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  1. Hello, this problem seems to occur from time to time across all three operating systems. Most customers do not see it at all. The most common solution is as follows: Open Orbx Central\Settings\Downloader and click on Clear for the temporary files. If you made a backup, temporarily move it out of its folder. Run verify files again. Please note: Depending upon the operating system, some customers report that this has not worked. If that is the case for you, in addition to moving your backup files, please note the temporary files location, as given on the Downloader page and then navigate in your file explorer to that location and delete the entire Orbx folder that you will find there. Then run verify files again.
  2. I had a minor issue starting up Orbx partner's Pilot Plus Bristol International in that as soon as I clicked the "Fly" button, my MS2020 would lock and could only be closed through the task manager. Jack at Pilot Plus was very helpful and the issue was simply a setting I was using in UserCfg.opt I had my objects set at LOD 2, but my terrain at LOD 5. Changing terrain to LOD 2 and all was good. Hope this may be of help if you encounter this issue Cheers Pete
  3. another observation; as I stated above I got London Landmarks and EGTR from Orbx. I have another 3rd party product from Marketplace called VFR, and it has a flight starting from EGTR. When I try to load that flight(it's under "bush trips" section) EGTR loads without any problem. But if I try to spawn at the EGTR myself through world map sim freezes.
  4. Should All UK Orbx add on's work with the update? Cant load a flight when selecting EGLC! The loading bar stops & hangs!
  5. Hello, before reporting a problem with an Orbx Central purchase for Microsoft Flight Simulator, please do this first, in order to rule out other common causes of problems. Microsoft Store Edition 1. Delete any rolling cache. (AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Content.xml) 2. Delete the simulator .dat files (AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes\*.dat) If the problem persists, take this extra step. 4. Do not add anything other than the problem product(s) to the Community folder before running MSFS again. Steam Edition 1. Delete any rolling cache. (AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content.xml) 2. Delete the simulator .dat files (AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SceneryIndexes\*.dat) If the problem persists, take this extra step. 3. Do not add anything other than the problem product(s) to the Community folder before running MSFS again.
  6. I hope that the following may be of use to fellow members who are having issues with display perspectives ,basically the "fish eye" effect in MS2020. Although all my description is for external views this change also will work for internal cockpit views as well. You may have to adjust your zoom levels slightly from the values that I describe. This was a "bug" in previous versions of MS2020, and it was fixed around 2 updates ago I believe. Interestingly it is a standard problem in real life drone photography because the lens field of view is wider than the camera sensor. Normally correction of the visual distortion in the recorded drone video is done in post procession photo editing software. I hope this is is of interest/help to you Cheers Pete The correction involves two steps; 1) Editing the FlightSimulator.cfg file entry "WideViewAspect=0" by changing the value of 0 to 1 2) Secondly adjusting the zoom levels in both the External and Showcase (drone) view when you start MS2020. This setting is designed for wide view aspect monitors (21:9) , but I have found it also works nicely with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. Some users have reported that the change is not permanent and that it resets either when exiting from MS2020 or when changing any graphics settings in MS2020. I have not encountered either of these issues personally , but of course individual mileage may vary. Step 1 Changing the setting Locations of FlightSimulator.cfg MS Store Version DRIVE:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-1087062051-3801548924-420289015-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache or C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache And for Steam users C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator The parameter is on line 30 of the FlightSimulator.cfg file as shown below. Simply change the parameter value from 0 to 1 ,save the file and exit. Step 2 Camera Settings Although the above modification works well with the default zoom settings of 50%, I've found that changing them slightly for me was preferable. Unfortunately , I have not been able to find a way to permanently save these these settings. Worse yet, they will revert back to default settings if one terminates a flight and starts a new one without shutting down MS2020. I have reported this to the Microsoft Flight simulator Zen desk. I should mention that these settings should be viewed as starting points. You may like them or wish to change them slightly depending upon your personal preference. A) External View For external view I found a zoom setting of 60% works very well , eliminating any tendency for visual distortion due to the