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Found 10,918 results

  1. Hi - I just recently moved to rural area and am working with blazing fast internet speed of 5 MBPS - purchased the TE Florida scenery yesterday and it will take me days to download from my home. Is there a way to download it outside of Central, on my Mac at a Internet cafe and then transfer the download to my pc? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  2. I purchased ESKS last week and flew in for the first time last night. There was lots of traffic, not aircraft but vehicles, on the runway and roads. How do I fix this? Is an afcad file the problem?
  3. I've just reinstalled P3DV5 and Australia V2. I just wondered, does anyone know if Aerosoft Ayers Rock X is compatible with Australia V2?
  4. Hello I purchased (and installed) the Orbx Sydney scenery 6 months ago. Since then I have had to do a 'repair' of FS2020 which seems to have deleted all addon scenery in my Community folder. How do I download and reinstall this scenery without having to pay for it again? Thanks
  5. Hello. MSFS 2020 I noticed that several sceneries in the Orbx Central shown as they were never installed. As it shown in the images RJAA has a green checkmark and LOWW and UUEE don't. If I click on LOWI/UUEE then Install option appears. It does not appear for RJAA. I use Addons Linker and all my sceneries are in the dedicated Addons Linker folder. All sceneries are installed and work. Even if I reinstall those sceneries again those green checkmarks still do not show (only for RJAA). Also, I never saw any updates for any sceneries as I saw before for P3D. Am I missing something? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, first time posting on this forum but i need some assistance, i’ve recently just bought the Avalon Airport add on for Fsx Steam Edition (yes i know it’s old but i can’t find any other AVV scenery) anyway, i see that there is an option for the Avalon Airshow and that would be great but i’m having trouble actually finding how to do it. I didn’t know if it was named different in Fsx or it was needing a separate download but i couldn’t find anything on it. Any help. Thanks
  7. Hello, If I select P3DV5 in Orbx Central and then 'store` I wonder do they all work with V5? I would like to buy UUEE but wil it work in V5? Best regards. Niels
  8. Hello! I bought the ESGG through MSFS and ESSB (Bromma) on Orbx central. On ESSB i could tick off Static aircraft.. Is there anyway I can do the same with ESGG? It says I don't own it on Central but i guess thats due to me buying it on Marketplace.. Any suggestions?
  9. Beginning with P3Dv5.3 I've had this strange runway elevation problem at PAJN (Juneau). When I first load the scenario, my aircraft will float one or two feet off the runway. If I then takeoff, make a circuit and then land, the planes sits nicely on the runway and is okay after that. The problem only seems to happen when the scenario is first initialized. I've installed the Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\Orbx ADE_FTX_SAK_PAJN_elevation_adjustment.BGL, but this either is not recognized or does not solve the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. Good morning and Merry Christmas! I just bought Southern Alaska and PAJN for P3DV5. I downloaded Orbx Libraries too. When I launched P3D at PAJN I noticed that there was no SODE stands available. SODE does work at my other airports, how can I make it work for this scenery as well? ' Thanks, James
  11. Anyone else having the issue landing on runway 15 that in about 100 - 50 ft AGL there is a 2-3 second lag, making a landing impossible? I deactivated Orbx SoCal and static aircraft, as well as deinstalled KLAX airport. Still same issue. P3DV5 that is.
  12. Just saw the release of LPPT for MSFS, thank you very much for this nice holiday-offer! I'd like to know if there is an bundle-discount for customers of the P3D-version (me too)? I can't see anything of that offer. Just logged out of my account to see if the price increases - but it didn't. So I'm not sure for waiting, maybe there is no discount at all because of the price of about 15€?
  13. I have base pack,vector,and openLC North American installed on preparv4.5 is buildings HD and TerraFlora v2 compatible with all three programs base pack,vector, and openLC NA. Thank you very much.
  14. I was just curious why Orbx Central installs Land class and Regions into add-on xml but Orbx airports to scenery.cfg? Is it okay to move them to add-on xml? Jerry
  15. Hello, I am having issues I bought the KSPS for MSFS2020 today the scenery looks fine but outside the scenery do some sight seeing i notice things that are suppose to be plam tress and tress look like big stones coming out of the ground everywhere and it looks terrible pictures are below not for sure why this is happening and why i have tall rocks when they are suppose to be palmtress or trees themselves thanks. pics are below.
  16. The default scenery is showing through after installing. Lamp posts and terminal buildings are double. I tried to delete the default Helsinki file but it would not allow me to delete. Any suggestions?
  17. Would anyone know why prepaid Visa card does NOT work when trying to purchase products? Longtime customer.
  18. just purchased this airport and elevation is not correct. using p3d v5.3. without the recent p3d hotfix
  19. Hello Support Installed the upgrade / new version of YSSy that was taken accross from MSFS into P3dv5 This software is extremely VRAM hungry - having to pull the sliders way to avoid "running out of available vram CTD Any work on this to prevent this problem Regards Bill Gradwell
  20. Hello folks, Im having a problem installing Skypark. I get a error saying "Topography Failed to download the new files" I have tried several times, what am i doing wrong, Thanks....RobertC
  21. Hasn't shown up via Orbx Central/ Verify Files yet. [12/25/21, 3.31pm EST] Any idea when it will be released via Orbx? TTM
  22. I'm getting a Product Not Found error trying to add the Frankfurt City pack for MSFS to the shopping cart. I'm able to add other items just fine. Let me know if this can be resolved. Thanks!
  23. Just wondering if AUScene is one of those partners who share license data with Orbx, so we can manage their scenery in Central, as Shunts did a few days ago? Ian
  24. Cn't find one I get this message. Does one exist? If so where do I find it? Thanks Ken
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