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  1. Hi, after a long back and forth I made my switch from P3Dv4.x to P3Dv5.2 HF1. Now I have to reinstall all my addons, as this PC is a completely new one. Now my question: I have almost all Orbx products as well as from FranceVFR. Can someone please tell me in what order to install? That would help me a lot, thank you very much. Dieter
  2. Hi. I just downloaded volanta 2 days ago but the problem is that i'm even not seeing the green point which shows that i'm connected to x- plane 11. I installed the plugin to x plane 11. Today, I uninstalled volanta and installed it back and it still not working.. If anyone can help
  3. Hi, could you please tell me, why in my iMac Version EGLC scenery is missing the firebrigade trucks? XP 11.55r2, macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 Many thanks for any help Marco
  4. Hi, I noticed there are some locations covered by the GB Central pack that have also been done by Asobo. Is there a way to disable these locations and just allow the Asobo ones? For example here at RAF Menwith Hill: The Orbx models not only are extremely poor but also in the wrong place. I imagine this is probably not the only location. As a side note - a bit of feedback I'd like to give to Orbx is that overall, having explored a small portion of the pack, I feel quite underwhelmed by the quality of modelling. This is only highlighted even further by the picture above. Appreciate the price of the pack is very reasonable for the quantity of content and for that reason it seems somewhat acceptable but considering Asobo are covering what looks like a similar number of landmarks in their world updates, which also include airports at a payware quality, for no cost, I feel Orbx somewhat need to up their game. Also compared even to other Orbx city packs I feel this falls down a bit in the quality department, to a degree. I have also mentioned in another thread too, another thing I would have like to have seen is a landmark 'tag' added to some (or all) of the locations. Useful for finding not only in the world map but makes for great flybys, as the smart camera can easily lock on to locations tagged as a landmark and with this pack being touted for 'low and slow' flyers, I think this would make the experience even better. It is nice however to see more added to the North as we are somewhat lacking in photogrammetry and other additions up here.
  5. I wonder whether there's something wrong with my scenery-packs.ini file - or something else. The Needles are just flat islands, and there's no Needles lighthouse. I previously downloaded the demo area, and the lighthouse was there - I remember because I landed on it! Have I not got Orb-X GB South installed correctly? Edit to add - this is my .ini file. There's a few airports/fields that I've created at the top - perhaps that's upsetting something? scenery_packs.ini
  6. @Larry_R What are chances that we are going to see BC Ferries appear in MSFS? Freeware or payware? When I fly from CYVR to CYYJ, all looks great, except for the missing ferries.... (and lighthouses..)
  7. I have been hoping for about two years for an update for T. E. U. K. Central which would add the missing bridges and road traffic in the north east area. but I have now given up looking as it appears that this is not going to happen. too busy with MSFS I suppose. Otherwise I am very content with the numerous Orbx products I have in P3d v5.2 and have no intention of adding MSFS unless I find some more ££££'s to update to a new Computer.
  8. Hi all. I build my new PC for P3D v. 4 and I'm starting instaling all my addons include ORBX Global, Vectors, trees. I have a question whether to install all ORBX products before or afer the airports scenery installation? Sorry for the trivial question but for the first time in a long time i will be instaling every thing from scratch - i've been using FSX for many years and i am starting my adventure with P3d. Best regards Grzegorz
  9. Hello @Tony Wroblewskiand Orbx team! I'm anticipated with future updates with NoCal: Alcatraz and possible SF bridges with traffic, I'm sure you have got a lot or work besides this but just a little hint about forecastable changes that might be happen? I was extremely excited for me to see these photos of your current work below. Please check when do you estimate this update to happen? Many thanks and good luck yo all of you! BR George
  10. Will this be coming to Microsoft market place? I have the steam version. I bought Leeds/Bradford Airport from the market place, from Orbx. Without having to download ftx central. It installed no problem. Regards Hadrian
  11. Tried Orbx Londinium by flying under the Tower Bridge. Crash! As one can now fly under bridges in the SU5 update, will Orbx be enabling this feature and updating their products accordingly?
  12. Having eventually migrated from FS9 to FSX I am slowly learning different issues. Not a complete novice but willing to learn. So I recently purchased the packages available for NZ but have found to my dismay that certain smaller airfields are not set up for AI aircraft. I notice that some have no runways but have parking spots that are not connected. Is there a simple way to activate these airfields or it is what it is? If it is not possible is there a definitive list showing the airfields that are not set up for AI. I'm writing a new up to date set if plans but am keen to set up plans for only those active AI airfields. I have tried simple mods but end up with frustrating elevation,terrain type issues. Thanks
  13. Not sure if Beaumaris Castle on the Isle of Anglesey is meant to be included in the Great Britain Central pack but there is something there which looks like it's a ground plan floating over the castle bitmap on the scenery. Nearby Caernarvon and Conwy are both fine.
