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  1. Hey Folks, I was hoping if someone @ Orbx can confirm if there is an issue with the TF2 package. I ask because, while developing and testing gauge programing I noticed the errors below popping into the ContentErrors.log, quite a few in repeating runs flying from 11S. error=Texture VEG_BROADLEAF_OAKSYCAMORE_SU_TF_D.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) error=Texture VEG_BROADLEAF_CHESTNUTMAPLE_SU_TF_D.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13 A review of the TF2 files shows sure enough I don't have them, infact there are only 7 SU (Summer I assume) textures compared to, 21 x Winter 24 x Hard winter 21 x Spring 58 x Fall 7 x Summer I did perform a verify and no changes to the file count. There are also a few entries in the orbx_cpl_TF2.xml that don't have the look of being quite right. The majority are, <onpath>TF_Common_Orig.BGL</onpath> <offpath>TF_Common_Orig.BGL.off</offpath> But there are a few that look like the below. <onpath>TF2_Common_Default.BGL.off</onpath> <offpath>TF2_Common_Default.BGL.off.off</offpath> Is there something going on ? Cheers
  2. Has anyone had much success with the "Southern Cross" version of the Fokker Tri Motor? I certainly haven't, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I find it virtually uncontrollable, with massive pitch-up trim. It really seems unfinished to me.
  3. Hi, 1. I've upgraded my PC and and then installed my products via Orbx Central app. All was fine but I see some coastal mesh conflict(photos). Tried to "Verify files" in Orbx - same thing. It was not appearing in my old PC configuration. And I believe this conflict is not unique in SoCal in my current config. Friends who also own SoCal confirmed me that this is not normal. 2. Another strange thing I faced here is crossing this topic scenery_packs keeps being messed up which is still active, The file sceney_pack.ini is changed every time I run XP (attached version is after I quit XP). And changes is not alphabetical. For example: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/DD Washington XP Layer1 SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/DD Washington XP Layer2 Are mixed up sometimes(Layer 2 is much higher than Layer 1) and I'm not sure they accept this order. Most funny thing is that checking the box "Enable Automatic Layering" in Configuration of Orbx app it seems doesn't have any action: even if this box is unchecked I see changed lines order in sceney_pack.ini and scenery_pack.ini-Orbx-backup addition file. How can I completely forbid these changes to Orbx app? BR George Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  4. I read the FAQ and i know they are separate. But i made the mistake of buying Sydney City and Brisbane City through MSFS Marketplace store and they have both received updates from Orbx that have NOT made it to the store, after months! The worst thing is now with WU7 in Brisbane i got double Storey Bridge and Gateway Bridge in game with the cityscapes installed and i know Orbx are working hard to make it compatible which is awesome, but i fear those updates won't come to the in game store for possibly a year!! Can i show proof of purchase and get a convert or something so i get rapid updates? I feel as someone who paid for it i should be entitled to the updates without waiting years? Thanks.
  5. Having trouble at KTIW in MSFS. The ILS 17 final approach course does not seem to be aligned with the runway. Using the skyvector FAC of 167 I'm coming in offset to the west. I assume it's operator error but it happens in multiple airplanes at KTIW and not right across the street at KSEA.
  6. Hi guys. I've just read that as part of the fast approaching Australian World Update VII, that Australia will be receiving plenty of photogrammetry cities. Including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Cairns, Darwin, Townsville, Bunbury and Mackay. I purchased a few of these city sceneries already from Orbx and was wondering how they will be impacted with the new world update installed? Thanks Wingding65
  7. Does OpenLc North America not have seasonal textures? I'm flying in Colorado in February in a heavy snow storm and the ground textures look like summer. Flightbeam KDEN is set to winter. Should I just turn off North America LC if I want the ground to match? Jerry
  8. Hi all... I have just updated MSFS with the new Australia pack. Eventually and after endless mucking about with the Microsoft Store, it finally completed. Before completing the new installation, I uninstalled my Orbx Sydney Cityscape pack. My question is...: will the Orbx Cityscape override the MSFS upgraded Australia scenery addon? Thoughts would be appreciated... Thanks, Rob
  9. FPS are horrendous in Brisbane with the city pack and YBBN v2 after WU7. 10-15 fps. In comparison I open YSSY FlyTampa YSSY and Orbx city pack and i get 40-50 fps with ai traffic. Sydney is more dense and a much greater detail level in comparison and get better fps. I have deleted all my scenery dat files and content xml and no difference.
  10. Good Afternoon, I’m having issues with stuttering/freezing of P3D v5.2HF1 at MKs EFHK. An example of this can be experienced if you load up at stand 14 and pan around. This happens with default and payware AC, and other scenery’s are ok. I would be interested if anyone else has experienced this? I've tried the usually remedies but to no effect. My Specs: 5950x, 3090 and 32GB of RAM. TIA James.
  11. Hi Guys, is there something like an official statement from Orbx whether or to what degree the Orbx City Upgrades are compatible with the content that Asobo issued for World Update VII? I mean, they should be somehow compatible at least, otherwise it would be quite immoral to put them on sale now Cheers, Paul
  12. Hi, Orbx central is not remembering any settings for EGFF Wales for fsx. I can select them and save but when I look again they are unselected. How can I fix this?
