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  1. From Fane... ... to the namegiving airfield of the area: Tapini. The locals surely are surprised by the high number of visitors currently. Getting up along the (wrong...) valley... ... to Kosipe, the metropole with the famous bridge. A view across Woitape, Fane and Kosipe while climbing out to... ... Yongai. That landing was too stressful to take pictures, sorry ;-). And afterwards I doubted I could land a plane in Asimba...
  2. Well, Kosipe Harbour Bridge this is. Make the climb of your life!
  3. Out of Jacksons... ... into the mountains. Maybe "real weather" was not such a good idea... ... so after landing in Ononge I changed to Orbx weather 2. Going on to Woitape (a relief to land after that first one)... ... and Fane. With GoogleEarth proving the scenery is authentic. Great to see, after the thrilling flights.
  4. Leaving Asimba for the next trip to Yongai, after a short visit, soaked by the rain I moved on to Kokoda, Hope you enjoy them, will be back for 8K
  5. Next PNG trip, leaving Ononge in the pooring rain heading Asimba,
  6. Leaving Fane fing my way to Ononge,
  7. Welcome to the Goilala bushpack! For our long awaited return to Papua New Guinea we bring you seven thrilling bushstrips all situated high up in the misty, humid and unpredictable Owen Stanley Range, consisting of Tapini, Fane, Ononge, Woitape, Koispe, Asimba and Yongai airports, a trilling white-knuckle mix of ridge-top, hill-side and river-flat runways. Coverage map This picture shows the seven Goilala bushpack airports and their proximity to our first PNG experience package: AYPY Jacksons International + the Kokoda track bushstrips, there is a KML attached at the bottom of this thread 1: TAP Tapini. Tapini is the main airport in the Goilala area and also bears the name of the project, nestled into a large mountain and within a tight valley, the one-way runway is sloped with a steep cliff off the end which all conspires to make this bushstrip a tricky one to operate in and around, for precision landings it features the infamous "Tapini ILS", to use this one must line up the right-hand wing with the goat track following the opposite hillside to the bushstrip, it will place you in roughly the correct position and attitude to turn 90 degrees onto a quick final, but miss this point and you'll have to follow the valley for a while to reach an open spot to turn around, Tapini, being in a notorious location.. has over the years seen a number of crashes, most notably a QANTAS owned DHC3 in 1958 and also a RAAF Caribou in 1968. 2: WTP Woitape. Woitape is nestled in an open valley on some flat ground next to a river and services the nearby Fatima Mission, it features a soft rolling one-way runway sloping downwards gently, but dont be fooled by all this.... its also a notorious place to take off from due to the altitude and because it lacks a handy cliff at the end with which to drop off and gain speed, many an aircraft has struggled to get out of here, so pay attention to your cargo loads and fuel mix...and the weather. 3: FNE Fane. Fane is an infamous one-way ridge-top bushstrip servicing a mission station, with an upwards sloping 12 degree runway, and lots of unpredictable crosswinds and updrafts all combining to make it a terrifying place to land and take off, and with a very tight flat parking area take extra care to watch your wingtips when turning around, and because once you commit to taking off you cannot abort so make sure to runup the engine and make all necessary checks before even thinking about releasing the brakes and heading out and over the crest. 4: ONB Ononge. Ononge is another one-way ridge-top bushstrip servicing a mission station, with a low approach over a little village, this ones a bit more bumpy and unkempt and has a dogleg forcing the pilot to make a ten degree turn halfway along the strip, very tight turning at the end with plenty of vegetation, Ononge village was strafed by the Japanese Airforce in world war two as it was rumored that some allied aircraft spotters were stationed there. 5: KSP Koispe. Koispe bushstrip services a mission station and it situated in a wide open valley next to a river with ample airspace to operate an aircraft, it was originally a lot longer but has since fallen into disrepair, the remaining part of the runway is maintained but it is quite a bit shorter making it yet another tricky strip to operate on, watch out for soft ground and due to the high altitude/length of the strip be very careful with weights, weather and fuel mix. 6: ASB Asimba. Asimba is a small village situated in Oro province next to the Chirma river, and features a very short runway cut into the dense forest, pilots should watch wingtips carefully when turning, and all take offs and landings are out over the river 7: KGH Yongai. Yongai bushstrip is cut into the hillside and services a mission station, with a short sloping bumpy one-way runway pilots should approach as slowly as possible and with great care, and dont forget to pay attention to the crosswinds. Cheers, Tim and Ken Goilala_bushpack.kml
  8. What a wonderful technical and creative touch that has been put on TAP scenery. Definitely a Five Star accomplishment. Having more fun than I should be. Kudo's to the artists. Larry @ Eagle Valley Air
  9. A previous flight returning to AYPY: Departing Tapini: Determined to simply learn which valleys to fly up. I'm getting there: Just passing through: Wish they'd knock over that tree... Would prefer a erm... more favourable view for the next bit: Good thing I didn't bring the Twin Otter: It's very odd on short finals to be at basically full power for a couple of these strips (which is, let's face it, a generous description). This is where my tour ended. Got caught up on a spot where the plane, terrain and sim wouldn't play nice and I got stuck. Would disabling the Pilots mesh help? I could spend hours around here...
  10. The Twin Otter is not the easiest to handle on the non-FSX standard runways. Not sure if that's it, or driver error. Will have to experiment some more. Won't that be a shame. Thanks Tim & Ken. I can't wait for the next half dozen PNG strips.
  11. Hevilift P2-KSM, the 'tundra-cargo' version as requested Repaint exclusively at the usual place, link in sig, enjoy!
  12. 1st chance to post a widey, enjoy cheers Ken
  13. I see Wolf2Grey also has a similar problem to this but I've added a screenie to assist if it helps. After installing TAP I ran Vector elevation tool then reinstalled the latest Orbx libraries. The scenery mesh is set to 5m but I don't have Holgermesh installed. Can't seem to get rid of the scenery holes and floaters though.
  14. Just a few shots to encourage exploring the new area a little more in depth, also Tims New 182 repaint for those lucky enough to have the A2A 182. release is getting very close. I'd like to thank all for the encouraging comments and support for our bush packages, hoping to get you all out there testing your flying skills while exploring these testing yet fun strips. cheers and safe landings Ken and Tim
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