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  1. hello everyone I have a question: where do I have to download the Orbx textures (e.g. Orbx Global base) in my simulator folder? Thanks
  2. I’ve tried the new Lisbon Scenery on two separate rigs now - both are the same - the flight preview seems OK but then Sim freezes when attempting to “Fly”. Help, please? Using MSFS on one rig and on the other. WIN10, 6700 32GB 3080Ti
  3. Hello, just enquiring if it is, or is not going to lead to issues - having my Orbx Central open (to peruse my owned products and plan a flight) while running the sim? I notice it is in the task tray while running the sim (unless I force it to quit) and there are no problems. Thank you Graeme
  4. There is an update from Rex from 6.0.2021.1119 to 6.0.2021.1217 which the Rex Weather Force prompts me to download. Will this update become available in Central or should I somehow do this outside and manually update? Thanks
  5. Just installed, WOW Factor 10/10. So engrossed in scenery could hardly find my way back to land, No stuttering and steady 30 fps. Thank you for a nice Xmas gift. Kind wishes to all staff & Orbx simmers for a safe Xmas/2022 New year. Bruce
  6. Hello, I have moved to a new computer and I just realized that I forgot to uninstall Orbx products via OrbxCentral on my old one. I've seen another post where it said that there was no desactivation necessary, only an uninstallation. Given the fact that I didn't uninstall properly, will I be able to reinstall ? (I can't try until a few days). Thanks
  7. I have Valencia airport LEVC from X-aviation store ....I can not use it with true Earth Spain, because the airport is messed up with ugly buildings....any fix for this?Thank you
  8. Hello and thank you so very much for this awesome product line! I'm just getting my feet wet so-to-speak using your generous freeware offerings. Very impressive! Small problem being reported on my system with the Clench Common Field (see attached log, please). ALL other freeware packages have been installed and report clean run well and look stunning! I have repeatedly verified all packages using Orbx Desktop. MS Windows 11, X-Plane 11r5 XoMissingLibsLog.txt
  9. Does anyone know if this has been resolved - problem is intermitent with no power to transponder on starting up aircraft and sometimes even if aircraft started as running?
  10. I mentioned this problem in another topic but that says it's answered - which it's not! Palm Springs Airport (Axonos) does not have any approaches usable in flight planning. Navigraph has two rnav approaches into the main rwy. Hope this is corrected quickly. Richard
  11. I have downloaded KPSP through Orbx only to find that the jetways, on my system, are not working. The outer ends don't look quire right. Also there seems to be a lack of people, the only ones that I can see are the push back guys. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
  12. Hello, i bought the Nantucket scenery per Just Flight and after a while (more than two years i know) i recognized, there is no more an update from iBlueyonder for that reseller. The try to migate the Just Flight license into my Orbx account fails. Is there another way to bring the Just Flight Nantucket scenery to the Orbx library or get an update? The attempt to contact iBlueyonder per contact form ended unfortunately in an webiste error every time. Thanks a lot for reply and kind regards, Claus-Peter Schulz
  13. Hi Yesterday I received an update for FSimStudios CYVR Vancouver International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator to 1.2.0. Orbx normal post about the Release Notes but can't seem to see any for this update. Just wondering what the update was for. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi does anyone know if TE Spain is compatible with Virtual Design Alicante airport add on? I only ask as when the canary islands came out there was some issues with the addon airports
  15. after not using FSX for months, this is what I see when I attempt to use the game. I updated and verified Australia and Libraries via Orbx Central before posting this message.