wide viewing angle, except under screenshots where the camera is placed at ground level and facing upwards. This distortion can be controlled by increasing the zoom level slightly. These were taken on a standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. EGLC - London City Airport KSBA - Santa Barbara Airport Taken to illustrate complex aspect ratio character Viewing angle is not affected by light levels as shown below Please note that some distortion occurs in external view depending on viewing angle. This does not occur in the showcase (drone) view This still can be corrected by increasing the zoom factor to around 65-70% , or simply by raising the camera viewpoint slightly For showcase views I found a zoom setting of 70% gives me a result I am happy with. However, the showcase (drone) camera works slightly better than the external view camera and even the default zoom value of 50% works well. In this case, once the zoom level is set, I use the second joystick to zoom in and out. Please remember to turn the drone Autofocus setting on when using a joystick toggle to zoom in and out. In this case, I have found the camera works perfectly with no visual distortion regardless of the actual zoom setting. The following screenshots illustrate this scenario. These two screenshots illustrate a basic zoom out in showcase (drone mode). Autofocus is on and the actual zoom level is set at 70% The joystick toggle is used to control zoom level. No visual distortion is present These are alternative views at the zoomed location, obtained by simply panning the drone camera at the last zoomed location And progressive zooms using the drone camera at a constant zoom setting of 70% These next two screenshots show that at 50 % zoom (showcase default) there is no visual distortion. In the showcase (drone) view, the configuration file setting is the controlling parameter for setting the aspect ratio. Personally, I prefer the visual look at a 70% zoon and using the joystick controller to move the camera away from the subject. However, the combination of the two settings gives a lot of versatility to the actual perspective and there is no right or wrong answer. This is a screenshot at the same physical distance, as above, but with a different zoom value 50% (default) increased to my preferred 70% value Lastly just some perspective screenshots , which again illustrate the lack of visual distortion Viewing angle does not introduce distortion in the showcase(drone) camera view as it does in the external view
  7. Hello, you will only need this guide, if for some reason, clicking on the X of the progress window does not work. That should always be tried first. 1. make sure that you are closing Orbx Central and not just minimising it to the taskbar. These two boxes must not be ticked. Here, I have generated the error message. 2. Close Orbx Central. 3. Open your temporary files folder and select Orbx. 4. Delete the contents. 5. Open Orbx Central and you will see this.
  8. Hello, first go to postimage and create an account, or you will not be able to find your images again. Then click on Upload: Click on choose images and browse to where your screen shot was stored. Highlight your image and click on Open. The image will upload and you will see this. Select Direct Link and copy the address (url, link). Go to the Orbx forum and paste the address (url, link) into it. You will see this, click on the x to remove the black banner
  9. Since the cityscape was first developed for FSX one problem introduced in P3DV4 and V5 has remained: the dam holding the lake back displays differently and looks like a great wall! Anyway today I tried a quick fix and it seems to have worked without any consequences. In the Canberra Cityscape Scenery folder is a file called dam_lake.bgl. Simply add a .OFF extension to this file and the dam disappears and the photoreal underneath is quite acceptable. I'd be happy to hear if this works for everyone...
  10. Since the cityscape was first developed for FSX one problem introduced in P3DV4 and V5 has remained: the dam holding the lake back displays differently and looks like a great wall! Anyway today I tried a quick fix and it seems to have worked without any consequences. In the Canberra Cityscape Scenery folder is a file called dam_lake.bgl. Simply add a .OFF extension to this file and the dam disappears and the photoreal underneath is quite acceptable. I'd be happy to hear if this works for everyone...
  11. Usually the information given below is part of a user manual. As MSFS and the SDK are constantly evolving, it probably makes more sense to list a few items here that can be kept up to date. I get a CTD after 1 min flight, what can I do? In most cases users are affected who are using rolling cache. Try following the 3 steps below: Deinstall CS Sydney. Delete your rolling cache. Reinstall CS Sydney. Also try increasing the size of your rolling cache. Why do I see floating buildings? If buildings are floating/lifted - especially around CBD - please check "Bing data" in the MSFS data option panel. For some reason this had automatically been set to off after one of the previous MSFS patches (only a few installs are affected). CS Sydney only works properly with Bing dat set to ON. Otherwise only a very low-res mesh is loaded and the building groups won't fit.
