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  1. Finally, after a long way of downloading, installing, correcting, I am set for this long awaited flight. Long awaited, as the RL pics are prepared since months. I could make use of some pictures at KLAX taken earlier (with more cloudy weather, as in reality), and the complete flight in OLC at more sunny conditions. Taxiing at KLAX... ... queuing ... ATC assigns the 25R, whereas in RL we got the 25L. Here we go, with a collection of sights. Turning back over Palm Beach... ... and Oceanside. The Imperial Dunes from FL390 - not as impressive as from lower levels. Tucson. Even with OLC the sights get less impressive here (the boneyard is unfortunately not depicted). El Paso. West Texas, here we must be near @Gypsy Pilot´s home. Hmm, I got to find out what this structure is... Descending over Austin. OpenLC does its job... Turning into final over north Houston. The pilot´s view... ... the passenger´s view. On downwind, towards one of the 26 runways. ATC gave me the 15R today. Finally, taxing to the cate - to meet a colleague. 29 pictures. Might be my record. Do I have to say sorry for taking your time? However, the trip will be continued from Houston. With shorter flights, I promise.
  2. Palm Springs to Agua Dulce Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  3. Never been here, thought I'd visit. If they ever get the old "beam me up" technology to work I'd love to go there in RL, but without that, I probably won't bother. Sitting here (home) on a grey miserable day though, this sure looks good! I can almost feel the sun.
  4. Not sure which forum this topic belongs in - I seem to be getting out of memory errors on approach to KSFO RNAV 28R. I have FTX, FTX Vector, Northern Cal addons installed, as well as Flightbeam KSFOHD. My settings are moderate as when I'm in cruise, I'm getting about 40 fps. On the decent it drops to about 12 fps below 20k, lower than 10 fps, below 10k. Once I capture the ILS and configured to land, and about 5m out, I get an Out of memory error from P3D, and it crashes. Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks I7 4790k OC @ 4.7 16g 2133 ram 500g SSD Win 10, latest build Strix GTX 970 P3D V3.2 PMDG 737NGX Rex Texture + Soft clouds ASN FSFX Packages GSX ORBX FTX, Vector, Ncal, Scal FSdreamteam KLAS, KLAX, KORD, KJFK, Flightbeam KSFOHD, KDENHD
  5. I love the new FTX Southern California scenery - it is awesome! I got Jarrad Marshal's KPSP right away and was blown away by the mountain visuals. I'm wondering if Orbx has considered or would ever consider offering a photoreal mountain expansion pack, maybe one for each mountain range in the various terrain regions you offer? The mountains outside the KPSP area look good, too, but nothing compares to photoreal mountains in my opinion, and the ones Jarrad did are outstanding. I understand the download size would likely be fairly large, but it would be a great addition to areas like your U.S. West Coast offerings. Hope you'll consider - thanks in advance! As a side note, I'd like to say just how impressed I was with the FPS throughout the region - far, far better than I expected based on some of the opinions I read. I get 50+ FPS at Palm Springs in default aircraft, and usually only 10 or so less than that in my Carenado and Captain Sim planes. I can't do that anywhere in the PNW region. Kudos to the development team on a job well-done in the optimization department! Thanks again!
  6. I Finally found some time to do a longer flight with the Twin Commander. Normally I would have done this online but I decided for offline today. Departed KPRB, on the airway down to SBP for a LOC 11 approach full procedure. I actually started from the MQO358R inbound to MQO, course reversal (published missed hold) to the MQO307R to CREPE to execute the approach from there. You can see my lightly drawn red route on the procedure. I did not use the GS but instead used the PRB crossing radials for the step downs (localizer only). Fairly complex approach anyway, all done at around 150 kias in the new Carenado Twin Commander AC500. I have the GTN750 installed but I didn't use it much, the navigation was all done "old school." This flight also gave me some great opportunities to check the flight model (and yes occasional AP usage lol), perf numbers, and of course gawk at Orbx SCA. Most of the pics are after my approach at SBP (didn't really have time to cap screenies because the approach was quite intensive)... after I went missed I departed VFR in hopes of better weather (it did get better!) for some sight seeing. Finally I landed at Oceano Co L52. Hope you all enjoy! p.s. - Orbx, L52 would make a great little payware addon! SBP LOC Ry 11 Final SBP
  7. Just awesome, leaving KEDW.
  8. Hi there, whilst I could fly around KSAN and KLAX (with FSDG scenery active) with little trouble, approaching KPSP is impossible for me: On my first trial with Manfred Jahns C-47 I got an OOM. Second trial (just a 10 minutes hop) went into a slideshow. 3rd attempt was reduced to no traffic, 1024² textures. Still unflyable, see screenshot. What might be the reason for this trouble - any chance I can find a way to go there again? PS: There is a hint here in the forum, but no solution:
