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  1. Gorgeous spring day in the east.
  2. Ready to roll: Potomac: Appalachians: Inbound: Parked up:
  3. (famous 1980's movie misquote, for those going 'huh?' ) I didn't wind up on SQ11. This is CX5 bound to Taipei, over southern Japan. Hong Kong or Manila next. Getting around a lot of the greater Orbx world in this thing. Bring on OLC AFR...
  4. Third flight in the B744. Still learning how to drive it... Coming up on Milwaukee: Headed for the top of the MSP ILS.
  5. Madrid behind Last light from the FE's seat
  6. Brussels to Rome to Amsterdam to Geneva to Madrid. (need a better version of LSZH...) More Alps Once more over Italy Change of ride, heading north again Murk over western Europe Around Geneva
  7. Not so many cylinders this time. Not flown this thing for aaages. Out of Bar Harbor for Knox County Leaving Knox for Pittsfield (another NA freeware, thanks guys... they're everywhere!) Final into Sugarloaf I lost the VC click spots on the last leg for some reason, otherwise I was intending to end up at Berlin Regional. Never mind... the overnight in Carrabassett doesn't cost me anything.
  8. It's been a month since I've flown anything with fewer than 72 cylinders. Pretty close to my idea of FS nirvana. Really looking forward to ITN and ITS regions. The weather was getting steadily worse the closer I got to Rome. Departing a week later, after a change of paint. Spot the POIs in the historic centre of Rome: The Alps are a little more imposing when you can't fly at an altitude starting with FL3NN FL180 is at least above the minimum safe altitude. Gotta get dark in these valleys early: Descending with the sun: It was raining in Brussels.
  9. Out of Beirut. OLC Africa is going to make this place really pretty. Getting in was interesting - down the hill (opposite direction) in the dark with no vertical guidance of than the runway lights. I suspect that runway isn't used at night. Leaving Cyprus after the short hop across Past Turkey Into Greece Next is back to Rome. I'm going to have to try to do an Alitalia livery for this thing. It will only take me about a year...
  10. Rome to Athens, all these are from Greek airspace. Realised after landing I was short the last lot of flap, but with the head wind I had it didn't really matter. Probably on to Beirut next, which in it's day was the French Riviera of the Middle East. Apparently it's on its way back.
  11. Some more from my four radial prop sim.... Orly to Ciampino on Olympic 410, 1958. A lovely day in Paris The Alps aren't much worse. No PTA or HDR - this is just out of the box. On the down hill run: The next leg is on to Athens.
  12. Other end of the Atlantic - same weather... Brussels - Amsterdam - Copenhagen: This illustrates the importance of understanding whose role is what on the flight deck (CRM is the TLA), and how the fuel system works! Right now, my P3D is a four radial prop-liner sim. Nothing else is getting a look in...
  13. The return trip to Rio. Seem to be making progress on the AA settings, thanks Lee and Jack. There are a lot of marvelous painters out there. The hobby would be the poorer without them... Anyway... I'm minding my own business, plotting an instrument approach when I hear a pop and a hissing sound. Immediately I hear 'wah, wah' from the back. Back come the throttles and rpm from their high speed descent setting. Over goes the nose. By the time Betty is asking what's up I can see the cabin altitude heading the opposite way to the airframe. Drop the nose some more to make the most of the difference to lose height quickly. Not really ideal when I know there were hills and soup below. Fortunately, 10k' and safety wasn't far below, and the hills weren't that high. Right turn out to sea to buy some time to plan if it came to that. Temperature 20. Dew Point 19. Those with a bit of met (or paint) study behind them will know what that means. Broken at 700', Viz 2nm. Apologies for the lack of on final shot. I was preoccupied with needles.
  14. A change of pace from all big Boeings... Wet... Still wet... Clear of the worst Coastal Brazil is spectacular now (at least of what I could see of it). At some point I'll fly a little closer to it, but for now I'm happy plying the commercial routes to get my bearings. The weather wasn't quite as bad as Rio, but honestly, not much better. Wound up high and ugly. But didn't bang it down or run out of runway. 22 hours on type, and I'm still not willing to risk career mode! What's the go with V4 and the AA settings? I'm not happy with what I'm getting at 8x MSAA and Anisotropic 8x with 1024 textures. In FSX I just let nvidia Inspector do all the hard work using Tabs settings. Is that still the best thing to do here, or is V4 better at it?
