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  1. Hi there, Was flying around with the drone at Brisbane airport earlier, and I noticed that the road leading up to the entrance of the international terminal appears to be incredibly bright and unrealistic compared to every other road that's next to buildings. I'm not sure if this is something that's recently happened but thought I'd bring it up in case there's an issue that needs fixing. Screenshot here
  2. Hi, The latest MSFS update (Update 7) introduced photogrammetry for Newcastle City. However, If I leave it on in settings, it merges the Orbx 3D modelled bridges with the photogrammetry version which looks jagged (image 1). If turn off photogrammetry then it looks good (image 2) but I lose the nice photogrammetry of the surrounding buildings in the city. I there a way of showing the 3D modelled bridges only (with photogrammetry) on? Thanks, Peter
  3. Hi. The following airports contain uncompiled services.xml files and produce that ground services are not displayed on airports that do not have a custom ground service configuration: YAYE YBNA YLHI YPPF YSPT EGTR --> this one contains also a .xm file in addition to the .xml file I reported this issue prior to SU7 for other airports, including some of the Aerosoft ones. See following topics: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pc-ground-services-vehicles-and-marshallers-disappeared/474916 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/marshallers-disappear-due-to-wrong-airport-services-configuration/479209 To fix this you need to compile those files, or alternatively remove the uncompiled files and update layout.json to remove those entries as well. Could you please include that in the next updates? Cheers
  4. Hello, I am having the issue that my water textures are looking very blurry does anyone know how to solve it I never had the issue on older P3D Versions, I am Using Orbx Global base, Vector, Europe and Envtex and Envshade Best reguards
  5. When we install the WU7 next week must we unistall the Sidney scenery and Sidney airport that we bought from Orbx? Stelios
  6. Hi Orbx, which benefits do I gain, if I puchase TFDI B717 via Orbx or TFDI directly. The price difference is notable. Is there a difference in the delivered good itself? Thanks, Andre
  7. I just found my Heron's Nest in my archives of flight sim airports most FSX. I have P3Dv5.3, I installed it and all I got was water hanger and I can see maybe a runway. Did it 3 times no luck. Is there upgrade for Heron's nest in P3Dv5?
  8. Hi, i had to reinstall norway again. And after the case with the missing autogen in citycenters, i noticed that the installer now delivers a revised version, which already contains the 11 files that were previously missing. But now there is a new problem. All excludes for default bridges are missing now. The result is that you have double bridges throughout norway. @Doug Sawatzky @Ed Correia can you check this again? Regards, Peter
  9. Hi! Being a newbe to PC stuff, AccuSeason tells me to install outside MSFS 2022. It keeps telling me set a path. How do I do this. I purchased AccuSeason from Orbx through Central. Thanks Bob
  10. Is there some way to force the app to not just randomly log out? Every other time I open it I have to log in again which is annoying enough. However just now while browsing around for something new to buy I clicked on a new category after looking at some things and got the silly login screen again. This really makes for a poor user experience.
  11. Hi! After the simulator decided to update itself to the same version, removing all addons previously installed, and downloading more than 100Gb of fake update (plus the contents plus re-downloading all addons) I have a problem with LOWI. - I have not installed Asobo LOWI (I checked twice) - I have installed Orbx LOWI from the Orbx central (inside an external Orbx library folder on D drive). - I have installed from flightsim.to: Innsbruck Region Helipads + Emergency Scenery (inside an external folder managed by AddonLinker (J drive)) - I have installed from flightsim.to: Powerlines and Solar Farms (inside an external folder managed by AddonLinker (J drive)) All addons seems to be correctly installed (LOWI airport is ok, helipads outside airport are ok, powerlines outside the airport are ok). The problem is close to the airport: - In the world map the Christophorous helipad (parking 100 added by the helipads addon) is missing, it was there before the simulator re-install. - The powerlines in the vicinity of the airport are not there (I remember that before the addons two power poles were present, hte powerlines addon added new poles and wires) All was working before the “fake” msfs update. All the other features of each addon are present outside of airport area. I assume Orbx LOWI scenery is taking priority and probably there is an exclusion area however I know that msfs reads by default the sceneries in alphabetical order. - The powerlines should have the higher priority (folder name: a-mamudesign-powerlines) - The helipad should be second (lukeeep-lowi-christophorus-1-helipad-Orbx) - LOWI should be the last (Orbx-airport-lowi-innsbruck). Is there a different sorting in case they are installed in different locations instead of community folder? I read the pinned posts and I deleted the content.xml and all dat files inside the sceneryindexes. No luck. The folders names before and after the problem occurred were exactly the same. Also the installation paths. Already tried also to re-install all of them. Any help is kindly apreciated.
  12. Hi, In snowing conditions no snow covered ground is showing. Am I missing something ? Using P3Dv5.3 and win10. Sotiris.
  13. Will Orbx London City Landmarks & EGLC Airport work with Dreamscenery London Enhanced Night Lighting? Or are there weird cases of duplication?