  16. Hi, Just purchased the REX Accuseason and I do not see any change to the winter textures that I thought I applied using the GUI. I install all my Orbx MSFS products to a Library folder located on a drive (D:\) other than the sim drive (C:\). I use Addon Linker for all my Orbx products and it works smoothly. I have no idea where "Orbx Central" installed the MSFS files because there is No Link in the MSFS Community folder (I have the Steam version). When I run MSFS I see no evidence of season change in the sim. It remains nice and green, when I set it up for Winter textures using the "GUI". Any idea how the Orbx version of REX Accuseason works in MSFS? I do not think Orbx Central is installing it correctly. What is the file structure be when Orbx Central installs the product? Any ideas would be appreciated. Regards, TS
  17. After updating Orbx CENTRAL today 15/12/21 I can no longer sign in because 2 Factor Authentication is not sending me any code to my cell-phone. Also, due to having a compromised e-mail address I quickly closed my e-mail address but could not find a way of updating to my new e-mail within the Orbx settings however, I don't think using the old e-mail address is going to stop me signing in to Orbx CENTRAL, especially with 2 Factor Authentication if it ever decides to work. Please can you help? Yours aye. Charles Forsyth.
  18. I have had to format a drive, this had a backup of all my P3D addons as was done by Central....I have them all installed into a library outside the sim, however what are my options for backing them up please?
  19. Hello everybody, I have a few FTX regions (GEN & GES, NO, AU, NZSI). I also have some Orbx airports, other payware airports, and freeware airfields, all in all 150 add-ons, in the aforementioned regions. Exhibit A: When installing the other payware and especially freeware add-ons, I usually move the corresponding airport files out of the scenery folder of the region (e.g. ...\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY\scenery), and then the check for duplicate objects. (Sometimes I have to mod older add-ons with an exclusion for V5 compatibility - not a big deal, at lot of them still look pretty darn good and are worth the while.) Exhibit B: I only activate the departure and destination (and alternate ) airport sceneries. Firstly for performance reasons (no stutters), secondly because not all airfields have (automatically configured) seasonal ground textures and thus can stick out like a sore thumb. The result of these two things combined is that not-activated airports are hardly recognizable when I only overfly them. Trees everywhere, runways almost as thin as the center line, and no buildings. This, of course, is to be expected. But I would like to find a way around it, without re-activating all of the airport sceneries from the regions and going through and creating excludes and whatnot for up to 150 airports. I am now hoping that there are exclusion files for the P3D default airports that come with the FTX regions that I can also deactivate? That would re-activate the default airport sceneries, which aren't pretty, but are much less likely to "intrude". So, long story short: Do FTX regions have exclusion files for default airports, and if they do, what am I looking for? Or is there another possibility I'm missing here? Kind regards, Dimitrios
  20. Hello, I have cause to reinstall windows 10 after an issue, it wiped my access to Orbx Central.. I had to re download it, but it is now asking for my library outside of the simulator and when I point to the existing populated one it will not accept it as it days it needs to be empty.. I have practically every Orbx scenery so do not want to lose them.. How can I get it to use my existing library.. Dave
  21. I purchased minute man and plum island from iblueyonder (and nantucket from another vendor, thus not transferable). However, when I enter the iblueyonder license code to transfer to orbx for minute man and plum island, the software tells me that no product could be added to my account. Should I contact Bill directly for help or can you help me with the license transfer? Thanks Brian
  22. Hello unfortunately it is absolutely impossible to register for Your Orbx Cebtral for me. I never get any validation Emails. And no they are not in spam folder. I tried several times with different emails. Fun fact: The registration and validation for Your forum works perfectly - with the same adress! For the facts that Your Orbx Central is not working right and that You also do not put Your products into the MSFS2020 in game shop, I cannot purchase from You. That is disappointing and also a bit ridiculous... Shame. regards Holger Operating system: Win10 Simulator: MSFS2020 Screenshot: Issue:
  23. Some items are greyed out (e.g.Dublin) and some are in full colour (e.g JustSim LFMN), how do I delete a line item in the grey list see below, e.g how do I delete Dublin Airport, the mouse does not highlight the line item
  24. Hi I see Pyongyang and Busan cities have been launched in SamScene site Are we going to have them in Central too? and when? Thanks, Carlos
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