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  1. I think its time to sort your things out with your payment system 1. Activate PayPal via web **** 2. Recode your PayPal payments on Orbx Central Example: If I add landmarks to the checkout, PayPal payment method is visualised but, if I add with the landmarks any other product, for example a airport YPAD, PayPal payment method doesn't show up (I have video proof if needed)
  2. Hello, I love the Oblia Costa airport scenery, but the static aircraft use very low quality textures that it ruins the immersion, especially when parked next to them at the gate. I hope they get updated. PS: Is there an option to remove static aircraft from the scenery? I know it can be done via Orbx Central, but I purchased this via the in-game marketplace. Maybe a folder/files I can disable from the scenery folder?
  3. Hi, First off, fantastic work on KVNY - it's where I completed my PPL checkride so I know and love the field very much! I've waited to bring this issue up until I had tested with several different aircraft, specifically the CJ4 (WT mod), the JustFlight Piper PA-28R Arrow, and the PMDG DC-6. I've noticed when panning around in cockpit and outside, the panning to be very very laggy. It's strange cause I'm not getting bad performance so to say, my frame rates are still solid 40s in this area, I would estimate - I've just noticed this lag when panning, which is a bit annoying. I've noticed as soon as I fly away from the field that this goes away. I don't have this issue at KBUR (I own the Orbx version as well) or other airports in the area so I'm singling KVNY out here. I have a very capable brand new machine 5900X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM and I get consistently great performance so this shouldn't be an issue. Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on a solution? Thanks, Brandon
  4. I was very happy to see ,that Ibiza Mallorca and Menorca were released yesterday.......I tried to install it with 3rd party airports on top ...for instance Aerosoft Ibiza ,but Orbx buildings are peeping through underneath the Aerosoft airport buildings.....is there a way I can solve this?.....b t w there was a folder”Airports”in the Orbx package,which I deleted .....but maybe those are no airports but exclusion zones to put airports on top???? I had the same issue with Great Britain a year ago but Orbx fixed that later on.Thanx for any suggestions. Jan Kin Amsterdam
  5. I noticed a problem: incorrect loc in sim map course 116(should be 114) no DME... no marker MM for rwy 11 old airport name Dubrovnik(should be CILIPI) PAPI on both sides of each runway, should only be on one side of the runway... no runway center lights
  6. This is just a nitpick, but it will make product navigation easier. For Instance, you have the Long-Eze and the MB-339 tied to IndiaFoxtEcho. However, the T-45 and F-35 are listed by their designations, instead of IndiaFoxtEcho - F-35A Lightning II, etc. I think that left column should just be the partners name; IndiaFoxtEcho, Aeroplane Heaven, etc. It would make it easier to find the products. This really hit home for me when I went to buy the new USS Triploi and USS America from IndiaFoxtEcho, but the only place I could find them was under "Partners" and then I had to notice they were under LHA (R) and not IndiaFoxtEcho. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if it isn't feel free to move it to the proper location. I only bring this up because I love being able to use Orbx Central for product purchasing/installation/support Thanks for making such a great tool.
  7. Hi, I'm just checking in to see if there is any info on a timeline for a patch for this package as several of the custom object LOD's are broken, ie they only appear when right on top of them the first time flying toward them. Thanks
  8. Some observations - MSFS- Elstree runway should have a slope, however the Orbx version appears flat. I fly out of Elstree, I am not to fussed about the buildings but when doing circuits, especially in VR, the runway does not look correct, which is a shame as the slope is there in the default scenery. Also there are floating trees at the 26 end. A minor point but vegetation is also a little too dense in places. Not sure if I have correctly installed it. Otherwise a great update compared to the default.
  9. Hi, Although its a well overdue nice eye-candy upgrade of the previous payware version I've been using for years, I've found the AFCAD to be a bit sloppy and spoils a bit of immersion. There's places where the AI are taxiing about 10m from the scenery center line on taxiway A due to a straight line cut instead of a curved corner. Another intersection with taxiway B has an acute angle turn for traffic from Gates 1-5 instead of a curve. I would have expected you to have utilized and activated Gate 30 instead of Gate 9 as this is the parking for the Emirates 777 which is mostly the only thing that uses this corner. I know I can just park there, but the SODE jetway static position is almost touching the side of a 777 when parking in 30, not to mention if I just park there there's nothing to stop AI spawning or parking at Gate 9 half inside me . In addition to this I would have thought there would be gate assignments for EGNT as its not that big and not a huge number of airlines. I landed in the 777 and found Dash-8 Air-hop sitting in the EK gate 9 etc. Gate Parking 25 radius should be at least 30.5m to accommodate a 787 on the Apron instead of it going to cargo positions on the south apron G. Me being extra picky as well, the double white line at the entrance the 9/30 are messed up and overlapped. But... Performance is great, textures and models are excellent and the ground work integration extending out in to my EU England is very good. thanks for listening. Andy.
  10. Gday, Again great job on a great airport! Small one there is a mismatch somewhere between GSX and SODE with the jetways. GSX is not detecting the SODE jetways so when trying to disembark the GSX menu is showing "No Jetways Here". Jetways can be connected using the SODE menu. This means to disembark passengers the stairs are needed and the stairs get placed through the aerobridge/jetway. My understanding of this issue is a SODE/GSX/AFCAD jetway location issue. Anyway this can be fixed please as it kills using GSX to boarding etc on multiple aircraft.
