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  1. Hello, I can't get the Orbx Central downloader to work and I think my findings deserves a topic. I have run Linux ever since I could build my own PCs and it said "Use Windows 98ME or better", so, Redhat then.. When I run Orbx Central I'll get two "dangling" symlinks, the SingletonCookie and SingletonLock. They appear red in Midnight commander and they point to files in the same folder that aren't there. Are they supposed to be this way? I've tried to install all of Great Britain for three days (Great Britain South ID: 61a17583b18fe) though my log contains what came out when trying to install the Monument Valley. Would someone look at my log, when it's trying to download sceneries the servers appear to have moved. When I try to hand download some files they give me the 301 error which tells me something doesn't add up. There are several hundred files for Great Britain and if I did get them what would I do with the files? I would also have lost my will to live, I think there are 800 downloads in total and the server isn't "there". The folder blob_storage is interesting, my home folder doesn't have plenty of space so the Central folder inside Orbx had to go in a symlink on the same harddrive as the Orbx library so my home folder doesn't run full. Because of this I've made a fresh profile in case that wasn't the way to do it: I've secretly renamed the main library, started the new profile, quit Orbx Central and renamed the library back. At the next time Orbx Central started it had accepted all the library as it were. I could download single files using wget that works just fine but I don't have the foggiest idea where to put them. I have lots of ways to analyse the logfile but I won't go into boring details, though I'm curious about the 301 error. If I should adress a new server where do I make the change, or does it mandate a new release of the Central downloader? I've purchased sceneries for north of $AUD 200 just this week and I think I can find a way to install the Monument Valley scenery. The C90 at Sedona is lovely in the morning. Would Monument Valley also work on top of the other ortho scenery? I've been good with software since the early KDE days (lol I'm Norwegian so KDE is close to my heart..) and I won't shy away from a little poking, but the Central downloader is a private piece and I could well leave it alone. It's a pity though about all my purchases gone to waste. Regards. central.log scenery_packs.ini
  2. Hello, I have installed ESKS however the runway textures arent loading and also the aprons I see only some satellite images. I have read in other topics it could be a problem with the Objectflow and the libraries. I reinstalled them but didnt helped, I also checked if the Objectflow is active under addons and it is. Thanks for the help. Regards Raymond
  3. I purchase OpenLC North America and the graphics were great. I live in Vermont and the Connecticut River stop at the southern boarder of VT. With LC North America the CT river went right up through Vermont like it is supposed to. But now, the CT river has reverted back to stopping at the southern board and the graphics for my town are not good. I verified the files/I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and my graphics are still like FSX......old.... Any suggestions, Please! Rick Kenyon
  4. Hi, I have a question about the winter trees in TerraFlora and Trees HD, which I use both. This morning I did a flight in real time (i.e. winter season) and saw the following: Shouldn't the leaves be gone now? Or does this depend on my TerraFlora/Trees HD settings or is this a correct depiction? Best regards, Stefan
  5. Hey there! After getting Accuseason by REX, I am asked to provide a license key, which shouldn't happen. I've opened logs and seen this line: `2022-01-15T01:45:36.888Z [ERROR] [Central::LicensingService] - Couldn't fetch license key for rex-accuseason` I believe this is the issue, if you could do something on your end to fix this that would be great. Thanks!
  6. I have these tiles all over high terrain in africa. Running FTX global. V5.3 Hf 1. Any ideas how to solve this?
  7. I have Digital Design GCTS purchased through Orbx Direct. Its pretty nice except that at the far end of runway 25 a small bit of what is probably the P3D5.3 default runway is peaking through causing a bit of an elevation problem. I do not do facebook have been unable to find a website for them so maybe you guys can look into this.
  8. Hello guys, Ive tried everything, cant find a solution. Using FSDT KLAS and attempted to use Holger steps to remove the Orbx files, but i get a pretty weird scenery, Floating buildings, sunken parts of the airport: (BTW, installation files are not located like V4, so i wonder if im doing it right for instance....) Is there a solution to use this scenery on P3DV5.3 HF1 yet?.... Ive seen FlyTampa users are having problems as well.... Thanks,
  9. Having issues with RJAA not appearing correctly.
  10. Hi, this weird glitch is going on in my sim where i have water as land and the autogen isnt loading properly. I tried to search up videos on how to fix it but nothing appears to be working for me. I have Global base, vector, and openLC North America. Ive looked in the forums here but none of them seem to be working but maybe im doing something wrong.
