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  1. Been messing around trying to get my new controls (CH stick/throttle/pedals) to work how I want. Still got a long way to go but at least got the basics working now. Still not totally convinced about the pedals set up - can't get the ergonomics right. Had to buy a new chair and still not really happy. But anyhoo - went for a trial around one of my favourite areas. I've got some of my buttons set up so I can switch views, zoom and pan etc without going to the keyboard, and I've got the trigger on the stick set for captures, and it's all working well so far. A quick hop out from Burbank then. Was going to head for Palm Springs (and might yet) but this is a slow old beast so I figure lots of stops on the way means I can practice with the pedals. This is the Lionheart Tri-Pacer, missed a sale on the Alabeo version but caught a Lionheart sale day somewhere else so . . This is a very impressive bit of scenery, huge amounts of detail and really captures the vibe of the place (at least to a visiting Brit, anyway) Passing Ontario International. Apparently. Strange, I thought that was a lot further north. And this is just before I OOM'ed When I came back next day, the weather had changed (Oh, and I forgot to say I've also upgraded from ASN to AS16. Haven't made my mind up yet how much of an improvement it may or may not be, but it looks good. Still using REX for textures, but thinking about trying ENVTEX and possibly ASCA) Was going to head for San Bernadino Int but saw this on the map and thought I'd go see. Rialto Muni (L67). One of the fun things about this aircraft is that the windows can be used in three levels of cleanliness - clean, normal and dirty. And you get a bottle of virtual screen wipe to use! I think from memory these were set at "clean" drifted a bit as I came down, obviously So, might head on to KPSP, might get distracted on the way, might even be able to see KSAN by the time I get over in that direction as Iain's just posted his final shots (again). It's all good!
  2. Late afternoon flight from Palm Springs to Las Vegas Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers karsten
  3. Up to Mugu for a later flight to wring out missiles and avionics. Embarrassingly I stalled engines twice on this flight playing out over the water. Therefore I need more naval practice so I appreciate the practice carrier deck. Thanks Orbx!
  4. Various familiarization flights and repaint checks. Enjoying the southern reaches of SCA. Haven't spent much time here till now. San Diego Area Channel Islands North of La Jolla Salton Sea
  5. As Brian Wilson once pointed out, the West Coast has all the sunshine. Out of Hamilton AFB Miramar
  6. Socal playground for the war birds:
  7. Two things that make me grin...
  8. OK, so we're in the Tiger again, heading off from Palmdale. Got Lone Star on the eight-track (I'm rather taken with the idea of an eight-track installed in this beastie, and if you don't know the Lone Star album but have/had any taste for '70s heavy melodic rock - give it a listen), a tank full of gas, and a full carton of Malboro (apologies to the Blues Brothers, and it's a long time since I indulged that particular vice). Warning - quite a few pix here. So, off we head - Hmm, there's Edwards AFB down below. Think I'll go and give them a little wake up call . . Low, but definitely not slow (Ahhh, hormones, I remember those!) Yeeeeee-hawwwwww! that was fun! (to be serious for a moment, this SCA scenery really is quite stunning. I continue to be just absolutely amazed at the buzz I get flying around here) So, where now? Gonna take a quick look around California City and then Mohave, and then head off to put down (and possibly go into hiding) at Agua Dulce. Spotted a big oval circuit on the way, Google Earth tells me it's the Hyundai-KIA Proving Grounds Oh man, this is such a great place to be! These are just outside Mojave town Heading south now to the mountains and L70 Over Castaic Lake Recreation Area Coming in to L70, probably got my wheels down a bit early, obviously feeling a need to put down and hide before the Air Force catch up with me This one I posted before, but you can see by the sign this was my last act of vandalism on this jaunt! Perhaps I can disappear into one of those sheds for a while . . . So there you go. A nice gentle cruise enjoying the sunshine. Enjoy!
  9. Just the one (and just before the oom)
  10. So, the first part of a jaunt in the rather splendid Virtavia F3H Demon. Left San Diego and headed down the coast, planning to travel down Baja, cut across inland, and head back up into So-Cal over KPSP way. I really love the level of detail in SCA - if you've got a big screen take a look at these full size, they're all 4k images. Wonderful scenery so far, will turn in soon and head across Have crossed the peninsula and turned north, back in the USA now and planning to head up to Palm Springs nearly there Not actually stopping here, just thought I'd make a noise and maybe break a few windows Heading up towards San Bernadino next Not actually stopping there either Gonna push on and put down at Palmdale. Time for a sandwich and a shower, then the real bad behaviour will be on the next leg!
  11. Just the one. Might need to blow it up to see the signage. I certainly missed it on the way in <grin>. One from a rather fun trip around So-Cal and Baja, which I will post some more of later. Enjoy!
  12. A continuation of my post this morning. No payload and only 10% fuel. 1. Using Shift+P to make the most of every inch of runway. 2. The port outrigger is nearly on the taxi way. 3. Pedal to the metal and take off depends on runway length not speed. 4. We are off and airborne. 5. FS9 model with 744 2d flight deck and RB.211 engines sound. Sounded very impressive from the tower. 6. Now we have to rendezvous with the air tanker as 10% of fuel won't get us very far. 7. I like this shot from the tower, plenty of zoom required. 8. I think I have woken the whole island this morning. 9. Now over Oxnard, my starting point for many SCA flights. 10. Now full of fuel after meeting the KC-97, oh did you miss it? 11. Next stop Elmendorf for another fuel stop. A step back in time with the 2D cockpit, and we used to think that was so good!