  14. Hello, I'm having an issue at KSNA where a few very low-quality buildings are bleeding through my addon scenery. This has happened with the default scenery, with Sykline KSNA, and now, with GPB500's KSNA. Only other overlapping addon I can think of would be TrueEarth Socal. Please see attached.
  15. Good evening So happy to see EFRO now availible for v4.. Has anyone got anyideas how to fix the dreaded red X at the SODE airbridges? Ive tried the usual activating SODE in sim and via the platform.. i have also reintalled the scenery.. I have removed all versions of the freeware EFRO and corresponding SODE and GSX profiles but still the dreaded X
  16. Hi there! Just took off from RWY 02L and there are massive trees on the RWY. Also on taxuway V there were a lot of trees. Anybody aware of this issues? I also have Singapore city pack installed and for the rest nothing in this area. Also not a season add-on or something that affects the trees.
  17. I have North Island installed also and NZGS. If I fly to it from anywhere I get something that looks like the first pic. only if I load at NZGS or do a scenery reload on finals it looks correct like the second Pic. do I need to disable the NZGS files in North Island? also why is it not loading the proper textures unless I do a scenery reload? P3D 5.3 5950X 3090
  18. Hi community, maybe someone can help me out with some screenshots of his Kos Scenery from Gaya. I bought it via Orbx central. I wrote to Gaya support, but unfortunately no answer. My runway textures are looking weird in my opinion. Not like on screenshots what i´ve have seen. The textures all over the airport are looking fine, but the runway markings are not clearly visible. i attached 2 screenshots. Thanks in advance for your help guys. Kind regards Tasso
  19. Hello Just curious, Orbx Sydney city, Brisbane and Adelaide sceneries have been out for a while on marketplace but not released for xbox Im just wondering what the hold up is? waiting for The Australia world update? would love to have these great sceneries that PC have because default xbox Australia is all Autogen. if anyone knows.. thanks
  20. I still have the old hard drive loaded with Orbx. Anyway to just plug that in or do I need to start from scratch ? It's FSX SE
  21. A long standing problem I had from FSX days that was fixed when Global Vector was introduced seems to have reappeared with P3DV5.3 HF 2. Namely the accuracy of the coast line around certain areas vis a vis the default terrain mapping. The area concerned (so far) is the area around the Eastern Side of Fiji - what is known as Laucala Bay which is east of Suva it is where the RNZAF had their Sunderland flying boat base. In FSX this was missing but Vector fixed it and I have had no issues with this scenery area since or until the update to P3DV5 HF2. I have no a file verification and check for my Orbx Products and they are all installed outside the main P3D directory. The other curiosity is this when I check or start the location installation the initial map displayed on the menu screen shows the land area as I would expect then it suddenly reverts to the incorrect area (like a chunk of landmass just goes missing or whatever) Here is an image of the area - you can see the land area I get and the white line clearly indicating where the coast profile should be but is not. Any ideas or suggestions on this issue? [img]https://i.imgur.com/KvqDi0x.jpg[/img]
  22. I am hoping someone can help me out. When I go to download Central I get halfway through it stops. I understand I need to download the required C++ programs, but when I go to download those it tells me I already have them running... I tried to follow other forum posts, but I got lost and I don't want to uninstall the C++ programs unless necessary. Hopefully someone can help me out here!
  23. Apparently I got a problem that was fixed via patch in P3Dv3 - Snow on the airport does not match the surrounding area at all. What I tried: - Disabling all shader add-ons - Reinstalling the scenery (after verifying Norway files and doing the VECTOR elevation setup) - Making sure my insertion points are set up correctly (and the required files from Norway are set off) - Making sure I have the recommended texture settings enabled - Changing seasons (does work, only problematic with snow)
  24. Dear all, have have issues both with FTX Germany North and South. I didn't want to open two new topics, so combined my issues in one topic. I hope that's ok... I have re-installed the whole sim. Currently I have installed: P3D V4 HotFix5, Orbx Base, ack, Vector, open LC Europe, Germany North+South, Ireland plus a few other add-on airports and AIG. For both FTX Germany North and South I have the black tiles issue. I already tried this suggestion, without any improvement. Interestingly, the Ireland Region is not affected by this issue. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/205661-black-tiles-with-p3dv51/ My second problem is seems to be only connected to Germany South. Every time I want to start a flight at Aerosofts Frankfurt, the sim crashes after an extremely long load time, after stocking up my RAM now to 32GB, even without a message. Before, I was notified that I ran out of RAM. When I disable Germany South via Orbx Central, I have no issue with this airport. Currently, I have 32GB Ram added to my computer. Starting my flight at other add-on airports such as T2G EDDM to the Aerosofts EDDB does not lead to any issue. I can even start at at an airport close to EDDF and fly to EDDF. However, in this case the textures are initially very blurry and take a long time to load during flight (at 220 knots). Also, is the satellite picture of the Frankfurt city centre really meant to look like this? I would really appreciate some tips and ideas on this issue. I would be really sad if I had to delete Germany North and South altogether from my computer.
  25. https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2021/12/120925/
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