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Found 23 results

  1. Good evening Gentlemen, Since all of the OpenLC demos are not available for P3D V4 yet, I wanted to ask if this has any special meaning. Are they going to be updated too, or don't you have planned to do so? I'm just asking because I thought that this would be based on the same "code stuff" like the payware versions like openLC Europe or so, what would have made it possible to update them too. Or am I wrong about this? Sorry, if such questions have been answered already, but I couldn't find an already existing topic. Best regards, Alex
  2. Hello, I downloaded FTX Iceland DEMO in order to evaluate the product, as well ORBX Libraries, as part of requisition to run FTX Iceland DEMO. For both one, I used the FTX Central Tool to download and install them. The scenery are really good, but since I noted a fall in FPS, I am not sure to acquire the other products at the moment (I intend to buy a new PC within few months). However, this installation transformed my FSX-SE negatively: I have now many problems in Landclass, mainly in SA. I uninstalled FTX Iceland DEMO to try to solve this, but there is NO OPTION for uninstalling ORBX Libraries! I also checked my FSX folders: my "terrain.cfg" was modified, as well as "texture", "sound" and "effects". Since this is a Pay Product, I need to have an option to return my FSX-SE as it was before everything. I also tried to disable via Scenery Library, without success. Please see the screenshots: 1. Landclass problem (Brazil region, my country): bad things happened... 2. Scenery Library: uninstalling FTX Iceland DEMO was OK, but ORBX Library is there, so I had to disable it, but it did not solve the problem. 3. My "terrain.cfg" was modified, as well as other folders. There is no backup (I tried to found, but I couldn't). I bought FSX-SE yesterday: it is totally clear, just installed your product. Could you please help me? I want to keep FTX Global Iceland DEMO as well as install other DEMOs and, further, buy other products, but I need to fix this issue. Thanks for your attention! Kind regards, Matheus
  3. Well, I really enjoyed the view out there! This is close to Akureyri, Iceland (airport).
  4. Hi, I downloaded the iceland demo and then uninstalled it... ever since then i have been experiencing a problem. every time i depart an airfield the textures are fine... then around 5 mins in to the flight the textures will slowly start to get awful and eventually everything just blurs into one.. i have attached pictures. I hope someone can help... I have seen other issues similar to this one and tried the fixes but none seem to work... anyone able to help?
  5. Dear All, I've just tried to download the Iceland demo after a full FSX re-install and the files aren't located on the "servers" to download. Any ideas? Can anyone tell me if the can still download them? Cheers.
  6. Hi everyone, I was lucky enough just before Christmas to fly a real aircraft for the very first time. The video is of that flight which took place on 20th December 2014 at about 1pm - yes, that is the midday sun! We departed Keflavik Airport (BIKF) on a beautiful crisp day and flew east over the Reykjanes peninsula. The aircraft is a Diamond DA40, which I actually use for some of my Iceland sim flights (although the real one had a G1000). Before the flight the instructor, Arnar, had asked if I had any flying experience and I explained I was an armchair pilot. He seemed happy enough with this and as a result I flew from takeoff to touchdown - which was brave of him! We even did a simulated ILS into RWY02 which he'd never done with anyone on their first lesson - apart from a bit of rudder and throttle help I was pretty chuffed. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video - having flown the scenery for real, I have to say I am blown away at how accurate the Orbx layers are - unbelievable! The good news is I have another flight booked for the summer when I head back and I will now be working towards a PPL longer term. I'm hooked! James >http://youtu.be/eOoJA-DiqZ8
  7. I have used the FTX Global Iceland Demo (Global Off) uninstaller, but some files remain which I presume are from the 1.1 patch: FTX OLC EU8 (50 scenery files and 2 textures for Hallgrimskirkja) Do I need to manually remove these prior to install of FTX Global and reinstall of Global Iceland Demo (Global On)? Thanks Mark FTX Global Base Order 341418
  8. Hi all, Thought some of you may be interested in a video set I have started showcasing Iceland in flight simulators. This is my first video so is a bit rough around the edges in places so please go easy on me! Hoping to provide some interesting info as I fly around the country and show people some of the amazing scenery on offer. Hope you enjoy the first flight - a shortish hop between Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik Airport by way of the Reykjanes peninsula. Using Prepar3d 2.2 and FTX Global, Vector, Open LC EU and various other bits - more info in the About part on the YouTube page. >http://youtu.be/h_wmpaaDMuQ James
  9. I was sent a great video yesterday and decided to try and recreate it. Here's the real world video: >http://youtu.be/xQzxETleOMo And here's my recreation - tried to make it as true to life with weather etc as possible although YouTube has darkened the clouds somehow - they looked almost the same as the real flight before upload. Oh well: >http://youtu.be/HHhBoTZ25lc The stutters at the start are due to the recording software. For some reason ShadowPlay has stopped working properly so I had to use some other software. Couple that with some computer issues and it isn't my best video! Also explains the delay from my tour videos which I hope to continue soon once I have fixed everything! Hope you enjoy this short one anyway - a great approach to fly! James
  10. Hi all, It's taken me an age to get my next video on Iceland up - I attempted 5 times to fly the route with real weather but it was so changeable (typical Iceland) that visibility ended up near enough zero. So here is the next video with fair weather settings! Part 5 takes us from Höfn (BIHN) to Egilsstaðir (BIEG), around and over the East Fjords. We fly over the village where my grandmother was born and also find out where the red head gene in Iceland came from* * disclaimer: all red head gene info garnered from unreliable family stories and rumours! Hopefully I won't take so long with the next video. I have also stayed in Prepar3d 2.3 and will complete the tour in this - I'm just enjoying the combination of FTX Global, Vector, Open LC and FS Global 2010 mesh along with the sim. You may also enjoy my bounced landing in the Grand Caravan, particularly as I had just watched "Worst Place To Be A Pilot" and remarked with some swagger that the young pilot on it really should know better than to bounce his aircraft....oh well! I will do one video at the end of the tour showing some of the areas travelled in X-Plane 10 too as it also looks pretty good. Won't paste the link for that on here though ;-) Hope you enjoy this one. Next time, we revisit the volcano! James >http://youtu.be/Kt6HQjDgycg
