kind of frustrating. paying for stuff and it not working. tried reinstalling, changing scenery library locations, deactivating in library then reactivating. Not sure what else to do. I have looked in vector settings as well. I have over 3/4 of the stuff orbx sells for na including global vector and landclass and tons of airports. everything else seems to be ok. thanks, aaron order # for yellowstone 5893a8d47f697 order # for lake tahoe 584b39d5f2076
  17. Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  18. With the Staggerwing from Redding-Benton to Lake Tahoe for a skiing weekend Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  19. Good morning all! I just recently installed numerous ORBX Airports to go along side my NA Regions and Global/Vector in FSX:SE. Before I got all the airports installed, all seemed fine. After moving forward with the airports, some of them are missing buildings and POI like KCGX (no stadium), KTVL (no buildings), 11S (no buildings), etc. Also, after the airport(s) install, I notice that in the Airport Elevation Corrections that the disabled side is completely blank after running the auto-detect. Some how, all elevations are still correct in-game for both ORBX scenery and not. I have tried some solutions. I tried running the modularinstaller.exe for Object Flow with no solution. I downloaded the most recent Libraries from ORBX website, but can't manually reinstall them to FTX Central V3 so I would think I have a current and correct version? Should I try seeing if the priority list is correct? All help is much appreciated. Thank you all! Brian
  20. A relative short flight with tourists in a Quest Kodiak from Blue Canyon airport-KBLU to Lake Tahoe airport-KTVL :
  21. I've installed Northern California FTX and then KTVL Airport. This was my last ORBX install.....have installed several other FTX global sceneries without any issues, and am now experiencing app crash every time I locate any airplane to KTVL. Detail is attached. My system is ASUS Z87 TUF 1150, EVGA GTX 980 Ti, 16 G Corsair DDR3 Vengence, Samsung 840 PRO SSD, Corsair 1200i Power Supply. appcrash_KTVL.docx
  22. Misha suggested starting a new topic even though there are already a number of threads on this issue. I have the same problem as many others at KTVL: no buildings, only a few scattered pieces of ground equipment. I think I've tried everything in the various threads on this issue but with no success... • reinstalled KTVL twice; • reinstalled most recent libraries, twice; • set mesh to 5m or less; • set density to Extreme (my system is quite strong and can handle it except in large urban areas); • switched FTX Central v2 from North America to Global and back to North America, twice; • confirmed that ground shadows are unchecked; • confirmed that KTVL sits above Global, Vector and openLC in Scenery.cfg file. The countryside is beautifully rendered and I very much want to fly there; any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ~Michael FSS0328797
  23. Hi ORBX team, I've noticed strange shadows cast by grass objects in KTVL, see picture (latest P3Dv3, latest libs installed, NA region applied, latest nVidia drivers, no nVidia Inspector / ENB / other graphics modifications). Vegetation Shadows are turned off. These grass shadows disappear when the "SimObjects Cast Shadows" option is turned off. But that removes other shadows as well, like those from static aircraft. This seems to be something specific with the grass in KTVL, I haven't noticed this in other places in the ORBX world. Also, the grass seems to be a bit too much translucent, other airports have more "solid" grass. Any idea what might cause this? Thanks & regards, Hans
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