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  1. A while ago I was toying with the idea of getting the Captain Sim 727 but decided the price was a little too much for something I might not use. Today it was on sale for just AU$16.50. So at that bargain price I got the base pack along with the series 727-200 expansion and also the 737-200 base pack. Just a few shots of the 727-200 and 737-200. 1. 2. 3. 4. Something I always like to see in the cockpit is a NAV/GPS switch. It's purpose is unmarked in the 737 so as not to cause embarrassment to the serious pilots 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Just under $50 for 3 high quality planes can't be bad.
  2. Aircraft. AS F-16 Fighting Falcon Scenery. FTX: Global and SCA plus Yosemite National Park FTX US YOSEMITE VALLEY VERSION 1.00 - September 2014 "Was that El Capitan I saw for a second"
  3. A quick overview of KTVL Have a good flight
  4. Hey Orbx team, I am sure I am dreaming/wishing but would it be possible to create SRM in 2016 now that SCA has been made. I have all the regions and I just feel that there is a big hole in between CRM and SCA. It would be awesome to fly from SCA area (Las Vegas) to CRM directly within a full FTX region like SRM. Though I have to currently fly in SCA and then NCA or PNW, and then to CRM or NRM to stay within the FTX regions. I know I can use hybrid mode but filling the hole between the NA regions would just make this area mega awesome. SCA is epic - very grateful for it and thank you
  5. Hey Guys, Happy New Year 2016 Orbx Devs, Hope you all had an excellent NYE events. I have to report a funny issue which is about these floating buildings see above KLAS airport. If I pan up above the airport on runway 25R (Default active runway); I do see that the buildings which are supposed to behind the airport. If I keep moving the pan around the airplane - I do see the buildings are actually on top of KLAS and floating. It is always there even after take off. I do have Orbx Vector installed and yes I did run auto-configuration for the airports. FTX Central 2 is set to Full North America with the latest Libraries installed. Shaders have been deleted and sim was been tested and every time it is the same floating buildings I am using P3Dv3.1 Thanks Airwolf PS - Images are resized to HD res from 4K If I pan down the building is floating and when I zoom on the runway for takeoff the buildings are floating. Now If I pan the view like below; you will see where the building is aligning itself
  6. Just finished my first tubeliner flight in So. Cal from Los Angeles to Vegas. The night textures are transformative to say the least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9MWDFYY-Bg
  7. I flew in the NA SCA region today. The Pacific Ocean had disappeared and was replaced by land and some buildings. I have FS Pilot's FSGlobal and ORBX FTX Global, Vector, LC EU, LC NA Canada/Alaska, and all NA west-coast regions - nothing else. Frans Kes
  8. Two from my flight following the plan in Vincent's (vbazillio) recent flight report post. Thanks Vincent for a nice flight. Torrey Pines north of San Diego Long Beach Harbor Flown January 2 in the A2A C182 with GTN750 departed 1526 local time. VFR all the way.
  9. Seeing things I never expected to see. There are lots of photoreal areas. This is fantastic work from Holger and team. Flying out of Redlands I came across this . . . BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad) San Bernardino Intermodal Facility . . . trying to get it all in the shot
  10. San Diego at 15 fps, still love'n it
  11. A short flight from Furnace Creek as requested by Martin. Cannot help as far as OZx goes though. Flew in P3DV3.0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Hope these shots are of help to you.
  12. Calexico to Inyokern with my new toy - IRIS Beechcraft T-6 Texan II Calexico, California on the left, Mexicali, Mexico on the right Imperial Sand Dunes Amboy Crater Piscah Crater lavabed Union Pacific Barstow-Yermo Yard Harper Lake and Lockhart Solar Station Cantil - Honda Proving Track Enjoy and thanks for looking and Merry Christmas! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather, edited with Google Picasa Cheers Karsten
  13. FSS0440575 Hi Team, Hope everyone has had a happy holiday period. I'm having some issues with SoCal autogen. I'm missing autogen buildings and other things in some locations, but not others. I haven't checked the entire region, however it appears to be mainly at the larger airports (pics below). Noted so far: - No buildings at KLAS, KLAX and KEDW - No Hollywood sign - No casino / hotel buildings in Las Vegas Smaller airports appear to be ok however. Autogen in other areas does appear (eg. Hoover Dam seems ok) Things that may assist you: - Default KEDW and KLAS are not active in scenery library (are unchecked). This doesn't account for KLAX though. - Obxlibs are up-to-date. - I have no other scenery addons in this area, other than FSGlobal 2010 FTX compatible. - I have deleted, re-downloaded and reinstalled SoCal twice with the same results. I've included Henderson Executive KHND as an example that smaller airports are ok. Thanks for your help. Hen
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Sur San Luis Obispo to Monterey Sorry for so many shots, but it was such a beautiful flight, i couldn't decide which shots i should leave out. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  15. Anyone who gets in any sort of flying contraption with me is taking a big risk. More so a helicopter they would be taking the ultimate gamble. Talking of gambling the most famous place of course to gamble is Las Vegas. The Bell 47 is going to fly down one of the most recognisable streets in the world. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. They have done a fantastic job here considering it is just a small part of a massive scenery area. Hope you enjoy looking.
