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  1. I had my system running well which included Orbx Central, MSFS and P3Dv5.2 and now with the very recent Central update it happens again. I cannot start OC anymore and even worse, the computer freezes or I get a BSOD. If I disable o/c it works if I enable o/c it does not. What is going on there. MSFS and P3D are accepting my o/c but a "simple" auxiliary tool does not? How can this be? BTW, I'm passable experienced with overclocking while doing this since over 15 years. But since the latest Orbx central updates, it has become a real pain for me to work with Orbx add-ons. I am an Orbx customer since day one and have given a small fortune to your company. I really expect support on this issue.
  2. I can't get the Optica to lift off. With full throttle it accelerates to about 35 knots and then the nose wheel lifts off. As speed increases the main wheels start to bounce and skid on the runway and speed will not get above about 50 knots and the stall warning starts beeping. I have tried 2 different joysticks as well as using the throttle in the sim to see if I can get more engine power (it tops out at about 2300rpm) with no success. I have tried adding more forward ballast to hold the nose wheel down to no effect. I have tried various levels of positive and negative trim and flap settings with no success. Can anyone suggest anything else I should try?
  3. Today I decided to fly out of Orbx's PAKT and noticed there are PAPI lights on the runway (right in the middle). Is there something I can do to move or remove them? I have not seen PAPI lights actually in the middle of a runway before. I should add that I have the airport installed in P3D v4.5 and v5.1 and do not see this issue in v4.5, only in v5.1. I also have Pilot's Ultimate mesh installed in both simulators. Basically I have the same scenery installed in both v4.5 and v5.1.
  4. Just downloaded the product, only to find that there are still greenish roads in the sim, even surrounding the airport.
  5. I've noticed the following issue at Catalina, which seems to be associated with SU5/WU6 in some way. Several questions: 1. Does anyone else see this low resolution bush in the same way as shown in the following screenshots. 2. Is this asset part of the Catalina package or is it from the MS2020 trees/bushes library All my settings are at Ultra and I have gone through the reset/reload process for both trees and shrubs/bushes in the MS2020 Graphics settings to no avail. I do not have any "trees mods" or other packages modifying trees/vegetation. I have also run verify files without success. My next step would be to uninstall/reinstall but I thought at this point I should just check to make sure that it is a package object. Unfortunately this object appears throughout the Catalina scenery and it appears to be showing as a very low resolution object although surrounding vegetation is of a proper resolution. Thank you Pete
  6. Out of a sudden, Orbx Central does not work anymore. It is even worse because when I start the app the computer either hangs and I have to do a cold start or I get directly a BSOD. All other programs including sims work fine. What can I do?
  7. I was excited to see a new update for LOWI and decided to start a flight from gate 4... I was surprised to see there were no ramp connection (stairs), baggage, catering and pushback available I saw in the menu that the parkings are RAMP_GA_Medium. I know that if parkings are too small gorund services won't appear at all. I also know that type RAMP_GA_Large offers all these services... Is this something you can test and hopefully fix in a next version?
  8. When I run the Migration troubleshooter I get this message. I looked up where it is supposed to be and it's there. I have no problems with the Sim or the scenery. I looked up the fixes and tried them all with the same result. Is this the troubleshooter giving me a bad message. I also get this message, No installed simulator was found on your system. FTX vector configuration will now exit. I also get the same message with FTX Base but it is for light configuration. Help. John
  9. On clean install of P3D4.5 and Orbx Central, EGTH CTDs as soon as the loading bar disappears and before the black screen clears. Happens consistently. I don't recall this happening on my previous install. New computer after catastrophic failure of motherboard. Only historic forum entries and as it is a new download of EGTH I must assume it is the most up to date. Cheers
  10. Hi Guys, So I recently picked up MK Studio Tenerife North off Orbx Central. When I first loaded in there were trees on the scenery and default taxiway signs. I have already contacted MK Studios and followed up on the advice, but to no avail. I followed the instructions on this site: http://mkstudios.pl/support/kb/faq.php?id=17 but it didn't seem to work. Are there any other fixes to this issue? Cheers
  11. Hi all, i have a problem where, when i start a flight the Orbx airport is not there only the default. When i close P3d and verify the files all is good and everything is as it should be and i can continue. But when i start my PC and P3d again i have the same issue and have to go through the verify files process again. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks.
