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  1. The subject line is an old Irish turf-laying joke (!!). Unusually for me - here's just the one: Fokker F50 over Gloucestershire: Adam (and yes - I do belong to the Green Party!!).
  2. Another little gem from Aeroplane Heaven: the Bristol Bulldog. FTX ENG on a hazy summer's morning ... Adam.
  3. This particular Hunter actually did this in RL!! Eat your heart out, Jack! This is ORBX FTX ENG with the excellent Dave Garwood freeware Hunter. Heading back to base ... to face the music!!! Adam.
  4. From Walney... on a murky, damp Autumn day I fancied a bit of summer sun Later in the day, to show off the trees and terrain a little more. Thank you for looking
  5. Hi Ladies and Gents, Another service pack for FTX England is about to come. It will provide some new visual features for VFR flight and fixes to previously reported anomalies. This time, you'll be able to visit closely the Windsor Castle and its surroundings (a complete rework of my freeware scenery with lots of additions). For ones having P3Dv3/v4, SpeedTree is making it living along the famours Long Walk ! The Royal Lodge King George III and the Long Walk (powered by SpeedTree for P3Dv3/v4) Windsor Castle from the South Queen Elisabeth II Overview of Windsor Castle's Estate and Eton Riverside (Ascot is on the left in the background) The Royal Ascot Horserace and boxes Enjoy!
  6. Like a moth, I suspect this Lysander shouldn't be out during the day: I managed to persuade my old FEX to do the skies/clouds for P3Dv4 (but don't touch the water!!!). Also - great to have a rather ancient payware add-on working fine in P3dv4. Adam.
  7. Hi All, I need some advice as usual, I am flying around happily but I notice that my autogen objects and scenery disappear and when I pause it redraws. I have attached a few images please see that for each one the scenery redraws the objects like trees, buildings etc. I am running the newest NVidia Driver Any ideas??????
  8. A Foster Wickner Wicko to be precise, no I had never heard of one either. G-AFJB was built in 1938 and of the 10 Wickos made it is the only survivor. 1. Here we are at Goodwood ready for a short flight to Shoreham. 2. Passing the control tower it is a pleasant but breezy day. 3. Trundling down 28, almost airborne. 4. 5. Glorious Goodwood and a change of plans. Today I will follow the South Downs instead of the normal coastal flight. 6. The River Arun and the town of Arundel. 7. On the outskirts of Worthing and the Hill Barn Golf Club. 8. Too busy looking at the scenery, we are there already. 9. Turning to land on rwy 02. 10. A nice smooth landing and having a rest before the next flight. A joy to fly and a very resilient plane, apparently it survived falling 80ft off a cliff, not only the Hilux that is unbreakable! Here is a link for the Wicko if you are interested. Being an FS9 plane I am very pleased that this works in both FSX and P3Dv2.4 the latter using that tool! http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=54339683
  9. Not the best of days to be flying. 1. Not the original RG333, which crashed in Germany in August 1945. This one is really G-AIEK painted with invasion stripes. 2. Up and away from Damyn's Hall 3. At Tilbury Container Port. 4. The BP refinery and terminal at Canvey Island. 5. The World's longest pier at Southend. 6. On approach to Southend flying into 40-45kts progress is very slow and turbulent. 7. The industrial estate at Rochford. 8. Hanging in the air at about 20kts. 9. Down, stopped and now being blown backwards. 10. Onto the apron with brakes on but the plane is still being blown back. The original Messenger RG333 was Field Marshal Montgomery's personal transport until it's accident. Monty suffered a couple of cracked vertebrae in the crash. The strong wind is from the storm named Doris which is causing disruption in the UK at the moment.
  10. On Saturday July 19th 1975 I flew in my first turboprop aircraft. It was G-AXVG an HS.748 belonging to Dan Air. Justflight have just released their rendition of the 748 and one of the liveries depicts G-AXVG but in Skyways colours. I cannot resist adding to my hangar of British airliners. 1. Victor Gulf at EGHH Bournemouth 2. Lining up on RWY 26. 3. Flying past the old BAC works, the runway has been extended since 1975. 4. Over Moordown and Castle Lane West. 5. The Isle of Purbeck and Swanage. 6. The Isle of Wight and the Solent. 7. Next job is to find out how everything in the cockpit works. 8. The nicely packaged Rolls Royce Dart which sounds first class. Well done JF for getting some decent sound packs for your latest aircraft. And so on to Guernsey, my flight was from Bournemouth to Guernsey with similar summer weather on that day. What a blast of nostalgia flying in this plane after all those years. Doing good this week end. Not only the 748 but The Beatles box set too. Got some "Magical" music to listen too tomorrow when "Flying!"
