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  1. Hiya, Just checking in with a quick question... Orbx Global Base... What was the date of the last update for V5? Just wondering..... Many Thanks
  2. I have installed Himalaya Mesh into a Library folder using Orbx Central. It is then automatically generating a virtual link to the Community folder. How can I temporarily remove that link without uninstalling the 20 GB addon? Thanks
  3. Hey! Does anyone know what the problem is? I´ve uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery several times including the Objectflow. Can someone help me out? // Anders
  4. I am running P3D V4.5 with Orbx products. Will these products work in P3D 5.+? Thanks
  5. Hello, I use prepar 4.5 last version. With al Orbx modules on or off I dont get rid of this lack of autogen if 61 Boulder City is on. I found out, the boulder city scenery file "boulder_100cm_N.bgl" causes the problem. The picture below shows the problem- boulder city is above, las vegas below, it is located on the north-west border of the scenery to the las vegas city region. Fly Tampa Las vegas is not the problem. I use no other sceneries in this area. As I said I tried evertything with scneries/modules (incl. vector) on/off with no succes. kind regards Thomas
  6. Hi team, I have installed vector in P5D and this same issue is occurring at VTBS. Can only assume vector hasn't catered for the new airport? Cheers
  7. Hi, According to this post, Volanta is available as a desktop app for Linux. On the website, I can only find the Windows executable - where can I find the Linux version? Thanks, Caspian
  8. I recently purchased True Earth EU Spain South HD. In Orbx Central the HD version is available, but on the release announcement it states "Customers who purchase the HD version get the SD version for free. Customers who purchase the SD version can upgrade to the HD version at a discount." The SD version is not showing in my products in Orbx Central.
  9. I'm an old Orbx customer, I see in the forums several people complaining about the slow download of the products purchased without a solution, when an Orbx representative answers says they are solving, but I see complaints since 2016 and so far nothing. I have the habit of formatting my computer every time a new version of Prepar3D comes out and I install everything new, I realize that there are days that I install all my products in at most 1hr and there are days that take longer, but it seems that the server is running down overcoming ineffective, since yesterday (24 hr) I've been trying to download the Libraries for later on the others (base, vector, regions...) my connection is normal, (223.97 mbps Download, 56.91 mbps Upload, 16 ms latency, 23 ms Jitter ), I understand that there are times when the server is more in demand and its efficiency decreases, but Orbx has had this problem for years and it never solves it, I am part of one of the largest MSFS scenario companies and we place a lot of priority on product quality, support and especially the delivery, we have changed servers recently because some customers complained about the slowness, we are not better than anyone else but we know the importance of our customers, so priority is given to your customers, because despite working with products for the MSFS still haven't migrated because of PMDG, but if I'm going to continue with this terrible server, I won't buy more products from you and your partners via Orbx Central. Obs. Sorry for my English, but I'm using a translator.
  10. Looking for recommendations here please I'm facing a complete uninstall/reinstall of 5.3 and all add-ons. Trust me I don't want to do this, and have updated P3d for years without issue, but this incremental update did not go well. I first tried to simply uninstall all of 5.2 by using the installer, then fully install 5.3. In past experience, all addons remain in place and work fine. Not sure what happened. I'm not looking to solve this issue here. What I'd like to know is how should I go about backing up the 5 TE areas I have so not to download all this data again (I think my ISP will shut me down if I do). I'd like to completely format the drive and start over from a fresh install. Appreciate any help.
  11. Hello, I did a complete installation of P3Dv5.3 and I did not change the management of Orbx libraries I had with P3Dv5.2. Something looks strange and I would like having explanations. The Orbx folder in the Prepar3D V5 folder in C:\ is almost empty (screenshot 1) and the library panel in the simulator looks like OK (screenshot 2) even if I'm surprised that all Orbx names are greyed (perhaps it is normal). After the P3D installation I thought I had only to resynchronise again via the Orbx central panel and I got this problem (if it is one). I uninstalled all Orbx products and began a new installation. The result was the same. Thank you very much for an explanation. Best regards
  12. I installed P3d 5.3 following Nick's guidelines. Seems to have installed correctly, but Central does not recognize P3d in the drop down, only MSFS. I don't think any Orbx scenery is loaded (is there a specific scenery to test?). I also found a leftover Orbx folder in the P3ds root. It had a several of folders in it. One was FTX_AU, which had an FTXAA_ORBXLibs folder, with a scenery folder inside that contained OF_Config.xml. Another was FTX_GLOBAL, which had FTX_AA_ESKS inside. There was also a Config folder with esks-config.json inside. The other was Scripts with orbx_cpl_ESKS.xml inside. What should I do with these?
