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Found 21 results

  1. Since March 2020 routes lead me once or twice per week from Hanover ... ... past the Steinhuder Meer and the adjacent white Monte Kali ("Mount Potash")... ... towards my office in the industrial area at the city of Minden. This is my office view. The Porta Westfalica with the monument of Emperor William. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_William_Monument_(Porta_Westfalica) Touch at EDVY... ... and go. My family still has a holiday home at the Dümmer See, just about 26 miles from Porta. I have been there about every second month. Which justifies an approach to the nearby Diepholz airfield... ... with another touch-and-go. To the northeast we pass the village of Harpstedt, where two of my grandparents are buried. Then we visit my parent´s town, Bremen. Again, a touch and go. I may have been there about every month, but never visiting the historic city center next to the Weser river (right). Usually I went directly back to this city: Hanover again. A total circle of about 150 miles. Just as a comparison flight routes I travelled in the 12 months before that (some Europe destinations excluded). Which would have lead to a longer post. PS: I promise to do these India flights once OLC Asia is out.
  2. ... and I am slowly taking up all the updates. Plus, I nearly forgot how to fly! At least I found the time for a little round in the Maule at Porta Westfalica. Sorry for not adjusting the Active Sky weather time and date properly.
  3. The detail and hifi-representation of the Germany sceneries GEN & GES is fantastic. Hereby the area around and the airport itself of Porta Westfalia(EDVY):
  4. Indeed a man at work I was. Installed REX4 TextureDirect, Soft Clouds and the data pack. Followed by installation of ActiveSky (p3dv4 Version), alongside with ASCA (not sure if that helps me). Did some test flights, but the first 2 ended with CTDs... so I reduced the p3d settings a bit. Luckily the following flight was successful, bringing me from Porta Westfalica to my home. Rainy weather, as usual. EzDok2 in full motion. Into final... Thanks to Rainer Kunst for the adaptation of EDDV into GEN.
  5. My first trials to setup and run P3D were not too successful. It is kind of a new beginning to find settings that do not cause the system, the sim or both to crash. I had to adjust the GPU settings (influenced by Rob Ainscoughs guide), followed by reductions of the graphics properties inside P3D. Then cleaning up dll.xml (deleted) and shaders (deleted), and have the p3d.cfg streamlined. I still lack the confidence I had on the FSX side of the fence. This is my second attempt to finish a flight from EDVY to my home. Sliders by far not maxed, nothing tweaked like the pro´s do it here... Passing the Porta Westfalica, with the beautiful Weser river below. [Jack, are you here?] The default Maule has undergone quite a development. Stadthagen below. At this time of the year I always pass this town in darkness. Hannover´s Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen to the left, missing lots of details yet. At least you can see the pitches of our hockey club next to it. The football stadium to the right, the new town hall slightly more to the middle. On base into the 27L... Final. The 3rd party software is old, a bit too light in color. But, thanks to Simmershome, it works & blends into GEN! Not the appropriate parking lot. But at least a successful flight!
  6. After having struggled with texture mix-ups in my FSX for weeks, I have probably found & solved the conflict. At least I was able to successfully fly home again. From Porta Westfalica... ... over Bückeburg... ... towards the VW works in Stöcken (and you can spots many sights of my hometown to the south, I mean right). @VH-KDK knows this view already... Closing in... ... and ready to park. They will need to change the AI liveries soon. I am glad to be able to screenshot again!
  7. I discovered this interesting small plane which is new to me. 1. We are leaving EO92 Quakenbruk. 2. Passing the town of Quakenbruk. 3. The Autobahn 1 with Dinklage in the distance. 4. Dummer See with the villages of Lemforde, Hude and Llembrach. 5. The Mittelandkanal and the Weihen Hills which will lead us to our destination. 6. Looking back towards Nettlestedt. 7. Now at the interesting town of Minden. 8. Approaching EDVY and the Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal. 9. 46 of these planes were built between 1937 and 1942, they had a metal body with ply wings. They won several long distance events in1938. 10. They were used by the Luftwaffe as a light transport aircraft and were the personal transport of Adolf Galland, Albert Kesselring and Ernst Udet amongst others.
  8. So, for the time being, I have to leave the Ruhr area. Getting out of Dortmund to Hamm, where the ICE trains are divided or combined (every German train guest knows this announcement "Der Zug wird in Hamm geteilt. Ein Wechsel zwischen den Zugteilen ist nicht möglich.") Vector makes it look a bit too prominent, but at least we are reminded of the trick. Hamm also is the home of a nuclear technology experiment, that turned into a total financial disaster: The Thorium high temperature reactor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/THTR-300 . Next to everything else, the cost for the demolition are estimated to be hundreds of millions of euros, and it is not clear who should pay. Imagine this money put into flight simulation (or road maintenance). Let us go and gain the energy more sustainable at the Möhnetalsperre. Whoever wants to praise the dambusters, look at the village just under the dam, with a wonderfully depicted football pitch. Soest. So ist the look of these cities, ... ... as well as Paderborn. Here we come to Senne army training ground, a look that is familiar to you in the meantime. The Externsteine just over Detmold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externsteine ... and the Hermann monument nearby. Gütersloh with the Bertelsmann admin buildings and the Miele works. Crossing Herford with its art gallery MARTa https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marta_Herford . Closing in to the Porta Westfalica, we should be able to see my office from this view... ... so we turn, land, park and jump onto my bike to get there and earn some money.
