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  1. Can i switch off the static AI , because normal AI Stops at begin of rwy ?! If so, which file do I have to rename to .off ?
  2. my orbx ftx Australia ai package seems to be having a problem. when I select the "enhanced ai" button and then close out of the pane and then open it again it unselects it. is there a fix for this? if there is please tell me. (i have video proof) ice_video_20180609-084511.webm
  3. Just wanted to thank the developers and Orbx for a great day today. Seamless "purchase' and download at 9:00AM this morning. Installed without a problem. I have been flying all day today (lunch resting on the computer earlier). Doing a taxi and circuit at each of the AU airports. It looks and sounds terrific. Great after 3 months of seeing the minimum default aircraft with weird names. I can't see much of a hit on framerates. I have set 50% for all the traffic on GTX1070 card. Air bridges work well. Can't sit here typing...Flying to be done....Need to set off over the dch before tea. Thanks again. Aussie
  4. Any plans to update the Austrlian ai traffic pack? I wouldn't call it obsolete yet, but there are many thing that have changed since-qantas 787s, cathay a350s, no more 767s, no more embraers, less 747s, and a few airlines that didn't preiously fly here now do. There is plenty more stuff, but those are the main things I think. Maybe it's already happening. Anyone know?
  5. Hello, as now Bob and Ezdok finally working world cameras offer combined a very good reason to happily explore and loiter into airports, I've resumed my Orbx products (YMML, YSCB, YBCS, YBBN, YPEC, YBAS, YBUD) which I bought in the past more for support and so far I had been using very very little (I even forgot to have them, except for YMML) my two questions (as non expert and with little time to dedicate to the sim in depth): 1 to see life in the smaller less crowded ones: must I install Orbx freeware AI AU/NA package? may I do it on top of MyTraffiX60a? 2 can you suggest one or more specific Orbx general aviation airport for purchase, featuring more traffic than the ones I have? thanks
  6. Hi Orbx, I have been having a problem with the Australia and New Zealand AI traffic and it is that when the AI spawns in it also spawns the crappy default airlines eg world airliner or atlas air and so on also my AI textures are quite blurry mainly noticeable on the QANTAS aircraft if any of you could help me with the blurriness and removing the default air traffic that would be great!! Kind Regards Tom
  7. Hey Guys, So I recently started using Orbx and I found the AI Traffic, YES!!! although I done everything it wants me to do but I cant find any AI aircraft in game, I fly YMML-YSSY back and fourth as JQ502 (real flight) with my Aerosoft A320, and have not come across a single AI Aircraft... not one... I don't have FTX Global or any Orbx Payware as I cant afford it but I'm pretty sure it says that I can use AI Traffic AU/NZ with default FSX airports. Also on FTX Central I attempt to configure the product and when ever I close the window to "save" my preferences (Enhanced ATC sound file), and then open the Control panel again it isn't saved. Please help... Braiden Stokely (OzzyGamer275) Aspiring Qantas 787-9 Pilot!
  8. Hey guys I have just upgraded from FS9 to FSX Steam Ed. I have installed FTX AU AI, however a lot of my planes are missing textures (see pic). I have installed using FTX central, twice now but to no avail. I have all my display settings set to full. Any help please. Cheers Andrew
  9. I spent some time putting together an AI package for Air New Zealand today, so I thought I'd take a SCA region flight in hopes of spotting the fruits of my labours - especially the lovely "All Blacks" 777-300ER. No dice on the All Blacks, but I DID see an ANZ 777 on departure. If considering the SCA Region during the current sale, I highly recommend it. FPS aren't fantastic and my i7-6700 4.0Ghz and GTX 980 were working hard to draw all that autogen at 20-24 FPS in the L.A. Basin, but very flyable and a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I go nuts in terms of AI traffic including airliners, GA, ships and cars/trucks too. A pleasant trip... Steve Aha! An Air New Zealand 777! But not All Blacks Approaching Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and the Hollywood sign... Gear down, back of the sign... On approach...FedEx jets visible at airport. Yes, the VASI lights show I'm too high at this point, I corrected.. A safe landing....
  10. Hello, could not find an appropriate forum after search. I normally leave the previous iteration of FTX traffic alone as it works well. However, after seeing the update in FTXC-3 I update. After doing so, there were many, many errors declaring duplicated entries. Seems like most were big jets. Please advise when there is time, and thanks for the package.
