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  1. The FlightSim Store has a growing reputation for efficiently delivering large downloadable content to our customer base. This has been evident since the release of big Orbx region products dating back to FTX AU Blue. While we have had a couple of release mishaps in the past, with the help of Jay Kae and his Oz Bat Hosting we now have infrastructure in place that has allowed us to churn out approximately 9 terabytes of data to our customers every month. Over the last few weeks Jay has been hard at work configuring even more infrastructure to specifically accommodate our European Orbx customers. I am happy to announce that this new infrastructure is now in place and operating. All Orbx downloads links now incorporate the Euro servers and for a couple of the large multi-file products we now offer a specifically Euro download link. These new Euro servers add to already existing sites in the Untied States and Hong Kong and we trust that this new infrastructure will help us better meet the needs of our European customers. I would like to thank Jay Kae and Oz Bat Hosting for his tireless effort in getting it all together for us.
  2. Special Weekend Offer on YMML v2 With the lead up to the new YMML v2 release we have been authorized by Orbx to run a spectacular special for this weekend ONLY. If you're a previous Melbourne v1 customer at FSS we have now re-implemented the very special upgrade price of $8.95 for the download version. That's an amazing saving of $24.00 off the regular price. This offer will expire on midnight the 1st of November or when YMML v2 is released (which ever comes first) so those fence sitters among you best move now and secure your copy of this amazing flagship airport from Orbx. To place your pre-paid order now visit the following product page only at The FlightSim Store: http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=1423
  3. You might have noticed, or not, that since last week the Orbx Forums in the right hand top sport the Live Help availability of both the Flight Sim Store and PC Aviator alike. This has been implemented to make it easier for you to get support with your online purchase . When the logos are flashing an online green, you can talk to one of the staff of Flight Sim Store or PC Aviator directly. https://www.flightsimstore.com/livehelp/image.php?id=06http://onlinetoolreviews.com/livezilla/image.php?id=04
  4. In my ever lasting battle for having high security I actually came up with a new security measure, won't go into too much detail which had the forum display links with a // instead of a / so like this for example: http://orbxsystems.com/forums//index.php Now due to some people not being able to keep themselves logged into the site I have reverted back to the old way: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php So please update your bookmarks accordingling, with my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  5. Dear all, In the next couple of weeks ALL of Orbx and Fullterrain servers will be moving from the old provider to a new provider as seen above. This provider is actually.... me The website above is a temporary placeholder until I get more time to build a nice one but for now it does the job. I own a dedicated server array which will be providing service, bandwidth and 100% control to anything we do and have to do at Orbx/FTX. I will not provide small/cheap hosting for I am aiming at the higher end of the market for those who know what they want and see the value of a good dedicated hosting package. I will update this topic with more info if there are going to be any outages or anything that would inconvenience you as a user. A special note here as well, I would like to thank John Venema and Adrian both for their support of my company and as one company out there supplies fanatical support, I will supply insanely fanatical support EDIT 09/06/2010 -- orbxsystems.com moved to my server, please report any unusual behaviour in this topic. 13/06/2010 -- orbxsystems.com transfer complete. 18/06/2010 -- fullterrain.com moved to my server, propogation in progress. 15/06/2010 -- fullterrain.com move will commence.
  6. Hi All, Things are a little frantic here at the moment but I thought I'd drop in very quickly to let you know that the limited edition YBBN DVD's have now arrived here at FSS. We're working through all the pre-paid orders now in an effort to try and get them all out the door this afternoon. That's all for now folks!
  7. After countless hours of testing over the last 68 hours, 5.5 hours sleep, more than 14 hours on the actual phone to the USA, the last phase of the retail release has come. Lockdown of everything, some sleep and away we go, not 100% sure on delivery time because I seriously need to go to bed and catch up on some zzzzz's so does Adrian so that we can be fresh, ready to go and quick on our feet when we release. We will talk to you all tomorrow. Once again I apologise for the prepay debacle, as said I take full responsibility and for the retail release I have tested and tested and tested the links with the CDN company and everything we could think of and use what was at our disposal to get this all up and running. [uPDATE] The tech from the CDN has let me know he has gone to bed for a couple of hours, when he gets up we will release because he is going to monitor and babysit the delivery... at no extra cost or anything how good is that ? Won't be too long anymore
  8. Hello all, Yesterday was a frustrating day for many of you, and believe me we hear you loud and clear. It's not nice to pay for something in advance and then be thwarted in all attempts to download what you paid for. That's just not a nice feeling, and we 100% understand and empathise with you. So let's do something about it. I have made the decision to delay the official retail launch of PNW until all our pre-pay customers have PNW. After all, the salt in the wound would be hearing about new customers who did not pre-pay getting it in 30 minutes eh? So let's all take a deep breath, ride out this storm and perhaps today will be a bit calmer than yesterday. I also completely respect your rights to vent on these and other forums, and we won't jump down your throats for having your say. But please, have your say, vent your anger, and then try to understand and appreciate that Jay and Adrian and our CDN providers are working insane hours to get the performance back to a reasonable level. Thanks for hanging in there with us. UPDATE Jay and Adrian are completely changing the way the product is delivered at my request. It will now be 11 singular download links of 400MB each, so that if one of them does fail, you only lose < 10% of the total download. This will take a little time to setup, and also test in-house. Thanks for your patience while we re-jig the delivery process. Long term it will save everyone a lot of stress this way. We won't ever offer large 4.2GB ZIP files as singular downloads again.
