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Found 23 results

  1. Good Morning All, Can any one show me or tell me where I may see an example of scenery for those that have True Earth GB Central/or South ie what I should expect to see and quality of the scenery? Only I have been so disappointed with the scenery I reverted back to EU England /Scotland/Wales/Ireland, I attach some screen shots of what I get when in this case as an example fling around my local airport EGNX (East Midlands) AS YOU SEE THE SCENERY IS EXCELLENT IN MY VIEW, I am at a loss why the scenery presentation is so poor with TE GB Central etc I have also TE GB LIBRARY'S installed. I assume perhaps I have not got the correct settings or some other configuration issue that is causing the disappointment in the TE series of scenery?.
  2. Hi, Any one know if having striped like the photos/checks/patches is normal. Flying over Amsterdam with Orbx Global, Vector, LC Europe, Region England, Buildings HD and Trees. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Due to complete rebuild of P3Dv4 and having added Orbx Global ,Base , Vector , and Open LC Europe , together with EU England ,Scotland Wales . I notice a distinct lack of aircraft at airports the most notable being Heathrow, EGLL . Not an A/C to be seen . I have uninstalled and reinstalled without success . Any help that this ancient flyer can understand would be appreciated . Regards :: Backseat
  4. According to the Orbx announcement, the Eu Netherlands True Earth scenery package includes 85,000 km2 of photoreal terrain. I am not at all sure of your definition of "terrain" but most other sources seems to think the Netherlands has a total area about half that size. Wiki, usually somewhat reliable, especially when describing and defining an existing country, thinks the total area is 41, 543 km2. Just as a check and balance, I Googled a few other sources. World Atlas breaks it down for land and water but comes up with a total area of 41,543 km2, exactly the same as Wiki. Just for kicks I looked a little further and checked with Nations Encyclopedia. I found it just a hair smaller - 41,526 km2, but in the ballpark with Wiki and World Atlas. Do you think we should consider this Part 1 of Part 2 from Orbx, or North Netherlands and wait for South Netherlands, or maybe East comes after West Netherlands? Evidently, according to Orbx promo, there may be another 43,457 km2 of terrain somewhere, if your 85,000 km2 number is accurate. Regards, Ray
  5. Firstly a belated thank you for the update to Eu England, especially to RAF College Cranwell. I did my last flying tour there and later spent ten years there as a civilian lecturer. I fully understand that ORBX is not photorealistic scenery but is becoming more and more, as sceneries are updated, accurate in terms of significant VFR navigational features. So with that in mind I hope you find the 21 detailed observations in the attached file useful for the next update. Yours Chris Chris Finn ORBX EU ENGLAND FEEDBACK.docx
  6. Hi, I recently purchased EU Scotland and have a question regarding the wind farms. The Scotland scenery is absolutely beautiful, however, around wind farms P3D v4.1 stutters. I checked the Control Panel for Scotland and did not find any settings related to disabling wind farms. I also tried lowering the Scenery Complexity slider within the simulator and although the wind farms disappeared and the stutters vanished, the scenery did not look as expected. Are there any .bgl files that can be renamed and turned .OFF in order to disable the wind farms in the Scotland region? Thank you for your help!
  7. Hi all After installing FTX global, vector, EU, & Ireland this is the order into which it loaded into my fsx. Should I leave it the way FTX installed it or do I need to change the priority of any of these items. I have no other scenery addons/airports, just default fsx scenery files and the above ftx products Thanks as always Mick ftx.docx
  8. Just a note to advise that Scotland's Firth of Forth now has three magnificent bridges in operation at Queensferry. The historic Forth Rail Bridge, the 1960's Forth Road Bridge (now dedicated for public transport vehicles) and the newly opened Queensferry Crossing (QFX) for general motorway traffic. I hope it might be in a future EU Scotland update. If anyone hasn't seen the new bridge then have a search for it - simply magnificent engineering. Rupert
  9. Why would it look so crappy? I guess there is some wrong with the download. But I've done that twice already. Thanks. PS: This is taken in Copenhagen area so I guess FTX Global Base and Eu Landclass are active here. Optimized-2017-6-25_16-0-20-977.bmp
  10. Hi, I am looking to purchase and I have a few questions which are not answered on the sales site (as far as I can see) 1) Do I need FTX Global BASE for EU England etc... ? 2) Do I need FTX Global HD Trees for EU England or are the trees already replaced by the EU England scenery? 3) Do I need FTX Global Vector for EU England or is the vector info included in the EU England scenery? I suppose the underlying question is, do I need anything other than EU England, to achieve the screenshots displayed on EU Englands sales page? Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. i have tried to unistall and install it many times... but i just can get it to work... Anyone here that can help me?
