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  1. I have installed texture and people flow patches for 1s2, 3w5, 7s3 and wa79 and after installing all ot them I then installed the library patch, one time. My question is should I have used the library patch after each one of the airports or is using the library only once after all installed? I do not seem to have action of people flow in all that I did> I triede checking "often asked questions" but did not get a positive answer to the question. Thanks for help. eray9s
  2. On 6th April I ordered the DVD and have just installed Orbx FTX NA Blue. I see on the fullterrain.com/support webpages that there is a NA PNW.003 patch available for download. Should I assume that the version I bought incorporates this patch already in which case I need take no action? Brudgeon (Invoice No. FSS0105434)
  3. Hi. I just installed the KORS package and immediately noticed that something was wrong. When I select KORS as my starting location, the only option was "active runway", no option for e.g. "GA Parking" or similar. After taking off, I noticed this area of a strange, black texture: If you take off to the north from KORS and then turn left, it's the narrow cape on you left. Another problem is that if I overfly the airport at about 1500 feet, I get these spots of a lighter texture on top of the runway and taxiways: You can't tell from the screenshot, but the spots flash and keep changing rapidly as you fly which is extremely distracting. I'm assuming something went wrong during installation? I have no other scenery for the region apart from PNW, and the installer did not give me any error messages. I've installed PNW.003.
  4. Hi, referring to upcoming KCMW scenery, I would like to know actual extension of the scenery. What area of Olympic Peninsula is covered by the scenery and which part is covered by photoreal scenery. Thank you.
  5. Hi, i was wondering wether this panel is also compatible with the RG model too thanks
  6. Hello, i was wondering if my computer would be able to run FTX AU Blue and Carenado's 208 caravan with minimal fps drops on an intel duo core @ 3.00GHz with 4 GB of RAM? thanks
  7. We should install last libraries after each installation?or one time installing of last libraries is enough? i mean assume i installed last libraries one time and after that i installed one airport ,should i reinstall the libraries again after that airport?or my first installation is enough for all next installation? thank you
  8. Hi. I removed FSX and all of my addons recently, including Orbx stuff, in an attempt to fix elevation issues I was having in the PNW area. I have since reinstalled FSX and all of my addons. This time around I only installed Orbx YBBN, Orca's Island, and Concrete Muni. I have Orbx PNW, PF, and NRM but want to wait on these at the moment. During the re-installation process of the three airports I was never asked for my serial number, order number, and order date. I figure for convenience and security reasons Orbx products must load a file containing this info hidden away from FSX incase customers need to reinstall. The problem now is all three airports show default scenery. All the appropriate files seemed to have installed within FSX but I don't think they are being seen by the scenery library. I tried to manual add these airport to the scenery library but can't. Can I just use Orbx airports without using Orbx terrain regions? Do I need to still use FTX Central to set the region I plan on being in and if so is it included in the airport packages? Was wondering if you can help? Thanks in advance! If I should have included order numbers in this post to enable support let me know. I appologize if this topic has already been addressed. I combed through 4 or 5 pages of forum topics and couldn't find anything. Mike FSX-SP2 Windows 7-SP1
  9. Hi I just purchased all 20 DVD discs for Orbx i love them, quick question if i install all of them on my hard drive will it affect FPS in FSX or only when i load specific airport? just want to know whether better to install relevant airport fly with it then when finished uninstall. any guidance appreciated thanks keep up the good work Wayne
  10. Bonjour, Flying VFR midsummer around noon out from Orcas Island towards Victoria Intl, the sea seems extraordinarily black (with water effects set to "none" in the FSX config) ... is this correct/to be expected? ...... who is controlling the water colour around here ... PNW / ORCAS / VAN+ / VIC+ / CYYJ ?? David
  11. Please forgive me if this has been addressed; I am a newbie here. I just purchased and downloaded FTX Pacific Northwest in one huge zip file. When I install the whole thing to my FSX hard drive how much total disk space will it occupy? Also do I need to uninstall the PNW demo before installing the full version? Thanks! FTXflyer PNW-106575
  12. Hi there, First of all just wanted to say great website guy's, Keep up the great work. Anyway, I am hopeing that I can have some advice as I use FS9 and have downloaded the Freeware Scenery file for YSTW. The problem is that when ever I fly anywhere near Tamworth, FS shut's down. I am pretty sure that I have followed all the install instructions on the manual and I have even Uninstalled and re-installed but still the same problem. I would appreciate any assistance given. Happ Flying!!
  13. Just installed PNW and want to go to Seaplane bases.How do I do that?Not available on FSX or G Plan.CAE5 Whistler for example.Thanks,Ron
  14. Every time I install a patch I'm warned to have the latest library. But I aready have it. Does this mean I have to reinstall it after every patch?
  15. Just purchased download version of PNW. Downloader program asks for location, but no recommendation. Does it matter? Do we just download to a temporary location and then install from there? Or should this be downloaded to Orbx subdirectory in FSX? Thanks, Don Order #FSS0105237
  16. I just finished buying the YSCB Airport. I now have it ready for install,plus the patch for it.What is the install method for this airport and the patch,and where does the FTX Central need to be,when I start.I like to ask first,when I'm unsure about certain products etc.This one + the patch looks a bit complex for me etc?.I sure don't want to screw up this install,for sure. THX GrayRider
  17. Here's the link to the official Orbx PNW Demo uninstaller tool. This must be run before you upgrade to the full FTX Pacific Northwest retail release (download or DVD versions). PNW DEMO UNINSTALLER You should use this tool if: 1. You no longer want to have the Pacific Northwest Demo installed 2. You want to upgrade to the full retail Pacific Northwest product
  18. I've found another airfield, which isn't listed in the documentation. Its at S38 15 E144 25. I think it's Barwon Heads airfield. YBRS
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