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  1. Hi all, The World Update VII compatibility fixes for Cityscape Sydney is now available on Orbx Central. The update is being submitted to Microsoft as well as an XBox version for testing and acceptance. This update works best with the photogrammetry data as being enabled. If the PG is disabled you will see issues with the Sydney Harbour Bridge off-ramps. Note that with photogrammetry enabled, we have used best efforts in ensuring POIs work well within the photogrammetry area in the CBD. We have elected to retain the original Cityscape Sydney Harbour Bridge and One Barangaroo POIs in lieu of those shipped with WU:VII in update as well.
  2. Kanawha Airport, commonly known as Yeager International Airport or CRW, first opened its doors in 1947 and is situated in Charleston, West Virginia. Charleston is the capital and cultural hub of West Virginia, with incredible museums and local shops. It’s not only a great place to fly through but a wonderful place for road trips. In 1985 the airport was named after General Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, in the Bell X-1. Today, Yeager Airport serves American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines as a public airport. The airport covers 767 acres of land with one main terminal building. With only 6302 feet of runway at an elevation of 982 feet on a flattened mountain, the airport is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous airports. KCRW Yeager International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next addition to your collection of Orbx Airport library. Features: High-quality PBR textures Custom POIs for the surrounding area and Charleston downtown Custom jetways Dynamic night lighting Custom groundpoly Landside area recreated in high detail Detailed terminal interior
  3. Welcome to the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands, a paradisiacal archipelago in the Caribbean Sea! Home to 8 airfields and 2 seaplane bases, we have populated this beautiful chain of islands with nautical life. Take a flight over the recreated marinas and ports that skirt these islands together with typical sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and luxury yachts travelling the coast! To celebrate the launch. Seafront Simulations are discounting Vessels: Anguilla, St Martin and St Barts by 50% for the next two weeks. $18.99 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$13.89 | €12,84 | £10.72 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features PBR models Night lighting Animated vessels Adds extra cargo traffic between the Virgin Islands and St Martin $18.99 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$13.89 | €12,84 | £10.72 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  4. Hi all, an update is now available for SoFly Landing Challenge Pro on Orbx Central. Changelog: Fixes a few runway assignment issues due to the sim updates SU9 compatibility
  5. Hi all, an update for the Sim Skunk Works TF-104 G Starfighter is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog: New sounds (internal) Kneeboard added Gunsight, ground speed error readout, simple HUD added as easter eggs Q7 Martin-Baker seat added on 2 new liveries Documentation revised Fixed bug on throttle axis Fixed bug on TAL NUMBER customization
  6. Hi all, an update is now available on Orbx Central for the IndiaFoxtEcho Su-31. Changelog: - Changed engine gills outlet painting - Increased smoke effect persistence and tweaked transparency and size - Fixed engine sounds cones orientation - Fixed position of wheel chocks - Fixed throttle lever animation length - Fixed minor misalignment in wing texturing - Fixed minor modeling alignment in wing tip geometry
  7. Kanawha Airport, commonly known as Yeager International Airport or CRW, first opened its doors in 1947 and is situated in Charleston, West Virginia. In 1985 the airport was named after General Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, in the Bell X-1.Today, Yeager Airport serves American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines as a public airport. The airport covers 767 acres of land with one main terminal building. $22.72 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$16.74 | €15.52 | £12.86 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only With only 6302 feet of runway at an elevation of 982 feet on a flattened mountain, the airport is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous airports. KCRW Yeager International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next addition to your collection of Orbx Airports Features: High-quality PBR textures Custom POIs for the surrounding area and Charleston downtown Custom jetways Dynamic night lighting Custom ground poly Landside area recreated in high detail Detailed terminal interior $22.72 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$16.74 | €15.52 | £12.86 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  8. Hi all, an update for the IRIS Tutor is now available on ORbx Central. Changelog Interior and Exterior models corrected to remove ‘double aircraft’ bug in cockpit. LODs refined to address above. Engine.cfg adjusted to allow for engine start on SU8. Textures optimized for improved performance.
