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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Greg, hi Orbx, Jeffrey, the SODE developer, kindly allowed me to beta test the new SODE 1.70 during the last weeks but just after release I found small incompatibility with the wonderful Glacier Park airport and SODE 1.70. It totally slipped through on my end and I am sorry for not informing you earlier. But it should be a rather simple fix: The new SODE version will be stricter with environment/weather-dependent SimObjects. The airport configuration requires an “EnvironmentalDataProbe”simobject. Without the EnvironmentalDataProbe, no environment/weather-dependent SimObject will be displayed in the simulator. The log will now list errors such errors. An example for KGPI: [10:12:53.567] ERROR SODE.FSLOOP : EDP dependent SimObject [SODE_KGPI_GP:KGPI_GP] will not be injected because EDP does not exist/or SimObject is not defined in ClientList! Without the EDP will the groundpoly and other EDP-depended SimObjects not displayed in the sim. Hope this helps you a bit to update the SODE configuration for KGPI. Christoph
  2. Transferred Turbulent license to Orbx sometime ago. It DOES show on my "Owned Products page." I have totally deleted P3d v4.5 and it was somewhat working in v5 (copied over during P3d v5 new install)... but still had some of the quirky issues from the original release. Decided to remove and reinstall after noticing the newer v1.1.0 ver. It will NOT let me download into P3d v5. (see error attached) Set email for support... they advised me: "For technical support (i.e., any support that isn't related to your user account or purchasing issues), please use our support forum" SO.... Can anyone smarter than me please let me know how I can get my local airport reinstalled in P3D v5... if I can't download it. I would be very grateful.
  3. Ready for push back in the QW RJ70 at KGPI/KFCA showing the duality of real world weather, and Delta connection then and now!
  4. Hello ORBX Community I promised, and here it is finally. I had a lot of more problems with this small 2-Jetway Airport than with the both other ones, even the big Arlanda was much easier. First I had some elevation problems - fixed next I wan't to have AI Traffic at the KGPI AFD (real ICAO Airport Code) - changed my AI Traffic after no AI Traffic at the SODE Gates - updated AFD then double Jetways - found them, removed and finally: some Shots I'll do some shots for all ORBX Sode Airports That's Number 3 Number 1: the updated Stockholm Arlanda + SODE + AI Number 2: the updated Dubrovnik + SODE + AI You'll find more Info about SODE and AI in the Number 1 post (Stockholm Arlanda) Thanks Urmel
  5. Nice when I left... Got a little sinister... Ended up in less than minimums from time to time... And a bonus, because the South American mountain lighting at dusk was pretty cool Mike
  6. Some shots from a flight out of Airdrie Airpark, down to Glacier Park international in Montana. Check out the blistering speeds in the cockpit shot of Turbine Duke.
  7. A decently long cross-country from Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) to Glacier Park Intl. (KGPI). It went by in a flash in the Turbine Duke as I was showing 318 kts along the ground, at 23,000 feet. Good lord this baby cooks!!! The dual GTN 750's guided me through the muck for an LNAV approach to runway 02. Enjoy.
  8. For those using the Glacier Park scenery, are the winter apron textures at KGPI supposed to look like this:
  9. I have The Global Base, NA Rockies and Central Rockies KJAC, and KTEX. I get 40+ FPS at all other locations in the Carenado S340. I recently purchased the KGPI airport and it is unusable at 5 FPS. I even exited the sim and went to the FTX Central control panel and unticked everything for KGPI restarted my PC...still no FPS gain. Yet, when I take the same plane to any other airport listed above I get good FPS and they never dip below 30. What is weird is that the FPS go to 5 when I am in the cockpit, but if I do a spot view I can get 40+. What is this airport doing that is causing the FPS loss in the cockpit when NO OTHER airport I own does this. I thought Maybe its the NA Northern Rockies that could be the culprit (recently bought as well). Yet it took off from Missosula (KMSO) and I got 40+ frames. I took a flight from KMSO to KFCA (KGPI) and once I got within about 20 miles my FPS just tanked and I had to quit on approach due to FPS loss. Also, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling...no luck. I have P3Dv4.3 and a system that will more than run this (does every other airport (Flightbeam, FSDT, and ORBX product). Any suggestions on this? I would love to get this working. I included two separate screen shots showing the S340 on the ground at KGPI and KTEX with the FPS in the top right corner. Thanks, Brad
  10. I was in a nostalgic mood by choosing some vintage warbirds to fly over my most recent Orbx addition for P3Dv4, hereby some shots around Glacier Park Int Airport KGPI : Northrop-P61C alias Black Widow Bearcat-F8F Panther-F9 -- doing some acrobatic turns to please the audience on the airport
  11. Departing KGPI for KBZN Not much to see here Thanks for viewing.
  12. KGPI Glacier Park International Airport
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