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  1. We are proud to present you sneakpeeks about BKPR Pristina International Airport's terminal that we will release soon. PS:We need more resources to do a more detailed job. If you have visual resources of Pristina International Airport and share them with us, we would be very happy.
  2. Hi there! First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, and if you are celebrating Orthodox Christmas, Merry Christmas to you as well. I don't usually do this kind of announcement but I guess it's time for something new and exciting, time for a little change, change for the better. With tons of emails, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., I thought it might actually be a good idea to share some progress and future plans with all of you in one place, and what better place is there than Orbx. 2022 is looking promising so far, and with that said, I have come up with 2 lists of airports that are planned to be developed. List #1 is for those airports that are already being made or are in the queue for development. List #2 is a hypothetical list that is subject to change and is of course open for your suggestions. Cheers. 2022 Development Roadmap Aldergrove/Belfast International Airport East Midlands Airport 2023 Development Roadmap TBA A little preview of the upcoming Belfast Intl. If you're located in Belfast or have photos of it (Main terminal exterior/interior), please DM/email me, thanks!
  3. Hey there to everyone once again, I'm here with a quick update on Belfast progress. Thought it'd be a great idea to have a separate topic for it so that it doesn't get lost in the previous one. What you're seeing on these videos is just the tip of the iceberg. This project will feature a lot of new crazy things that I've never done before. It's still a WIP, so as always don't freak out if something is missing/looks odd, we'll get there, soon-ish. The most important part of every airport, and also the most time consuming one - the passenger terminal, is complete, which means we are not far from release. Also, all of this great stuff will be brought to EGPH (There'll be a huge update for it) and EGPF in an update as well, EGNX and EGPD will come with it on release, obviously. UKLL will come at a later stage. See you in a bit!
  4. Our team is ready to show you a few WIP screenshots of our upcoming scenery for MSFS and X-Plane 11(12) Juneau will be available after SU10 i suppose cause compatibility issues with SU9. But will see...
  5. The Pilot Plus team are pleased to announce one of our current projects, London Biggin Hill for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team are working closely with airport management to enable the creation of the most realistic and accurate digital twin of Biggin Hill. Biggin Hill is in the London Borough of Bromley, placing it within close proximity of Central London. The airport is a popular choice for private and charter flights and is rich with history, most notably the role the airport played in the Battle of Britain. The environment will capture the essence of the airfield and be at the level of detail you have come to expect from a Pilot Plus product. Also known as ‘Biggin on the bump’, the digital twin in Microsoft Flight Simulator will include accurate terrain for the airport and surrounding area. This will be at an impressive 1 metre resolution, including the runway slope. The team spent significant time capturing airside reference of both new and old infrastructure, on foot and from the sky by helicopter. Here are a handful of renders of some of the iconic infrastructure at Biggin. You can view more previews on our press release https://pilotplus.io/announcing-biggin-hill-airport/
  6. STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator is fast making landfall in a sim near you! Hurricanes and other natural disasters injected into the next-generation sim. Calling all storm chasers! Buckle up for the most exhilarating, thrilling and dangerous flight simulation product created by SoFly. STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds historic hurricanes, superstorms and a diverse range of global storm presets that will give you the most thrilling challenge yet. Take flight anywhere in the world and go in search of these natural disasters. Historic hurricanes are based on real-world data, whilst fictional storms are designed to test your skills in unique conditions. A huge number of fully voiced action missions are also included with STORM. You will go in search of hurricanes, collect geological data and transport vital equipment all whilst trying to avoid any emergency situations. If action missions are too fast paced for you, take a more educational approach with the included airliner routes. Your co-pilot will give you all the information you need to know about the hurricane you’re about to fly over. In a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, STORM includes an interactive manual. A full audio tour written by a Geography and Natural Hazards Specialist is also included, this tour will teach you about hurricanes, their formation, and the destruction they cause. With STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will be able to find hurricanes in their real-world locations, take on numerous challenges and become the ultimate storm chaser. Price: £9.99 | €11.99 | $12.95 | $17.95 AUD (excludes VAT). STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on May 31st 2022 via OrbxDirect. In a nutshell A large number of Hurricanes (historical and fictional) are injected into Microsoft Flight Simulator Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world Fully voiced story-driven missions Educational airliner flights to the eye of the storm; choose between the default A320 or the FBW A32NX All-new discovery flights and authentic audio tour Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator Tough and thrilling landing challenges Flight plans leading you to the hurricanes are included, or discover them on your own Detailed PDF guide helping you find the hurricanes and storms included
  7. Many of you asked us to make Lanai Airport despite the fact that it is already represented in the simulator by another developer. But at your request we recreated this airport in excellent quality for maximum immersion. By 99% corresponds to the real building. Will be available in June.
