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  1. Two months from the debut of MSFS and Orbx has a third party aircraft for the simulation. I have been debating buying the Long Ez for MSFS, knowing with the state of the SDK there would be a lot of updates required to get the aircraft right. It's always a pain to have to: find out there is an update; remember which vendor you purchased the product from; search out the update and manually install it. Orbx Central makes the update process easy and I purchased the Long Ez today. I have the Long Ez for X-Plane 11 and it will be interesting to see how the flight characteristics compare.
  2. First Shots around London in my New Sim First time i get very high frames and and such a smooth flight in a Flight Sim..... ( With very high Settings ) !! Thanks for looking
  3. Two must have airports in the must have sim. It's certainly the most immersive sim I've ever experienced. I'm having trouble posting pics. Sorry.
  4. I noticed that many of the great pictures around KBCE show trees. With some, the trees appear in others, like me, there are no trees in the entire area. Do you have any advice for us? That would be great. Have already tried everything. Thank you very much for all efforts. Kind regards Mike
  5. I purchased MSFS 2020 a month or so ago . After the six hour download , ( due to the Neolithic properties of my internet connection ) , the sim ran well and I was more than pleased with it . Then the new patch ( the second one ) came along and , to quote an old expression , ' all the wheels came off ' . The new patch deleted the original download . So after deleting all files , three more unsuccessful attempts were made to re-install , uninstall , re-install etc .... After having ' clocked up ' over 60 hours of this I knew when I was beaten and asked for a refund from Steam which I received within a few hours . In no way shape or form have I any criticism of Steam . I then purchased MSFS from the Microsoft Store and got the download done . All well and good . I am now faced with the dilemma of downloading another ' update ' and am flying ' offline ' at the moment for fear of walking through the ' minefield ' that , at the moment , seems to pervade and threaten all those with a slow internet connection and those , myself included , who have a strong desire to hold onto what little remains of my sanity . Any help or tips would be appreciated . Yours FLY57
  6. Wikipedia: "The Oggy Oggy Oggy chant (alternatively spelt Oggie Oggie Oggie), and its variations, are often heard at sporting events, political rallies and around numerous Scout and Guide campfires, primarily in Britain, Ireland and some Commonwealth nations. One group will shout Oggy three times, while another will respond with Oi! three times. " In this case, however, we're referring to OG20 ... the freeware offering of Fairways Airport in Oregon. Summer time ... is that a field of grass or bluebells, I wonder? Matching aircraft and top! Jack would be impressed ... .. but where is he?? I waited and waited and waited ... until ... Adam.
  7. "Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York;" (from Richard III) It's winter here in NZ, so I thought I'd impose it on all the Tykes in Leeds! Orbx Leeds/Bradford in MSFS 2020: The shot below doesn't really do justice to the sim. The grass moves - and the raindrops cause little water-spouts when they hit the puddle. Amazing!! Adam.
  8. I love it - great - hoping to be able to integrate more of the Orbx USA Airfields into the MSFS 2020 soon.
  9. Fired up MS 2020 at mid-day with live weather and got this: Does summer (and daylight) ever get as far up as Yorkshire? I must say, MS 2020 is a game-changer. Adam.
  10. I've been simming since the very beginning ... "Aviator" on the BBC Micro ... then all iterations of MS Flight Sim, plus every other one you can name (on the PC platform). MSFS 2020 gets the Oscar! On my mid-range (old!!) system, MS 2020 outperforms P3Dv5 and XP11.50 - yet the graphics are w-a-y better ... by a *long* way. Not entirely without its niggles, but then no sim ever released was perfect on day one. MSFS 2020 is oozing with potential. IMHO, it's *the* way forward. Here we are at the airport I grew up near (though it was called Yeadon back then): Just playing with the (live) time slider: Back to daytime to view the sloping/undulating runway: Nothing wrong with the greenery! That's down-town Leeds in the background: Oh ... so much more to explore!!! But Leeds/Bradford is the only scenery I'm able to show here for the moment Adam.
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