  13. When we install the WU7 next week must we unistall the Sidney scenery and Sidney airport that we bought from Orbx? Stelios
  14. Hi folks! I just got GB north up and running and it looks marvelous but I noticed there are no decals (gritty textures) on the orthos like there are in GB South and Central. Was this missed or is it intentional? I love the decals!
  15. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I bought LC Africa a good while ago, and love it. I just found some strange texture around HEBL (Luxor, Egypt). I think those are agricultural irrigation circles, but they should be round. They are oval instead. Is it just me ? Is there some configuration that could fix it ? Thanks. I'm using FSX Steam, Orbx Global with Vectors. Edit : also with FS Global 2010. Luc
  16. Nick, Back 5 months ago I experienced a massive lightning strike (motherboard, CPU, some HDD, and SDD). After a few months of trying to repair it to no avail, I finally purchased a new machine. I have finally managed to recover most of my files. I have reinstalled P3Dv3 and am slowly reinstalling all my Orbx sceneries (the hard drive that held Orbx files was a victim of the strike). I have P3Dv5.3 waiting in the wings to be installed. The reason for v3 is I understand Orbx Central may not recognize my previous v3 purchases if v3 is not on the machine and I would have to repurchase all my old sceneries once more for v5. Will Orbx Central allow me to install directly to v5 instead of copying from the v3 installation? I don't plan on using v3 after I install v5. Respectfully, JMBIII
  17. I have noticed quite several airports in the Orbx Global Airports Pack that have elevation issues including Cabo San Lucas (MMSL), Fort Mackay Firebag Aerodrome (CFG6) & others. There seem to be mixed reviews on whether Global Vector should be installed in P3Dv5. If I installed Global Vector and disable everything, would the exclude (flattening) resolve these elevation issues? Thanks in advance,
  18. Hi Orbx & Everyone, One of my eyes is crying, the other is laughing ... Today I saw new pictures uploaded to the upcoming products page at LKPR Airport. I was very happy about that. But! Only for a very short time, For a long, very long time there were very initial images out there and that P3D V4 + ... And now! Microsoft Flight Simulator only! The recently released: Orbx - Prague Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator + Prepar3D v4 + [Official Trailer] There, P3D too! Sadly, I would like to ask and ask for information on how it will be then. Will it be or not P3D ... version !? Maybe, after that, it’s not such a “difficult question” that Orbx wouldn’t be able to answer that. I would just like to indicate, and still be, what I have described several times: Not only MSFS is in the simulator world !!! The information may not be special and unfulfilled requests. For my part, I use P3DV5.2. I think there are still a lot of us doing this so that ... So by the end the big question. Will there be an LKPR P3DV5.xx version too !? Thank you, and on behalf of everyone, if we can get some "official" answer to this. All the best and regards, Peter
  19. Hi, I'm new to P3D, I only bought it a few days ago and I just wanted to know if the Global Scenery packs like Base, Vectors and the openLC packs are compatible with P3Dv5? I already own many of them for FSX. Also, is it possible to use the scenery for both FSX and P3D at the same time? I appreciate any help, thanks.
  20. Hiya, Just installed the Volanta app try it out and upon booting up my sim after installation (without Volanta active) P3D asked me if I wanted to enable a Volanta addon in my sim, which of course I said yes...although for a plane tracking app found very weird. Now little did I know it was adding something to my sim. Why on Earth does Volanta need to add its own Logo to my simulator as a simobject? Really? Playing with everyones sim just to insert your logo into everyones sim? Is that really needed? What feature does the logo in the sim add please that means the logo should remain as a simobject in the simulator? Where is it shown? It really just seems like faff for people and creating problems for no reason. I hope you can help, many thanks.
  21. Hi, Does anyone know how Volanta is scanning installed airports? I enabled this feature in Volanta v1.2 and it found 85 airports for P3Dv5.3 but it looks to me as though it can find Orbx airports, but not other 3rd party airports. For example I have Flightbeam NZAA installed via the XML add-on method in a folder external to the main sim and the yellow start that denotes a scanned airport does not show up on the map. Same goes for FB Wellington. Thanks Mark
  22. Hi I had to disable FTX NA CRM 05 TO 80 Because sim wouldn't start Same with NRM O5 TO 08 Now I'm trying to reinstall but don't know what the corresponding scenery in central covers it
  23. Hello, I am having the issue that my water textures are looking very blurry does anyone know how to solve it I never had the issue on older P3D Versions, I am Using Orbx Global base, Vector, Europe and Envtex and Envshade Best reguards
  24. Hi @Misha Cajic Hope you are doing fine I wonder if you plan to do LDDU for MSFS I hate when others do Orbx airports. It is out now but I rather wait for yours if you plan to release it Regards, Carlos
  25. Hi. The following airports contain uncompiled services.xml files and produce that ground services are not displayed on airports that do not have a custom ground service configuration: YAYE YBNA YLHI YPPF YSPT EGTR --> this one contains also a .xm file in addition to the .xml file I reported this issue prior to SU7 for other airports, including some of the Aerosoft ones. See following topics: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pc-ground-services-vehicles-and-marshallers-disappeared/474916 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/marshallers-disappear-due-to-wrong-airport-services-configuration/479209 To fix this you need to compile those files, or alternatively remove the uncompiled files and update layout.json to remove those entries as well. Could you please include that in the next updates? Cheers
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