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  1. Little one hour jaunt from Torrance (KTOA) to Palm Springs (KPSP). Can't do that in a car. Enjoy! Nick
  2. Captured in natural habitats thanks to orbx.
  3. The popular "Coastal" transition at 500ft, to the "Channel" transition at 800ft over the bay, then back over the top of SAN in the "Taxiway Delta" Transition at 1500ft. Enjoy!
  4. Had a strange craving to take a 5hr jaunt down to Baja California in a Cessna. Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar (KCRQ) to Loreto (MMLT) Enjoy!
  5. A few from the past few months. Thoroughly enjoying P3D v4 all Orbx'ed up. Mostly OLC EU and SCA with a few airports thrown in.
  6. I was flying around the San Diego area in SCA and thought of an airfield that would be a really nice addition to the sim, if anyone from the Orbx team or an enterprising freeware designer had any interest. In the northern bit of La Jolla, close to USCD, there is a little airfield on the cliffs overlooking the ocean used by ultralights and hang gliders. It has a nice café where you can hang out and watch the ocean or the flying activity. The SCA photoscenery even captures it: You can see the hang gliders, the parking lot and the café just ahead of the nose of my Cessna. What do you think? Misha
  7. One from my recent round of purchases at the Alabeo sale. The DA42 coming out of the hills into Bakersfield, aiming for KBFL Lovely little beast, don't know why I've never bought it before now. And I have a question for you all - when this came out I remember seeing pix of it in a really rather splendid paint job, sort of midnight blue rear end covered in little (white/silver?) stars, very "Elvis has left the hangar". I've been hunting around for repaints but can't see that anywhere - does it ring bells with anyone?
  8. Been file fiddling for weeks, but finally approaching the point I can begin to actually take a few flights. Been at the freeware sources again (as well as the Alabeo sale and the regular Virtavia/Razbam sales - but that's another story) so here's a big yellow beastie for Jack. Are you ready? - "this is Kaptain Krusty welcoming you on board . . ." (just down there in the middle of the shot are my favourite dinos) "Moe has now opened the bar on the upper deck" Got about 30 other lairy paint jobs for this as well. Makes a change from the Legacy!
  9. Little test run for the new GTN. Real world conditions today provided the necessity. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing. Nick
  10. The Realair Spitfire is fine in v4, Paul - here it is heading out of L70 to KPSP heading off over the San Gabriel mountains About to pass San Bernadino Intl Turning towards Banning Municipal and on down the valley to KPSP Now, somewhere around here I got distracted by the phone, went to hit "P" to pause, and obviously hit something else, because the next thing that happens is a bang and a flame out, followed by a load of smoke and no engine. And I thought I'd got my realism settings set to pure fantasy (fly through trees, bounce off buildings etc). But hey - it's an experience! Didn't think I wanted to risk trying to make it to Banning, and there seemed to be a largish expanse of open land blow, so I just aimed down and hoped I'd be able to stop before I ran out of space And much to my surprise, I did actually manage to land ok without resorting to any sim tricks and I managed to stop without re-arranging anybody's back yard So, didn't make it to KPSP this time but I'll have another go soon (ignoring any phone calls). Also, beginning to settle in now with my textures. Using the new Rex TD/SC for all textures except clouds, and using ASCA for them. No Envtex at the moment, and my own PTA settings. Not 100% yet by any means but starting to feel happy with it all. All 4k and worth viewing full size.
  11. With fingers crossed, I upgraded to the OF2 Beta today. I'm happy to say, my first test went flawlessly. Montgomery (KMYF) to Catalina (KAVX). Nick
  12. Folks, now that my sim is working well again, it is time to start a tour around my recent purchases. Recent means "since December 2016", as I have not been flying in NA since then... So getting out of KLAX... ... across the Griffith Observatorium... ... and the Victorville plane cementary. Then further north across Edwards... ... and into Yosemite NP. Mono Lake is kind of disappointing in Open_LC, maybe it shoud be individually enhanced towards reality. Lake Tahoe definetively does not need to be enhanced, a "must-land" on every tour in the region.
  13. Few running up the Socal coast and entering the SFRA over LAX P3Dv4. Got too busy with my arrival after that....Enjoy! Nick
  14. Over Huntington, looking towards Long Beach
  15. Connie from LAX to PHX DC-6 from SEA to YVR 'liners from the usual suspects, ASCA, AS in the Connie flight and that's about it.
  16. Experiencing twin towers at LAS. FSX:SE, SCA, Vector, OpenLC. No other addon's. Clean install prior to Orbx/FTX products. Thoughts
  17. Just tinkering. FSX:SE, SCA, 3rd party product Nick
  18. Just wanted to pass on a few flickers in the San Diego area. I have photo captured this one highlighting the land edge of the Coast Guard station. There are a few other various ones I saw. One being on I-5 E of the airport and another being a building texture NW of SAN. They do not detract from my enjoyment of the product, however I figure they happen for a reason, so wanted to pass them on. I am on a fresh install of FSX:SE and only have ORBX SCA and San Diego installed in that area.
  19. A few shots on the ground at KSAN at dawn. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I have done a few other flights around the area and what a great job has been done here.
  20. ... in a Lockheed Electra Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  21. ... from Palm Springs Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  22. So, I was playing around with SCE, setting up my groups and seeing if I could overcome my OOM issues in So-Cal (not terribly successfully, so far). I headed off from Banning towards KPSP with my VAS monitor running on my second screen when I looked down and thought, "hmmm . . ." So I went back and changed into something more handy for a bit of a look round Yep, they're still there. Guess I'll sneak down and take a look "Go on then, nip out and take a look", "Why me, you're so keen, you go out there!" "Ok, hold my jacket then and I'll see if I can sneak up on them" I wasn't sure if these were some kind of "easter egg" snuck in by Jarrad, or actually meant to be there, so I went off to Google, and yep, there they were - Have to say though, looking at these RL images, I definitely prefer the ORBX world in this case. Has a much nicer and less tacky feel to it.
  23. Today I downloaded both the new San Diago - KSAN and Southern Californina. No problem in the install but some of the scenery - Buildings, Ships and the Bridge - appear a blacked out. Any advice gentlemen ? Transaction ID: 58dbbece4aa79 Product: NA Southern California Amount paid: $43.96 AUD Purchased at: 2017-03-29 14:04:40 Quantity purchased: 1 Transaction ID: 58db765687db1 Product: KSAN San Diego International Airport Amount paid: $31.96 AUD Purchased at: 2017-03-29 08:58:34 Quantity purchased: 1 Here are a couple of examples of the problem....
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