  9. Hello All, As many of you are aware there have been several issues with the delivery of PNW in the last 6 hours since its release to pre-paid customers. Jay Kae has been in contact with our content delivery network technicians several times throughout the day to resolve them. We were informed that the PNW distribution file is one of very few of it's size to be delivered to such a mass audience at once. The file has now been re-located to new infrastructure in order to handle the immense load on the edge servers. So, if you have experienced problems downloading thus far we would ask that you please give the link on your account at FSS another try as it has now been updated to direct you to this new infrastructure. We'll continue to monitor your issues as they come through and assist you where needed and thank you for your continued support and patience.
  10. Hello all, FSS recently moved the Orbx downloadable product ZIP files to a new content delivery network infrastructure (or CDN for short). This CDN is causing some download failures, low speeds, and lack of support for download manager software for our customers, and we're acutely aware that not being able to get to your paid-for ZIP installers would be very upsetting to many people. I can assure you I am working with Adrian and Jay to remedy the problem asap, and will keep you posted. We apologise if this has cause you any inconvenience thus far.
  11. We're pleased to announce the opening of the brand new FTX website, along with the unveiling of 11 new products to be released over the coming months. >http://fullterrain.com [glow=orange,2,300] ~Quick Tip~ [/glow] - Click on the FTX logo on the front page of the new website to be taken back to these Orbx Forums.
  12. August 4th, 2009 - For immediate release Orbx Simulation Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availablility of FTX YHBA Hervey Bay Airport, its first scenery using new state-of-the-art digital imagery captured directly from the aircraft to hard disk. Situated on the coast of Queensland, the town of Hervey Bay is serviced by a modern airport which has seen rapid growth recently to cater for the tourists visiting nearby Fraser Island or watching the whale migration out to sea. The scenery is the most detailed ever released by the Orbx team with using 15cm/pixel imagery at the airport and marina and 60cm/pixel imagery for the overal township and surrounds. The detail on the ground is such that you can drive a vehicle around on the roads and peek into shop windows, walk along the piers or boardwalks or even land a helicopter at the marina pontoon. Included with YHBA is the FTX Aero tool which provide spectacular bump mapping detail to ground textures. The scenery includes full GA AI traffic, GPS nav approach support, superbly detailed gmax modeled terminal, hangars, ground vehicles and gmax poly runways and aprons. YHBA caters for commercial airliners such as B737, Dash8, E90 plus all variants of GA and commuter aircraft. To celebrate, Mango made a nice memento for the dev team
  13. We're pleased to announce that the long-awaited FTX AU Traffic V2 is now available as a free download: >http://fullterrain.com/freeware.html This new version was produced by Mal Walker and co-developed with Graham Eccleston, with many contributions from dozens of painters, models and other talented developers who have given generously of their time to create this very Australian AI package as a perfect compliment to FTX Australia, the Orbx payware and freeware airports and also the OZx airports. The V2 release contains hundred upon hundreds of updates, new liveries, repaints, aircraft and schedules current up to last week! Please be sure to read the comprehensive 23-page user guide to see what's new in this release. Enjoy!