  16. Today installed the promising wonderful NA addition South California and made a first flight...really magnificent scenery, shure more hours to spend in this regio: Ready for a few days spending some cash in the Las Vegas casino's...and just have enough money left to refill my tank for return to LA :-)
  17. I have managed to zoom around SCA now and I am very happy with this new product. It is so fantastic to have the enter west coast or NA completed. I am particularly happy with my ability to achieve reasonable smooth performance given my aged computer system. The enhanced airports are a bonus, now a pleasure to make flight into and out of. At this time I have a couple of suggests for future service packs, which I suspect will be forth coming. Attached is an area called Santee Lakes just north of Gillespie Field, just east of San Diego. I happen to know this area personally and so I thought I would check it out to see how well it matched on the ground reality in terms of landclass. In general, the area is OK but not over the top. If one compares the subdivision development it can be seen to be significantly more extensive that portrayed in the new SCA (use the actual Santee Lakes (man made settling ponds) as a guide). Another item. While I notice considerable detail and effort has gone into bridges and overpasses, and flying GA at 5,000 ft or less, there are a considerable number of freeway overpasses or underpasses that are only portrayed with what my wife called "bandages" ...meaning a short segment of different road texture to show the overpass. Southern California is the land of the freeway and In a good number of cases these span sharp or deep gullies and the road drops down one side the back up the other...where those gullies have big elevation gains the appearance looks weird if there is no "bridge/overpass". I realize that to "fix" this issue requires considerable manual fixing. But anything that can be done to review the worst offenders and place actual over passes would certainly enhance the look and feel. You can see the effect at the bottom of the screenshots I provided, however these are not the worst offenders. And one more thing at this time. Not a big deal but thought I would make note of something that jumped out to me. The golf course textures. I love the golf courses but am finding that in this region there is an issue with overly dramatic colour. My screenshot shows this as well. Outside of some of the coast and high mountain areas, this area is parched. The land of palm trees, sage brush, rattle snakes, stunted juniper etc...its darn dry. Most golf courses (except for the high end PGA types) struggle with keeping green. Consider here a regional texture change to a more mottled, struggling to stay green look. ps. I am a golfer, golfed in several of these courses in and around San Diego, and I spend months of RV time at Santee Lakes. cheers, and Merry Christmas everyone. Bryan
  18. Hey guys, I have installed all the NA regions and decided to do a test flight with pmdg 777 from KSEA-KPAE-KHFR-CYVR-KPDX-KTVL-KSTS-KSAN to test the VAS usage. The KHFR, KTVL and KSTS are the orbx ones. Though I did fly over them, I did see slow loading on KHFR. Orbx Dev can you guys do a newer PNW package with more optimization (will gladly pay again for the next version). Active Sky Next set to Default Live Weather Settings Odd thing is I saw VAS drop in the desert area of SCA, Don't know why as it is sparsely populated but some of the wing views are surreal. I was like this is like real life. The first 2 pictures totally capture the moment. But I was able to land in KSAN with 230MB VAS left. I don't have Rex 4 right now (there is a bug in Rex for P3Dv3.1) Enjoy the images. My full resolution is 4K
  19. Another flight in SCA, where else! This time down to the docklands to have a look at the scenery and something in particular. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Hope you enjoyed the shots.
  20. Twentynine Palms to Palm Springs Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  21. Here's another set in South California on a short hop from Van Nuys (KVNY) to Santa Catalina Island (KAVX). "26 miles across the sea", etc. 1. Van Nuys 2. 3. Heading south along the North Sepulveda Blvd 4. 5. 6. The Island is out here somewhere 7. Approaching 04 from the West 8. Short finals 9. Very short runway, bit of a sharp drop off here. 10. A quick passenger exchange 11. Lining up on 04 again 12. And off to greener pastures
  22. More exploring in the Los Angeles area. Just north of Hollywood
  23. Well In 8 plus years I have never been anywhere near the first to post a screenie from anything new, let alone a new Region. Anyway I got an early Christmas present. Sorry to all if I blocked the server. Thank you all at Orbx again. Here we go: I had the Q400 brought over from Denver especially for the occasion. Cheers Anton,
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