  11. A couple of shots from Compton Abbas. 1. 2,
  12. A flight around Plymouth to see if we can find The Hoe. 1. No not you, wrong flight. 2. Nor you, but tempted. Here have you got a twin? 3. Oh, only this twin, although the Twin Pioneer waiting at EGHD is beautiful too. Let us see what we can find. 4. Here we are at Saltash on the River Tamar with the Tamar Road Bridge and the Royal Albert Rail Bridge 5. Two in one go. 6. One of the ferries that operate to Santander and Roscoff at Millbay Docks. 7. Right by the port wingtip is the area known as Plymouth Hoe, famous for Sir Francis Drake finishing his game of bowls before sailing off to engage the Spanish Armarda. Also the top half of Smeaton's Light house is here. 8. Laira motive depot is seen here on the banks of the Plym. Must have been a great sight in the steam era with so many of the famous GWR classes based here. 9. Eddystone Rock with it's light house is about 10 miles south of Plymouth. The other half of Smeaton's light house can be seen here. 10. Heading back passing a bulk carrier. 11. Over Pennycross with Plymouth Sound in the distance. 12. Landing at the now closed Plymouth Airport which is due to re open in 2018. Hope you enjoyed the look around Plymouth, apologies for any sailors out there as I missed the Navy Dockyards at Devonport.
  13. ................but I have found The Needles. 35. They can be found standing off the western end of the Isle of Wight along with the light house. A familiar sight to me when I lived in the area so long ago.
  14. Here is a twilight flight from Compton Abbas to Southampton. 1. A few of the happy passengers waiting to enjoy a memorable flight. 2. Taxiing out this magnificent old DH.89 Dragon Rapide at Compton Abbas. 3. Trundling down the runway and about to lift off. 4. Close to Sixpenny Handley. 5. In the distance are the lights of Bournemouth, here at Ringwood we pick up the A31 at it's junction with the infamous A338 Spur Road 6. On the western fringes of the New Forest at Picket Post. 7. Approaching Emery Down, on the horizon the setting sun shines on one of the best fishing rivers in England, the Hampshire Avon. 8. Totton is on the left with the container docks at Millbrook under the plane. The River Test flows into The Solent here. 9. Something quaintly British about this plane. Only they would design a cockpit with a bloody great pillar obscuring the forward view in this way. I am too busy worrying about that to notice I am a bit high but it is a long runway and a very slow old plane. 10. Safely down and slowing down very quickly. 11. The floodlights now taking hold as the sun sets. The passengers, like me enjoyed the flight so much they want to go around again. Maybe tomorrow. What a wonderful old plane this is and a most enjoyable flight too. Here is a link if you are interested. I used the EMT and it works fine in P3DV2.4. http://www.cbfsim.co.uk/cbfs_lib/thumbnails.php?album=11 Hope you enjoyed the flight as much as I did.
  15. G-AMAE is making a trip from Cardiff and heading south to Guernsey. 1. Setting off from Cardiff. 2. Across the Bristol Channel approaching the Somerset coast. 3. The Quantock Hills, Somerset. 4. A few interesting things here, semi square windows and a pressurised fuselage, we all know what that can lead to. Curtains on the windows, nice touch! Lastly the first three rows of seats face to the rear of the plane. 5. Now at Abbotsbury, Dorset. Chesil Beach, a huge shingle beach with the thin strip or water called The Fleet. 6. Leaving the main land with Weymouth Bay and Portland Bill. Some savage currents in the sea off of The Bill. 7. Above the English Channel on the way to Guernsey. 8. Turning towards Guernsey over the island of Sark. 9. The small island is Jethou and the other is Herm. 10. St Peter Port and my first look at Guernsey. 11. At Les Nicolles on approach to Rwy 27. 12. At Guernsey Airport. Another enjoyable flight, I hope you enjoyed it too.