  9. Hi all, an update for SWS Vans-RV14 is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Fixed floating strobe light behind rudder Corrections to the electrical system Fixed broken IAS/FLC function on autopilot Fixed ALT FIELD circuit breaker Deactivated SPARE 1 breaker Fixed SPARE 2 circuit breaker that turned off the Attitude indicator Fixed unhideable pilot Connected ESI500 to GTN750 Tied autopilot altimetre to left G3X screen Fixed G3X not dimming Fixed AI aircraft height on ground Code cleanup Also should mention as we neglected to in the announcement. Orbx Central has been set up to switch between the 3 GTN panel options through the control panel.
  10. The Volanta team have been working hard since we released v1.1 back in August, ensuring that Volanta remains the most innovative flight tracker in the industry. We managed to set a new concurrent connection record of 1,704 users flying during VATSIM's Cross the Pond event! Three lucky users won prizes during this event, along with more prizes won during our "Fright Flight" competition. All in all, it has been a busy few months for us! The community sends us feedback every single day through our various social channels (Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), letting us know how they think Volanta can be improved for everyone. The community feedback is what drives us to make Volanta better every single day, so from everyone at Team Volanta - thank you! Now, let's get to the exciting part! The updates that are mentioned below are still a work in progress, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming your way. Volanta v1.2 - Activities Update We are proud to announce our second major feature update, bringing you even more ways to fly: Volanta v1.2. This free update brings a whole host of new features to Volanta. We wanted to give our users more things to do. So, in v1.2, we have focused on expanding the activities available within Volanta. The “Challenges” page has been overhauled and replaced with “Activities”. This page will act as a hub for Volanta-powered experiences. You can discover new places to fly with Aerocaches, find new events on both multiplayer networks and Volanta, as well as searching comprehensive real-world schedules. More unique activities are in the works, we can’t wait to show you what we have coming. Real-World Schedules One of the most requested features from our community since launch is the ability to easily find real-world flights and callsigns. In Volanta v1.2, we are happy to announce that we have integrated global flight schedule data for Volanta Premium subscribers. Our data uses a real-world aviation feed, meaning we can provide up to a weekly refresh of our schedules, depending on real-world traffic. The ever-changing nature of our schedules will be especially evident as the aviation industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Picking a route is easy - just choose a departure airport and Volanta will visualise all available destinations from that airport. All you need to do is choose an arrival airport and you will be shown a list of real-world flights that have taken place on that route. Selecting an arrival airport will filter the schedule list and just show flights between the selected departure and arrival airport. The schedule list can be further filtered by airline, aircraft and flight time. After clicking a flight, you can then see even more details like the local departure and arrival times, and terminal+gate assignments for some airports. Want to plan a day of flying? Queue them up using Volanta’s new roster feature. The built-in roster shows a list of your upcoming flights. Flight schedules can be added to your roster with a simple click. Furthermore, Volanta can now scan your scenery in supported simulators (MSFS, XP, P3D) to show you more relevant airports - further assisting your flight planning decisions. More on that below. Schedules are exclusively available for Volanta Premium subscribers. Volanta Premium is only A$6.35 per month (less than $5 USD), or A$63.50 when purchased for a year (2 months free). Schedules join our comprehensive Premium features including flight parties, cloud auto-saves, 4K cloud screenshots and much more. Schedules open a lot of possibilities for us, stay tuned to see what we have in store for the future. Aerocaches With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we’ve seen a massive increase in users flying visually and exploring new places. Aerocaches are a global treasure hunt. You’ll be given a clue, and the general area to look in. Discover the floating Volanta symbol and fly through it to capture that Aerocache. On your journey you will discover new places you may not have seen before, and learn more about the world we live in. Sharpen your flying and detective skills to find all of the Aerocaches we’ve hidden around the world. Aerocaches are optionally injected dynamically into all three major simulator platforms (Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D