  12. There are several issues being reported by users regarding KBUR. Performance, elevation and ATIS I am attaching some pics of what I see at KBUR to illustrate that some of these issues maybe at the users end but this in no way is intended to detract from the fact that some people are experiencing issues here as they have provided pics to back up their claims. I am just trying here to show you what I see with my PC specs, my MSFS settings and my installation of KBUR. First my Graphics settings for MSFS on a 4K monitor: Reported part of Sunken Ground vehicles elevation issue: Not seen in my pic. but reported in this post: Reported ATIS not working in this post: My pic shows ATIS working at KBUR: FPS with A 320 at KBUR is at lowest 28FPS near the buildings. On the runway is 32FPS I repeat these pics are NOT intended to dispute any issues that some customers are having but to illustrate that the reported issues are not evident to everyone and therefore difficult to assist on offering support other than a possible reinstall, lowering some settings in MSFS, not flying in 4K (which is the resolution many reported issues are occurring in regarding performance FPS) My PC specs are in my signature.
  13. BBCode no longer works in these forums. This is how to obtain the Direct link at imgur, right click on the image to see the menu. This is the link that is created: https://i.imgur.com/WCgmCKc.jpg Note that there is no [img] [/img] code Depending upon the internet browser used, it may instead show Copy image address or Copy file location or Copy url. and when that link is copied into a post, the forum automatically embeds it: Please note that the forums also no longer accepts http links. They must be https. If you are unable to use a site that provides https links, you can copy your http link into Notepad. Then edit it to https and copy it again into your forum post. The link will then show as the image.
  14. Hi all. Since the first post of this aid, several folks have sent very helpful suggestions. I'm resubmitting the thread to include those suggestions. Good luck to all newbies! For Us Dummies--How to Post ORBX Forum FSX Screenshots with Windows 10 Select screenshot from your "pictures” file. Right-Click chosen picture and select "Edit with Paint 3D." Left-Click upper left "Menu." Select “Save as.” Left-Click “Image” icon at the bottom of the page. Rename chosen picture and save as jpeg image in desktop "Pictures." To do this, delete original name and rename something simple. Open options in the “Save as” slot by Right-Clicking the drop-down arrow. Select jpeg option. Click “Save.” You now have two copies of your picture, one original and one jpeg renamed. Open IMGUR. Register if you are new. Home page registration box works best. Drag/Browse selected jpeg picture from “Pictures” to IMGUR box. [NOTE: To “Drag,” Left-Click on chosen picture and hold the Click button down while moving the cursor. Picture will follow the cursor. To “Browse,” Left-Click “Browse” button and select shots.] Selected picture appears in IMGUR box. Watch upload bar. This may take a moment. If you want to include more than one picture, right-Click “Add More Images.” Repeat process for each jpeg picture. Drag each selected jpeg picture to IMGUR. If you get nothing but a blank transfer, check to make sure you selected your jpeg picture. The originals won’t work. It has to be a jpeg format. When done, right-Click “Done” button. To transfer pictures to Forum, you will have to do each one individually. EDIT 16th September 2020. Following the forum update, the forums no longer accepts the “BBCode”. The “BBCode” is the [img] [/img] at either end of the link. The forums will accept a direct link. This is the code in between the [img] and [/img]. You can either edit the BBCode to remove the [img] and [/img], or better still right click on the image and select "Copy image location". Then paste that into your post and the image will embed itself. If you use a different image hosting site, please select the Direct link. Please note that the Orbx forums will not accept links except from https sites, http will no longer work. Minimize IMGUR window. Open ORBX and go to Forums. Open Screenshots Forum. In Screenshot Forum, Left-Click "New Topic." This opens your display page. Enter a title in the “Title” slot. Right-Click on blank entry area to paste "BBC Share Code” into the new post. The code will look like a string of letters and numbers ending in jpeg. If desired, minimize ORBX and return to IMGUR for further entries. Repeat steps 14-21 for each selected picture. To return to your IMGUR picture set, simply click any dark space on the code page and your list will reappear. When you have copy/pasted all the pictures you want to your display page, you will have a page consisting of a list of code-strings. Go to the top of the Post area and find the icon looking like a sheet of paper with a magnifying glass on it. Click this icon. It will change your code-strings into your selected pictures. This should complete the formation of your screenshot thread entry. Left-Click “Submit.” Enjoy! ADDITIONAL NOTES SEE #8 ABOVE - A SHORT CUT FOR MOVING PICTURES FROM