  13. The delightful Cherokee heading to L70.
  14. Bought L70 in the sale, went exploring. Spotted Little Buttes Antique Airfield on the map and thought I had to go see. Well, with a name like that . . . Heading west out of Aqua Dulce initially. Gave myself about an hour to sunset, around September time I think Love this part of the world Turning round to head back over the strip and head east/northeast Coming out of the hills, down on to the plain Little Buttes really is just a landing strip And here we are. From the name, I'd wondered if there might be some interesting 'planes parked up here but it seems not. Never mind, it's a pretty spot out here Looks like a good place to start from for a bit of local exploration.
  15. I spent some time putting together an AI package for Air New Zealand today, so I thought I'd take a SCA region flight in hopes of spotting the fruits of my labours - especially the lovely "All Blacks" 777-300ER. No dice on the All Blacks, but I DID see an ANZ 777 on departure. If considering the SCA Region during the current sale, I highly recommend it. FPS aren't fantastic and my i7-6700 4.0Ghz and GTX 980 were working hard to draw all that autogen at 20-24 FPS in the L.A. Basin, but very flyable and a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I go nuts in terms of AI traffic including airliners, GA, ships and cars/trucks too. A pleasant trip... Steve Aha! An Air New Zealand 777! But not All Blacks Approaching Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and the Hollywood sign... Gear down, back of the sign... On approach...FedEx jets visible at airport. Yes, the VASI lights show I'm too high at this point, I corrected.. A safe landing....
  16. Is there any way ORBX can give the user options to not use their water? There's always a conflict.
  17. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvwqng1o8zlnjyf/KSAN.png?dl=0
  18. Thanks to Doc Scott, I have just discovered the rather wonderful RealAir Lancair Legacy. And via an unrelated ad, I've also just discovered L35 Big Bear. And so . . . Up above Big Bear, one July evening at sundown, heading west One of the things that struck me from Scott's shots with this aircraft was the cockpit view - pretty much perfect cinemascope POV - wonderful! I'm gonna have fun with this beastie. And it's a fine looking creature from the outside, too Can you get a tan from a monitor? Now I've got the freebie version of FSTramp running on a second monitor, I can see where I am in the world on a large'ish screen, so having looked around and realised "Ah, so that's San Bernadino over there", I thought I'd head over and put down there. Bit of a last minute decision so a fly past and circle was needed And here's that cockpit view again I do like Southern California, and now that I can visit so magnificently in the comfort of my own den, all is splendid in my little world. Thank you Orbx!
  19. Because I've been running into some fps and stutter issues, I've killed autogen along with AI off completely when flying SCA. That aside, I had a very pleasant flight today, flown online at PilotEdge.net - Routing KBFL LHS LAX FODRR2 KCRQ - FL290. Gave me around 500 kts over the ground once in cruise. Anyway hope you enjoy oh - a quick thank you to Holger for working with me in the P3D3 support thread... got it all taken care of! Airport look familiar? Approaching Santa Monica WHP and BUR Famous VNY Nearing LAX vortac Venice Beach Torrance area Santa Catalina Is Over SXC - KAVX airport Nice curves Nearing Oceanside Moon Went out for the ILS Ry 24 - airport behind me Slats coming out Final Ry 24 Another aircraft on final but I'm all ready for shutdown!
  20. I just installed NA SCA . I have Base,Vector Open LC NA installed now but FSDT KLAS has terrain raised all around it. I unselected the scenery in FSX scenery library and the terrain is still raised. I tried Airport Elevation Correction in Vector tool with no help. Picture with Hotel in background is with FSDT KLAS active.
  21. SCA Edwards AFB adds a lot of terrific visual content to KEDW, which is great. However, with SCA KEDW, your only options are to start a flight on a runway, which is not the way to start any flight at KEDW. Can ORBX add the parking back in to the KEDW BGL so flights can be started at one of the numerous parking spaces? I use a well known traffic program, whose BGL includes an enormous amount of military and mil_cargo parking start locations. The only other option is to disable SCA KEDW in order to use the default Edwards, plus the supplied after market parking bgl. I'm confident that there are many users similar to me who prefer "testing" new airplanes and skins at Edwards. thank you
  22. I have edited the scenery.cfg so the default KEDW Edward AFB is no longer required. It is not checked and active in my scenery library. I then selected a free flight at KEDW and active runway. As the flight loaded the aircraft was located on rwy 04. I asked for a South departure and Ground Control directed me to taxi to rwy 17. I didn't exactly need 39,000' of rwy for my DC3. Not being the patient sort I went to World/Go to Airport and looked in the drop down box for rwy 17 to save myself a 30 minute taxi. Guess what...It ain't there! Also no parking spaces were selectable except the fuel box. Very weird indeed. So I bite the bullet, select progressive taxe and taxi waaay out to the dry lake bed for rwy 17. For taxing a great distance I go into "locked spot" view and set the view right behind the airplane looking forward. When I do this + or - 20 degrees left or right the yellow progressive taxi arrows disappear. Not helpful. I never did find 17 even following the arrows. I ended up in the middle of the dry lake at 36L and gave up. Is it just me or is something lacking at KEDW? Slim
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