  8. Hello to all fellow pilots! I'm excited to announce my new project - Glasgow Airport. It's been a while and my mailbox has become full of "when, what, where" e-mails. For all those who have been asking , this "little" announcement should answer most of your questions. With some 30 airlines serving over 100 destinations worldwide, including Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and the Gulf, Glasgow is Scotland’s principal long-haul airport as well as Scotland’s largest charter hub. I've prepared a few shots of Glasgow's gorgeous terminal building and its interior as well as some static aircraft models with airside operations vehicles. As always I am aiming for a feature-rich rendition of this airport that will bring it to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. No release date and price questions, I don't know any of these either . More pictures will follow later. Stay safe, cheers!
  9. Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. WU6 has finally fixed SDK and made things manageable again! On this note I'm happy to finally bring you an update for EGPH with lots of fixes and new features. - I've added new double-decker busses in front of the terminal entrance and also touring busses further down the parking lot. - Spitfire memorial has been remodeled and retextured thanks to avsim users who pointed out that's it's not a battle unit but a model made of fiberglass. - Tree lines near the new terminal extension have been fixed and made lower. - Glitchy fencing near 24 threshold has been fixed - Tower lights now have greater draw distance so that you can see that majestic purple on your approach - Added more dirt to all aprons for a more "worn" look. - You can now Disable/Enable static jets - Quite a few cars were missing, so more were added near the ATC tower and FastPark areas. - You will now be greeted with static 3d scanned people inside the terminal. - For those who own UKOO and EGPH and experienced "shared" textures between the airports after SU5, this problem should be all gone now, textures have been renamed and re-exported. - Cargo apron now has darker pavement to closer match its real life counterpart - Added glass rain effects to terminal windows for those awesome rain mood screenshots - Stands 4A/4 labels have been swapped - And finally, DME has been moved to the same position as the ILS antenna. I sincerely hope you like this update and enjoy Edinburgh. Soon a new project will be revealed as well, so stay tuned. Take care, cheers. Update should be live on orbxcentral soon.
  10. A sneak preview of Pilot Plus Bristol International for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Bristol is a large project for the team, every asset has been carefully crafted making the airport truly authentic and realistic. The previews below give you a glimpse of how fantastic the final product will be, whilst we perfect the final touches. We can't wait for you to see this for yourself and we're sure Bristol will become your new base in MSFS!
  11. Hi guys, some news on UKOO update. As some of you might've heard already, new runway has entered into service together with the new apron S in Odesa's Airport. Sim Update 5 has broken the SDK quite a bit, editing/creating a scenery is almost impossible, constant CTDs and object issues. While I've managed to get some stuff in, UKOO/EGPH update will be delayed until SDK is fixed. For now, some previews of recent UKOO upgrades. (All WIP, not final results by any means). Cheers
  12. Greetings there, fellow pilots! I'm happy to release these early previews of main terminal of Edinburgh Airport. The airport is planned to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator first, X-Plane 11 version may follow afterwards, no promises though! A completely new feature rich airport with a fully modeled interior, new turnhouse apron and much more, stay tuned for updates!
  13. Hi there, fellow pilots, I'm happy to post some previews of the upcoming airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator - UKLL/LWO. Welcome to the City of Lions - Lviv in Ukraine, located in the geographical heart of Europe. Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv" is the biggest airport in Western Ukraine. Its route network consists of more than 60 destinations across Europe and Middle East. For the Euro-2012 championship the new air-terminal complex was built at the airport. New terminal "A" with a total area of 39 thousand square meters has 9 departure gates, 4 of which are jet bridges, 28 check-in desks, 18 passport control checkpoints and 12 aviation security control checkpoints, and all of that is modeled in this scenery for you to enjoy. Key Features: Terminal Carcass made with AutoCAD to almost identically replicate the real building Custom Animated Jetways with dynamic hood to perfectly fit any airframe. Custom Ground polygons with custom markings and dirt ILS/VOR data according to latest AIP (On-line ready) 2021 layout Custom night lighting PBR textures for every object Optimized LODs and textures for smooth performance Animated vehicles on aprons Default ATC/Traffic integration Parallax Window Mapping for a visual “3d Interior effect” Lviv Arena, Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, Socar Gas Station included Expected release is next week on Friday, April 2nd at a price of 21,99 AUD. (16,99 USD).