  14. Orbx is pleased to announce the latest airport under development is YBAS Alice Springs, this time for the AU RED region. Including more than 350 square kilometres of beautiful photoreal imagery, the scenery includes the Alice Springs city centre, surrounds and the airport in superb detail. Also included is an amazing 5m mesh which produces a visual feast. YBAS will be Aero, Audio and SP3 certified. http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_01 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_02 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_03 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_04 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_05 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_06 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_07 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_08 http://fullterrain.com/orbxauteam/Mango/Screenshots/YBAS_09
  15. Back in April Orbx announced that 10 lucky purchasers of the FTX Australia SP2 DVD (Avalon Airshow Edition) would be drawn to receive a free copy of YHBA Hervey Bay Airport. Please find below the list of winners who will all be receiving their free copy shortly. An alternative arrangement will be offered to those having already pre-paid for YHBA 1. 24977 Perry MT USA 2. 24757 Harley Vic Australia 3. 27114 Eric Kent UK 4. 27046 Ron WA Australia 5. 28833 Nick SA Australia 6. 28718 Wade Qld Australia 7. 28433 David NSW Australia 8. 26081 Peter NSW Australia 9. 28484 Peter AL USA 10. 27872 John CA USA
  16. Hello all, In response to some customers who are being frustrated by the disappearance of their Orbx product download links from their FlightsimStore.com account, anyone who has ever or will ever purchase an Orbx product now has unlimited download link expiry and up to 100 download attempts on their Orbx products. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't backup your copy of the software and store it yourself. While bandwidth may be cheap we don't want customers abusing the privilege of being able to re-download these products whenever they want. Yours in providing better customer service
  17. Orbx is pleased to announce FTX AU SERVICE PACK 2, which combines over 1,500 files and fixes to all FTX AU regions. This is the final patch release for FTX AU before the DVD is released, now anticipated in mid-March. More information in the patches and hotfixes forum post here: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=8677.0
  18. Congratulations to Ed from Moonee Ponds, Melbourne Australia for his winning entry in the mega screenshot competition! It appears that an a-la-natural, unedited screenshot captured the imagination of the voters by showing FTX in its purest form. Congratulations Ed, well deserved. A PM is on its way to you ...
  19. Two releases in one day! Can you guys handle it? Ron Tape, the man who brought you the brilliant Thistle Island, has completed the port of Steven Royals' original Port Lincoln airport for Orbx. However, not just a simple port, Ron in his usual style has also integrated about 30km sq of photoreal scenery including the peninsula south of the airport. Grab it from http://fullterrain.com/freeware.html Onya Tapey, nice work mate!
  20. Got your attention eh? To all our dear and valued customers and friends of Orbx. The entire Orbx team wishes you a safe, enjoyable and most of all - family focused - festive season. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your support in 2008 and we look forward to serving you as best we can in 2009. [glow=green,2,300]Seasons greetings![/glow] Andrew Schofield Braedon King Mark Ledingham Graham Eccleston Brian Horsey Jack Richards John Hockings Heiko Glatthorn Maurice King Andreas Hegi Rob Nieuwenhoven Shaun Snyman Stian Rolandsen Ron Tape Tony Arnold Wolter van der Spoel John Ross Mal Walker John Bosch Martin Lott Barry Meiklejohn Adrian Lehman Jarrad Marshall Marty Pomej Tim Harris Robbie Byrne Ross Casey Russ White Holger Sandmann Martin Henare Matt Tomkins Jay Kae John Venema Roll on 2009!
  21. Hey all, Ok, after a few requests and internal talks I had a look into doing something with the annoying scrollbar and came to, what I think, a nice conclusion/resolution ( so to speak ), now if you post a shot that is bigger than 1170x700.... well go and see what happens for yourself
  22. As much as we'd like to release AU RED in time for Christmas, it's more of a nostalgic sort of target than a practical one. We hope to release Jandakot next week (but again, it's up to Jarrad Marshall for that target), and with OZx 2.0 released yesterday and Warnervale tomorrow, there's plenty of goodies to keep you occupied for the next little while. The main issue for us is that the landclass team are now only getting up to speed with the LC work, given that the textures have only recently been bedded down. We could have taken the 'easy option' for AU RED and simply released something which made the whole centre a big red mass with very little character. Instead, we've spent a lot of time carefully studying the geographical landforms and terrain and we believe the final result will be spectacular and well worth waiting for. To give you an idea of how the landclass is coming together I have attached an image to the bottom of this post which shows the extend of the custom LC work to date. Anything lime green is complete, the other areas are still to be done. We will of course, release AU RED without 100% LC coverage, and the catch-up work will be done for the DVD release, as well as revised LC for the entire country. That's also a massive undertaking for us to complete, which is why the DVD won't be out until February sometime. How long is the delay going to be? At a guess, a week or two. I just wanted to be upfront with you all and give you the state of play ok? I can assure you the entire team is working their clakkers off to get this finished. Thanks again for your support and understanding
  23. [glow=orange,2,300]FTX YPJT Jandakot airport[/glow], eagerly awaited by so many people for some years now, is now available for pre-purchase at the pre-increase price of AU$28.95 - you have two weeks to snap this Jarrad Marshall masterpiece up at the old pricing before the Dec 1st increase. All pre-pay customers get an exclusive 24-hour download advantage before the worldwide release. Grab your registration key here: http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=92&products_id=823 Thanks again for all your support!
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