  12. Hello. I installed new LOWI version but before that I uninstalled LOWI from Content manager as it was suggested. I see some elevation issues.
  13. Hi, I just bought MSFS 2020 on Microsoft Store yesterday and installed it on my PC. After downloading 1,3 GB of data in Xbox app shows Play button. When I click it game starts to run and when it goes to loading screen (this big snowy mountain) it stops and turning off. I tried a lot of tips from many sites like Winows update , drivers update etc nut nothing works so far. Did enyone had something similar witch his copy of MSFS and found the solution?
  14. When I try to open Orbx Central I get a message saying "An error occurred while loading this page. This is likely a temporary issue, so please try again later". How to solve the problem, I tried several times over days??
  15. Suddenly, runway of LOWI becomes unusable because there is a "deep hole" at the east side of the runway (see Video attached)...this problem started suddenly without other changes - after first installation a couple if weeks ago, all was fine. There is no difference if installed LOWI in Flightsimulator directory or Orbx library...If I uninstall Orbx LOWI, all problems are fixed.... microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-09-12-12-47-07_uPnydfk9.compressed.mp4
  16. Hello, A few days ago, i discovered these black texture issues, i tried multiple things to fix it, i tried these steps that Nick posted here as well , all of em nothing worked. i even tried to install them in the Libary and outside it. st ill the same. today i did a complete fresh install and it's still same. now i'm pretty much out of ideas, and tried everything people said here... it's not only near KSFO for example. it goes around the whole world there everywhere. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. This has been an issue for some and the latest patch to MFS has made no difference. Are Orbx working on the London city pack so that it works with MFS London photogrammetry. Currently there is empty space and graphical artefacts on the photo scenery where photogrammetry buildings should be making the package useless
  18. Hello, the LOWG-Graz Airport makes the Photorgrametrie city of Graz disappear after WU6. Only the buildings created in the airport scenery can be seen. Nothing else. The photogrammetry buildings are deleted from the scenery.Completely flat - only the flat satellite image and the trees are visible (see screenshot). This affects the whole city... https://orbxdirect.com/product/lowg-msfs If you deactivate Graz Airport, the photogrammetry can be seen normally...
  19. Hello, I recently installed Sydney Cityscape and noticed that the default bridge i.e. lanes only and no "coat hanger" are still remaining under the correct bridge. I have installed Fly Tampa and then installed Sydney Cityscape. I think I installed Fly Tampa from Orbx Central and Sydney Cityscape from Microsoft Market Place. Please help. Regards Rod
  20. central.logI have attached my log for extra help scenery.cfgI have also attached my scenery config. My problem is that when I got to synchronise my simulator. I get this error. https://imgur.com/a/8BzS2IW. I currently have no OBRX installed as I uninstalled it all and see if that worked. But it didn't. Beforehand I had a few regions such as ENG, WAL, SCO and BASE. Any help will be muchly appreciated. Regards, Cameron
  21. Hi everyone, The title says it all. When I search the airport list, there is no listing for KABQ. I probably did something stupid, somewhere, sometime...and have not flown into or out of KABQ for a very long time. But, this morning, I wanted to do so...but, no listing...any ideas on how to correct this are appreciated...BTW, I am not sure this is an Orbx issue, but you guys are the experts. Sherm
  22. Hi. I've purchased Moscow UUEE but noticed that the runway centreline lights are not aligned with the centreline markings. Also taxiway signs are in the middle of runway exit turnoff points. ( Rwy 24L A4 turnoff ) I can't imagine they've allowed the product to be released with these errors so more likely something wrong at my end. Appreciate it if you could look at the attached Screenshots, Log & scenery ini and advise. Many thanks ...... Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  23. Hello, I've just purchased two NZ airports areas, Gisborne, Whangarei : my download rate is around 100 KB/s (?!), while my system is capable of 100Mbit/s (Italy) I've restarted Orbx Central, and the system as well, nothing changed (while my system works regularly at 100MBits/s) just for feedback
  24. Hi guys, have just got around to messing with the drone with my Xbox controller, controller works fine, but I have no controls, stick doesn't do a damned thing, no up down or sideways, in other words, it ain't workin. Can't find a reason, anyone help with this please - thanks Don
  25. Hello, I've just bought the new airport scenery of Newcastle, when I realized that there was just literally nothing except a taxiway. I'll bring the log.txt below so maybe some of you be able to fix this problem. Log.txt
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