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Found 13 results

  1. The first departure of an airliner from Innsbruck-LOWI at sunrise in the quiter than other airliners, the A321neo, scheduled for IFR to Milano-Linate:
  2. Here are my latest shots from my last short but nice Skitrip from Denver to Eagle County ... KDEN to KEGE FTX Global BASE Pack FTX Global VECTOR ORBX KEGE (Flightbeam KDEN)
  3. Some Impressions in P3D V3 from Las Vegas SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA with FS Dreamteam McCarran International and Active Sky Next... Regards Stefan
  4. Hardly any HD trees in sight. This trio is of Detcord's Aerosoft A319 "Tasmanian Devil" livery. Not one for banging his own drum, I thought I'd bang it for him! Test flight of the new 1.30 (SP3) from NZAA to NZWN: Adam.
  5. P3Dv2.3 - unretouched shots ENTC - Tromsø, Norway Cheers,
  6. ... or should I say Airbus[ted]? For all those wanting to take a break from the Boeings, the Aerosoft Airbus(ses) are a welcome break - if not a challenge, doing things "the Airbus way"! The new A/S A318/A319 is crammed full of features and nice touches. Just a quick couple of pics - more soon - I have to go through all 9 (that's NINE) User Manuals Climbing out of Luton (well ... Auckland, actually!): Nice and clean ... we'll soon fix that Any forum member that tries the [amazing] "Checklist" feature and selects UK/English will get a surprise bonus. Pilot and 1st Officer are none other than BobL and (Yours Truly) Adamski. So now you know what we sound like in RL :lol: If you hate them (I mean us) you can always record/use your own! Adam. P.S. Before anyone else mentions it, going into outside view will reveal that I've been "busted" and that I am, after all, a *woman*. Now you really can call me "Shirley" :lol: P.P.S. I'm decidedly male in *RL* (well - last time I looked)!
  7. No ... not quite what some of you may have been hoping for ... but continuing with the "bust" theme at least, here are two pics of the A318 this time ... on a trip from "Bristle" to Leeds/Bradford (eeh, by gum). Adam.
  8. Some more results of my thrashing around NCA in the Airbus A320 ... The Aerosoft cockpit - a button-pusher's dream! Holiday over ... back to NZ and flying the flag over Marlborough Sounds: Adam.
  9. G'day , I love repainting my planes almost as much as flying them!! especially now that I'm starting my own airline in fsx, " Milo Aviation" website is on its way www.miloaviation.com here is what I have done so far and here for the heli... any way , some planes in fsx are ok with there white livery , but the boeing 737 -800 & Airbus A321 don't come with the fmc computer or working wipers or fixed lights issues, are there any sites that offer these planes, in white livery ? and free where ? or are you better off paying for a good version with all the features ,only thing i dont like , is one i had ,had the global warning system or what ever its called that tells you when your about to hit land, id rather not have that option.. i did download an upgraded vc for the 737 -800 but when i tried to delete the warning thing i stuffed up and had to re install fsx, and my add ons ,would rather not do that again.. also is there some sort of a program that allows you to install a plane , with out trying to copy to here there etc..thanks can you guys with your great vast knowledge help me out.. also I'm looking maybe for a 737-800 or airbus cargo plane, to do up possibly for my world trip in fsx, either that re paint a standard 737.. any thoughts please , i have been googled out so far... looking every where.. thanks.. milo..
  10. Angles are a bit awkward and a higher resolution would be better but...
  11. G'day all, Just a single quick one from me tonight. Had a lovely flight from Avalon up to Tamworth in the A320 earlier this week, got a few good screenies and been playing around with a few of them for effect. I probably won't post most of them, but here's one that just clicked with me. Flying approach into Tamworth, early evening, real weather. Edited in Paint.net for colour balance and depth of field/blurs and in Gimp for post processing. I know the lens flare is a bit over the top, but I kinda liked the way it turned out. Let me know what you think, good or bad? Cheers, Derek
  12. G'day all, Haven't been posting many pics lately due to PC hassles, not to mention resigning from my job and winding things down there as I finish up. Start a new (Bigger! Better!!) job in a couple of weeks, and have started ordering parts to build myself a shiny new gaming rig, so expect me back in the skies more frequently! Anyway, for today's flight I'm doing a quick dawn commuter run from Avalon down to Launceston in the superb A320 from Aerosoft's AirbusX. Jetstar repaint is by Frank the birthday boy, weather is real for this morning and provided by REX. Enjoy!! After pushback and startup at Avalon. Here comes the sun... taxiing to runway 36 And away! Climbing out from Avalon Climbing to cruise as the sun breaks from the clouds Such a nice paintjob when the sun gets on it Cruising over Bass Strait, it's clouds all the way and expected to be foggy and cloudy at Launy. Unfortunately, none of the rest of my screenshots worked, they all came out as full black images for some reason (must've left the lenscap on!!) so my set ends prematurely here. Hope you liked 'em, as always comments and criticism are most welcome! Cheers, Derek
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