  16. Flying in England over Dartmoor. 34.
  17. A quick trip from Compton Abbas to Exeter via Bournemouth. 1. Too busy taking shots and nearly ran out of runway. 2. I like the contra-prop Spitfire as is does not swing on take off. 3. Rapidly climbing out of EGHA. 4. A last sight of Compton Abbas through the clouds before heading for the coast. 5. Over Ferndown with EGHH in sight. 6. Crossing the coast at Boscombe with Wessex Way snaking through the suburbs. 7. Passing Anvil Point and Swanage. 8. Too much low cloud to see Weymouth and Portland, now at Chesil Beach and The Fleet near Langton Herring! 9. Making tracks for Exeter Airport at Sidmouth. 10. Over the A3052 at White Cross. 11. Exeter EGTE. 12. Parked up after a very enjoyable flight.
  18. The Spitfire prototype made it's first flight 80 years ago today from Eastleigh Airport near Southampton. As luck would have it I have the plane, K5054, in it's original form from the Justflight Battle of Britain package. 1. No undercarriage doors on the prototype. 2. No grass runway at Eastleigh either. 3. A tail skid was preferred to a tail wheel. 4. The railway works at Eastleigh, cannot see the Merchant Navy Class locomotive puffing around today, although they were first built in 1941. 5. The junction of the M3 and M27 at Chilworth. 6. Just above the starboard wing tip is Woolston, the site of the Vickers-Armstrong works which housed the original Spitfire assembly line. 7. Approaching rwy 02. The undercarriage remained lowered for it's first flight. 8. The old Ford site which closed in 2013 is seen on the left. This was originally the Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft plant which produced components for the Spitfire and in the later years of the war Spitfires were assembled here. 9. A very bouncy landing which would have received a severe ticking off from Mutt Summers, Vickers chief test pilot, who made that first flight 80 years ago today. Hope you have enjoyed this piece of history.
  19. I had been thinking about buying the Dove for a while, I wasn't interested in their introductory offer of the repaint pack as none of them appealed to me. Anyway, I was looking at the freeware on the Flightsim.com site the other night and I came upon a wonderful repaint by Peter Watkins of the CAFU Dove G-ANUT. Their fleet of brightly coloured Doves, the others being G-ANOV/NUV and NUW were regular visitors to Hurn in the early 70s, indeed I first logged this one on the 29th August 1970. Never in my wildest dreams did I think then that one day I would be flying this plane into Bournemouth International. The flight begins at Southend. 1. Bye bye Blackbird. 2. Coryton Terminal next to Canvey Island. 3. The M26 near Wrotham. 4. Junction of the M25 and M26 at Sevenoaks. 5. Haslemere and the Portsmouth Road. 6. Over the South Downs near Corhampton. 7. Southampton Airport not the add on. 8. Approaching Rwy 26 at Winkton using ILS (yay!). 9. The A338 Spur Road. 10. Parked up at Bournemouth International, great flight and scenery but not very smooth flying despite moving the sliders over quite a bit. Always have this problem with England.
  20. It is great to see no fewer than 5 English airports with new installers last night. The first on I have installed is Goodwood and I have just done a circuit in the Paramotor 1. Off we go and it is into Madgwick Corner. Some of my earliest memories are of going to race meetings here in the late 50s early 60s. 2. Heading up towards Fordwater. 3. Through Fordwater. 4. Into St Mary's. This is where Stirling Moss had his near fatal accident in 1962. 5. Looking back at St Mary's and Fordwater. 6. Entering into the long Lavant Corner. We used to watch broadcasts on BBC's Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon. They only had one camera near the start line so some of the circuit was out of view. 7. Now speeding down Lavant straight. In 1970 another motor racing legend, Bruce McLaren was not as fortunate as Stirling Moss, as he lost his life testing a sports car which left the straight and hit an old marshal's post. 8. The circuit held it's last race meeting in 1966 as the cars were getting too fast and the circuits owners did not want to make alterations to the track to slow the cars. 9. Woodcote Corner. 10. Heading out of Woodcote towards The Chicane which was my favourite part of the circuit. 11. The old brick walls of The Chicane have been replaced by tyres. 12. We used to watch the racing from a Grandstand on the left, opposite the pits but it was demolished a long time ago. 13. Back at the start line and the pits. 14. It is very pleasing to see the circuit is back in use today and host the Goodwood Revival every September. 15. Many thanks to ORBX for bringing back so many memories from a long time ago with this rendition of Goodwood.