WINDOW TO WINDOW 1. You can open two working windows side by side to make picture transfer easier: a. Open ORBX Screenshot Forum “Start New Topic.” b. Reduce this window’s size by Left-Clicking the square icon on the right upper corner of your screen just to the left of the x delete icon. c. Move this reduced window to one side of screen by placing cursor at top of window and holding down Left-Click button to capture the window. Move captured window to desired location and release click-hold to set window. d. Open a second window for your IMGUR page by moving cursor to the small grey parallelogram just to the right of the tab label in the upper left corner of your screen. e. By repeating the steps described in “c” above, move this second window to a position beside your ORBX window. Release click-hold to set it there. f. Open IMGUR site as you normally would with your internet browser. g. You should now have two windows side by wide. You can adjust their sizes to your preference by moving your cursor to the window edge and dragging the margin to your desired position. SEE #8 ABOVE - A SHORT CUT FOR MOVING SEVERAL PICTURES FROM WINDOW TO WINDOW 1. You can move screenshots as a group if you don’t want to do it one by one. a. The pictures must be side by side in your “Pictures” file to do this. b. While holding down the “Shift” key, Left-Click on the first picture you want to select. c. While continuing to hold down the “Shift” key, move your cursor to the last picture you want to select and Left-Click it. You have now selected all the pictures from start to finish of your cursor movement. d. Left-Click on any of the selected pictures and hold the click while moving your cursor to the IMGUR input box. The dragged box should display a small number indicating how many pictures are in the set being transferred. e. Let the IMGUR process do its thing. You can watch the progress rate on the moving bar. f. When images are transferred, continue as in “14” and following above.
  15. Hi All, Occasionally, we receive a request to Transfer Orbx Products from one Orbx Direct Account to another that has been purchased by another customer. This is not allowed and will not be tolerated, we take our EULA very seriously. If you purchase Orbx Products in your account, they will not be moved to another account, we will not allow a customer to Sell their account and or products to another customer. Thanks Richard
  16. Lockheed Martin updated many airports to their current ICAO code in P3D V5. We did request a list of these airports but they were unable to provide that information. We are aware of a few but without going through all 24,000 or so default airports, the task of identifying them all was a little beyond us in the short term. We will therefore be updating any of these changed ICAO codes as they are discovered and would request your help in this regard. Could you please post any code changes you identify to this thread and we will track them from here. I will make it a sticky. I'll start the list with a few we are aware of and have updated: YPEC - YLMQ Lake Macquarie Airport YSCH - YCFS Coffs Harbour Airport YMUI - YMAE Murray Island Airport 61B - KBVU Boulder City Municipal Airport
  17. Hello Everyone. As you may or may not be aware, The Flight Sim Store License Transfer to Orbx Direct has not been working lately. In order to move your Orbx products across to Orbx Direct I have two images below and written text that show what I need from you to place your products into Orbx Direct via the Ticket Portal. There are two options that clearly displays the Required Information to Verify the product and or products. Please Note: Copy/Paste Details from a .txt file/ or a txt file will not be accepted. 1. Provide an image of an email sent to you by The Flight Sim Store, the email address if the same is ideal, however, your Name, Date of Purchase, FSS Order Number, Payment Method and the product Ordered is required. OR 2. Provide an image of the Account at The Flight Sim Store itself that clearly displays your Name, Date of Purchase, Payment Method and also the product Ordered is required. OR 3. Provide an image of the Proof of Purchase inside the email, this must show the From: and To: Addresses. Without these particular details, I am unable to verify your product placement and therefore your request will be denied until such said details are provided. Also note, this does not include DvD purchases made at an approved retailer, those items will still need to be Transferred via our DvD Cross Grade Service found in your Orbx Direct Account. Here is a link to the Ticket Portal Support. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thanks Richard
