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  1. Hallo, I tried to use volanta with the MSFS in WIN10. It is telling me everytime i signed in that simconnect is not installed. Volanta is running but without connection to the sim. I can´t find any solution to this. On the discord server they told me, to make a ticket at the support. Yesterday I submitted a ticket to support but there is no answer until now. I think, that MSFS has the simconnect integrated? are there any users, who can tell a solution? Thanks Andreas
  2. Hi, i had to reinstall norway again. And after the case with the missing autogen in citycenters, i noticed that the installer now delivers a revised version, which already contains the 11 files that were previously missing. But now there is a new problem. All excludes for default bridges are missing now. The result is that you have double bridges throughout norway. @Doug Sawatzky @Ed Correia can you check this again? Regards, Peter
  3. All my Orbx airports are loading without planes or people regardless of the settings I choose in central. What can be causing this. I am at a loss.
  4. Hi all I recently moved my Orbx True Earth GB stuff (and others ) to its own drive F: when doing this I changed the folder structure so they were all at the same level in the structure to make it easy to create symbolic links Now Orbx Central cant see the library, and appears to think I dont have any products installed.. Im happy to move the structure back to what is required if I need to but need to know what Central is actually expecting to see Hope that makes sense ! screenshots attached Thanks Bill P
  5. I presently have an account with Orbx central for fsx products I have purchased over the years. I now have a new computer with fsx steam loaded. On the new computer I signed into Orbx central and selected "my account" hoping to see my products listed. None were listed, probably because I now have fsx steam. Will my new computer with fsx steam be able to access the scenery I paid for in fsx? If so how?? Any help would greatly be appreciated. many thanks, John Burwash john.burwash@shaw.ca
  6. Hello, I seem to be having some elevation issues with Iceland and Keflavik airport. The only Orbx product I own that would be affecting this region is Orbx global. The airport itself is stock. How can I fix this elevation issue?
  7. I’ve had to completely replace my system drive after a failure. Full install of everything, including MSFS and Orbx Central. Fortunately (I thought!) my Orbx downloads are on a separate drive, however, although Central can find this library, all my scenery remains greyed out and there is no “verify files” option, only a full download of all the scenery again. With a slow and intermittent download speed, I’m tearing my hair out at the prospect of having to download over 250Gb of material again, even though it is there on the drive… Please tell me I’m missing something, or hopefully offer a workaround! Many thanks, Brit
  8. I recently purchased and installed LFMT Montpellier Mediterranee airport from Orbx Direct. Whenever I try to start a flight from there, MSFS freezes on the flight loading screen. Does Orbx provide support for this scenery package, or is support provided from someone else? So far, I have tried the following: Verify Files Different aircraft Uninstall and reinstall Any suggestions are welcome. Landon
  9. Hi , Just wondering how to fix LOWI Bumpy runway , has some un even areas , have updated to the latest Orbx LOWI for MSFS2020
  10. Hi- I purchased the Twin Otter from Orbx for ease and convenience of installation and updates. MK advised he pushed an update out today, would you please advise when we can expect it in our Downloads? Thanks for all you do for us all- C
  11. Hello Orbx, as the title implies I see doubled traffic in the Orbx AU/NZ area with the Orbx package AU/NZ installed. (Int'l non-AU/NZ traffic switched off in settings) In parallel I use alpha-india traffic for other regions. For some time I used both, alpha-india AU/NZ airlines and Orbx AU/NZ traffic PBR, however, with alpha-india the tick mark ( ) Don't use Orbx is confusing: Why should I use both? So, I deleted my installed alpha-india AU/NZ airlines, and trust in Orbx AU/NZ traffic alone. But many of the plane have ghost planes with identical ATC call signs and registrations. I tried to skip the p3d v4.5hf2 Orbx AU/NZ thinking from there the duplicates might come from, but to no avail, still doubled traffic. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  12. Hi Jon/All, While awaiting my new PC to arrive (moving across from Mac) I ordered a few Orbx products in the Black Friday sale (US Washington HD, US Washington Enhancement, DD Seattle Airports, and have Orbx Libraries and SAM also downloaded). But when I open xplane 11 (version, take off from KSEA and head north to look for the Space Needle in an attempt to compare what I'm seeing to the images on the US Washington HD product page, my scenery looks like standard xplane 11. Even more confusingly the Space Needle doesn't exist at all. Now possibly I'm lost, but I don't think so (see screenshot). In an attempt to trouble shoot (noting I'm not the most computer savvy person) I've "verified the files", checked the settings for each product through Central, clicked "Sync Simulator" a few times, and had a look in the .ini file and if I understand what I'm looking for I see the KSEA and Orbx products there. Spent quite a few hours now trying to sort this out on my own, but I'm lost. I've attached a screenshot to show the detail I'm seeing where I believe the Space Needle should be located. Confusingly in my Custom Scenery folder I have a file titled "scenery_packs" (file type given as "Configuration settings") which has all the Orbx and other custom scenery I own, and a "scenery_packs.ini" file that is listed as a "BACKUP-Orbx File". Is the first file missing the .ini extension possibly, and xplane is looking in the back up folder (although this contains the KSEA demo area, so as I understand it I should be seeing the Space Needle)? Also strange is that the folder size for my scenery files isn't shown in explorer (if that's still what it's called), but right clicking on properties gives file sizes (and they're all read only). Haven't used Windows for a while so possibly that's normal? My system SSD has 300gb free and running a 3080 card so I don't think my issue is hardware related. Detail turned all the way up in xplane settings. Hoping you can help as the products look so promising, and my head is getting sore from beating it against the desk. Regards, Craig scenery_packs.ini scenery_packs.ini.backup-orbx
  13. Hi everyone I have an issue with Orbx Digital Design EGGP airport not displaying properly in Prepar3D v5.3 ..... Positioning the aircraft at the holding point for either 27 or 09 everything seems to look fine with the taxiway but as soon as I line up onto the runway is it just a grey strip with no markings at all .... I have also noticed that the grass around the whole area is very blurry and not how it should be ..... The wheels of the aircraft also look as if they are slightly buried into the runway I have verified all the files but things are still the same ..... I have installed the following ..... Base Pack/Vector/Open LC Europe/Open LC North America/Liverpool/Bilbao/Libraries/ObjectFlow/SODE The only other scenery I have installed is UK2000 Manchester and the Common Libraries program and GSX/GSX2 I hope someone can shed some light on this issue for me please Regards Paul
  14. So, basically, I have just done a flight from LOWI-EGGD (both Orbx). I was disappointed apon arrival as the dynamic lights didn't appear when I arrived. I've bought both airports within the week so I'm just wondering if I've botched up an installation or something. I have checked that the dynamic lights and scenery worked before the flight (which they did)
  15. Hi, i purchased Norway and installed it for the first time. Everything works fine and correctly. But exactly in the citycenters of the bigger cities, like Oslo, Bergen (on image) and Trondheim the whole autogen is missing. Just a little further out, the autogen is correctly shown again. When i disable Norway and use openLC Europe only, everything works correctly. I also tried to reinstall the libraries and Norway again, i run the verify files option. I tried to set every slider to 'max'. No improvement. For example in Germany North, South and Ireland, i don't have this Problem. And i don't have installed any third party Addon like 'Airports of Norway' might be causing a conflict. I have no more Ideas, looking forward your help. Best regards, Peter
  16. Hello support team, My problem: A few days ago I noticed that the simulation breaks off in certain regions in the airport selection. After many restarts, I was able to distinguish that between the 30th and 40th degrees of longitude (e.g. between Antalya and Alanya) a display limit had arisen. I was also able to navigate to this limit once and was also able to see this delimitation of the textures. It is a straight demarcation that runs exactly along the line of longitude. Behind it, all textures are only extremely blurred. All airports from the 35th degree of longitude can no longer be selected. Situation: Airports menu / select e.g. UUWW/ go to OK/ P3D freezes. Simulator does not close but freezes. I've tried repairing Orbx's area scenery with no success. My specifications: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz - RAM 24.0GB - Win10 64-bit P3Dv4.5 HF3, FTX Landclasses BASE, Vector, OLC EU/NA/SA. Windows and Drivers updated. Please support in this matter Many greetings Bernd Doujak
  17. Dear team, the problem has been discussed here before: I'm getting desperate, I've already created a complete new library outside of the user folder. A lot of work... Insertion points are correct. Still have this issues, only @ ESKS! But why? Btw: actually, it is best to have the library in the user folder, because here is the safest unrestricted access which can be made here from the user account. Anyway, as you can see, it's not the problem. It must therefore be somewhere else.