  14. Yesterday I took off from LOWI after just having bought & installed it through the marketplace. Unfortunately halfway I got launched in the air through a speed bump, luckily i was at VR so I managed to keep it in the air. Also noticed that some vehicles where below the surface, so maybe a layering issue? Someone else who also experiences this?
  15. Where can i view what this current update 1.1.1 has in store?
  16. There are parking stands missing could they be added please? Example Gate 87, Gate 73A and 73B, 72 (not the A/B), the other stands 69-72
  17. Hi, I own the Berlin-Tegel Airport (EDDT) from Gaya Simulations. I just noticed that I no longer any NAV data for EDDT. I can not select any SID/ STAR/ ILS in the menu or FMS. Does someone else have noticed it and is there an easy fix for that?
  18. I discovered this by chance today. It can only be seen from above, not from below. It is directly above The O2. I have installed the London City Pack and EGLC London City. Does this have anything to do with any of your add-ons?
  19. Can someone possibly confirm whether my scenery is displaying as would be expected. My reason for asking is that I am going thru virtual PPL training but having real difficulty identifying locations in my scenery. As an example, I use EGTB ( Wycombe ) as the training base with the training area to the north of it around Aylesbury. I am using Orbx Global Base, Global Vector, OpenLC Europe and Region England. I have attached a couple of screen shots. The first is with all Orbx deactivated in the Scenery Library, and the second with everything active. There is a difference, but it's not huge, or maybe I am expecting too much ? Would you expect more of a difference ? It may be it's my hardware. i5 7600K OC at 4.5Ghz, 16 Gb RAM and an MSI GTX970 graphics card. It easily produces 100+ fps. My monitor is a fairly old 22in with DVI connection running at native resolution 1600x1050. Would a better monitor say something like 2560x1440p using the Display Port render better results ? The whole PC will be upgraded in the fullness of time, but would appreciate any guidance on whether a better monitor may derive better results in the short term. Thank you
  20. The circled in red nodes are not needed and confuse GSX pushback on where to push back a plane to.
  21. Hello there Everytime I take off at Keflavik I get a CTD, the sim freezes the sound breaks and then it closes Is anybody experiencing the same issue.? I deleted the scenery indexes and the content.xml as I saw this was recommended for the same issue in a different airport but the issue remains I have no extra add-ons here except Orbx free mesh Not sure if MK Studios follows up here but in all case before asking them I wanted to know if this is only me Thanks Carlos
  22. For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to purchase the MSFS Frankfurt city pack via Orbx central but only get a error message saying "product not found". Also tried to purchase from in-game MS store but the product won't load. Anyone else who purchased or attempted to have this issue?
  23. Purchased XASONOS KMEM airport for X-Plane 11 through Orbx a few days ago. Installed through Central but can not receive ATIS on the published frequency of 127.750. I've checked the apt.dat file, and it shows 127.750 as the ATIS frequency. If I use P2ATC, with this airport installed, I receive ATIS with no problem. Also am able to receive the subject ATIS using Vatsim. Does anyone know what may be inhibiting me from getting this to work properly, or any suggestions as to how to further troubleshoot? Thanks in advance
  24. I am thinking of purchasing multiple Orbx city scenery packs for MSFS on my Xbox Series X. Anyway, the question I have is will the current scenery packs be able to take advantage of the performance improvements in SU5/Xbox Series X version of the simulator? For instance, if I buy the Sydney pack, will it run fine on the Xbox Series X performance-wise, or will the Sim start stuttering on an Xbox Series X with the scenery packs? TIA
  25. hello, at the moment I try to build up my new P3D5-sim. Until now I only have installed: globalbase, openLC's and some regions like Germany North, south… SODE is within and for evaluations a link from Ultimate Trafficlive. In V4 I never was thinking About the order of external linked in addons via addon.xml. Now, in V5, I want to use this method and so I started to install everything in an external library. But flying in the sim is not the same like in V4. Especially surroundings of Berlin and Munich are looking strange. Having a look into my addons I can see another order like in V4. Globalbase is above at all but the american regions are below openLC North America. Is it okay so? If not, how can I move them into the right order?
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