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  1. Finally got the "new" Gold Coast and checked it out on a flight starting from Caloundra Blends in nicely in the surroundings... Nice level of detail Tied down for the moment... And back later in another plane - this time trying the night-textures Since it was such a fine evening I decided on heading on to Brisbane (I actually wanted to make it to Redcliffe first, but it was closed by the time I arrived there). Flying by the light of the moon. And the bright lights of the docks after landing... Just some cropping - nothing else... Cheers Mallard
  2. For my thousandth post: Early morning (well... 7 a.m.) arrival at Brisbane Approaching over Moreton Island. Quite some algae they have there in the bay.... Nearly there Spotter's view Got a space left for me? Managed to find a spot in this rather crowded part of the airport No edits other than cropping. Cheers Mallard
  3. im tracking the east coast weather today,and i might do a flight there today leaving ymml,this is the weather live here thanks to opus,the ex cyclone is moving south towards sydney,so heavy rain and dark clouds exspected today.
  4. I am desperate for help. I have a new system. FSX all installed etc. Installed FTX AU no problems. Installed YBBN over the top and the latest patch. What I am seeing is like 2 airports. Its like there is 2 airports with taxiways/runways etc overlaying one another, but like slightly apart. ie: runway centre line(s) are about 2m apart! I am not a big fan of any forum as I find them pretty frustrating. I know everyone tries to pool knowledge but I just need an answer from someone who really knows.
  5. does anyone know of plans to include the new gates (73, and 72 I think) at YBBN? they are tarmac only for freight (Toll). no aerobridges.
  6. When will an update be released to correct the centre arm of the domestic terminal air bridges used by Jetstar and Tiger to complete the circle shape of the building as it now exists?
  7. Just thought I'd take a closer look at the scenery Push-back tractor looking for a job The marshaller looking for that jobless bloke who seems to be driving where he's not allowed Now where did he go to? I've been up and down the apron... Suddenly: Cairns Watching the comings and goings This guy gets around... Here he is again at YMML Cheers Mallard
  8. Passing the big boys: Looking like I'm going to be long... And I was. What am I supposed to do with all these pallets? I can see the attraction to the airport. I think this is about my first trip here. Got a love/hate with the plane (the the two others from these guys). They have cool planes that look really good, but they just don't feel right. Mike
  9. Hello, I have just bought a few items for Obex and they are the best scenery i have even seen. i have two problem with the new scenery, the first one is at YBBN which still show the default scenery along with the new scenery. And the next problem is with YMML V2.0 and is to do with trees around the airport, the trees are on top of T1 and some default scenery still coming thought at T4. YBBN And YMML Thanks
  10. I always suspected Virgin would go under, but not quite like this... Any idea what's going on here? Cheers, Derek
  11. Recently purchased the FTX Brisbane Scenery and upon running the install program and installing the texture packs, it still doesn't appear to be displaying any of the addon on scenery. Have tried reinstalling once or twice and still no luck! Order #FSS0137649
  12. I have Australia Sp4 installed and am installing YBBN and YMML and when i have selected any aircraft the loading screen stays at 0 and it becomes unresponsive. However the Launceston airport works. i have tried everything to get it to work and still no luck. Downloaded all support via website Pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!lol My computer shouldnt be the issue My specs are: i7 2600k 3.4ghz asus maximus iv m/b 16gb g skill ram liquid cooling 2x 6870 HIS gpus 60gb o/s ssd drive 600gb wd vel rap hdd 1000w ocz psu
  13. I blame Russ He started it Might have got away with it, but could not resist the bridge on they way back to the airport (did not know ATC knew words like that!) Enjoy Taph
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