  13. Hi, after installing the last MSFS VI update I deactivated Orbx Frankfurt city pack; must we wait for an update - as for Paris -, since this city is one of the improved spots with photogrammetry? Thanks & regards, Fulvio
  14. Not sure where to begin. I have True Earth So Cal and there are some weird hills around the 20L threshold area. I have attached a screen grab. This is custom KSNA scenery I downloaded off the .org. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance. -S
  15. @pyreegue First of all, very nice job you have done on Glasgow! Just started my flight there in rain and it looks awesome! Also the statics really bring the airport alive (and yes, you even made them optional)! I have some remarks/issues I found when starting at gate 17 and departing RWY 23: 1a. After spawning the aircraft seems to be parked correctly. However, no jetway option is available and looking to the jetway type the aircraft needs to be positioned more forward? 1b. There are no ground services available, no baggage, no catering... 1c. When asking for pushback the option is available, but ATC says there is no truck so only way is to use SHIFT+P 2. When taxiing I noticed the red/white blocks near the Gama Aviation building popping up suddenly. 3. The runway and taxiways look entirely flat. Is this the case in real life? Again, thanks for this great airport and I hope some issues can be fixed!
  16. It is with sadness I have to report a bug at Chicago Executive. I have been able to duplicate the bug with the Chicago Executive Airport installed, however it does NOT repeat the bug without it installed, and I am also running drzewiecki design Chicago Landmarks as well. You will see in my signature my computer is MORE than capable of running MSFS 2020. Here is what happens: I take off out of KPWK (Chicago Executive) With CItation Longitude default aircraft. I have the autopilot set to follow GPS as the navigation settings; and have a flight plan that crosses in front of Chicago for Screenshot purposes. I select the camera buttons to change to the Drone camera, and whenever I change to the Drone camera, the Crash To Desktop happens. I uninstalled KPWK and I do NOT get the Crash to Desktop. I'm hoping this can be solved, for I do enjoy KWPK, and not sure if anyone else reported this either to you directly or the partner that created KPWK but I'm hoping we can sort it out. Thanks so much. I appreciate any and all help I can get here.
  17. Hi, I recently moved all my Steam stuff to another drive. Now nothing FS2 from Orbx shows in my account nor does anything show in Orbx Central. The Addon Folder is still intact on the new drive. How do I get the FS2 products to show in my account and Orbx Central? Thanks Bernie
  18. Why do we that own YMEN Essendon Airport V1 now have to pay $20.00 for the Update to V2, has Orbx gone away from Automatic Updates for Airports and Scenery for Us your long time customers Jacob.
  19. Hello, I have a problem wit a few objects: 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var1.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var2.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var3.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/BusXTran_D.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var1.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var2.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var3.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank 1:05:52.650 W/SCN: Missing object objects/cars/dynamic/police_car_var4.obj from package Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_North_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/; replacing with blank Maybe, I need some library? Thanks in advanced
  20. I bought the Edgley Optica on the MSFS Marketplace for Xbox. However, I encounter some issues with this aircraft. The copilot does not show up Also when running the checklist automated, it does not progress past the fuel tank selection, it just stops there. I have found no way to make it complete the checklist. Are these issues known and is there an update coming and if so, when exactly ?
  21. Hello, When approaching or overflying the Geneva area, the sim crashes. The windows event viewe reveals it's due to the terrain.dll issue. I completely reinstalled the sim and estabilished the problem only occurs with Orbx OpenLC EU active. Users of both available Geneve scenery have reported issues in the area and both developers think it's Orbx related. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/156377-geneva-ctds-terraindll/ http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,24719.0.html Is there any possibility to fix this problem or manually disable the Geneva region within the openLC EU coverage? This would be highly appreciated as I just had a CTD after an 6-hour. (again). I'm running Prepar3D V5.1 latest version. Crashes occured with both PMDG and default aircraft. Thanks in advance, Filipe Spring
  22. Hi guys, Its been a while that I've posted on these forums. I find that the performance while looking towards the City is severely affected, I've also noticed that there aren't any LODs for the buildings? ( I could be wrong but thats what the LOD checker in dev mode is showing). This could definitely affect the performance. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Best regards, Ridvan Celik
  23. I have NA Northern & Southern California and I was wondering if True Earth California & Washington have seasonal textures. I'm considering purchasing those since they are 40% off right now but I'm wondering if there's enough difference in the level of detail to be worth it. Jerry
  24. I've had this airport for a while and whilst it looks wonderful the performance has been dreadful. I have a system more than capable of delivering 30fps at many large airports but at Bilbao it cannot get beyond 23fps at what is a tiny airport. I've discussed this in another topic and other users also complained of poor performance even with a 2080Ti which is ridiculous. That topic is marked as resolved so I've started this one because I've discovered what the problem is. DYNAMIC LIGHTING! With it turned on fps struggles in the low 20s but crucially the GPU is running flat out at 99%. There are continuous stutters and trying to taxi or take-off and land is awful. I disabled Dynamic Lighting in P3D v4.5 and the performance is transformed. 30fps can be maintained, there are no stutters whatsoever either on approach or taxiing around the airport and the GPU load drops to 70-80%. Surely this has to be a problem in the files for this airport? I can keep Dynamic Lighting on for all other airports without the problems I'm seeing at Bilbao. A response from the developer or other owners of LEBB would be appreciated.
  25. Hello, Most of the sceneries that use SAM are using a 2.x version and SAM has moved up to version 3 with what seems to be full backwards compatibility. The installers keep overwriting a SAM3 installation. Thank you.
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