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  1. It's small issue, but if I use ATC's nearest airport and click on Skydive, my sim CTD immediately. This only happens with the Dubai Landmark package installed.
  2. Bought the new scenery this morning and just had a flight out of Newcastle Intl Airport in the north of England. The airport buildings in MSFS2020 have been replaced by a small faceless rectangular structure that is completely inferior to what was there before, and the King George VII bridge is not in place at all, the sequence is Coming up river from the sea, Millenium bridge, very nice, Tyne Bridge excellent, Swing Bridge, (only appears when your on top of it) and where the King George Bridge should be is still an underwater representation and a bridge like structure, This is a pretty big bridge in reality. So hopefully you can re-visit at some point. Im not complaining there is a LOT to try and do in any sim, but hope you can revisit this in the future. No regrets buying the product
  3. Why is the Northumberland Coast still devoid of proper castles and scenery? I was hoping for at least Bamburgh Castle.. nothing: just autogen. Disappointing.
  4. Hi, was flying the H135 around Newcastle when I hit some sort of invisible barrier near St James Park. I see a few guys have reported in the Northumberland thread but thought I’d create a specific thread so it doesn’t get lost or overlooked. I have no freeware scenery in my community folder just the H135 helicopter and the Working Title avionics upgrades. Hopefully this can be looked at, thanks Steve
  5. Hi Several users have noticed this whilst checking out the new scenery. It happened to me a couple of times today at a various altitudes in the vicinity of the Newcastle United Stadium (St James' Park) both heading north and south. The Stadium was one of the Asobo GB World Update Landmarks. When I approached from the south earlier today it looked pretty well the same as the version supplied by Asobo. I've just landed on the rooftop helipad at the Royal Victoria Infirmary from Newcastle Airport and it looks very different. It looks like it's been squashed down to almost a 2D representation. Just wondered whether this issue might be related to the aircraft collision with object problem? To be honest this Stadium and its occupants have enough issues right now without also being a hazard to aviation
  6. Hey, I've purchased gb central, installed through Orbx central it's showing in the Community folder but there are no poi's on the map or scenery/objects at the stated locations. Any help would be much appreciated
  7. As the title states, the ILS for both runways appears to be misaligned or offset since the latest update. See the below as an example: Tried with both Navigraph and default navdata. Result is the same, seems to be a scenery issue. Default scenery is OK.
  8. Hi, First off, fantastic work on KVNY - it's where I completed my PPL checkride so I know and love the field very much! I've waited to bring this issue up until I had tested with several different aircraft, specifically the CJ4 (WT mod), the JustFlight Piper PA-28R Arrow, and the PMDG DC-6. I've noticed when panning around in cockpit and outside, the panning to be very very laggy. It's strange cause I'm not getting bad performance so to say, my frame rates are still solid 40s in this area, I would estimate - I've just noticed this lag when panning, which is a bit annoying. I've noticed as soon as I fly away from the field that this goes away. I don't have this issue at KBUR (I own the Orbx version as well) or other airports in the area so I'm singling KVNY out here. I have a very capable brand new machine 5900X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM and I get consistently great performance so this shouldn't be an issue. Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on a solution? Thanks, Brandon
  9. I was very happy to see ,that Ibiza Mallorca and Menorca were released yesterday.......I tried to install it with 3rd party airports on top ...for instance Aerosoft Ibiza ,but Orbx buildings are peeping through underneath the Aerosoft airport buildings.....is there a way I can solve this?.....b t w there was a folder”Airports”in the Orbx package,which I deleted .....but maybe those are no airports but exclusion zones to put airports on top???? I had the same issue with Great Britain a year ago but Orbx fixed that later on.Thanx for any suggestions. Jan Kin Amsterdam
  10. Some observations - MSFS- Elstree runway should have a slope, however the Orbx version appears flat. I fly out of Elstree, I am not to fussed about the buildings but when doing circuits, especially in VR, the runway does not look correct, which is a shame as the slope is there in the default scenery. Also there are floating trees at the 26 end. A minor point but vegetation is also a little too dense in places. Not sure if I have correctly installed it. Otherwise a great update compared to the default.
  11. The control tower is missing all night lighting. I've identified these critical items in particular: Green/White airport beacon Red anti-collision lights In addition, the tower windows are opaque. An oversight perhaps? It is an imposing structure and really needs these elements to be authentic!
  12. Hello, P3Dv5 HF2. I only bought it a few days ago so it is a complete fresh install. Having installed LYBE via Orbx Central, I've noticed the dynamic lighting produces some very strange effects. It is very very bright and makes the entire apron / terminal area - as well as the virtual cockpit of the aircraft - yellow. This is completely different to the look produced in P3Dv4. The green centre line taxiway lights are also much brighter in P3Dv5 and much more noticeable further out. I have attached 6 screenshots demonstrating this. The first 3 are from P3Dv4. The last 3 are from P3Dv5 with near enough settings and from a similar angle. Are there any solutions for this or any potential fixes on the way? Regards,
  13. Hello Orbx and Nick. Looks like there's an issue or bug going on with u and many others, the ILS is useless and there's no point of using it. Please can u fix it? Have a nice day
  14. This is my second California airport purchase from Orbx. This airport performance just as bad as Burbank or even worse and a bonus a floating wind stock! Never have I seen an airport perform so poorly in my sim .I also own EGLC,TACOMA and have no issues with those. Why the California airports? Removing them I gain much more performance.Running an i7 10700k with a 2060super.