  18. Note this post gets updated once new issues and their fixes get known. Replies in this thread are not possible to keep the fixes are simple as possible for everyone. If you have comment, please open a new thread. 1. I'm seeing black autogen buildings! Ensure that you have the latest version of Orbx Libraries installed, which contains textures required for the autogen buildings: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Go to "Other -> Orbx Libraries" -> Click "Verify files" If this doesn't bring you the textures, uninstall Orbx Libraries and install them again. --------------------------------------------- 2. I'm missing most vegetation and/or have lots of autogen buildings missing - particularly in populated areas! 1. Check your settings in Prepar3D. In Prepar3D go to Options -> Graphics -> World and check that the autogen building/vegetation sliders are not pushed too far to the left (which would mean that only few items or nothing gets displayed) 2. Update your Orbx Libraries. Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Go to "Other -> Orbx Libraries" -> Click "Verify files" 3. Check if you're seeing the smaller churches in populated areas (UK) or typical red farm buildings in rural areas (US) or powerlines (not meaning big POIs like Westminster Cathedral or Space Needle!). If you see those smaller objects, the problem is fixed! If not, this will lead you to our next step: Background: Some sceneries out there add their entries through the so called "add-on.xml" entries in Prepar3D. Problem is that some of them add new autogen descriptions through that method which may eliminate some of the autogen from other sceneries like True Earth for Prepar3D! This was caused by a few developers assuming that additional autogen entries are possible (as described in the SDK) while in fact it was only possible to overwrite all previous entries with new ones (this will be hopefully fixed in future Prepar3D versions making this post obsolete). Even worse the problem will NOT show in the sceneries actually causing it. While everything looks fine there, they cause disappearing autogen in other sceneries that can cover entirely different parts of the world! Known sceneries causing this problem so far are: Aerosoft's Chania -> Fixed with an update. Check Aerosoft's support page. Aerosoft's Lukla Mount Everest - Extreme -> Fixed with an update. Check Aerosoft's support page. However there may be other addons out there that are causing this issue. In Prepar3D, go to "Options -> Addons" and untick all scenery addons you find there. Then restart Prepar3D. After that you should see everything in True Earth as it is supposed to be! Check a previously faulty area and see if the error is fixed. By reactivating one addon after another (and restarting Prepar3D each time!) you can find out which addon sceneries are causing the problem. We are aware this is a very cumbersome task, so please report if you find any other sceneries causing this issue and let es know so we can contact the applicable developers about it! --------------------------------------------- 3. There's no autogen in a certain area around my Orbx addon airport XY and/or there are airport ground elements not showing properly! Ensure that you have the latest version of the applicable airport, which contains compatibility fixes. This is recommended for all Orbx airports starting with EG... (except EGJA-Alderney, which is not within True Earth GB coverage area). Particularly if you have True Earth GB South installed, where most Orbx addon airports are located: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Select each airport individually and click "Verify files". 4. Some airports in the scenery are not properly lining up with the underlying imagery! Note that while we do not advertise with upgraded airports to be included in this product, we did include the same upgraded airports that have also been part of the previous FTX regions! This adds a large number of additional airports as well as additional 3D content to most previously existing default airports and should be considered a free bonus that comes with this scenery. Some of them have never been properly aligned for use with underlying photoreal imagery, so some elements of some airports can be offset. Feel free to report any you find to be considerably offset. We may consider to update a few of them at some point. No promises given though as this goes way beyond the scope of this product! 5. I'm not seeing and POIs like Westminster or the Space Needle! Each region should come with so called "GB Libraries" or "US Libraries", which automatically get installed once you install a respective region. Check if you have them installed: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Check if you see either "US Libraries" or "GB Libraries" under "Regions". If not: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Select True Earth region you're missing the POIs for and click "Verify files".
  19. Hi all, We've received reports that Orbx Central v4.1.8 (currently in fastlane) has an issue for some users where the the installation will stall or freeze, and requires a Orbx Central restart to resume. We've identified a potential solution for this issue, and have deployed a fix as version v4.1.9. To update: Close Orbx Central if it is running Open Orbx Central - it should update automatically. If it doesn't update automatically, go to Settings and press Check for Updates If issues persist, please create a topic following the guide below.
  20. Hello everyone, in the LOWI scenario there are many houses and buildings suspended in the void and the streets are also overhanging.