  14. We’re pleased to announce our next product in our Microsoft Flight Simulator portfolio. Landing Challenge Pro will give you access to a series of incredible landing challenges when it releases. Realise your true skill in your piloting abilities with Landing Challenge Pro as you take on nearly 30 unique landing challenges throughout the world. Discover thrilling new destinations featuring approaches that often leave no room for error. Go up against short-runways, high-altitude approaches, and mountainous terrain on your global journey to build up your landing skills. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of stunning beaches and forests as you soar above the scenic locations, but remember your ultimate goal is to perform a safe landing. Newcomers and experienced simmers alike can improve their landing skills with insightful feedback after each successful landing. Share your results with friends online and invite them to compete with your score. Advance through three difficulty levels choosing from Easy, Tough and Pro and master each challenge. Harness all your skills to take on approaches through extreme weather conditions. Blizzards and freezing temperatures will cause ice to build up, whilst hurricanes and gusty winds will sway your aircraft from side to side. Take on several exhilarating and epic challenges in a variety of aircraft types and work towards becoming a pro. Build on your experience and skill with Landing Challenge Pro to gain the confidence you need to take on any approach. Landing Challenge Pro will release very soon on the SoFly store and many others. We are aiming to release Landing Challenge Pro through OrbxDirect and our own store on Thursday, 13th May 2021. Product Page: https://orbxdirect.com/product/sofly-landingchallengepro Features Nearly 30 expertly crafted landing challenges spread throughout the world Unique missions designed to test your landing skills Diverse challenges including short-runways, beach landings, engine failures and more Custom-made weather presets for hurricanes, sandstorms, blizzards and more Feedback after each successful landing Three distinct difficulty levels perfect for any degree of experience An easy-to-follow comprehensive manual
  15. A brand new free update to Weather Preset Pro will be released very soon. Version 1.20 will add ten new presets to the collection, meaning that customers will now have 60 visually stunning and accurate presets in their collection. Since the release of Weather Preset Pro, we have committed to providing free updates to our customers and providing even more value to the utility product. The new presets are primarily focused typical UK weather to coincide with the release of the new World Update coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator on February 11th 2020. Weather Preset Pro version 1.20 will be released for free across all stores very soon. We’ll be emailing customers who own any of our products with detailed information on how to get the update once it is made available. You can purchase Weather Preset Pro directly from OrbxDirect for $8.99 AUD (approximately US$6.85 | €5,72 | £5.00). You can also combine Weather Preset Pro with A Guide to Flight Simulator to get the most out of your flight simulator. You can buy our combo pack for £13.99 (plus VAT) directly from the SoFly Store. Here is the full list of new presets added to version 1.20 of Weather Preset Pro. UK: Typical English Day Low clouds and rain fill the air in this stereotypical weather preset. UK: Typical Spring Day As the sunshine breaks through the clouds, a light breeze can be felt in the air. UK: Typical Summer Day A warm 24c outside and minor cloud coverage mean you have a great day of flying ahead. UK: Autumn Day Cooler air with a slight drizzle means you have some cloud dodging to do with this Autumn profile. UK: Indian Summer As summer ends, there’s still warmth left in the atmosphere, along with a subtle orange glow. UK: Summer Storms It may be hot, but these storms can be dangerous if not avoided. UK: Light Snow Coverage A small snow coverage with some snowfall in this wintery scene. UK: Frosty Winter Morning A cold start to do the day with plenty of ice and frost still on the ground. UK: Storm Christoph Whilst Storm Christoph battered the UK, now is your chance to experience flying in these challenging conditions.
  16. Welcome to Dublin for MSFS2020! Dublin Airport (ICAO: EIDW) is an international airport serving Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. It is operated by DAA (formerly Dublin Airport Authority). The airport is located 7 km (4.3 mi) north of Dublin City Centre in Collinstown, near Swords, Dublin. In 2018, over 31.5 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport's busiest year on record. It is the 13th busiest airport in Europe, and is the busiest of Ireland's airports by total passenger traffic. It has the greatest traffic levels on the island of Ireland, followed by Belfast International Airport. The airport has an extensive short and medium haul network, served by an array of carriers, as well as a significant long-haul network focused on North America, the Middle East and East Asia. It serves as the headquarters of Ireland's flag carrier – Aer Lingus, regional airline Stobart Air, Europe's largest low-cost carrier – Ryanair, and ASL Airlines Ireland, together with another two airlines, CityJet and Norwegian Air International. United States border preclearance services are available at the airport for U.S.-bound passengers. Shannon Airport is the only other airport in Europe to offer this facility.
