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Found 20 results

  1. i'm at wits end..love the Orbx products and intend to purchase more..but….for some reason Orbx central will not update current "wash hd" or "sam". from what I understand is i need a purchase nbr to even get some support, but I have no idea where to retrieve that...I tried everything I know to fix the downloader...i'm running the latest, and all my products do show, and tells me I should update the above mentioned...the updater progress bar just keeps running without actually updating,,,,,i don't know what else to do, and also, how do I attach Orbx "log file: and where is it...... help me Orbx and you will get even more of my money! (lol)……..
  2. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  3. Dear Orbx, Love the products. However, Orbx Central does not open and remains "black" when attempting to install libraries. Please direct. Brian W. Harris
  4. When I sign in with my ID and Password, I am asked which platform I am using...FSX SE or X-Plane. When I choose FSX SE, I am directed to enter my password AGAIN. This goes on in a continuous loop and never allows me to sign in. I am at my wits end trying to add scenery to FSX SE through Orbx. PLEASE help me with this. I am old and getting impatient with ALL scenery add-ons. Thank you.... Transaction ID: 5d4da9531b23c
  5. hello, i make new pc today. I have already buy global base pack before on my old pc and now i want to use it on my new pc , can i do that? i already donwload Orbx central, but i cant sign in to my account in Orbx central, can anybody help me? thnaks
  6. Tried to install new Orbx central , I get to log in page log in then select simulator the it goes back to log in page, I log in again have to select simulator and goes back to log in screen. I cannot get past these 2 screens.
  7. Hello guys, I have just updated the FTX central, and tried to download Global Base Pack, and I got the message of Error: Could not download and save the manifest Anyone has idea how to solve this? Operating system: Window 10 Simulator: Prepar3d Screenshot: Issue: Could not download and save the manifest
  8. I'm now running Central 4.0.4. This morning I purchased and tried to install ORBX Global Open LC North America 1.2.0 unfortunately I get the following error: "Error: A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action" Could I get some assistance please Don
  9. Hi After ORBX Central secondly loaded airport YBCS was defective (texture anomalies) and I found a lot of anomalies in Australia (i have AU2).Now i uninstalling AU2 and YBCS and installing these again but now to a new place and there are no more textual anomalies /see pictures before and after reinstalling. At least based on that experience, i can tell , no more scenery will work unless they leave it where FTX Central 3 they have installed . I don't know if that applies to all the ORBX scenery or just some scenery and I don't know either is migrates scenery same as reinstalling scenery with ORBX Central. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  10. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D 4.5 Screenshot: 2 attached Issue:
  11. Hello, I have installed Ausv2 and YBBN with the new Orbx central and there is a big mesh problem a little everywhere on taxiways or runways! My mesh is set to 5m like you recommand and texture 7cm for sure! i have checked and Ausv2 is checked too in YBBN control panel! I have verified files for AUSV2 and Global base with Orbx central, nothing is wrong so i think there is a real problem with YBBN who doesn't display correctly...I am using P3DV4.5. Waiting for your support Regards Here is my picture! Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  12. Operating system: win10 Simulator: p3d v4 Screenshot: Issue: I am having trouble installing Central. The progress bar has been stuck on about 40 percent for the past few hours. Any idea how to get out of this loop and install the product? Thanks Ian
  13. Had morphing issues over the weekend, posted a post about this and never got a reply. Installed the new Orbx central today and the morphing issues are gone BUT now my land class is wack, whole Columbia river is just gone.... Please? Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3Dv4 Screenshot: Issue: Where is my land class?
  14. Downloaded it today... looks great! One issue though is that it states that there is an update (1.1.0) for Southampton Airport but when trying to install it does not seem to make any progress. Tried several times but i continuously get the same non-response. Had another update (think it was Northwest Pacific) as well and that went smoothly. Perhaps a server download issue for Southampton? Herman
  15. Operating system: Win10 Build 1903 Simulator: P3D and XP11 Screenshot: Included Issue: Communications issue When the system or I see products to download the Error: A communications error occurred pops up. Never had this before central.log
  16. This is what ive come here to ask. Ive downloaded EGNX today but I'm forced to use OrbCentral thing which I didn't want to do and now I'm stuck downloading 77GB of scenery I already have installed?! Im not bloody happy if I'm honest.
  17. I found strips of land on the river see photo Log.txt scenery_packs.ini saluti!!!
  18. I found black ground textures in the newton area see attached foto thank you regards
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