  11. Hi all, I'm baffled by the fact that of all my FTX/ORBX airports within Australia, for some reason Qantas domestic aircraft are never parked at the Qantas YBBN domestic terminal. I've checked the afcad for parking, and all spots are correct for QFA & QFAX (just as they are for YMML, YBCS and all my other Aus sceneries). I use UT2, and have triple checked the Qantas scheduling and all is fine - bearing in mind that Qantas domestic aircraft are turning up and parking correctly in all other Aus airports. Anyone have any idea what's going on here? PS: Qantas international aircraft are turning up at the YBBN international terminal no problems. Rgds, Steve
  12. Gents, Fabulous job with Dubrovnik. Thank you. Now, a little nitpicking - I run UT2 and I noticed that AI aircraft stop at the runway hold short point for Rwy 12 for 5 minutes and disappear. When I stop at the same hold-short point I do not get the ability to request take-off from ATC. I have to move much closer to the runway to get that. I checked out the afx file in the latest version of ADEX and noticed that all the hold-short points "appear" to be too far from the runway. Conversly when the test tool is run it doesn't find any errors. Could you have a look, please. FSS0514407
  13. Hi I recently installed Global Vector which I understand adjusts airport elevations. Prior to that I had installed the Global Freeware Airport Pack and everything was fine. Now, at some airports eg KPAE (Paine Field) KASE (Aspen), arriving AI aircraft land, taxi and park on an invisible surface above the airfield. Sky Vector lists KASE as having elevation 7837, but when I place an aircraft there the altitude shows as 7746 - a 91' discrepancy. Visually, the airport seems to be sitting in a bit of a depression (I hazard 91' as a guess) - the arrived AI aircraft sit in the air above this depression. Scenery insertion shows OLC, FTX very near the top of the stack. ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ, _APT, _CVX, _EXX in the middle of the stack below the stock regions Africa etc and above the 1107 Base entry. ORBX!VECTOR_AEC is 3rd from the bottom - above Default Scenery and Terrain entries. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Attachment shows a recently arrived Delta aircraft "parked" in the air.
  14. Hello ORBX, I was wondering if you planned to propose free traffic ai add-on (like for Australia and N America) for Europe ORBX airports ? Or if you plan one day to propose a full payware traffic add-on (for p3D ? By the way i love when orbx airports contains static airplanes and ai traffic it like Tim and Ken did for AYPY (with different ai levels in options) . Hope you do this for all your upcomming airports Another question: does australian and N american freeware traffic ai add-ons covers all orbx products for all NA and AU regions ?
  15. Hi all, Many thanks from us both for being a part of this latest experience, I thought I would open a small thread with a couple of user tips that might help you enjoy this package even more 1 - To really let out the color and beauty of the coral reef I highly recommend installing the freeware Flight Sim Water Configurator (FSWC) http://www.strikingsoftware.com/fswc.shtml and using Orions settings [for FSX DX9 only] 2 - The FTX AERO runway texture works on the Western Samoa airports, you'll find this tool in FTXCentral>>setting>>tools>> choose either the 1024 or 2048 runway, they look really good! [Only if desired] 3 - The medium-darkness REX4 ocean color gives the best result (in my opinion!) 4 - Make sure you have the latest ORBXlibs for your sim! 5 - Get some local AI rolling!, The freeware Australian AI pack is available here: https://www.fullterrain.com/freeware/ai [must have V4.0 + 4.1 + 4.2 installed first] then download and install the Samoan AI mini-update attached below - Huge thanks to Mr Eccleston! I'm going to set this thread read-only, If you have any problems or issues please use the Orbx Support forums http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/5-orbx-support-forums/ and we'll be happy to help out Cheers! FTX_Samoa_AI_Traffic.zip
  16. I do not get the AI traffic (right click when in flight) showing, when flying in FTX EU Scotland, ok in all other non Orbx areas Order no. FSS0369632 2015-04-14
  17. I have a problem. I put this in the ICE AI forums but they were useless and unhelpful and knowing how kind and thoughtful this community is, I thought I would post it here. So I have been loyal to your Australia/New Zealand AI package (I love it!) but I have been trying out long haul flights to say KLAX or KSFO and it has been quite lonely so i recently installed ICE AI and it has completely replaced the domestic service for NZ from FTX AU. I am assuming it has replaced the AU domestic pack as well. I would like it if they both run smoothly with eachother instead of ICE trying to be some dictator and try and takeover my FSX. Anyone help? I love the FTX AU and i think it is alot better (for NZ and AU at least) than ICE AI. If anyone knows a solution please repy ASAP! Cheers KiedisTV