  11. [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/MpxBpZn3/2021-12-4-21-4-29-510.jpg[/img][/url] Hi: I have a ton of elevation issues. I know this is an old issue, but I seem unable to find much. I strongly suspect the issues are related to the order in my scenery.cfg file, which I've attached. Any chance you could take a gander at it to confirm/dispel my suspicions? Also, assuming the order needs changed, can you recommend an editor program? Win10 Home, Gigabyte Aorus Z490 Pro AX, LGA 1200 motherboard, Intel Core i9 10850K (5.2 G/Hz boost clock) 10 Core prcessor, Corsair H100i Pro XT 240mm liquid-cooling RGB, 64 GB Corsair DDR4 SDRAM, 3200MHz RGB, 8G Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, Super GDDR6, 1000W Seasonic Focus Gold power supply, (1) 4TB Sabrent Rocket MVNe PCIe SSD drive, and (1) 4TB Samsung 860 Evo, V-NAND SATA SSD drive scenery.txt
  12. I've been through most of my Orbx airfields with this version of the sim with pleasing results. Having got to New Zealand the same is true, bar one. This is Gisborne, which unfailingly crashes to desktop as soon as I try loading it. If it lasts more than a second, it displays "loading objects" just long enough to read. The other Orbx NZ airfields are fine, as are those I have from other developers. I have tried verifying and reinstalling to no effect - both, apparently, complete successfully. I have checked that crash detection is disabled and have tried disabling the NZ North Island version of the airfield, again to no effect. I cannot see anything wrong in the scenery folders, or in the xml. I'm running out of ideas. Is anyone else seeing this, or able to offer any suggestions I could try? Thanks, Charles
  13. Hi, I installed Orbx libaries, Global Base Pack, Global Vector, openLC Africa, openLC Europe and ObjectFlow as well. As with P3Dv.5.2HF1, the same issue is repeated and P3Dv5.3 cannot "see" the Orbx external library placed at C:\. Even though an addon-xml file exists in each one folder. I am wondering if addon-xml should be placed in the main Orbx folder or all those Orbx items must be reinstalled within P3D main folder. Thanks, Sotiris Stavrakis
  14. I installed the Orbx EGLC scenery and spawned to make a quick flight from it. But it appears I get no ATC options, only traffic. Is that a problem with the scenery or the sim database?
  15. Does anyone also get a serial number request on the latest REX weatherforce update today? I did not get a serial number when I purchased it off the Orbx store....? Thanks
  16. log and scenery ini.zip Hello, I have an issue with EPWA 2.2 where some things are doubled on the airport, such as taxiway markings. This is more visible on the apron itself. This topic has been already mentioned on DD's forum: https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=25782#p25782 It seems this problem is only present in the Orbx version of EPWA 2.2. Could you please help?
  17. There has to be simple answer somewhere The No 1 throttle keeps jumping around when aircraft stationary Is this a bug or am i the only one
  18. Just want to tave a look into central today to check for some updates. Instead of opening its UI it shows me a picture that it wouldn't be able to find my MSFS. What can I do here to get it back?
  19. Hello, today (02.01.2022) I bought Orbx Van Nuys KVNY from Microsoft store inside the sim and installed it. Unfortunately when I'm starting a flight from this airport it everytime freezes the flight simulator during loading screen. This is a severe bug. Please help - and yes, I know the usual steps before to clean rolling cache etc.
  20. Hello, Just a curious question. I have two airports, both by the same developer, EDVY and EDBJ. In the User Manual for both there is a reference to the Config Panel so users can customize the scenery more in line with their system's capabailities. EDBJ has a Control Panel, but EDVY just shows a pop-up labelled 'Control panel' but no options listed to enable/disable parts of the scenery. I have FTX Germany South and have enabled that in the EDBJ panel along with disabling some of the 'grass' areas. I am wondering if EDVY has such options somewhere ? Both airport sceneries are running great, looking great, but when I fly in with a more complex aircraft (Carenado, 4096 textures etc..) I take a bit of fps hit, unless I disable some features through the panel - works in EDBJ; wishing I could do same in EDVY. (Running FSX SP 1&2 with Orbx Global Base, Vector, OpenLC EU, FTX Germany South). Everything Orbx is up to date through Central V4.1.42. Thank-you, Milan ........
