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  1. If I wouldn't be already fallen in love to ORBX and flightsimming I would it be now.
  2. A yellow plane for Jack!
  3. starting from the far west of Canada, the Yukon. Flying across Alaska with unpredictable weather. Fun so far, every day is different, and I've only just crossed the border. Loving P3D V4 so far.
  4. Leaving the wonderful freeware Bowerman in P3Dv4... Thanks for looking
  5. Ready to depart. Hope you like it. Fly safe
  6. Sometimes I like to stick a pin in the map and head somewhere at random... this morning it was Albania. Thanks for looking...
  7. Whist patiently waiting for all my wonderful FTX airports to appear (no rush - so much to see in the full-fat regions anyway), I thought I'd catch up with my PTA tweaks (oh joy!!!). This Coastguard is either totally lost, or has mistaken Lake Wanaka for the open sea (it's below - out of shot)... Musn't forget to keep Jack happy while his PC fries ... flown over for the next airshow: Adam.
  8. Hey guys, since I just cannot fly without FS Passengers this leaves me enough time to thouroughly test my new preset in V4. Right now Vancouver is my preferred place of testing. My favourite place in PNW. Fly safe
  9. Well I'm not sure how many trees there are being rendered in these shots, but its a lot... and it runs perfectly well Berlin in winter... There are some buildings here as well then? Thanks for looking...
  10. So after much cursing and messing around, I'm beginning to get v4 working and looking how I want it. Got the payware PTA on there, and after a bunch of not very productive attempts at my own setup I found and tried out the thopat preset. A couple of minor tweaks to suit my own particular taste and now it's beginning to be fun. These are from a test run out of the default Angwin Parrett Field in NorCal. Haven't got Active Sky or Rex or any other textures/weather yet. Sliders maxxed, all 4k, default texture_thingy=8. Don't want to upgrade my current PC with a new graphics card yet but I'll probably up my RAM to 32gb sometime soon and see how that helps. In the meantime, away we go - had been just aimlessly pootling around, then spotted water ahead. Turns out to be a place called Clear Lake and it looks like another wonderful chunk of northern Californian bliss. (and if anyone on the forum is from around there and is going to tell me it's polluted like crazy and full of bad people I don't want to know - it looks wonderful and that's all I need!) I know my preferences are a bit dark for some people, but I'm really pleased with how this is coming along. This is going to be such fun as all the ORBX strips make it on to the system To infinity (or maybe Eureka) and beyond! Enjoy!
  11. One wing this time... A Scout over Italy. Thank you for viewing...
  12. East Devon, Exmouth and along the Jurassic Coast. Thanks for looking.
  13. Leaving Roanoke, VA to Charlotte, NC at dusk. Using PTA...comments appreciated.
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