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  1. Get the error pop up that something isn't loading with the KJAC scenery. Log file attached. Appreciate the help. Log.txt
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed or if I'm putting in the wrong words in the search bar, but having some scenery issues. White lines show up on the ground, it happens all the time and follows me everywhere. Much help would be appreciated!
  3. Recently, the lights are displayed incorrectly at night. The PAPI lights, runway lights and street lights are affected. See screenshots. Unfortunately I don't know what caused this error in the textures or effects filex. I have also already verified the Orbx Libery and Orbx Global Base. Unfortunately without success. Can you help me with the elimination of these faulty lights. Do you even know which files to replace for this?
  4. hey all So i just have a major query....Does terraflora produces 2D or 3D trees? I zoomed in on some and found many are 2D. I do own airport enhancement package by xcodr and that produces 3D trees within airport area...whereas terraflora replaces trees outside airport and in forest region. I am attaching an image below...you can see that to the right side there are 3D treees produces by AEP package by xcodr..whereas to the left there are 2D trees which are from terraflora...so is terraflora only produces 2D treees? please confirm. pics attached below Just to clarify further...the pics are from near LROP airport to the side of taxiways (near terminal building) which take us to the runway..or these 2D trees are seen nearby airports. Is there a chance they wont be replaced by terraflora...and what i see is infact the terraflora trees only? arent they 3D? In fsx they really looked perfectly 3D...is there some limitation in xplane that they cant be 3d or somethign? is this how terraflora trees are supposed to look? regards govind
  5. Hi guys, I am updating Orbx Great Britain North to version 1.2.0. The update has been running for almost 24 hours now and it has not even reached 75%. Also when I installed US Norther California HD the other day, the installation took over 2 days. Is there a reason why the installation takes so long? My internet connection is not the problem. Extracting and converting just takes fore ver, even though I have a powerful computer (RTX 2080super; i7 9700k; 32GB RAM). Thanks a lot in advance! With kind regards Luca
  6. hey Guys, when can we expect to see our favorite airport we had in P3D v4 come to MSFS? like KRDD, KMSY, KSTS, and KPSP, L-35? The Orbx versions are by far more detail than the Asobo counterparts. Thanks
  7. Hi, i have read the forum and many topics on this and tried a variety of ways however none of them seem to work. I tried the suggestion on the forum, however when i changed 'lclookup.bgl' to '.bgl.off' P3D just would not load. I have verified my files and reinstalled Global Vector and England scenery. On the top-down view you can see it is EGLL with EGLL turned off in the settings as I have UK2000. The textures are only where I have England Scenery installed so I don't think the issue is with Global Vector. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, just wondering if there will be an update on LPPD. I notice ramps/stairs and fuel truck disabled or not functional. Also, no moving road vehicles on highway. Will this be updated in future?
  9. i wrote this on the discord but not sure if it will ever get seen so copying here: PLEASE JUST SHOW THE METARS. this "condensed" metar is the most useless thing i've ever seen, sorry. it literally omits important information, oh and HPA IS NOT USED IN NORTH AMERICA. i know you can hover the mouse over it. however, if i need to hover over it, it defeats the purpose of it being there to begin with. the mouse is being used to enter data into the fms, i cant hover and use the mouse at the same time. how about this: show the metar by default, and hover over it to show the "condensed" version. but for the love of jesus h christ just show the metar. it's a flight simulation utility. we all know how to read a metar. just show the metar.
  10. Hello, I am unsure of how to fix this issue - I am not very good with computers I'll start off so if I can get some help with some handholding I would be extremely thankful (meaning if you want log files etc please do tell me how to access them because I have no idea how to do that). I am trying to get my Orbx Southern california HD scenery to load and I am getting the error message in the attached image. I have verified my files twice, and I still get the error. I have my X Plane 11 installed on my internal ssd, and my scenery on an extrnal ssd (I am unable to store the scenery on the internal - I do not have enough space so it must work from the external putting it on the internal is not an option - I only mention this because when searching for this issue I found similar ones where this was recommended). I really hope you all can help me. I used to have this set up on my old Lenovo and it worked perfectly, but I recently upgraded to a new machine and I am now having issues. If it helps I use X Plane 11 through Steam. Best wishes, and I do very much hope you can help me. Sophia W.