  18. Hello All. I've been slowly plodding away with more Alaskan AI, but am having to face the fact that there simply aren't enough freeware AI aircraft out there to do very many more airlines. I've got enough for one more update, then I'll be stuck. However, I recently discovered this package: http://htai-models.com/projects.html My question is, would it be worth continuing with my AI package using the HTAI cessnas, and requiring the user to buy them for it to work ($9.95 US isn't a lot)? Or should I try to keep this completely free and self contained, as it has been until now? I've attached an excell spreadsheet I've been using to keep track of different airlines and their fleets. It clearly shows that if the HTAI cessnas were used, I'd be able to do loads more airlines and start to make Alaska look inhabited. Thanks in advance for your opinion. Oh, and here's a link showing the actual aircraft included in the package in question: http://htai-models.com/previews-csep.html AI List.zip
  19. PAEN is great, but I'd like to suggest two improvements; one in particular is important I think. 1. A beacon would be nice - I'm not seeing one at night. 2. The bigger issue for me is AI disappearing after they land due to lack of parking. In checking the AFCAD for PAEN I saw very, very little parking, and when I created more just to see what would happen, the AI did not disappear because they had a place to park. This would seem to be a very easy fix. Thank you, MTN1794 FSS0255750
  20. Hi guys , Had a bit of a mystery today, got fsx loaded up on my new laptop ( which is temporary till my pc comes back from the shop) any way I noticed when I turned on ai air craft,I have the aussie dvd pack, not sure if that has ai , I may have downloaded the ai from orbx site but cant remember now.. any ways the planes loaded up black ,even my venus de milo , 737 (stock fsx 737) I just did a re boot and been playing with the sliders and now the planes are back to normal go figure??? this is my laptop specs http://www.harveynorman.com.au/computers-tablets/computers/laptops/hp-envy-17-j108tx-laptop.html I am suppoesed to be getting a new pc from acer as they coulndt fix the mother board or replace it for some reason or another, I'm not complaining! .. the current one is about 3 1/2 years old now... now the planes are ok, so I'll leave the sliders where they are.. just a weird experience
  21. Finaly got some military UT2 AI to work properly. AI UT2 aircraft near Williamtown (AUSP4) in formation.
  22. G'day everyone, As we put the final spit and polish on Redding in preparation for release, Graham Eccleston and I would like to show a few screenshots of a little something we've been quietly working on in the background; NA GA Traffic update 1.2. This small update to the highly popular freeware FTX NA GA traffic package will add a bunch of updates, most of which will be populating Redding (KRDD) and Benton Field (O85) with GA, corporate and Fire Attack AI. The Version 1.2 update is currently in testing and shouldn't be too far away from release. Cheers, Jarrad
  23. Hi there, Landed for refueling at CYYD (Smithers) when flying between Stewart and Bella Coola and found one of your freeware NA GA AI aircraft was missing it's textures. Either that it got severely burnt out ! Hope you can fix it. Thanks. Regards,
  24. On doing some troubleshooting of low FPS at certain Australian airports I found that an AI plane included in the latest FTX AU traffic 4.1 ("AI BAe HS-125-800.mdl" in the FTX AU British Aerospace HS 125-800) was seeking to load a texture that did not exist ("AIGIV.BMP") and this texture was not even needed to render the model. FSX was constantly trying to find and load this 'missing' texture at AU airports. This searching for missing textures is known to effect FSX's performance. On investigating the workings of the "AI BAe HS-125-800.mdl" file it does indeed contain a call to the texture "AIGIV.BMP" but it shouldn't as this texture is no longer part of the model. I have not been able to alter the mdl file to remove this texture from it. Can future releases either fix the mdl file so that this texture is no longer searched for by FSX or provide an alternative AI plane to be used in the AI traffic files? Meanwhile it may be best to disable this plane in the FTX AU Traffic package
  25. G'day my fellow pilots!! I recently got the Au traffic , as I recently got the ftx full terrain australian dvd for fsx and i have downloaded the update patches too.. now this is a funny question as I'm not sure I'm wording it right or if in the wrong place? any how ..here goes.. I have my plane based at Bankstown Airport Sydney NSW Australia.,YSBK at Gate Parking 3-12 etc, and i don't see any planes on the tarmac or runway or near my plane etc .. nothing i have pretty high settings as I have a pretty good machine, quad core i7 1 gig dedicated graphics card ,8 g ram etc when i go to Sydney kingsford smith international airport , there are stacks of planes, some taxi to runways etc same to Brisbane etc, but with the bansktown airport, my friend fly's there he sees planes every were, this can happen but when im there still no other aircraft or traffic, I hear them on the atc but not on ground etc also happens with or with out the FTX Ai stuff ticked or un ticked ,which ones do i have ticked or un ticked ? most times i just fly around australia , some times over seas, what should i do with my settings etc ? or is it something im missing?? can you help me out please? thanks for your time , milo
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