v4+). We will be adding more and more Aerocaches over time, especially coinciding with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Updates. Online Network Events For those of you who enjoy flying on online networks such as VATSIM or IVAO, we have aggregated their events into a simple list - ensuring you never miss an event again. Events are shown on our powerful map, allowing you to visually see where you want to fly. If you intend to fly in an event, you can click the “I’m Going” button to let event organisers and community members know which events are the most popular. You can also receive a notification 30 minutes before an event begins, giving you enough time to prepare for your flight. A special thanks to the VATSIM and IVAO teams for providing event data. We’re very excited about the future possibilities this opens up! Scenery Map Another highly requested feature from the community was an integrated Scenery Map. In Volanta v1.2, you can scan supported simulators (MSFS, P3D, XP) and display your installed scenery on the Volanta map. Like most of Volanta, you’ll be able to view your scenery from the web and mobile too. This pairs great with our new Premium feature, Schedules, to show you where you can fly with real-world flights and callsigns. ---------- That’s Volanta v1.2: our activities update. We can’t wait to see how everyone in the community uses these new features. Remember, you can always let us know your feedback via our social media pages (Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). As always, the core features of Volanta will always remain free, with ongoing support. For those looking to expand their flying experience, Volanta Premium is for you! We want to thank everyone for the continued support. Since we launched in January, we’ve had feedback and ideas coming in from our community every single day. Without you, Volanta wouldn’t be where it is today! The Volanta Team
  11. The Sukhoi Su-31 is a Russian single-engined aerobatic aircraft designed by Sukhoi as a lighter and more powerful version of the Sukhoi Su-29. The design of the aircraft started in 1991 as a single-seat development of the earlier Sukhoi Su-29 with a more powerful Vedeneyev M14PF engine and new landing gear. The low-wing cantilever monoplane first flew in June 1992 as the Su-29T and the first production aircraft flying in 1994. $25.49 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$18.85 | €17,43 | £14.43 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features Detailed exterior and interior models 7 different liveries (white with red/blue/black/azure/pink/green stripes and yellow with black stripes) Bespoke WWise sound package Flight model suitable for most basic and advanced aerobatic maneuvres *Important note: at the moment of the release, snap roll and knife-edge maneuvres are not possible/controllable. $25.49 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$18.85 | €17,43 | £14.43 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  12. M’M Simulations latest release is Tromsø Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tromsø Airport, Langnes (Norwegian: Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes; IATA: TOS, ICAO: ENTC) is an international airport located at Langnes in the city of Tromsø in Tromsø Municipality, Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. Situated on the western shore of the island of Tromsøya, it features a 2,447-meter (8,028 ft) runway aligned 01/19. Owned and operated by the state-owned Avinor, Langnes handled 1,910,692 passengers, 43,219 aircraft movements and 2,758 tonnes of cargo in 2014. This makes Tromsø the fifth-busiest airport in the country. $27.82 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$20.60 | €19,05 | £15.76 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features Accurately modelled surroundings Updated CGL Data Real World based terraforming profile PBR Materials Ambient animated objects Custom interior Modeling New Terminal Extention (Based on real-world project renders) $27.82 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$20.60 | €19,05 | £15.76 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  13. The latest Northern Sky Studio release is available now and the team visits another idyllic Hawaiian location on the island of Kauai. Opened in 1977 as a quasi-public general aviation airport, Princeville Airport operated with two commuter airlines with frequent daily flights. The airport had been without commercial airline service for more than 20 years after the departure of Island Air in 1997. The airport now sees helicopter tours around Kauai operated by Blue Helicopters and chartered flights to Oahu by Princeville Air. $10.50 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$7.77 | €7,19 | £5.95 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features The most detailed replica of airport buildings and vehicles Custom surroundings All materials created for full