  17. Welcome to Sankt Johann Airport Tirol! An all Austrian-affair is on the cards with our next scenery, Sankt Johann Airport, which is located just a stone's throw away from the German border and a similarly short distance from another of our products: Zell am See is only a 35 km jaunt as the crow [simmer] flies. Featuring just a single asphalt strip along with two grass ones, Sankt Johann's airport is the epitome of a general aviation field and perfect for gaining experience in the mountains. Gaya has your local flying sorted as well, because as mentioned the beautiful ski town of Zell am See is just around the corner. Enjoy these screenshots fresh from the latest development version. Coming soon to MSFS!
  18. The release of Weather Preset Pro earlier this month was met with huge success and a great response from the community. Your feedback has helped shape the product into something even greater than the original release. As a result of that feedback and our commitment to always providing quality products at fair prices, we will soon be releasing a free update to Weather Preset Pro. Version 1.10 of Weather Preset Pro will not only fix a handful of bugs reported by the community, but also add 10 additional presets to your collection. This now brings the total number of included of presets to 50. The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additional visibility conditions, new storm formations and also wildfire conditions. Whilst we’re excited by the new presets, we’re also pleased to have found better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous build and used new techniques to make them more visually appealing and realistic to fly through. We have toned down some of the harsh winds from some of the conditions and improved how your aircraft controls during those stormy approaches. The update is nearing completion with just a few more tweaks to go before we release it. It is our intention to release this week across all platforms, but we’ll write a post here confirming the exact release plans once we know for sure. A huge thank you to the community for supporting Weather Preset Pro so far and we can’t wait to continue adding to this already busy collection of amazing weather. If you haven’t done so already, pick up Weather Preset Pro here for just $8.99 AUD (approximately US$6.35 | €5,41 | £4.91). You will get notified of the free update as soon as it’s released.
  19. Benvenuti in Toscana - Welcome to Tuscany! What better way to explore one of Italy's most revered regions than at it's heart in Florence, capital and most populous city. Picked out with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, Florence's Airport is just minutes from the city centre, perfect for low-and-slow VFR scenic flights or convinient tourist travel from abroad to and from one of the Renaissance's great hubs. An Italian hub for Vueling and offering flights across Europe both seasonally and year-round, Florence is the perfect product for Microsoft Flight Simulator - offering a variety of airline and general aviation traffic, plus a challenging approach and proximity to a beautifully recreated cityscape in MSFS and Gaya Simulations' trademark industry leading quality, there's nothing better! Highlights - A details-focused rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ). - Fully optimised for ultra-smooth performance. - Includes custom animations. - Many custom-made POIs in and around the airport. - Proximity to the historic Renaissance centre of Florence. - High-quality 3D assets dotted around the city for an ultra-realistic experience. - Incredible yet challenging approach bordered by the nearby Monte Morello. - Central location in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany.
  20. Benvenuti in Toscana - Welcome to Firenze! We are thrill to share with you the official trailer for LIRQ - Firenze Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Release on Firday (16.10.2020)
  21. Berlin Tegel Airportn now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Available here: orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-eddt-msfs Also- Special bundle and discount for limited time of 1 week! For one week only there is a 15% discount for customers that have Gaya Simulations' LGKO Kos Airport or LOWW Vienna for P3D/XPlane in their OrbxDirect accounts. Also available for one week only is a special bundle offer for Microsoft Flight Simulator LOWW Vienna and EDDT Berlin-Tegel. Purchase both and save 15%! - https://orbxdirect.com/bundle/msfs-vienna-and-berlin-bundle --------------------------------------- Located a short 10 kilometres by road from the centre of Berlin, Tegel is most certainly an urban hub - and it's this proximity which we, Gaya Simulations, have used to our advantage in making our next flagship scenery. Blending with Microsoft Flight Simulator's excellent default cityscape, we picked out Tegel with the city in mind. The skyline includes all of the points of interest you've come to know from the German capital - add to that a high quality custom model of the Brandenburg Gate which we've created and you've got an inseparable pair. As always with Gaya Simulations airports, Berlin Tegel is designed for best in-class immersion, detailing and performance. Our artists have spent months trawling through documents, images and other primary sources in order to create the most compelling and realistic recreation of the airport on the market. The hub of the now defunct Air Berlin, Tegel is the perfect place to perform some retro rotations - or if you're looking for something more modern, perhaps try some Easyjet laps in the A320. Just try not to gawp as you approach over the beautiful city! Berlin-Tegel Airport by Gaya Simulations: Coming Soon for MSFS, P3D and XP-11!