  11. I a missing the famous Lion's Gate bridge connecting Vancouver City to West Vancouver. Can someone, please, check if it's indeed missing in FTX PNW Prepar3d5 or if this is a flaw in my installation? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Michael
  12. Hi all, I am very happy to see my hometown airport highly detailed in MSFS! After a couple of flights, I would like to share a few thoughts for improvement, and leave the space for any fellow simmers to add their own comments. 1. MSFS's ATC is not using the real taxiway names 2. MSFS's ATC seems to have a preference towards runway 21 when wind is light, whereas in real life the "default" runway is 03, unless significant wind forces the use of 21. 3. I've used the Cessna 172 to explore the area and after landing I am being directed towards Parking 200. I would say it should be using parking spots 701 to 706 for small GA parking (although only 705 - named 75 - and 706 are available in the sim). 4. On the product screenshots the Vasco da Gama Bridge is visible in the distance. As far as I was able to check, it is not part of the add-on. Is there any additional product I am missing? Hope this helps. I remain available for any necessary clarification.
  13. Just got LOWI for P3D v5 and at night I get these strange bars of lighting, as you can see in the video. Have not touched files for the airport so it's a fresh install. Any ideas?
  14. West of EGLC I know P3D is on the back burner these days, but would love to see a update to fix the issue. Cheers, Rob.
  15. 1. Is there any plans for the future to have the airport name sign above the terminal building to be lit during night time. 2. I am unable to receive ATIS on 113.9 using the Orbx airport scenery, I receive the morse code identifier OK. When using default X-Plane 11 airport the ATIS works OK, I receive both voice and text information.
  16. Hi! I just bought the Edgley Optica, and I love it. Very good aircraft, thank you. The transponder problem is known and I’m sure it will be fixed soon, but I saw an other little problem, it’s about the oil temperature. When the engine run at slow RPM, the oil temp doesn’t rise. It rise only at high RPM. But when you go back at low RPM, the oil temp fall in 4 or 5 seconds. It should stay at the same temperature a couple of minutes, and stay at engine temperature as long as the engine run. That would be more realistic
  17. In Prepar3D v5 at Orbx KSUN, there is a massive bump in the runway just past taxiway B6 and before the FBO. It jumps the aircraft up at-least 3 meters. When using the Detect crashes and damage option, the jump then sudden fall of out the sky causing the aircraft to crash and head back to the default scenario at Randolph. I've tried both the recommended 5m mesh settings in P3D as well as the 1M mesh, both resulting in the bump at the runway still being there. What is possibly related to it is the PAPI lights are below the terrain also. I've tried reinstalling the product multiple times with it being constantly there even using separate aircraft models.
  18. Since I downloaded latest MFS 2020 update 1.11.6 I think this morning, when I use mouse left click to move switches in Jabiru 160C MFS2020 shutsdown, does not happen with other aircraft. Other controls, HOTAS thrustmaster and keyboard operate normally. Any suggestions. Thanks
  19. Hi Friends What can this cause here??? I have FSDT PHNL installed. In PHNL Folder are all 3 files off and the Cityscape is the phnl modus activated. Please see the attaced pics. Regards Julio
  20. The EGLC Orbx scenery seems to miss ground services such as ramps and push back services. Are there any plans to address this? Thanks! Original topic in possible wrong section: No boarding gate, ramp or stairs in EGLC MSFS 2020? - Microsoft Flight Simulator discussion - no support requests please - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  21. Having a odd problem with FTX Central when installing the TE products, like Florida, Washington, Oregon ... after the download stage it enters into "Finalizing and Cleanup" and brings ALL other tasks to a halt as if the priority is set VERY high. Just opening file explorer window while FTX is running will take 3 minutes. Once the "Finalizing and Cleanup" completes everything returns to normal. Is there any thread priority setting happening during this "Finalizing and Cleanup" step? I'm running on an AMD 5950X Win10. I tried turning On/Off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling but that didn't make a difference (grasping at straws). Core usage shows only 3 cores operating during this process but they are often maxed out, other cores are doing nothing. I haven't tested this on my other PCs to see if it specific to my one main FS PC. Thought I'd just ask to see if anyone else has run into this issue? Cheers, Rob.
  22. Even after the 1.1 update to the Orbx NZ Mesh that specifically D'Urville Island still glitches significantly for me. From far away the island outline appears as a flat 2D outline on the water, then as approached by air, the tree covering pops into place over where the terrain should be, although the terrain remains see through creating an unusual effect. As you fly over the island, the terrain pops into place momentarily in a square by square loading style, but disappears again as the area gets overflown. I also note that D'Urville Island does not register as a land mass on the GPS moving map (GTN750 in this example). It does however show up on the in game moving map- never seen that sort of discrepancy before. It's all very bizarre- I have no other NZ DEM addons in my community folder and the product works flawlessly for the rest of New Zealand. Any ideas guys?
  23. As the title states, the ILS for both runways appears to be misaligned or offset since the latest update. See the below as an example: Tried with both Navigraph and default navdata. Result is the same, seems to be a scenery issue. Default scenery is OK.
  24. Well the first place I went to was Blackpool, and Blackpool is all about the night life so expected really good Night Lighting, but no, you can not hardly see the add-on scenery at night, the tower has not even got lighting at the top that is the public viewing area and above. The piers don't even look good in the day light, they are well above the ground level, just so poor for a paid for scenery. So disappointed that I have not even bothered to visit any other areas of this product.
  25. First of all, thanks so much for this great ENTO scenery! Unfortunately I noticed that some taxiway signs are floating in the air and the windsocks are doubled. Some users already reported similar problems for ESMS and ENAL so I assume, the cause of these problems is the same and I just want to add the ENTO information, so that ENTO also can be solved in an update one day. Thanks a lot! :)
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