PBR Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all airport buildings High-resolution building textures Use of native, highly efficient gITF models Custom orthophoto for the airport and surrounding areas $10.50 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$7.77 | €7,19 | £5.95 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  14. Your personal flight tracker, powered by Orbx The Orbx software development team is proud to announce Volanta. Volanta is an easy to use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims. Volanta gives you one more reason to fly. Take flight with our easy-to-use interface, which takes all the paperwork out of setting up a flight in your simulator - leaving you more time to enjoy your flight. For those of us who like to complete detailed planning, we support that too. The core features in Volanta will always be free, with added premium features at a later date. You are invited to sign up for the invite-only beta. We hope to see you in our flying community soon! Key Features Automatically track your flights in all major simulators, on all operating systems Fun and fresh challenges to complete Regular giveaways from Orbx and selected partners for active pilots Performance focused. Super fast application on every page Detailed GPU rendered map with advanced filtering options tailored to aviation Unlimited flight storage and retrieval Detailed statistics for aircraft, airports and routes Generate a flight plan with SimBrief, or import one you’ve already made Keep up with your friends flying activity and view detailed statistics Security focused. Adjust who can search for you, see your flight history, or see you on the map. TOTP multi-factor authentication supported. Access your flights from anywhere in the world via the web and mobile Connect with Navigraph to see up-to-date navdata on the map And more… keep reading to see detailed information Volanta: In Depth Map The core of any flight tracking service should, rightfully, be the map. In fact, our whole user experience is built using the map as a base. Almost all pages include a beautiful, full-screen map. We have invested a lot of time into finding the best solution for displaying thousands of concurrent flights on our map, while still maintaining a fluid and smooth user experience. Using GPU rendering technology, we can show every airport, every waypoint, every airway, and every flight all at once, smoothly. At higher zoom levels, more details are progressively added to the data we show, and the underlying map itself. This keeps the map less cluttered and easier to digest. When flying online, or with friends, it’s important to know where they are. We aggregate live data for VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge, FSCloud and of course, Volanta. This is displayed in one integrated map. This aggregated flight data also allows you to import network flights that you did not fly on Volanta. Further, when a user is flying on both Volanta and an online network (for example, VATSIM), we automatically hide their network flight so that you only see the more frequently updated Volanta data. This results in a cleaner map, without unnecessary duplicates. As in real life, not all aircraft look the same. With Volanta, you can see various details about an aircraft at a glance, just by its icon and colour. We have icons for over 40 aircraft types, with more being added soon. The colour of an aircraft’s icon changes based on the network, and whether you’re friends with them. With so many possible map layers, including for online networks and navdata, it’s important that they’re easy to toggle on and off. This is easy in Volanta! Simply open the slide-out Map Settings on the right, then you can instantly turn layers on and off, with the results instantly reflected on the map. All of the information you’ll need is at your fingertips. When clicking on an aircraft on the map, we show graphs of the aircraft’s height and the ground, as well as rendering their full route on the map. We even render SIDs and STARs if they’re provided. This allows you to see if an aircraft is deviating from its planned route, and get a beautiful representation of the route on the map. We also display navigation data on the map. We’ve partnered with Navigraph to supply data for us. If you have a Navigraph subscription, we’ll show you data from the latest AIRAC cycle. If not, you’ll be shown data that is slightly out of date. Using OpenStreetMap data, when zooming into an airport, you’ll see runways, taxiways (including their identifiers), and gates all drawn in their correct locations. Flying requires thinking in three dimensions. Because of this, we include the aircraft’s altitude in position reports, and we draw it on the map. You can explore all of your past flights in 3D detail - see how well you flew the challenging approaches into airports like Innsbruck, Tivat or Calvi, then share it with your friends! Intelligent Tracking Flight tracking is at Volanta’s core, so we’ve put a lot