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  1. On a number of occasions - I have taken up the offer of the free livery packages shown in Central Firstly the RFD Packs - and this week the Livery packs for the default 320 and 787 On each occasion - after installing via Central - MS2020 does not accept them in the content manager I have just tried again - and opened the relative file in Community and all that is there is a notepad file entry has anyone else had a similar problem with these Australian liveries
  2. Dear Orbx team, dear flight sim enthusiasts, can anyone of you tell something about the difference in performance between FTX AU v1 und v2? As I read the discription of v2, there is of course a lot more detail included. Does this come with a performance cost in comparison to v1? Or is performance even improved because newer scenery design or rendering techniques have been used? So far, I still have v1, because I switched nearly all VFR flying to MSFS. On the other side, I'm flying airliners in P3d v4 most of my time, and despite flying IFR, I still love some nice views outside the windows on departure or approach. And the default LC (only with FTX World textures) is simply poor without at least OpenLC sceneries installed. As they aren's availible for AU, I'm using FTX AU v1 in order to have something there at all. However, performance is terrible, especially around big airports like Sydney and Melbourne, I would say a lot worse than TE England on the approach to LCY for example (excluding loading times at the beginning). For the case of Sydney, I have FlyTampa YSSY installed, but performance is also as bad, when flying/looking away from the airport. Same thing in Melbourne with your YMML scenery. It's better in Brisbane. In Sydney, there are even flickering night textures in the middle of the city at daylight. Before I spend more money on P3d VFR addons, could you tell me if this is gonna be better with FTX AU v2? Thanks a lot. Regards, Dominik
  3. Bonsoir, J'ai signalé il y a 10 jours que mon compte Orbx central ne fonctionnait plus. Le support m'a indiqué qu'il ne trouvait pas de compte correspondant à ma description. J'ai fournit les preuves d'achat que j'ai faite avec Paypal, j'ai recrée mon compte mais à ce jour pas de nouvelles. C'est quand même dommage de voir qu'un compte peut disparaitre du jour au lendemain.
  4. I'm experiencing an large impact on FPS at EGNM. It occurs when I'm on the ground and off the runway. I see from a search that there are others that have/had the same issue. I believe the lights are a factor as when the a/c is parked close to them is when the FPS is lowest. Any suggestions or fixes? Thanks
  5. Hi everybody! The aircraft ”crashes” when loading some Orbx airports in p3d v4.5 i have some problem with some Orbx airports in p3dv4. For example gothenburg, Kristiansand, alesund vigra, malmo Sturup, scandinavian mountains etc… not every airport, Arlanda works fine for example. no matters if i use PMDG aircrafts, ifly aircrafts or a ”deafult” aircraft. Have someone any idea what it could be? As soon as everything has been loaded it just says ”Crash” on the top, like the aircraft crashes, and then jump to loading screen. I have tried different gates and even start on the runway. I’ve tried to reinstall and charge priority in scenery library, but to no luck. Please help! kind regards Ludvig
  6. Hello I've been having problems with the slow loading of the freezing on the last screen, it never starts unless I remove stuff from the community folder Last time I spend a day and half moving things from that folder and putting them back for at the end realized I had placed every single mod back and the sim worked.... so really don't understand that but I can't stand it So I discovered this mod and I would like to ask for references, mainly is there a compromise with Central? A conflict? Second it is really useful? Because what would be the difference in having the mods in the community folder than in another one?... I'm having them, so why is this really efficient or could solve issues? https://es.flightsim.to/file/1572/msfs-addons-linker I just don't want to mess it so I would like some references Also when there is an update in Central would there be an issue between the three, Central, the sim and this addon? Thank you!! Carlos
  7. I have Orbx Florida HD installed and some areas turn all blue during flight. Any suggestions of what might be wrong? X-Plane 11.50RC3. Thanks
  8. Hey, can someone visually verify that this is indeed correctly loaded True earth? Some of the ground imagery seems a bit low resolution. https://imgur.com/a/hTJoa4h
  9. Hi I sent an e-mail to the developer, hoping he replies but meanwhile I wonder if anyone knows about this issue.. How to fix it? Thanks Carlos I think I might not be replied by the developer Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: simulations@cloudsurf.asia (simulations@cloudsurf.asia) There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Please try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.