  21. Hello, one can read many complaints that there is no improvement, it is worse, it doesn't work etc etc. The simple answer is indeed to read the instructions for installing the new version and then follow all of them. Please read through all of the following text before starting the process. Regardless of where Orbx products or addon aircraft are installed, the P3D installer will leave them alone because it can only uninstall files that it installed in the first place. 1. using the Windows control panel, uninstall the P3D v5 client and when asked if you want to deactivate P3D v5, answer No. 2. Then uninstall the content and then the scenery and finally the top P3D v5 entry in the Windows control panel.** 3. You will now be left with a P3D v5 root folder that contains only files that you have added. If you added none, it will be empty. EDIT 12th June 2021: Please Note: In most cases, the uninstallation of the client will completely remove the ShadersHLSL folder. If your P3D v5 root folder still contains a ShadersHLSL folder after the P3D Client has been uninstalled, the ShadersHLSL folder should be manually deleted, as it must contain amendments added by the user or third party software that will cause problems with P3D v5.2. 4. Run Setup_Prepar3D.exe in your decompressed download from your P3D account as an administrator. Make sure that the target directory is the one you are left with after the uninstallation. Unless you installed to the default location, you will need to make a change. Wait until the process is complete. You will not be asked to activate P3D again. If you had everything installed inside the P3D folder, Global Base must be uninstalled and installed again. You must run Verify files for all open LC products. You must run verify files for the Orbx Libraries. For good measure, also run Sync Simulator. To find Sync Simulator, Click Settings -> Help -> Sync Simulator. If you had everything installed outside the P3D folder, then this is the advice from Ben. Once you have completed these steps, you must at least rename or delete your C:\Users\your user account name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Prepar3D.cfg file and let P3D build a new one. You might need to delete the P3D v5 shaders at C:\Users\your user account name\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Shaders. You can delete the entire Shaders folder. Ideally, you should run the P3D\Delete Generated Files batch file but it will leave every setting back at default. If you have spent time on controls settings, for example, you will lose them all. It's up to you. If you do decide to run the batch file, be sure to run P3D at least once after that and before you run Settings -> Help -> Sync Simulator. Based on my own experience, doing all of this and nothing else will leave you with all the features of the Hotfix or update working as promised and your Orbx products intact. EDIT 10th June 2021: Now that P3D v5.2 has been released, it has become clear that unless the user installs at least both the updated Client and the updated Content, anomalies will occur, not least in the operation of the simulator. For this reason a full reinstallation of all three parts is recommended. Notes: ** 1. Following a customer question, these are the four entries referred to in line 2. UPDATE 14th June 2021 It would appear that LM may have made changes that break this installation process. You should not experience this if you downloaded the full installer before this date. If you experience missing default textures after reinstallation, run Repair for the Client module.
  22. Hello, it seems that this is a fairly common problem. The reason is usually that the Orbx version of the lclookup.bgl file has been replaced with another one, usually the default version. The second reason is also because the Orbx edits to the terrain.cfg file have been replaced, once again usually by the default version. Both these files are crucial to the correct display of Orbx Global base and all the open LC products. It is important to be aware that if the Delete Generated Files batch file in the P3D root folder has been run, the terrain.cfg file will have been restored to its default state. Similarly, if an update to the P3D version or even a re-installation of the existing version has been carried out, the lclookup.bgl file will also have been returned to its default state. These are not the only causes of this problem, but they are the main ones. If your scenery starts to look like this: First run Verify files for Global Base and for all your open LC products and the Orbx Libraries to rule out the possibility of missing files. If this does not work: 1a. If your Orbx Libraries are installed into the P3D folder Please try renaming Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl to lclookup.bgl .off Run Verify files for the Orbx Libraries which will replace the lclookup.bgl file. 1b. If your Orbx Libraries are installed into an Orbx Central Library, please do not rename Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl to lclookup.bgl .off 2. Rename C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\terrain.cfg to terrain.cfg.off 3. Run P3D v5 once to create a new terrain.cfg file and close it. 4. Then run Settings\Help\Sync Simulator in Orbx Central which will write back the Orbx entries. 5. Then try P3D again. Please note: 1. that each of these steps must be taken in this exact order, or further problems will result. 2. that the term "Orbx Libraries" refers specifically to the Orbx Libraries product, it does not mean Orbx products in general.
  23. You can fix this by returning the problematic roof textures to their defaults. Download and copy the 7 files in the attached zip into your main P3D Texture folder. This will be fine for both P3D V4.5 and V5. If you have installed Buildings HD to an Orbx Central Library, copy the files to Your Orbx Central scenery library\p3dv5\Global Buildings HD\Orbx\Scripts\BuildingsHD\Core\Texture I will alert the Orbx Central guys to this issue. Default_Roof_Textures.zip
  24. I know that there have been some other suffering long p3d loading times... I now have the same after upgrading my OS. But I know this community is great... Does someone have an idea how to cure this? Maybe some p3d files have been hidden somewhere on C:/ which I just have to find and move somehwere else? Or a complete new-install of p3d? Any hints are appreciated.
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