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  1. Hi Friends What can this cause here??? I have FSDT PHNL installed. In PHNL Folder are all 3 files off and the Cityscape is the phnl modus activated. Please see the attaced pics. Regards Julio
  2. The EGLC Orbx scenery seems to miss ground services such as ramps and push back services. Are there any plans to address this? Thanks! Original topic in possible wrong section: No boarding gate, ramp or stairs in EGLC MSFS 2020? - Microsoft Flight Simulator discussion - no support requests please - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  3. Having a odd problem with FTX Central when installing the TE products, like Florida, Washington, Oregon ... after the download stage it enters into "Finalizing and Cleanup" and brings ALL other tasks to a halt as if the priority is set VERY high. Just opening file explorer window while FTX is running will take 3 minutes. Once the "Finalizing and Cleanup" completes everything returns to normal. Is there any thread priority setting happening during this "Finalizing and Cleanup" step? I'm running on an AMD 5950X Win10. I tried turning On/Off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling but that didn't make a difference (grasping at straws). Core usage shows only 3 cores operating during this process but they are often maxed out, other cores are doing nothing. I haven't tested this on my other PCs to see if it specific to my one main FS PC. Thought I'd just ask to see if anyone else has run into this issue? Cheers, Rob.
  4. Even after the 1.1 update to the Orbx NZ Mesh that specifically D'Urville Island still glitches significantly for me. From far away the island outline appears as a flat 2D outline on the water, then as approached by air, the tree covering pops into place over where the terrain should be, although the terrain remains see through creating an unusual effect. As you fly over the island, the terrain pops into place momentarily in a square by square loading style, but disappears again as the area gets overflown. I also note that D'Urville Island does not register as a land mass on the GPS moving map (GTN750 in this example). It does however show up on the in game moving map- never seen that sort of discrepancy before. It's all very bizarre- I have no other NZ DEM addons in my community folder and the product works flawlessly for the rest of New Zealand. Any ideas guys?
  5. As the title states, the ILS for both runways appears to be misaligned or offset since the latest update. See the below as an example: Tried with both Navigraph and default navdata. Result is the same, seems to be a scenery issue. Default scenery is OK.
  6. Well the first place I went to was Blackpool, and Blackpool is all about the night life so expected really good Night Lighting, but no, you can not hardly see the add-on scenery at night, the tower has not even got lighting at the top that is the public viewing area and above. The piers don't even look good in the day light, they are well above the ground level, just so poor for a paid for scenery. So disappointed that I have not even bothered to visit any other areas of this product.
  7. First of all, thanks so much for this great ENTO scenery! Unfortunately I noticed that some taxiway signs are floating in the air and the windsocks are doubled. Some users already reported similar problems for ESMS and ENAL so I assume, the cause of these problems is the same and I just want to add the ENTO information, so that ENTO also can be solved in an update one day. Thanks a lot! :)
  8. Hi, I'm just checking in to see if there is any info on a timeline for a patch for this package as several of the custom object LOD's are broken, ie they only appear when right on top of them the first time flying toward them. Thanks
  9. Auckland city pack is amazing yet I can't help but feel that something is off. There are super high-resolution bricks in some places, furniture in buildings but no apron in the heliport. Why put the effort into the builds for the helipad if not spend the time to put a ground apron in. Without it, this is almost unflyable. NZMB is an ICAO port why not allow you to spawn up there as an airport also...? Just seems so strange. I really hope that this can be fixed as then this may be the most detailed landmark pack from Orbx ever.
  10. Hi, First off, fantastic work on KVNY - it's where I completed my PPL checkride so I know and love the field very much! I've waited to bring this issue up until I had tested with several different aircraft, specifically the CJ4 (WT mod), the JustFlight Piper PA-28R Arrow, and the PMDG DC-6. I've noticed when panning around in cockpit and outside, the panning to be very very laggy. It's strange cause I'm not getting bad performance so to say, my frame rates are still solid 40s in this area, I would estimate - I've just noticed this lag when panning, which is a bit annoying. I've noticed as soon as I fly away from the field that this goes away. I don't have this issue at KBUR (I own the Orbx version as well) or other airports in the area so I'm singling KVNY out here. I have a very capable brand new machine 5900X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM and I get consistently great performance so this shouldn't be an issue. Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on a solution? Thanks, Brandon
  11. I have recently noticed that the Landvetter Gothenburg addon airport for MSFS is not working properly. I assume it got outdated after the Nordics world update as that update changed a lot of things inside those countries. The addon airport is working and shows up, but the vanilla airport does so as well and they overlap each other. I assume this can be easily fixed. Developer Marcus Nyberg created this addon so I'd really appreciate it if someone could contact him and tell him to patch this addon airport. I recently bought it for 17 USD through the MSFS marketplace, so I don't want to have bought something that is broken. I appreciate any help!