of thought into efficiently tracking flights, so you can focus on what’s important. We call this “get in and fly.” The premise is simple: you shouldn’t have to complete a long process just to set up your flight tracking software. Here’s how it works. Make sure Volanta is running (can either be before or after starting your sim). Our tracking automatically starts - no more taking off then realising that you forgot to start tracking your flight! You can then just fly from your origin to your destination. Volanta will try to infer as much information about your flight as possible. For example, Volanta will try to autofill: Origin and Destination based on the position of your aircraft. Your Aircraft including registration and type, is automatically selected based on the aircraft you’re flying in the simulator. If you’re flying on a multiplayer network, we auto-fill as much information as we can. This reduces your workload and makes Volanta the smartest flight tracking app available. That said, if we do guess information incorrectly, or if you’d like to enter it yourself, you can override any information about your flight that Volanta has inferred. Your flight data gets sent to our servers every 10 seconds. This results in beautiful 3D flight paths on our map. However, we’ve implemented some smarts in this area too. As part of our Intelligent Tracking system, we have made Variable Rate Position Reports. When you are cruising we will reduce the rate of position reports if your aircraft remains almost exactly straight and level. The instant you start a turn, or change altitude, the position reports will go back to the highest frequency. This feature saves resources on your PC, and our servers - allowing us to keep Volanta fast and free for everyone without compromising on the quality of the data. We are careful to maintain the quality of the data we log for you. If you are slewing, or using replay mode, we will not send position reports to our servers. This keeps the data for your flight looking clean and beautiful. Sometimes, the real world can get in the way of your simulator time. If you need to pause, or use time acceleration, we handle that too. For every flight, we calculate both the real-world time, and the effective in-sim time. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to fly how you want, without giving any users an unfair advantage. After you’ve finished your flight and shut down your engines, Volanta will automatically end your flight after one minute. Then, when you’re ready, you can take off and fly to your next destination and have it all automatically logged by Volanta. This intelligent tracking technology allows you to leave Volanta minimised for a whole series of flights, then view it at the end of the day to see the beautiful visualisations we’ve created for you. We hope you enjoy tracking your flights with ease! Flights Once you’ve tracked your flight, you can view it from anywhere, at any time - we won’t make you pay just to access your past flight data. Each airport pair is drawn on the map, along with the frequency. The more you fly a route, the more vibrant the line will be. We also show your full virtual logbook in an easy timeline. Clicking on a past flight will reveal comprehensive data that we’ve stored for you. You can see the full 3D path of your flight, as well as useful metrics such as block time, flight time and fuel burned. Furthermore, you can see exactly where you touched down on the runway, as well as the landing rate, ground speed, wind direction and wind speed. Aircraft Volanta keeps track of your aircraft, anywhere in the world. Each unique aircraft has its own location, flight history, and accumulates flight hours (along with many other statistics). This allows you to track your favourite aircraft, and see which aircraft you need to pull out of the hangar more! Aircraft are automatically created for you when you start a flight - no manual work is required. If you already have an aircraft in your account, Volanta will automatically find it and assign it to your flight. Keeping your data accurate. This is just the start, we have many more features planned in this area. Planning One of the most important aspects of flying happens before you enter the aircraft. A detailed flight plan provides you with all the information you need to arrive safely at your destination. With Volanta, we can do the planning for you, or import a plan you already have. We’ve partnered with SimBrief, flight simulation’s best free flight planner, to make planning your flight even easier than before. You can plan your flight completely in Volanta, or plan it on SimBrief’s website - importing the details into your Volanta flight with a single click. Volanta’s intelligent tracking technology helps save you time here too. We already know your aircraft’s type, so you don’t need to enter it again just to plan your flight. If you’re flying on an online network like VATSIM, PilotEdge or IVAO, and you’ve filed a flight plan, you