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  1. For a long time I have been frustrated with P3D and my frames going intermittently to zero during a flight. I've looked through threads and there are so many suggestions it's mind boggling. I had used Simstarter NG when I was using FSX to get better frames but even then my frames didn't go down to zero for a few seconds. So today I purchased Simstarter NG P3D for my P3D v4.5 and v5.2. I set up a couple of configurations but still had the issue. I have Orbx Base, Vector, all the Open LC's, all of the NA series, True Earth Florida, along with Australia V2 and North and South New Zealand as well as a bunch of airports. I tried a configuration where I disabled all scenery outside of North America and still have the issue with frames going to zero during a flight. I finally tried disabling all Orbx scenery leaving my addon airports (not Orbx) and plugins and finally got a smooth flight even with everything maxed out and checked in the P3D settings for v5.2. Before I was using the recommended settings for P3D listed in the user guides but decided to see how it performed with no Orbx scenery and everything maxed out. I was pleasantly surprised. But I don't want to stop using all of the Orbx scenery I paid so much for. So where do I go from here? Can I, for instance, disable all scenery outside of the area I want to fly in, say North America as well as all of the default P3D scenery? Is that possible or would some areas not display correctly. I would like to be able to fly in general areas, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, Europe. I've tried lowering my settings but have come to the conclusion that my issue is related to how much is enabled in my scenery library. So again looking for a path so I can fly in the areas I mentioned and not have my frames drop intermittently to zero. Thanks for any suggestions. I'll be trying some tweaks in Simstarter NG P3D.
  2. Hope you can help me here Nick. What it is, have recently done a reformat of PC, no problems there, FS2020 is back up and running on its own 2TB SSD drive, all is good. P3D v 5 has its own 1 TB SSD drive and surprisingly its now full with just one purchased Orbx scenery to go! arrgh Am in process of moving the P3D v 5 TE scenery's over to another drive with ample space, then create a new Library in Orbx central there, then move the scenery's there, this should work? Can have two P3D v 5 scenery library's on two drives and both serving same sim, yes? I hope.
  3. hi i am just wondering how to change the night lights from orange to more realistic white colour.
  4. hey guys I know I am late with this..but need your opinion. I currently have FSX SE with all my Orbx and several add ons installed in my windows 7 PC. I have three partitions namely C (system drive), E (FSX installation drive, all add ons, steam) and F. My query is as straightforward as it can be...Can i directly upgrade to windows 10 without uninstalling FSX SE and all the add ons associated? If i directly upgrade to windows 10...will i be able to directly start FSX SE once upgrade is done? There is no hardware change..only change is the OS. please suggest if this can be done. I know there might be many who had FSX installed in win 7 who upgraded to windows 10. please let me know. regards govind
  5. Hello, Is Goodwood (EGHR) ever going to be ported/created for this sim? I see basically every other airport/field around it has been done but not EGHR, there is an X-plane version, and FSX, just not flight simulator 2020. Just asking as I would love to have it for this (its my local) https://orbxdirect.com/product/eghr/xp11 Cheers
  6. Hi. I've just purchased the above scenery and disappointed with the graphical representation of the tower and other buildings. They're very blurry whilst everything else is sharp. ( Exactly the same with OpenGL & Vulkan ) and I've also tried on a clean copy of xplane with no addons. Surely the developer didn't think that this was acceptable for a payware airport? I'd appreciate it if you would confirm my findings as in my opinion it doesn't reflect the usual quality of Orbx ( or partner ) products.
  7. Orbx generously put on sales every now and again, but the recent sale in August left out FSX/FSX:SE from the beneficiaries. I know that FSX/SE are old platforms, but they're in widespread use and I was wondering if it is now policy to omit them from Sales? If this is the case, I wonder if you would mind explaining the rationale? Thanks Jerry
  8. Hello, I have the main Orbx Library installed into a -different- SSD outside my main P3D drive. On a recent routine drive check, I notice the 'Orbx_Central_backups' directory on this drive.... Since this 'Orbx' drive is nearing capacity, I'd like to free up space by moving this 'backup' folder to yet another drive. I run Central v 4.1.39. In 'settings > downloader > backups', I've changed the location to my preferred new target drive / folder. Question: to free up space -now-, can I / should I manually move the existing 'backup' folder to this new location ? I assume Central will only use the new location for subsequent downloads / installs / back ups (ie, it wont proactively move the folder simply by changing the target folder location). thx, JB
  9. Yes, I know that support for partner products is not carried out here, but I have already created a ticket for them several times, they sometimes answered and then they just disappeared ... I just want to make sure that everyone has the problem and you confirmed it and also created tickets from your side=>
  10. Hi Just a short question....in the Standard edition of MSFS 2020 is YSSY - Sidney (by Asobo) . But also here at ORBS as YSSY - Sidney International Airport(current Version 1.4.0) For e.g. EKRN (Bornholm) it is recommended to de-install the Asosbo airport (World Update IV). And only use the extra Add-on one. What is here for Sidney? Or is the 1.4.0 version "overwriting" the Asobo version? I haven' t found any answer here (when Im searching for "Sidney") Best regards from Singapore Lutz
  11. Since the MS France update I have been waiting for the update on Orbx Paris Landmarks. Because the Orbx Paris Landmarks conflicted with the MS France update the Orbx Paris Landmarks had to be uninstalled. Months have passed and I still see there is NO update? It seems Orbx are ignoring this? I wish that I had not purchased this Orbx product, what a total waste of money. This is strange, because after the UK update, soon after Orbx updated their London Landmarks adding extra content, and removing any scenery conflicts.