  15. Blasting out of Mos Eis... erm, a misty Santiago. Thought I might have been marginal on runway, then remembered just how much grunt the GEs have. First time in the triple in almost 2 years! Mountains top out around 20k'. I didn't... Farmland ....more... Top of the STAR Turning for home Downtown Buenos Aires One thousand...
  16. Another T7 hop, EK248, stopping off on its way home: Ready to go: Rio at midnight: I need to talk to dispatch about their fuel planning. I added half a tonne for just in case, and it was still whining about details like reaching the alternate after a GA. It's not the only thing wrong with this picture. (Jack already knows, so no spoiling the guesses!)
  17. Lake Titicaca to the horizon The last of Peru before hitting the coast and Chile Another night time landing. I guess I'll see the Santiago scenery when I depart again in the morning...
  18. Hadn't been here, was curious. Actually looks pretty good. Not sure if these are considered Europe for the purposes of EU OLC, but whatever, looks fine. Worth a visit, if you've not been there.
  19. I've actually been to Almaty on an '80s package tour of the 'stans. As I remember, the airport here had the rather unusual feature of a public convenience in the main "concourse" with a wall made of glass bricks. You could see a fuzzy but perfectly distinguishable image of the appropriate functions taking place in the loos from the seating area outside. Interesting concept, but I suspect the idea never caught on elsewhere. Thought I'd take a look around the city and surrounding area to see how it looked and then looked at the map and thought the trip over to UAFL might be worthwhile, so went back and switched into something marginally more appropriate and headed off to the mountains coming out the other side, lake Issyk Kul ahead When Asia gets the OLC treatment (I'm not holding my breath for a full-fat Kazahkstan though) it should be great around some of these spots Approaching Issyk Kul International Airport. I think this rendering may be a little on the basic side, even for the 'stans. Wot? no terminal? It's a bit more complex in RL, not Heathrow by any means but . . . Actually, the area around the lake and the mountains is quite pleasant in its generic form. Nice geography.
  20. Arlanda to Gardermoen in a SAS Fokker Friendship Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  21. Pago Pago to Fitiuta Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  22. The Republic F-84F Thunderstreak was an American-built swept-wing turbojet fighter-bomber. While an evolutionary development of the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet, the F-84F was a new design. The RF-84F Thunderflash was a photo reconnaissance version. Seen here out of Eglin AFB in the Florida panhandle, making some noise along the coast!
  23. See heading north from Cairo towards Port Said. Don't see many of these but I kinda like them (and thanks to FSS for the Virtavia sale!) Did a lot of damage to a lot of places in its day, but purely as an aircraft, I've always liked it
  24. So, next stop Khartoum. Off we go - Heading out towards the edges of the Nubian Desert. Leaving the Nile behind for a while I bet it's hot in that thing, bit like a flying barbecue So, lots of sand and rocks for a while, and the Nile does a figure "S" underneath us, and eventually we rejoin it as it heads towards Khartoum, coming up ahead Back to the banks of the Nile providing an environment for folks to live in Lining up on Khartoum Airport And, welcome to Khartoum - Parked up, time to get out the paramotor and go explore - Back north first, Omdurman ahead to the left. Like most bits of Africa, us Brits had a bit of a ruck there back in the day. Still, it got old Winston off to a good start Turning back round for a spin over Khartoum. Not a terribly accurate townscape (from what I can tell), but I don't mind that. I sort of figure this trip as a bit like a tour round some sci-fi "alternate reality" (It's Earth Jim, but not as we know it). As long as it feels ok, and to me this does, I'm happy. It's as close as I'm going to get to the real place (and it's actually about as close as I want to get) so all's well in my world Actually, I think it's quite nicely done, particularly at the outer fringes of the town Anyway, enough of that. Back up along the river to the airport and we'll pack up and be off again Current thinking is that I'll head off next to somewhere called Tana Lake, towards the northern end of the Ethiopian Highlands, then maybe divert to the coast towards Djibouti, and then come back down the Eastern Rift Valley to stop at Addis Ababa. I'm turning into one of those annoying neighbours that insist on showing endless slides of their holidays!
  25. First look of the new Telluride scenery coming from Eagle County Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
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