  12. Hi, I recently purchased FSX Steam Edition, I now want to install Orbx England (which I had on FSX boxe) into Steam. However, whenever I run the installer, and install the orbxlibs, firstly I get a have an issue with FTX Central (See Image), also, it doesn't appear anywhere as a program on my computer. Also I always get a "FTX Configurator has stopped working" error. Anyway, the in sim Orbx England looks horrible, with missing textures and pretty much everything. See the image. I do still have FSX Legacy installed by the way, so I selected the FSX:SE option (in parallel). I'm guessing a good idea would be to completely remove everything orbx related and start from scratch. Order Number: 377688 FSS0377688 Many Thanks, Oliver Soanes ftxc_error_292.txt
  13. Hi Orbx, I am having a problem; I attempted to uninstall the EU region from the UK but I am getting lots of error messages: First of all, the progress bar got stuck at just over 50%; in an ideal situation it would have gone further but frankly I’m surprised it got as far as it did, so decided to just run with it anyway. T hen I started getting error msgs from the EU SCO region, something about not wanting to be uninstalled from EU and suggesting Abort, Retry or cancel? The EU NIR region started playing up next – something about merging with EU IRE region? I don’t understand how I got this – the IRE region isn’t even installed in my UK setup. I was hoping that by uninstalling the EU region I could free up resources to speed up the UK region’s performance, but my IDS drive now says that the resources are unavailable. Frankly I am wondering if it would not be better just to forget the whole thing and try AU SP4 instead. Any advice? Boris J.
  14. FSX acc + DX10 (steves) ORBX EU region+ Vector + FS:Pilots Global mesh 2010, FTX: TreesHD Aerosoft's F-14B and Dino's F-14D at and around Tromso ENTC 1. Taking off with Mil power. Sandnessund bridge in background. 2. I did five 35nm tight circuits of the surrounding islands at around 100-300 feet AGL holding approx 0.7 Mach. Wonderful fun. 3. 4. A bit of a size comparison (Taken later down at Kiruna ESNQ) 5. Here is the route taken (Plan-g) [in case someone is counting, there were five separate tracks when I zoomed in] Thanks for viewing.
  15. I have purchased Orbx FTX EU England 130 from flightsimstore.com and have downloaded it onto my computer, however when I come to install it I get passed the unwrapping stage but then when the installation comes, it whizzes straight through it and then I find that it hasn't installed what so ever. I have repeated the installation just to see whether it finally works but no luck, the same issue happens every time. I have downloaded the FTX Orbx Library and FTX Central which fails to display EU England in the selection menu, therefore I came to the conclusion that the EU England just doesn't install. I would really appreciate it if someone could help.
  16. I was ready and now I am the happy owner of FTX:EU Norway. So I may be busy again for a while. Thanks for being a great Company (of Aussie origins).