  21. I made a $78.99 purchase last night not knowing the credit card on file was not up to date. The order was accepted, and I installed the products. Today I got a notification that the purchase was declined. I'd like to update my card info and make sure you guys get your money, and I get to keep the product. I paid sale prices that are now unavailable. It seems I can't update card info without making a purchase. I will do it that way if I must. Please advise. Thanks!
  22. Anyone have any idea why I'm getting these texture bleeds with KMIA using TE FL? I disabled the TE FL KMIA ADE/object files and the photoreal from LFVR KMIA. Using P3Dv4.5
  23. I just purchased EETN and after the installation I cannot see any SODE Jetways. I have the latest version of SODE but they don't show up. Any thoughts? Mike
  24. Good Afternoon All, Please can any one help or advise. I have recently bought TrueEarth EU Spain South SD for X-Plane 11. Once loaded, I have noticed that the smaller roads are missing the default grey colour tarmac ? Motorways / highways appear to have grey tarmac but the smaller roads do not. The smaller roads are transparent and near invisible, but I want the default grey tarmac. All my other great Orbx products (UK, USA, Canary Islands and Balearic) have the grey tarmac apart from this Spain South scenery. I think I must have done something wrong because I could not find any similar posts on the forum. I have re-verified TE Spain South SD but that did not seem to work. I have also checked in Orbx central, the control panel, which shows I ticked 'default roads'. Does anyone have any suggestions what's happened ? I have attached a few pictures to show you what I see. Many thanks Martin
  25. Hello, I currently have FSX with SP1&2. I have FTX Global Base, Vector, and numerous OpenLC regions, full fat regions, Trees HD, and airports - mostly all Orbx. Also running UT2 and REX Essentials. Everything Orbx is up to date - scenery and Orbx Central included. Some time ago, as is usually the case, I purchased, not one, but numerous sceneries all at same time during your sale (5 to be exact). With real life constantly getting in the way, it was several months before I got around to actually flying and exploring some of these. One I left for a longer while, as I had no suitable aircraft for - namely KBLU. Maybe pure luck, but the few times I started flying in the KBLU region - it was only short flights around Gansner Field. All here was good, so far. I now finally got an AC with appropriate 'gear' and decided to fly out of Limberlost ranch. Upon launching FSX, I found myself sitting in the AC 1/2 buried in the asphalt runway there. OK, then I decided to load up FSX at KBLU, and after a long, agonizing wait (3+min) - got message FSX encountered an error and will need to close (CTD). Second try, after many min. waiting, finally worked, but all small trees/shrubs in the airport vicinity were flickering between white (snow covered) and green. Very annoying, and even after turning 'off' all scenery addons in config panel, no joy. Tried several flights from Gansner to KBLU, and like clockwork, when about 19 to 20 nm out from the KBLU airstrip - got CTD each and every time. Obviously something in the vicinity not right scenery-wise. Event viewer simply points to g3d.dll . I remember getting the exact same CTD's at YBCG and CityScene GC, which were rendered unuseable on my system by Nick, and I got refund. I followed everything to a T from the KBLU manual, and have no third party scenery in the entire California region. There seem to be little in the way of answers in the forums re this issue. The only airfield of the three which works flawlessly is Gasner Field. I have uninstalled KBLU via Central, and flew several flights out of Gasner to KBLU with different aircraft and without any issues. I feel I have pretty much exhausted my options to make things work, but all of them failed. As opposed to spending more time on this (not enjoyable), I would prefer just to get credit for KBLU (I have all transaction details) and fly in other Orbx areas - all of which work flawlessly. Here's what I went through with the only other Orbx scenery that had ever given me problems (YBCG) : Here are a few of the posts (without solutions and in P3D forums, not FSX) I came across : As you can see, I already spent considerable time on these KBLU sinking plane at CA21, failure to load flight at KBLU, and CTD on KBLU approach issues and have run out of options. Milan .....
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