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Found 12 results

  1. Wow, PTA totally transforms the sim! Screenshots can't do it justice really, but here's av few anyway /Magnus
  2. I hummed, I haw'ed...this...that...delayed buying...and then whamo...decided to purchase the Gold Coast. Simply great Orbx dished-up, value here folks...worth every dollar asked for! P3D 4.1 farmed out, at pretty much anything that can be ticked, including water at Ultra. Quite flyable at full out settings, including my approach. (If you left click your mouse twice within each picture, that will bring them up to full full size and detail) ----- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Left click twice on pic for full full....
  4. Hi! As I flew above Turkey from LTBU to LTAN, I saw those textures on the ground( please refer to my pic) and they are everywhere there. Are they normal or it's also the "rapid ground texture "morphing" issue? I have FTX_Global base and open_LC_Europe installed. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I have just installed your PNW. I also have LC_NA installed, too. However, when I fly to the Mount Saint Helena, I cannot see the smoke erupting from the volcano as shown in your trailer video of PNW. Besides, the texture looks much differently. I have to admit that I bought this product because of the trailer video of the Mount Saint Helena but when I fly there, I was disappointed. I have already adjusted the setting according the manual of PNW. I will attach the screenshot in my sim flying pass the Mount and also my setting. Thank you so much for helping! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RoNXw0RabxE3wI13Gpz8p7Z1o-6_ogPB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pw8_aV4VvR6p5hQeIWmIwYB5i0mzrEbw https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cjr22Iq43FUEJZLc41nwxrb-LKFxLJ0o https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bWDn42QXaPN1X1vUC8OrSeVMQmrAIlyg https://drive.google.com/open?id=11J9CiDm9rqh9KWFy3GZKaBsJ3GyPMuT7
  6. Has anyone a hint how I can reduce the size of the runway lights in Queenstown?
  7. P3D v4.1, ASN for P3D v4.x, and Orbx, with ALL the stops, pulled out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers, and Happy Holidays!
  8. Just installed the Quest Kodiak v2.6, with 64 bit sound, all working engine, cockpit, exterior sounds,and quite fabulous too! Here's how: Enjoy:
  9. Does it get any better than this?!? I don't think so..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full screen size, two left-clicks upon picture with mouse.
  10. Hello, I just upgraded from P3D v4 to v4.1, I updated all three modules, including SCENERY. When I open the Orbx program everything stays untouched, as if it were already up-to-date, but I suspect that the files have been overwritten. How can I make sure Orbx products are indeed active in my v4.1 installation? Thanks.
  11. After installing P3Dv4.1 I run the tool troubledhooter migration, and in my file migration_missing.txt I have this: Files requiring migration: Wales Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2an1.agn Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2fa1.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2hw1.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2lm1.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2m11.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2sp1.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2su1.bmp Orbx \ FTX_EU \ FTX_EU_WLS_08_CUSTOM \ texture \ 063b2wi1.bmp -------------------- Invalid files: Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU05_ROADS \ Scenery \ cvx_Orbx_Australia_Railroads_S20-28_W.BGL Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU05_ROADS \ Scenery \ cvx_Orbx_Australia_Roads_SF-SG-53.BGL Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU16_SHORES \ Scenery \ cvx_Orbx_Australia_hydro_SC-SF_55_Cairns.BGL Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU18_CUSTOM \ Scenery \ 500_LC_8637_Cooktown.bgl Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU26_SHORES \ Scenery \ CVX_Orbx_Australia_Hydro_SG-56_BRI.BGL Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAU26_SHORES \ Scenery \ CVX_Orbx_Australia_Hydro_SH-56_ARM.BGL What should I do for this? Thank you. Marty migration_missing.txt
  12. Hi, I have only just gone over to P3D v4 and I wonder if someone could give me a link or be kind enough to explain what I need to make LOWI work within v4.1 I Have installed Global, OLC Euro, Vector and lib's. All upto date. I am very carefull what I am installing into v4 so any info would be gratefully received.
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