  17. Hi, Can anyone identify where in Europe this is? I'd love to fly around it, and wonder whether there are any FSX airports nearby: Steve
  18. Took Dave Garwood's Mosquito out of the hanger from Edinburgh to Glasgow for a trip that should take 20 minutes and took 90 thanks to impromptu aerobatics and low flying. Really had to stretch the fuel! Thanks, Matt
  19. If I want to win an FTX screen contest, I have to practice.
  20. Hi guys, As the title shows I'll be showing you a relatively brief flight report that I flew earlier today: EGKK to LEAL Flown on the IVAO network... So its just gone 11z and the crew arrive at Gatwick International Airport which is the 2nd busiest airport in the UK and located in the south. The crew works for Monarch which is a UK based airline offering flight all around Europe daily. Anyway the crew will be heading to Alicante today in Monarch's A321 type aircraft "Romeo Alpha". We will be operation under the call sign Monarch 4 Mike X-ray (MON4MX). We have an estimated flight time of 2 hours 18 minutes and will be cruising at 35,000 feet today. (The airline do fly this route in the real-world as well) We get this route given to us which takes us to the coast of England, we will fly over Nantes in North-West France before flying past Barcelona. Then we follow the Spanish Eastern Coast to Alicante Airport. After our pre-flight preparation we walk out to the busy apron at Gatwick to find the catering vehicles busy already as well as refuelling taking place! After about a 40 minutes we are ready to taxi. Gatwick has already cleared us to Alicante on the BOGNA1M departure from runway 26L. We pushed back from stand 32 with 109 soles on-board. Ground gives us the all clear to push back and then we request our taxi. Here we see us in our taxi, having to give way to this Transavia 73. If I remember correctly he was heading for Rotterdam. "Monarch 4 Mike X-Ray, after the departing Boeing 737 line up and wait behind...." After taking our position on the runway we can see the Transavia traffic on his initial climb, we had to wait for separation. We finally become airport in the last few minutes of the morning, leaving this rubbish weather behind! Due to congestion around the London Airspace we had to wait a few minutes before being cleared to FL130. We got cleared to SITET by ATC which cut a few minutes of our flight time. Take you last look of England as we get passed to London Control for a further climb The first officer started playing around with his camera during our climb... Looks like a cloudy day in Northern France as well. More clouds. My set up during the cruise. A lot less cloud as we approach the Spanish boarder. Barcelona control was busy as I flew through his airspace. Traffic can be seen below us, he was a A330 on decent into Barcelona I believe. Getting closer! A passenger gets excited as we approach Valencia. We started our decent to FL270 initially. Our weather report as we continued our decent. I got quite busy during approach and landing so didn't get any shots sadly but here is one after our landing on runway 28 in sunny Alicante. Initial taxi... My 'notes page' showing SID's/Star's/Sqwks Codes/Frequencies/Flight Levels etc... (I included this cause this is surprisingly neat for me ) Annnnnnnnnnd STOP! Just arrived on stand with a vfr traffic just touching down, he was a VFR flight from Ibiza. Enjoy your holidays! 'Bonus Shot' Our arrival back into Gatwick as we flew the return leg again. Unsurprisingly the weather was still the same. As said this was a very brief flight report. In a full report I'd include a lot more details with chart etc but didn't have long to do this.Excluding the first two picture non of these images are edited or even cropped! But I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Our flight time was just under 2 hours and 15 minutes on the way there and abit less on the way back due to our headwind. These picture were taken during IVAO UK's Birthday Celebration. Come and see us this weekend, we have plenty of ATC and pilots around from 10z. Cheers.
  21. Congrats on your work with FTXG. Flying west from Innsbruk Austria I noticed some mountain textures that did not look right or did not fit in ?
  22. Morning fellas, figured I would share a few snaps from the last few days of flying. Any 'Gimp Photoshop' guru's feel free to make recommendations. Cheers Jocko Thanks for stopping by and having a look, hope everyone has, or had, a great day Take care Jocko
  23. Hello again, More of an observation than a problem. There seems to be a canal missing to the north of Cambridge. The canals, known as the twin canals are a key navigation feature that run between Eairth (near RAF Wyton) to the coast on a north easterly heading and are the best navigation feature in the area. In the ORBX England scenery the southern canal is there but the one to the north is conspicuously absent. Has anyone else noticed this? Could be easily rectified in the next patch I think. Keep up the excellent work! Matt Curry Aviator of Yesteryear
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