  9. A German tour...from Rügen (EDCG) to Porta Westfalica (EDVY)...in a Messerschmidt Bf108 Taifun. Enjoy!
  10. Took off from Porta Westfalica and headed south into a large thunderstorm. Just too bad that my timing was out with the v key and I did not catch any of the lightning. Only one shot here mostly to test out FSFiles, good to see things are returning to normal. 24. Oh, I hope none of you were expecting to see a P-38 or English Electric Lightning.
  11. Hi, my very first set of screenshots... VFR today from EDBH Barth to EDVY Porta Westfalica. Cheers Thorsten EDBH Leaving... VFR enroute Approaching EDVY Final EDVY 05 EDVY Porta Westfalica
  12. Hi all, I was driving from Poland to the Netherlands today, through Germany of course. Since EDVY is right next to the highway, I stopped at the airfield and had a chance to took a couple of pictures. When arrived at home in the evening, the first thing i did was buying the ORBX add-on and enjoying the day. When i flied with the add-on, i noticed how nice it is. Having been there in person improves the fun a lot :). Unfortunately, it was very windy and the airfield was closed, I assume due to the Easter holiday. I would like to share a couple of photos anyway One item I noticed missing in the add-on; There is a platform (blue-white with stairs) right behind the wind sock :). Must be a new thing after orbx release. I added the picture in case orbx people would like to include it in the next update :). sorry for the photo quality, it was incredibly windy and i only had my iphone with me for the photos. hope you enjoy!
  13. Weather By ASN, Milviz Baron B55 Have a good flight
  14. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  15. Porta Westfalica (EDVY) to Northeim (EDVN) Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  16. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  17. Hallo, When I select CONFIGURE in FTX Central 2 - P3DV2 I get the message: FTX Central couldn't find the product's configuration file at E:\Prepar3D v2\ORBX\Scripts\orbx_cpl_EDVY.xml Moreover, also no EDVY User Guide.pdf can be found. I checked the directory and the xml file is not there. I reinstalled to be sure, but that didn't help. Also, when I select the airport in the simulator I have a clear impression that EDVY is not installed. Ideas what is going on?
  18. For me this was a long awaited trip in Orbx-land, even more required after Martyn has just finished the opposite direction: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/94785-off-to-the-land-of-gerold/ In March this is the light situation when I leave Hanover every morning to ride to work: The vehicle then passes Wunstorf AB, the home of Transall C-160 wing 62. The first German Airbus A-400 M is also stationed there (do not read the disaster of that planes development delays....) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wunstorf_Air_Base : Next station: Bückeburg / Achum AB: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%BCckeburg_Air_Base: The CH-53´s fly around our office building frequently, great sound as you can imagine. My office view. One of these shots has been taken by mobile phone only...: Finally I can enjoy seeing the Emperor Wilhelm I. monument not "only" in RL. Heading south through the Porta, with Bückeburg behind, and the Jakobsberg TeleCom tower next to me. The view back north along the Weser river, showing the city of Minden. The south view, to Hausberge... ... and back north in a nice movement over the Wiehengebirge towards Minden: Time to approach EDVY. Someone has complained there would be steps when approaching from the east - I do not have this problem. Spring has come! Listen to the birds (sure you do, when you own this little airfield...)! And some more pictures for the locals (or the scenery lovers):
  19. Thought I would go and see where Gerold lives in Germany. Very pleased to see Hanover was a short flight from EDVY. 1. Warming up the trusty Dash 8. 2. Try the grass runway. 3. Off with plenty of room to spare. 4. The Weser River 5. Following the Weser Hills at Nammen 6. ETHB Achum. 7. Below is the Mittelland Canal with the town of Stadthagen 8. Leaving Steinhuder Meer in our wake. 9. EDDV and lining up for 09R 10. Osterwald Oberende. 11. Almost there. I hope Gerold is around. 12. Not sure, but I think this plane is from Munich (Irony). 13. Yay! Down in one piece again. A real delight to fly the Dash8. Hope you enjoyed this short flight. I think my geography is right Gerold.
  20. Hi guys, unfortunately I`ve got a problem with the orbx scenery Porta Westfalica. There are some quite strange shadows appearing on the apron and the taxiway. How can this be solved?
  21. Problems with the internet service means I have had all week end off line. It is working again but I don't know how long for. Just before if shut down on Saturday morning I was able to buy EDVY and the Alabeo Cessna 207 to celebrate the Labour Day lone week end. Bigpond is back working again but for how long? 1. After 3 attempts at downloading, the internet kept shutting down, I finally got Porta Westfalica installed. 2. Another three attempts and Alabeo's Cessna 207 was ready to go. Plenty of nice little touches in this airport like the Robinson buzzing around. 3. Climbing to look at the latest scenery and to see how the Cessna handles. 4. The junction of 2 and 30 at Bad Oeynhausen. Vector at it's best again. 5. Back over EDVY and the Mittlerer See. 6. Like the train, reminds me of Southampton! 7. The Emperor William Monument. 8. Jacobberg Telecommunications Tower. 9. 10. Heading back to EDVY for my first attempt at landing the 207. 11. Will try the grass this time. 12 All looking good. 13. Down in one piece with the Westphalian Gap and the 2 land marks in the background. Well done Thomas and congratulations for producing such a wonderful airfield. For those who have yet to get it the Alabeo Cessna 207 is a top class aeroplane.
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