  12. Hi Been looking at purchasing some of the content for MSFS but I use a custom addon manager and need to manually install mods, so they can be removed to free up space when not in use. Is there a manual download link provided with the purchase of mods from Orbx?
  13. Hi Guys, I have products on SIMMARKET, however your approach to buying, installing and keeping a record of your products at a glance is far way better. My question is, can I transfer license for egxample for Keflavik or Dublin from MK-Studio , mainly products which I have licences on simmarket and is available on your shop to my account so I could have them available for install in a sim?
  14. Hi, I have a very fast fiber cable internet connection, just purchased Stockholm Bromma (+5 GB of data) and got a download speed of 4,3 Mbit/sec. Is the Orbx server so slow? Regards, Ben
  15. Hi! Since a few days I have a few trees on the beginnin of RW26. Asobo LOWI is deleted, also the cache and the content.xml. I've deleted and new innstalled Orbx LOWI a few times .... but also didn't helped me. Any ideas?
  16. P3Dv5.2HF1. Scenery installed - FTX Global, AUS v2, YBBN v2, Fly Tampa YSSY. On a flight today from Brisbane to Sydney P3D stopped with the DXGI message. I didn’t take note of the message details - sorry. I was descending to FL120 around 55nm out from YSSY. I’ve been flying P3Dv5 over Europe and North America without this problem so I’m concerned why it’s happening over AUS scenery. I’ve verified FTX Global and AUS v2 files. Is there anything else I can do? Is this a known problem with scenery in this part of the world?
  17. Hi, I created a ticket back in July which I was told my issue was fixed and would be released in the next update. Is this update planned to be released soon?...and if it will include the updates with LIDAR data of up to 1 m resolution. Thanks
  18. Hello I've had to reinstall FSX-SE onto a new drive as a result of a failure. After much time I got the Orbx folder in FSX-SE, but now the scenery will not show. I'm now aware that these files need to be 'verified', but I'm not sure how to go about this. I've found the Orbx Central file. All the backup Orbx folders are there. This is proving to be a very frustrating exercise. Please help. Thanks Raif
  19. When I look at scenery add ons in the P3Dv5 sceneries, all of the Orbx sceneries, Global Base, Europe LC, Regions and Airfields are "greyed out". This means I cannot move them. Scenery seems to work satisfactorily in the sim. Any ideas please? RoyH
  20. When will EGLC be updated to todays correct apron and taxiways? https://airport-world.com/amp/london-city-airport-completes-major-airfield-expansion-projects/
  21. Have the Landvetter Airport installed version 1.0 and wonder if an update is available? Furthermore the Content manager do not show " Owned" in MSFS despite of being installed (purchased directly from Orbx) ? Akki
  22. Hello, When approaching or overflying the Geneva area, the sim crashes. The windows event viewe reveals it's due to the terrain.dll issue. I completely reinstalled the sim and estabilished the problem only occurs with Orbx OpenLC EU active. Users of both available Geneve scenery have reported issues in the area and both developers think it's Orbx related. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/156377-geneva-ctds-terraindll/ http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,24719.0.html Is there any possibility to fix this problem or manually disable the Geneva region within the openLC EU coverage? This would be highly appreciated as I just had a CTD after an 6-hour. (again). I'm running Prepar3D V5.1 latest version. Crashes occured with both PMDG and default aircraft. Thanks in advance, Filipe Spring
  23. First of all - the new ESSB airport looks great and no issues with airport buildings / objects themselves. But I have large 'flat' areas of missing (autogen?) buildings all around the airport - see some example pictures attached. Cleared content.xml and scenery dat files etc. - no change. Seems a bit similar to issue at a couple of other Orbx airports (e.g., there's a similar active issue re: KBUR). Any advice?
  24. Hiya, Just an easy quick question for the Orbx Africa add on.... Does it cover the Saudi Arabi areas or just ONLY Africa and Madagascar? Thanks
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