  21. Been a day of downloading and installing programmes with new P3DV3.0 installers. Firstly overnight downloaded Wales and Scotland and installed them this morning. Then after lunch discovered on the Justflight site some of the planes I have are now V3.0 compliant. Then to top it off the 2 FlyTampa airports I have now can be used with V3. 1. Leaving YSSY with a huge smile on my face. Could not use this on V2.4 single figure FPS even with most of the goodies left off but now great performance with everything ticked. 2. 3. Now leaving Kai Tak which has always been a great performer. 4. 5. The lovely little Chipmunk over Croughton Communication Base near Bicester. 6. Now the 4 murderers. Airbus A318 leaving Cardiff 7. A320 at Prestwick 8. Next the A319 departing East Midlands. 9. Finally Monarch's A321 at Edinburgh, as if you needed to be told! Been getting some excellent performance on V3.0 but the Aerosoft Airbuses brought it all down to earth struggling to get into high teens. So a great few days with more of the world to see and a few more planes to fly. Thanks everyone involved for providing these free conversions
  22. How many of you who are old enough can remember where they were 50 years ago today? It is a date and day that has stuck in my mind for some reason. Dad had 2 days earlier picked up his new Ford Corsair GT and as he had to go to Redhill we went for a ride. Quite to my surprise after his appointment we headed off to Gatwick Airport for a few hours. Very different from today, it was then very quiet with not too many movements. Aircraft I can remember seeing were mostly BUA 1-11's and Caledonian Britannias Don't have any of those aircraft on P3D so I will have to go with the beautiful 787. 1. Minimal security in those days meant a massive public access. You could walk on the roof areas above the gates on the left of the shot for a close up view of the aircraft. 2. Not many aircraft to look at then, but they were mostly British built unlike today. 3. Only one runway in those days. 4. The weather was better then that day, sunny, cold and clear. 5. 6. Guildford is under the cloud. Just to the left of the road over the hill is Merrow Golf Course. Spent many a Wednesday summer's evening there when dad played golf. 7. Aldershot is behind the 787. 8. Blackbushe Airport can just be seen under the clouds. 9. Maidenhead. Eaton Dorney can clearly be seen under the tail. This was the rowing venue for the 2012 Olympics. 10. The Thames and Kennet Marina is under the 787 with Reading behind. Hope you enjoyed the set.
  23. Another flight in FTX England P3DV3.0, this time from East Midlands to Humberside. The title does not refer to the Rolls Royce Trent engine but the River that this flight will follow for some of the way. 1 Taking off from East Midlands and over flying the M1 motorway. 2. EGBN Nottingham Airport wth West Bridgford and Nottingham in view. Also the River Trent can be seen. 3. EGXY Syerston. 4. Newark and the A1 Great North Road. 5. High Marnham Power Station. In the distance are Cottam and West Burton power stations. 6. EGXP Scampton made famous by being the base for 617 Squadron. 7. The A15 is built on the Roman Road Ermine Street. The roads in England haven't been built as straight since. 8. Landing at Humberside. 9. 10. Hope you have enjoyed looking.
  24. After some malicious rumours being started about the legality of one of my aeroplanes I decided to post some pics of my Baron which you can see is all above board. The rumour spreaders shall remain nameless but their initials are Gumbypickett and Bermuda425. Thanks guys and hope you are having a great day. These shots were taken over the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. 1. Poole Harbour near Corfe Castle. 2. Near East Lulworth. 3. Weymouth Bay. Hope you enjoyed looking.
  25. Installed FTX ENG into P3Dv3.0 and time to see how it works. First flight is from EGHH Bournemouth. I lived in Bournemouth from 1966-75 and in those days it was a great town. Spent time fishing from the beaches and piers with regular trips to the airport with binoculars, VHF radio and note book. Only wish I had taken a camera. 1. Taking off from Rwy26 with the old BAC factory on the left. 2. Over Wessex Way with Queen's Park Golf Course. 3. Boscombe and Bournemouth piers jut into the bay with Poole Harbour in the background. 4. The Isle of Wight dead ahead. 5. Over Hengistbury Head and Christchurch Harbour with Christchurch on the right. 6. At The Needles with Hurst Spit to the left. 7. Don't look Ethel. Below is the nudie beach at Sandbanks. Brownsea Island and Sandbanks are above the Lockheed. 8. Swanage now has an excellent preserved railway home to a West Country Class Pacific similar to the one you see steaming around FTX Southampton. All seems to run well although heavy on the frames still. Will have to experiment more. Forgot last night but a big, no a huge thanks to the team at ORBX for providing the conversion to V3.0 free of charge. I am still amazed when I read the occasional post from a disgruntled customer about the cost of things.
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