can import all of the details with one click. This is one of the easiest ways to get started with your flight. We’ve made it easy so you can focus on flying. If you use another planning tool like PFPX, you can import your flight plans using a saved route file or by pasting the route. You can do this at any time during your flight - you don’t need to do this before you start flying. That said, planning your flight is optional. If you don’t want to use a flight plan, you don’t have to. You don’t even need to know where your destination is, that’s fine. You shouldn’t have to change the way you fly just to use a flight tracking tool. Challenges As many flight simmers know, deciding where to fly can sometimes be challenging. In Volanta, we’ve built a robust and powerful challenge system to help. Challenges in Volanta can come in many shapes and sizes. Some challenges may be as simple as flying from A to B. Others may involve flying under a bridge, flying a route accurately, or a time trial. These truly test your abilities as a pilot and expand your horizons to new and exciting places. Completing challenges gives rewards, including achievements, experience and prizes. Some challenges are hand-crafted by our team, and others are automatically generated by our system. Exciting new challenges await every day. This is just the beginning for challenges. The challenge system will be one of our primary focus areas going forward, with new minigames in the works. We’re very excited to hear your ideas. Friends & Profiles One of the most rewarding aspects of flight simulation is flying with others. Volanta makes this fast and easy with our built-in friend system. Clicking on a friend in your friends list gives you easy access to a plethora of statistics on their profile. See their total number of hours, number of flights, distance flown, and their detailed flight history all from one place. With rich status, you can see where and what your friends are flying at a glance. If you’re a Discord user, we also forward your rich status there. Volanta profiles are the perfect way to share (or show off!) your flying to others. Although, the friend and profile system is optional - if you prefer to fly solo, you can. Volanta has robust privacy settings. You can control who sees your data. Simulator and OS Support Our goal is to enable any flight simmer, no matter their operating system or simulator, the ability to use Volanta. Our desktop app works on Windows, macOS and Linux. You can also use Volanta on the web, or on your phone to track your flight from anywhere in the world. The web and mobile versions have all the features you love from the desktop. For simulators, we currently support FSX (including Steam Edition), all versions of Prepar3D, X-Plane 11, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Support for other simulators is coming soon! Data Imports and Exports If you already use existing flight tracking software, all of your data can be safely imported into Volanta. We currently support importing data from projectFLY and SimToolkitPro. We plan to add more soon - let us know where you want to import your data from. With Volanta, your data is truly yours. Through our data manager, you can export your data with only a few clicks. The data will be exported into easy to use .json files that you can import into other tools. This system is completely automated and usually finishes within an hour. You can export data on your schedule - no need to contact support. Roadmap This is just the beginning. We want to see Volanta grow into a tool everyone in our community uses. Integrations: we plan to integrate with many more simulators and services. DCS World, Infinite Flight and FlightGear are just some of the things on our list. Notifications: get notifications to your mobile device when you’re reaching top of descent. Get notified when your friends go online and start flying. Schedules: imitate real-world flights with up-to-date real-world schedules. Streaming tools: including a comprehensive overlay, a Twitch bot and a Twitch extension (plus more). More challenges: minigames, interactive challenges, multiplayer challenges. Translations into many other languages (let us know if you want to help!) Other community driven features Keep in mind that the roadmap above isn’t a commitment. It will be heavily shaped by what you, our community, want to see. Invite-only Beta We hope you are as excited as we are about the new opportunities and enhanced smart flight experience Volanta has to offer. You are invited to join Volanta’s invite-only beta and connect with the global community before it is officially launched. Register for the invite-only beta. Expand your horizons with Volanta today! Psst, we also have some social media accounts. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  15. Well then chaps Thank you all for taking the time to enter the contest and vote so many great shots by the way. Now then the winner is..... Bluebear. Now then Bluebear well done to you, Now if you shoot Ed an email ed@Orbxsystems.com Saying which prize you would like with your OrbxDirect account details Ed will add your prize to your account. cheers Iain