  10. I am sorry if it is a silly question but I have never been quite certain XPlane11 is using TrueEarth (Great Britain South) as the image files. Within XPlane11 itself, there doesn't seem to be a setting for the scenery graphics source, it just works. I bought XPlane11 and TrueEarth all at the same time and so installed at same time. thank you Peter
  11. Anyone know if its possible to remove the included ortho in this DLC. The default ortho looks much sharper than whats included and it looks washed out. I noticed this because i took a flight around cape town before i bought and was really impressed by the ortho, so I tought to complete this location I went to buy the addon. Got hugely dissapointed when i noticed the ortho from the Cape Town package was a downgrade from default.
  12. Before I download Central and purchase a product, I have a question about how Central's links work. I would like to install Orbx products on a separate drive than my MSFS 2020 is installed. The manual says that installed products "will be seamlessly linked to your simulator in the background." I'm assuming with symbolic links. My question - Will I have control as to when those links are enabled? I currently use Addons Linker with MSFS 2020, and only load the addons that I will need for any given flight. Will Central link and load the products every time I run MSFS? Thank you in advance for your response.
  13. Are my products that appear in Orbx Central for Prepar3d 5 are they HF compatible?
  14. I bought the London Scenary add-on pack through the ingame marketplace however I would like to get it on the Orbx Central app that I discovered after. Is there a way to get it there instead without repurchasing?
  15. got the game started but i cant see anywhere where i get the option to select this terrain - installed using Orbx central
  16. The jetways at KSBA are raised all the way up (see photo attachment). Is there any way to fix this? I noticed in the documentation for KSBA there is an option to uncheck the jetways in the KSBA control panel (see attachment), but when I go to Orbx Central, that option is the only one missing on the control panel. If I can't fix them I wish there was a way to remove them. The scenery is beautiful except for this obvious flaw.
  17. Do you still plan to update Edinburgh to the current layout, at any point? Think I asked about this a while back and was told it would happen around the same time as the MSFS version was released, but obviously that was a while ago now.
  18. I am currently running out of space on my C-drive, so every free byte is precious and even OC's 400 MB are a lot. Is there still no possibility to install OC on another drive than C?
  19. Hi All. I'm 75 years old and a bit out of touch, and want to start flying again with XP11. I have downloaded the Steam version and I am awaiting the arrival of a 1TB ssd. I intend to fly only in the UK I have all the Orbx UK True Earth scenery and many of the Orbx UK airports from my previous time flying. Any advise or tips that would help me with getting everything loaded correctly on the new ssd would be much appreciated. For example. Would it be better to install all the Orbx scenery directly in to XPlane or create a new Orbx library on the ssd and place it there as, if I understand it correctly, it would be automatically symbolic linked to Xplane. Many thanks for your help.
  20. Hello, I've changed my phone and no access to code application anymore, could you be so kind and help me with it please? I can log in, but cannot pass step with two factor. Regards
  21. Hi, I noticed that the only error I get in my X-Plane log file is as follows. 0:05:27.945 E/OBJ: ERROR: the object Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_US_Washington_TE_Custom/objects/seattle/TE_USA_POI_RG_Sheraton_Grand_Seattle_Union_Street.obj has two headers and will not load in future versions of X-Plane. Fix this now! Is this fixable on my end? Thanks
  22. Hello, so I have this issue with Orbx Florida SD. In some spots, the scenery is just blank. I flew from ATL to MCO and it was literally just nothing. I have made sure nothing is conflicting with the scenery. https://imgur.com/a/EIqPYAK
  23. Hello there, I'm having a weird issue with Orbx central for a few days, the scenery configurators do not take effect anymore in any scenery and do not enable/disable features correctly (the setting itself shows as changed in central but the associated bgl file is not changed). Any idea?
  24. I uninstalled V1, then bought and installed V2. V1 still showing as available to install. How can I get V1 to clear out of Orbx Central?
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