  11. Hello, My email adress has changed and i want to change it in Orbx Central but couldn't find a way. Can you point me into the right direction? Regards, Ben
  12. Hi, First of all I'm new to the forum so sorry if I put this in the wrong place. So I updated my Volanta and tried to import my SimToolkitPro data. My PC crashed shortly after the import started now I am stuck with it saying uploading (picture below). It has been like this for 5 days now. Anyone got any fix for this? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, I installed EFHK through Orbx and it is not in the sim. Must this be manually added through the scenery library? VR Todd
  14. Hello, everyone, I installed the FSX on my PC, including SP 1 & 2 and the SDK (also updated). I have now installed Orbx (Base Pack, Vector, open LC Eurpoa) also GEN and GES. Furthermore GA Island hopping. To test, I set Norden Norddeich (EDWS) to off in the GEN folder and ran the Vector tool. Now the EDWS Scenery is floating in the air. I have currently deactivated the GA LC, the result is identical to on or off. Settings in FSX according to the GA island hopping manual. Who can help please? Thanks and regards, Rainer
  15. Greetings! I cannot wait any longer for an update. Can anyone please tell me which file to delete all default jetways? So I can add jetways using GSX expansion. Thank you. Kindly, Villa
  16. When I have Sydney YSSY from Fly Tampa installed and Sydney City Scape installed, I get frequent CTD either when trying to load a flight or soon after taking off (within a couple of minutes). Didn't have this issue before the latest updates from Asobo so assuming something is not working with these products together for some reason. On a side note, I noticed that with Fly Tampa Sydney installed, I had started getting trees growing on the runway. I have had these products for many months with no issues in the past. Both purchased from Orbx Direct. I have uninstalled YSSY and rolled back to the MSFS default airport and seems to be running without crashes so far. By the way, the crashes appear to be confined to the Sydney area although I haven't done extensive testing elsewhere. My system is Intel i7 9700k, 32G Ram, SSD with plenty of space, Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Regards D
  17. I'm still seeing some elevation issues with the budlings across the Inn river to the west of the airport. Prior to the 1.2 update the buildings were sunk into the ground but would jump to ground level when nearby. Now they seem to be at ground level but jump a few meters into the air on approach. (This is with the Asobo LOWI version deinstalled)
  18. Hello, i am unable to find any procedure in the g1000 at Orbx airports. Every other airport is working fine. EGLC, LOWI, EGNM
  19. Hi Everyone, Is anyone else getting black textures as you approach the gates from the ramp in Adelaide? Jase
  20. Hello all! I am new to Orbx in FSX. I know.. I am way late to the party and MSFS2020 is already out, but im going to wait on that. I had bare bones FSXSE with just a few addon aircraft such as those sold by A2A and I have ActiveSky 2016 for weather. This is the only thing I was running before installing these Orbx products: I installed the Global base pack, Global Vector, and the free global airports. I am very pleased with the product from what I can see. I just have had issues with frame rates in large metro areas. I have followed the recommended FSX scenery settings by the Orbx manual that came with the global base pack, and then lowered the global scenery settings a bit below that. Outside of a metro area, running an A2A aircraft with ActiveSky live weather my frame rates were between 20-35 FPS. When I approach or circle a large metro area it really takes a hit and goes down to 8 to15 FPS! My question to you experts is: Is there anything more I can do to help improve my FPS? Because I am very pleased with the product, I'd just like the jumpiness to go away. I have my computer stats listed in the signature line. I really appreciate any help you all could give me because I have never really tweeked around with FSX settings much.
  21. Prior toV5 - I never had any probs with installs placed in Community - eg freeware after V5 - and I had cleared Community before upgrade - Southport - bought direct - would not install I completely uninstalled 2020 and reinstalled it - added a few bits to Community - including all my Orbx via Central. Some are working OK but getting stuck again on Southport - and now the chopper H135 Both are shown and recognised as NOT installed but the sim wont install them Any ideas - or is it a fault that V6 has produced and 3rd parties have not updated
  22. Hallo everybody, I've got the following question: - I installed the Orbx AI Traffic for Australia and USA a long time ago, and firstly it worked very well: a lot of aircrafts in each Australian airport surrounded me at any gate, as it should. Since months, however, all the AI traffic vanished without any reason. My P3D4.5 is the newest (and latest) version, does anybody have an idea? Of course the settings witches in my simulator, e.g., allow 100% of all kind of traffic. Furthermore, I observe similar effects in the following ways: - I'm alone on the world - fomerly, there where many aircrafts from VATSIM, especially in the USA, around me during flight or any airport, but now there's none any more. - My ATC is silent, too - normally, you are logged from tower to tower like "You're leaving Sydney region, switch to Melbourne frequency", but like before my ATC is silent: "There's no message to transfer to nowhere". Does anybody have an idea what could have happened? I'm looking for any kind of P3D4-switch like "Disengage / Engage all messages and traffic" or similar, maybe in one of the config-files. But until now, I didn't find anything. And: I posted the same questions in the P3D-Forum, but now one had any kind of help for me. Regards and Thanks in advance if you could held me, gero
  23. I have P3D installed on a SSD and then I have a secondary (much larger) old fashioned Hard Disk where most of my secenry is. The Orbx folders are installed in my P3D root folder but I'd like to move them to my other Hard Disk to free up space on my SSD. Is there a way to move them? (I'm happy to re-download all the data and basically "start again" if that's the easiest option as I probably won't be flying for a few days)
  24. Hi there, my KSBA shows a pretty severe issue with buildings all around the airport. There are various patches of terrain where only trees are visible in 3D, but all buildings remain flat with no autogen and/or photogrammetry. See attached screenshots. Dev. mode disabled, no other add-on for the area installed. Latest version of World Update for the US. As you can see there's no issue with other parts of terrain surrounding the airport. It's just certain spots where buildings are all flat. Hope this can be fixed as it is quite a bit immersion killing to have large chunks of flat buildings in MSFS. All the best, Markus
  25. Hi, I am currently experiencing slow loading of tiles when using Orbx´s TE for XP11, as seen in the attachment. My PC is pretty robust, but I am hosting the TE files on a 7200RPM HDD. Would more RAM or some other XP11 setting help tackle this? Thanks
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