  16. FS ACADEMY - NAVIGATOR is an all-new tutorial pack designed to add a new dimension to your flying, enabling you to navigate cross-country using real techniques to find your way. Escape the shackles of the airfield circuit and spread your wings by learning step by step the skills and techniques required to go and explore. Starting off with the basic principles of waypoint selection we will build you up gradually to incorporate timings, wind drift and varied landscapes to complete your skillset and prepare you for embarking upon your own adventures. 11 tutorial missions will introduce you to the crucial skills needed for visual navigation before setting off on a multi-leg bush trip across Scotland to put what you have learned into practice. Navigation logs and VFR route maps are included, so you have everything you need to tour the landscape. Created by a real airline captain, FS ACADEMY - NAVIGATOR is designed to mirror a real-life navigation course, taking you step by step across a wide range of conditions and locations, using the real techniques for maximum authenticity. Whether touring the Las Vegas skyline after dark or traversing snow-swept Sweden, NAVIGATOR has you covered. Each mission has an accompanying theory, found in the complete ground school manual. Learn the theory before you take to the skies with the help of your onboard instructor, fully narrated and complete with custom ATC. $30.50 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$22.75 | €20,84 | £17.31 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only FS ACADEMY - NAVIGATOR is accompanied by a complete 70+ page ground school manual, covering a host of topics to boost your background knowledge before you take to the skies. Spread your wings and venture out over the countryside, finding your way by map and compass, gaining the skills you will carry with you for years to come with FS ACADEMY - NAVIGATOR. $30.50 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$22.75 | €20,84 | £17.31 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  17. Highly detailed model, fully animated, both cockpit and fuselage Highly detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working Complete 3D-lights systems both internal and external. The model comes with complete docs including: Three pilot checklists (normal, emergency, weapon procedures) Zipper hints (a doc that helps the pilot to use it effectively) NASAR R15A simple user guide Original 700-page Flight Manual in PDF format $29.49 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$22.00 | €20,15 | £16.74 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features: Almost all real systems have been modelled and working as the real thing Flight dynamics modelled 99% close to the real aircraft; Fully tested and validated by a qualified real-world F-104 pilot Fully functional and close to real NASARR R-15, A/G and A/A mode with: - STT (Single track target) - LOCK-ON - ATTACK - GROUND MAP PENCIL - GROUND MAP SPOILER - CONTOUR MAP - TERRAIN AVOIDANCE Aerodynamic pitch up, inertia coupling and BLC system reproduced Payload drop actually changes aircraft weight, balance and drag as well Inertial navigator Litton LN-3 fully implemented. The SSW F/RF-104G uses the Dynamic Drag Index concept; i.e. when you load/drop external loads not only is the GW changed but also the drag coefficient is affected and the model aerodynamics change accordingly. This is particularly important in the F-104 where external loads affect greatly the dynamic behaviour of the model. A custom sound set has been developed from scratch, using live recording to give you a full immersion into the Zipper environment. If you are a Zipper fan, you will enjoy staying outside and 'playing' with the throttle, listening to its unique voice. $29.49 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$22.00 | €20,15 | £16.74 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  18. Touted for its performance, be it aerobatics or fuel economy, the RV-14 is arguably the best kit aircraft out there. Featuring both the taildragger and tricycle variants, this recreation of the RV-14/14A by SWS was created in meticulous detail, bringing the look and feel of the real RV-14 into your Flight Simulator! The RV-14/14A is the latest aircraft design from Van’s Aircraft, Inc. continuing and improving upon the legacy of the previous models. Created with the help of the manufacturer, the SWS RV-14/14A is a faithful recreation of the best kit aircraft on the market. A carefully created 3D model captures all the fine nuances of the aircraft's construction, while detailed animations help bring it to life. Authentic sounds were recorded from the real aircraft. The flight model was created after flying in the real aircraft and put through scrutiny by RV-14 pilots, ensuring that the