  22. We’re now on our short final for the Wycombe Air Park release, we’re super excited and can’t wait for you to experience the beautiful British countryside like never before. Wycombe Air Park was built native for Microsoft Flight Simulator, taking advantage of full PBR and the latest abilities provided by the simulator. Upon launch, the product will be priced at $18.99 AUS through Orbx Direct and existing X-Plane and P3D customers will receive 25% discount. Featuring Dynamic Rain The Wycombe Air Park control tower features dynamic rain effects, creating a truly authentic experience. Set the weather to rain or storms to witness this realistic effect. Comparison to default sim A collection of images showing the default simulator (left) compared to Wycombe Air Park by Pilot Plus (right). Features: A unique and charming countryside atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling Full PBR Air park, including apron assets, buildings and ground Dynamic rain on the control tower glass Highly detailed hand painted environment (5cm per pixel) Hand coloured aerial imagery covering the airfield and surroundings (up to 12.5cm per pixel) Includes local VFR landmarks used when flying (Stadium, Golden Ball Church, Stokenchurch mast etc..)
  23. We are pleased to announce that Wycombe Air Park will soon be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team are eager to create stunning locations for the new simulator, and explore everything the new simulator has to offer. Every new product will be compatible with MSFS, P3D and X-Plane. With the new MSFS offering a fantastic new way to enjoy general aviation flying, we are delighted to provide you with the perfect UK gateway. Wycombe Air Park leverages the fantastic new rendering engine in MSFS and was built native for the simulator. We can’t wait for you to explore Wycombe Air Park in MSFS. Current Wycombe Air Park customers (XP & P3D) will be eligible for a discount on this product when released. More details on that will be announced alongside the product release.
  24. We are pleased to announce the next release on OrbxDirect by Pilot Plus will be EGTB Wycombe Air Park for P3D V4 & 5! Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. Set in the classic British countryside, Wycombe is a popular airfield for general aviation pilots and training helicopter pilots alike. Pilot Plus’ London Wycombe captures the airfield’s atmosphere and unique charm, providing you with the perfect general aviation gateway. Using crisp ground imagery with hand painted ground at 5cm per pixel, with densely packed modelling throughout, Pilot Plus has crafted the definitive version of London Wycombe Air Park. Combining ultra-realistic models with modern texturing techniques, this is the perfect place to start your VFR experience. With fantastic use of PBR effects to enhance the simulation, the addition of 3D grass and plenty of finer details to find, London Wycombe Air Park packs plenty of character. Using real-world data and onsite visits, the airfield is completed to the highest detail providing a truly authentic adventure. Soar across the area with accurately placed VFR landmarks all used by real-pilots to complete circuits. Helicopter users will also take delight in the addition of Cliveden House helipad giving you a chance to land locally before your spot of virtual lunch. London Wycombe offers compatibility options to perfectly blend with Orbx True Earth, Open Land Class EU or EU England. London Wycombe Definitive is the perfect choice to kick start your general aviation adventures. FEATURES The Pilot Plus Definitive replication of London Wycombe A unique and charming atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling Full PBR Airport, including apron assets, buildings and ground Hand painted ground at 5cm per pixel, with crisp surrounding orthoimagery up to 12.5cm per pixel Atmospheric night environment, perfect for that sunset departure 3D Animated People Includes local VFR landmarks which real-life pilots use when completing circuits Includes Cliveden House Helipad for trips from Wycombe Compatible with Orbx True Earth or Seasonal FTX Products (OLC/EU England)
  25. We are pleased to announce Pilot Plus' arrival in the P3D scene with the their successful Bristol International Airport which was originally published for X-Plane 11. Bristol was a significant airport for the Pilot Plus team, and marked the beginning of their Definitive range. Definitive products are Pilot Plus' most bespoke and intricate environments, providing an unrivalled simulation experience with no compromise. Ranked as the 9th busiest airport in the UK in 2018, Bristol International Airport (EGGD) is situated in North Somerset and serves the city of Bristol and the surrounding area. With Easyjet and Ryanair operating out of EGGD, the airport serves nearly 9 million passengers every year flying to many destinations in Europe. Features: Pilot Plus Definitive replication of Bristol International Adaptive seasonal vegetation Detailed texturing and PBR High fidelity ground with crisp surrounding Ortho-imagery at 12.5cm per pixel Atmospheric and dynamic night environment Detailed and accurate 3D models with raytraced occlusion and reflections Authentic taxi signs and lighting Perfectly blends with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South Expect to see a release very soon!
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