  11. I have done a bit of a different video this time which hopefully shows off a bit more of the scenery by using different views. The flight also covers a longer distance (about 190NM) but the video is a bit shorter with me just highlighting the main areas of interest - I couldn't really cut it any more as the route flown covers some of the main points of interest in the whole country. Let me know what you think of the new format and my use of EZDok for the views. Some really nice FTX Vector river examples about halfway through the flight too. Next video may be (shock horror!) an X Plane comparison but I won't post the link here. This flight is BIVM to BIHN along the South Coast of Iceland. Enjoy! James >http://youtu.be/PU2ApQGcE04
  12. Hi all, I have completed another leg in my tour around Iceland. This flight is a VFR Flight, virtual cockpit view. Heading East from Selfoss to fly past Hekla, Þórsmörk, Eyjafjallajökull before landing in the Vestmannaeyjar. Really beautiful part of the country and looks stunning with all the Orbx layers! Plus you can hear me pronounce Eyjafjallajökull Only one more video left with my awful old microphone! The volcano in my detour video is still rumbling and may even have started to erupt. Will talk about it more I'm sure as we reach that part of the country in a few videos time. Be great to hear any comments you have - from video 6 I will include more views as I have figured out EZDok and the recorder function in P3D 2.3! James >http://youtu.be/9158Rqr4cNg
  13. Hi everyone, I have uploaded the second part of my tour around Iceland on YouTube. Sound quality still isn't great but I have a new microphone for later videos! This flight is a VFR flight, from a Virtual Cockpit view, taking us East from Reykjavik to Selfoss via some scenery including Heiðmörk, Hengill, Þingvellir before landing at the small airport in Selfoss. Scenery is all Orbx layers (FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC EU) and FS Global 2010 mesh. More info in the description in YouTube. I have taken note of a request to show more views other than cockpit views for future videos - unfortunately I had already completed a couple more cockpit based vids but after video 4 or 5 I will vary the view a bit more as I juggle talking, flying, recording and camera angles more effectively (I hope!). Figuring out EZDok as we speak... Hope you enjoy it. James >http://youtu.be/4xi4aqQl11g
  14. Hello, I've installed Iceland Demo Off whithout issue. In the Orbx/Ftx file I have found the uninstaller. Everything Okay. But as I tried to use it, I got an error message: "invalid start mode: archive filename". So it's impossible to remove the demo and to get back the previous Ftx Central which allowed me the choice "Fx default" or to install the Iceland demo ON . "Easy to use uninstaller " is praised on the download page of FtX. Easy? Easy is for me straigthforward... I hope somebody knows a fix Thanks in advance
  15. I always appreciated flying the Maule M7. Iceland is such a beautiful country to fly over with such an airplane, so I decided to paint myself a HD version. Those who played Microsoft Flight will easily recognise the textures of the default Maule in that game. Cheers, Sylvain
  16. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2 Hi guys I cant seem to upload a picture but the Iceland scenry is kind of off If you can see the pic its the one with the red airplane below on the Iceland scenry looks odd could someone look at that and tell me who that can be fixed thanks
  17. Hello everyone, Can Someone point me to the right direction. What do I need to install for Iceland is it all by itself as a download or do I need FTX global first and then Install Iceland and what else would I need to download. I am ready to purchase just need some direction on this. Thanks for your kindness.
  18. A few from recent flights, no real theme to them other than ice and snow! Christmas present to myself, and I know I was late to the party with the Iceland demo so what better time to give it a look? Phantom landing at possibly my new favorite airport Keflavik, I spent a good while shooting ILS approaches as I anticipate there being some poor met soon. Westland Whirlwind messing about at the off the top of Snowden, I was surprised and impressed that the lakes at high altitude freeze in cold weather, giving some interesting opportunities to take light aircraft into areas. And my favorite light aircraft at the moment the Auster Autocrat, I was lucky enough to fly one of these a few years ago and it's short field capabilities are amazing! Who needs a helicopter? Evidently me as I was unable to land on the dam... Anyone that wants to try that last shot it is the Tanygrisiau dam to the south of Snowden and I would love to see it done! Thanks, Matt
  19. Takeoff from EGPF Glasgow with Ibrox Park, Science Tower and Science Center in the foreground Cromarty Firth with some oil rigs Leaving Scotland The boring part of the flight - North Atlantic My first pic of Iceland! Very nice detail there!
  20. I leave and I just have to come back Enjoy Taph
  21. I (also) could'nt resist to install the Iceland demo. Hereby some shots of first flights over the mighty modelled landscape:
  22. Hey y'all, Iceland demo is literally one big giantic screenshot for me. Vectors is pretty impressive, and I can't for Dec to come. If it weren't for this demo, I would have never bothered to check out Iceland. I had no idea that Iceland was this beautiful and simple. I have to vist this country in the next 2-3 years (vacation planning) in real life and see this "scenery" for real. Enjoy these few Panoramic screenshots. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8 9) 10)
  23. Hello everybody, just a few quick shots from the fantastic Iceland Demo, approaching Isafjordur with its very challenging curved approach. It's hard to believe this is all free. Thank you ORBX! No editing apart from resizing/converting to jpg and adding the sig Comments welcome, as always Cheers, Alex
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