performance and feel are as close as Microsoft Flight Simulator allows. $24.99 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$18.64 | €17,08 | £14.19 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Features The SWS rendition of the RV-14/14A features: Accurate 3D model & animations Three generic and three custom liveries Taildragger and tricycle variants Realistic flight model tested by RV-14 pilots Free-castering nose wheel (RV-14A) Full GTN750 integration (PMS50 and TDS) Flutter animations from prop wash Weight-based visibility of copilot in the cockpit Weight-based visibility of baggage behind the seats Opening canopy Functional canopy ejection switch Animated air conditioning vents Realistic backlighting and floodlighting Realistic exterior lighting MSFS rain & icing effects included $24.99 AUD Sales tax will be calculated at checkout where applicable. US$18.64 | €17,08 | £14.19 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  19. Hi all, an update for FSimStudios CYTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is now available on Orbx Central. CHANGELOG: - Resizing of the CN Tower to match the perspective of the Toronto Skyline. - New Lighting system on the CN Tower - Added LODs to the CN Tower - Texture Improvements to buildings Downtown - New "Compatibility Mode" with RomanDesign's Greater Toronto Area Enhancement Pack - Adding 3D people around and inside the buildings. - Recent changes to airport markings. - Adding options to deactivate the terminal interiors. - Other minor fixes and additions
  20. Hi all, an update for LKPR Prague is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog Added Control Panel with various performance options including SD/HD textures and reduced dynamic lighting Adjusted position of B14 space Reworked B14 Jetway config. 14A is now a smaller model to allow free movement of the B14 jetways. Added 777x position to VDGS config (pulls the aircraft further forward) Increased capture distance on C18 Removed incorrect raised light models from runway entrance. Testing has found that users with 8GB video cards and using complex 3rd party addons should use the reduced texture setting in the control panel to manage overall VRAM consumption.
  21. Hi all, an update for REX AccuSeason is now available on Orbx Central. Version 6.1.2022.0331 FIXED – Enhanced content installer with additional material. ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Australia and New Zealand in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons. ADDED – Weekly autumn vegetation color transitions for Southern Argentina and Chile including the Patagonia region in the months of March and April for Automated Dynamic Seasons. ADDED – New content for the AccuSeason Enhancements section: St. Barts. ADDED – Cherry blossom trees in Japan for Automated Dynamic Seasons.
  22. Hi all, another update for YBMK Mackay is now available on Orbx Central. This fixes some additional minor photogrammetry building infringements and adjustments to the apron colouring (less red).
  23. HI all, an update for the Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 is now available on Orbx Central. Changelog for 1.4.0 1. Electrical issue has been resolved for SU8. Previous fix no longer worked and now is working. Tested on 2 separate flights from full tanks to no tanks. We recommend you not fly with the landing light on though! 2. CLick spots for pilot removal and flaps have been revised to allow for an easier use of the fuel tanks.
  24. Hi all, a couple of updates from FlyTampa are now available on Orbx Central. Changelogs: YSSY 1.7.0 - More bumpy taxiway fixes LGAV 1.2.0 - Fixes incorrect runway hold signs
  25. It's time to hop in your aircraft of choice and start exploring. Our 2022 Easter Hunt is now underway! Find a Golden Egg in each of the 7 locations around the world and you will be entered to win one of three grand prizes! Each location has multiple eggs, but only the golden ones will be your chance to enter the draw. Locations Note: You do NOT need Orbx products to participate in the Easter Hunt. Landmarks Dubai YMEN Essendon Airport Cityscape Sydney Landmarks Auckland Landmarks Panama City Pack LKPR Airport Prague Landmarks Singapore Details & Requirements Must have Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC Download the Easter Hunt for free from our Product Page Event runs from April 11th 00:01 UTC to April 18th, 23:59 UTC Submissions can only be posted in our Easter Hunt Channel on Discord Users who have successfully found and submitted screenshots of the 7 golden eggs will automatically be entered into the draw. Winners will be announced on our social channels following the event Prizes: First Place 3 Orbx Products of Choice (Excluding Partners) 6 Months of Volanta Premium Second Place 2 Orbx Products of Choice (Excluding Partners) 3 Months of Volanta Premium Third Place 1 Orbx Product of Choice (Excluding Partners) 3 Months of Volanta Premium
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