  12. Dear Orbx-Team, I'm a real fan of Orbx sceneries since many years - but the central software got "confusing" me since so many partner shops united with you. It's nice to have them onboard...but... If you don't accept any license transfer, that's ok (I fully understand the reasons); but can you PLEASE make an functionality to mark all these add-ons I already bought on third party shops? Otherwise it gets more and more difficult to discover the new stuff between all these bloated stuff in the list Yet there are only 2 symbols: a grey circle for "bought but not installed" and a green circlus with check for "bought and installed". These are set automatically. Can you please add the possibility to set user-given marks to the lefthand product list: ->blue circle (maybe with "t.p." for third party) = marking that I have this product from another shop ->yellow star = linked to my existing Orbx wishlist ->red lock = I saw it and I decided to do not want it (maybe have the same ICAO from another designer or don't like it etc.) ->maybe an orange "!" = new product released during last 6 weeks (automatically) It would be great if the first category would be automatically recognised if it's inside the Community/Scenery folder (like it's done in "contrail" app) - but also any kind of manual marking would be great for me and sure many others. Many thanks in advance
  13. In Prepar3D v5 at Orbx KSUN, there is a massive bump in the runway just past taxiway B6 and before the FBO. It jumps the aircraft up at-least 3 meters. When using the Detect crashes and damage option, the jump then sudden fall of out the sky causing the aircraft to crash and head back to the default scenario at Randolph. I've tried both the recommended 5m mesh settings in P3D as well as the 1M mesh, both resulting in the bump at the runway still being there. What is possibly related to it is the PAPI lights are below the terrain also. I've tried reinstalling the product multiple times with it being constantly there even using separate aircraft models.
  14. Hello Orbx and Nick. Looks like there's an issue or bug going on with u and many others, the ILS is useless and there's no point of using it. Please can u fix it? Have a nice day
  15. OK - I know some of us are really struggling with the mother of all stuttering on V5 - THERE IS A POSSIBLE FIX and it's on the Prepar3d forum. It's not necessarily the True Earth demands.. there's a "glitch" in the new software - it's not cpu or gpu related... which is why I'm mentioning it on the Orbx forums. You should try right clicking on the Prepar3d icon, go into properties and tick the "disable fullscreen optimisations" box. Set the gpu to 30fps, unlimited in the application and restart everything. Made a huge difference for me after days of 1fps cool cpu, cool gpu hell around dense Orbx scenery areas.
  16. Both ILS's for ESMS have an offset that's incorrect ... neither 35 or 17 has an offset in Jepp Charts. Will you consider to update the airport please?
  17. The KVNY airport from Orbx does not include the ILS runway (16R) frequency (111.3) in its navigation data. By installation, its own data will over-ride the default (or even Navigraph) data, thereby rendering a missing component to the selected GPS system. The new WT G1000 NXi GPS in MSFS is capable of vertical-mode RNAV (area navigation with vertical tracking all the way to the runway) . It can, if ILS is chosen, use an approach mode using the ILS localizer (wherein it switches to the localizer at the close approach to the runway. In the Orbx KVNY (Van Nuys) code included with your product, the ILS frequency is missing. Thereby, the automated descent into the runway ends just where the ILS should engage (automatically) with the new G1000 instrument. I sugget that Each of the Orbx airports should be upgraded to include the nav data required to use the new MSFS GPS systems. Within just a few months from now these will include the G1000 (NXi), G3000 , and perhaps others. Dave
  18. Hello guys and Markus! Thanks for an awesome airport, finally having something new to the Swedish community. I have a couple of thing tho! Please check the pic bellow Have an awesome day guys. Hejdå
  19. Hi All, I see Central is now updating my YPAD. Do you guys have a changelog for this? Jase
  20. Hello, P3Dv5 HF2. I only bought it a few days ago so it is a complete fresh install. Having installed LYBE via Orbx Central, I've noticed the dynamic lighting produces some very strange effects. It is very very bright and makes the entire apron / terminal area - as well as the virtual cockpit of the aircraft - yellow. This is completely different to the look produced in P3Dv4. The green centre line taxiway lights are also much brighter in P3Dv5 and much more noticeable further out. I have attached 6 screenshots demonstrating this. The first 3 are from P3Dv4. The last 3 are from P3Dv5 with near enough settings and from a similar angle. Are there any solutions for this or any potential fixes on the way? Regards,
  21. The taxi-signs at LOWI have some issues as noted below. Note: I have uninstalled the default Asobo LOWI and also made sure it is inactive in the content xml file. No other addons are installed that can effect Orbx LOWI. The issues: 1. Taxi-signs do not have night lighting (there are electric cables on the rear/back). 2. It seems the scenery includes all objects/buildings in one file, and at the same elevation. This makes some taxi-signs sink into the ground and some are completely underground (example: runway exit signs "A" and "B") because the terrain is sloped (not flat). 3. Comparing to Google maps and online videos, some taxi-signs seem to be misplaced or are missing at the hold short positions. Does anyone else see the same issues? If yes, a fix would be nice by the developer. Cheers, Steve
  22. I have multiple windsocks and a static plane that is checkerboard pink: Th The second windsock is further down, towards the end of the runway. I don't use rolling cache, I have deleted my content.xml and all *.dat files in the SceneryIndexes folder as per Nick's instructions posted elsewhere. I don't have other CZST scenery installed. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Landon
  23. Pse cfm if u see the same: mesh anomalies north of PAWD/Seward. Tested without any other add-ons.
  24. Hi, I flew LDA 08 Approach to PAJN and noticed that: - DME is missing for for this localizer; - approach lights are only partly modelled (with the most important lights missing). I understand that it's sort of a freebie, but the lack of the DME is actually a downgrade from the default and makes it more challenging to fly in bad weather.
  25. Overall, the KBUR patch very much improved this Orbx Airport! Thank you! However, since the patch, my plane ends up on a different runway than planned. For example, if I choose Rwy 26, I start at rwy 33. No matter what I do it is always different... Any thoughts?
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