  9. A long bending bridge...what a sight from above...
  10. Finally, i found Spring in SoCal: New Cuyama to Santa Ynez Enjoy and thanks for looking! Thanks a lot to all for the great time here in the forum! It's a great pleasure to be part of this community! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  11. Happened to be hanging around over Malibu and only just spotted these! Nice one, guys! Thought I'd try and get a closer look as I didn't know how long the display was set for, nearly got exploderated for my troubles <grin>
  12. Airborned from Palm Springs for a flight towards LA-regio in overcasted condition via an A-10 Warthog(model from IRIS) in camouflage painting:
  13. "I can show you the Palms, Mirage, the Taj Mahal To the strip in M.I.A I can show you the waterfalls in Spain and Prague To the beach in Saint-Tropez I can show you the world, girl, the world, girl But ain't nothin' else like LA I can show you the world, girl, the world, girl But ain't nothin' else like LA Nothin' like LA" Ice Cube - Nothing like LA Visiting LA coming from Agua Dulce and landing at Compton Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. Hello everyone, Firstly before I forget, I'd like to thank each and every single one of you for the fantastic support through 2015 and here's wishing you and your family a great festive season and a safe new year. Drink responsibly and blue skies to all! Now onto business. I just wanted to give you a heads up on some impending releases and one delay. The FTX NA SCA Southern California first release candidate is being prepared by Ed as we speak. Hopefully the testing team can give it a good bill of health this coming week and we can get it into your hands. It will certainly make your xmas stocking, that's a promise. Adrian at FSS has recently finished a massive infrastructure upgrade so the CDN will be able to cope with the demand for this very anticipated region. openLC NA USA/Mexico (including Hawaii and the Caribbean) will be delayed until the new year. All the new textures and LC are done and we're just waiting on final autogen and night lighting to be completed. We may possibly be in beta as soon as late next week but as you can understand there's no way I am going to sign off on it without testing most of the millions of square miles of landclass, so I'd rather it be in good shape and delay release for a bit. I'm confident it will be out in the first quarter, possibly by February. Airports - We finally have some Scandinavian airports incoming (applause!!) and in beta testing right now or imminently we have EDBJ Jena Schoengleina, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda, ENSD Sandane and ENNO Notodden. Tore Stranden is also trying as hard as he can to complete his magnum opus ENNK Narvik. Also Turbulent Designs are still popping their speed pills and we may see O60 Cloverdale in the mix as well. As to how many of these will make it for xmas I can't tell you, and please don't ask. Watch the preview forums for screenshots from the usual suspects to get an idea. Further afield for January we have KCGX Meigs Field for FSX/P3D, another Turbulent NCA airport and some goodies from Alex, Jarrad, Misha and maybe a few more surprises. So that's about 11 releases to look forward to in the next eight weeks. Whew! Finally FTX EU GEN Germany North is about halfway through development and looking uber-fantastisch! Here's two sneak peeks around Berlin: So lots to look forward to in the next few weeks and months and I promise 2016 is going to be a HUGE year for Orbx releases with at least 20 more projects now currently in development or starting soon, over and above what I've just mentioned. We have added another developer to the openLC team to double the rate of LC texture creation and of course we expect almost all our 120+ products to be P3Dv3 ready by the end of the first quarter, sooner if we get Ed to drink copious amounts of Red Bull! Once again, thanks to all our amazing customers for 2015 and here's to a bigger and better 2016!
  15. Hi Jarrad, not to bust your proverbials, but I just wanted to know an approximate time frame on the patch to make KPSP play nicely with SCA (without Global) for FSX. Much appreciated,
  16. Grumman F9F Panther from Agua Dulce to Lake Tahoe Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  17. A single shot of Aeroplane Heaven's magnificent B-17 over SCA. For some reason the flight stuttered on with miniscule FPS. Just after this shot pfffffffffffffffffzzzzzzt. End of flight and not a Focke insight. 32. Dusted my self off reloaded and a perfect flight after. Some you win, some you lose See below.
  18. For the first flight after my holidays, i took the High Performance Mustang for a ride from Twentynine Palms to Agua Dulce Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  19. Hey guys, I have both NCA and SCA and I can't tell if I am in NCA or SCA in this shot - but I will give you the co-ordinates. Only on this flight to from KRDD to KLAX - I do see Autogen trees over this field with textures. It is always in this spot all the time. None of the other fields that I have flown over show trees. I do also own Orbx Trees HD package. Co-Ordinates: Lat: N35 41.01 LON: W119 59.96 Picture is 4K res - you may have to click on it to see it closely Thank You
  20. Folks You might have realised I have a soft spot for the Coolsky DC-9 and the PSA livery that goes with it. Given that much of their network was in and around the two Californias, it's perfect for getting around in the regions. (and heading east to PHX isn't all bad either...). My sectors have been SFO-SAN-PHX-BUR-RNO-SFO. This is a selection from the second half: Now I'm heading back north east to Moncton to hang around Canada waiting for the US OpenLC to really open up the rest of the place... Mike
  21. Hey Orbx Devs, I do hope there is a plan for Orbx KMHV addon. Would love to see tons of those airplanes in the airplane boneyard. This airports need the full Orbx treatment : Airwolf PS - Consider making SRM too. I won't stop on my quest to see a full massive SRM (even if it is 3 regions plus)
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