  15. The EGLC Orbx scenery seems to miss ground services such as ramps and push back services. Are there any plans to address this? Thanks! Original topic in possible wrong section: No boarding gate, ramp or stairs in EGLC MSFS 2020? - Microsoft Flight Simulator discussion - no support requests please - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  16. Hi @Finni Hansen Please let me first thank you for bringing ENTO Torp to P3D. I was at first a little reluctant to buy a new version, as I do own an older rendition from a competitor. But your new work blows any competing product out of the water. The new Torp is a little gem with beautiful details and a lovely location. Well done! Using ENTO together with FTX Norway I have noticed that a patch of vegetation autogen is missing. Any changes to the autogen slider to not help here. However, I could swear that I had autogen there once when I landed. I am really not sure what is going on? And, I hope you do not mind a small idea for a possible v1.1 update: Would it possible to add some 3D grass and bushes like you have used in ENAL Alesund? That would add a bit more depth to the scene while taxing. Thank you, Christoph
  17. Even after the 1.1 update to the Orbx NZ Mesh that specifically D'Urville Island still glitches significantly for me. From far away the island outline appears as a flat 2D outline on the water, then as approached by air, the tree covering pops into place over where the terrain should be, although the terrain remains see through creating an unusual effect. As you fly over the island, the terrain pops into place momentarily in a square by square loading style, but disappears again as the area gets overflown. I also note that D'Urville Island does not register as a land mass on the GPS moving map (GTN750 in this example). It does however show up on the in game moving map- never seen that sort of discrepancy before. It's all very bizarre- I have no other NZ DEM addons in my community folder and the product works flawlessly for the rest of New Zealand. Any ideas guys?
  18. Hi, purchased LIEO earlier today and noticed that the taxiway signs seem to float a few feet above the ground. When starting a flight at the airport the issue doesn't seem to occur, only when arriving into it. I don't have any mods installed. Thanks
  19. Having bought a lot of airports 2 days ago from Orbx, I am currently enjoying flights to, and from them. However, some of them have issues, which it would be nice to be acknowledged that they are issues, and informed whether they are going to be fixed or not. I know it's probably a pain having people like me on here moaning about such things, but unless I am wrong about the errors I am pointing out it seems like a good opportunity to have a problem highlighted so it can be fixed. I was just flying into LIEO runway 23 for the first time. The PAPI lights were telling me I was significantly too low, and the ILS was telling was me I was too high. I know in the sim ILSs and PAPIs are not always perfectly aligned but this is more than that. After landing, and having a look again, I see the PAPIs are not aligned with the touchdown zone. I wonder if Nick or Doug could let me know if Orbx intend to fix things like this, because for me PAPIs and ILS systems are at least as important as eye candy in airport scenery. Unless, of course I am wrong in my observations, this seems like an error to me, and payware airports with ILS slopes and PAPIs not working properly is not really something I want to spend my hard earned money on. If the Orbx response is "yes, we see what you are saying. thanks for pointing it out. It will be fixed in an update reasonably soon" then I am more than happy to wait. If Orbx' view is that this is our LIEO scenery offering as it is, take it or leave it, then frankly I would rather leave it.
  20. Hello , I just purchased KBUR for my msfs2020 and i noticed that i am missing Autogen around the airport ! Please have a look at my shots below and advice me if this is normal or not . Thank you
  21. Was surprised to see Southampton luanch for MSFS Just made it into EGHI and found 2 issues: After landing ATC won't give me options to park (I think because parking spots are too small for the A320neo?) When I parked, no baggage, catering and ramp connection is available (I believe you have to use RAMP_GA Large in order to use ramp connection) Can this please be fixed in a future update? Issue #1: No parking options: Issue #2: No baggage, catering and ramp connection:
  22. Hi What is happening here? Any ideas how to fix? This is stock standard with no GSX2 Profile. Attaching to QW 787. Gate 23 Heavy Also at a double jetway only one works. Is this correct? Cheers Jez
  23. Hi Team, I logged into Central last week and noticed a selection of airport updates, one of which was WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip. Unfortunatelly as the last update for this airport removed the HD buildings AG I was enjoying, yesterday I opted to backup and today applied the updated AP. And we're back to HD Roofs and Standard Building Shells... So I rolled back to the .agn files dated 25/12/2018 and have HD Buildings back, noting there are still 4 new .agn files remaing placed by the 1.3.0 update. I also noticed some merged buildings, like default AG farm sheds merged into the custom farm sheds, possibly introduced by the update "Orbx WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip 1.2.1 - April 2020". Given I've reported the HD Roofs and Standard Building Shells issue previously, it's turning out somewhat painful to have to backup and individually test each airport update, only to then have to rollback. What's going on ?? Previously reported links for Orbx AP updates with issues with the update. Post update of WA79 to v1.3.0. After rollback of .agn files to versions dated 25/12/2018 Merged farm sheds
  24. I bought KSBA for MSFS from Orbx only to discover the ILS freq were omitted. All default airports display them corectly in the TBM930's MFD. When I installed KSBA they are absent. I tried to work w/ you to resolve this, but it's not been resolve yet at least not w/ the one update for KSBA. I am interested in more airports for MSFS but won't buy any w/o this being done correctly. Of note FSDreamTeam discovered how to do this, and did for their CYVR, so it's possible to fix if you care. Let me know please, thanks.
  25. OK - I know some of us are really struggling with the mother of all stuttering on V5 - THERE IS A POSSIBLE FIX and it's on the Prepar3d forum. It's not necessarily the True Earth demands.. there's a "glitch" in the new software - it's not cpu or gpu related... which is why I'm mentioning it on the Orbx forums. You should try right clicking on the Prepar3d icon, go into properties and tick the "disable fullscreen optimisations" box. Set the gpu to 30fps, unlimited in the application and restart everything. Made a huge difference for me after days of 1fps cool cpu, cool gpu hell around dense Orbx scenery areas.
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