  18. Hi all, A few days ago I updated P3D to v5.3 HF2 as described in your topic. The update went fine, but there is a strange problem going on with EU England and other payware airports in the UK. Your Southampton airport still works fine, but there is a problem with UK2000's Bristol, Luton, Manchester, Aerosoft's Heathrow and Digital Design's Liverpool airport. I've been using EU England and these airports over a year and never had a problem, so I'm quite puzzled. Disabling EU England in the Orbx configurator makes the airport appear correctly. The problems are similar; the screenshows below speak for themselves. Heathrow (in the Orbx configurator I've unticked Heathrow for compatibility): Bristol: As a possible solution I've removed the following files from the FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery folder, but that didn't solve the problem: I've also put the Orbx products below all other airports in the scenery library (which I hadn't done in earlier versions of P3D), but no joy either. Any possible solution would be highly appreciated. Stefan
  19. Is there suppose to be two windsocks on one pole at KAKC?
  20. Hello, I can't get the Orbx Central downloader to work and I think my findings deserves a topic. I have run Linux ever since I could build my own PCs and it said "Use Windows 98ME or better", so, Redhat then.. When I run Orbx Central I'll get two "dangling" symlinks, the SingletonCookie and SingletonLock. They appear red in Midnight commander and they point to files in the same folder that aren't there. Are they supposed to be this way? I've tried to install all of Great Britain for three days (Great Britain South ID: 61a17583b18fe) though my log contains what came out when trying to install the Monument Valley. Would someone look at my log, when it's trying to download sceneries the servers appear to have moved. When I try to hand download some files they give me the 301 error which tells me something doesn't add up. There are several hundred files for Great Britain and if I did get them what would I do with the files? I would also have lost my will to live, I think there are 800 downloads in total and the server isn't "there". The folder blob_storage is interesting, my home folder doesn't have plenty of space so the Central folder inside Orbx had to go in a symlink on the same harddrive as the Orbx library so my home folder doesn't run full. Because of this I've made a fresh profile in case that wasn't the way to do it: I've secretly renamed the main library, started the new profile, quit Orbx Central and renamed the library back. At the next time Orbx Central started it had accepted all the library as it were. I could download single files using wget that works just fine but I don't have the foggiest idea where to put them. I have lots of ways to analyse the logfile but I won't go into boring details, though I'm curious about the 301 error. If I should adress a new server where do I make the change, or does it mandate a new release of the Central downloader? I've purchased sceneries for north of $AUD 200 just this week and I think I can find a way to install the Monument Valley scenery. The C90 at Sedona is lovely in the morning. Would Monument Valley also work on top of the other ortho scenery? I've been good with software since the early KDE days (lol I'm Norwegian so KDE is close to my heart..) and I won't shy away from a little poking, but the Central downloader is a private piece and I could well leave it alone. It's a pity though about all my purchases gone to waste. Regards. central.log scenery_packs.ini
  21. Hello, I have installed ESKS however the runway textures arent loading and also the aprons I see only some satellite images. I have read in other topics it could be a problem with the Objectflow and the libraries. I reinstalled them but didnt helped, I also checked if the Objectflow is active under addons and it is. Thanks for the help. Regards Raymond
  22. No Log file as I can't get far enough to create one, as per the attached image that is as far as the installer gets. I have tried it with and without administrator privileges. I have cleaned the registry (Avast) so it is not a registry issue. However, both the current version and an older version are still showing in the add or remove programs list therefore I think that may be the problem (the folders in C:\users... do not exist where the uninstall .exe) would normally be located. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: Orbx Central is not installing I am at a loss, any ideas as I would really like to install the scenery I have just bought. Thanks, Melanie.
  23. I purchase OpenLC North America and the graphics were great. I live in Vermont and the Connecticut River stop at the southern boarder of VT. With LC North America the CT river went right up through Vermont like it is supposed to. But now, the CT river has reverted back to stopping at the southern board and the graphics for my town are not good. I verified the files/I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and my graphics are still like FSX......old.... Any suggestions, Please! Rick Kenyon
  24. Hi, I have a question about the winter trees in TerraFlora and Trees HD, which I use both. This morning I did a flight in real time (i.e. winter season) and saw the following: Shouldn't the leaves be gone now? Or does this depend on my TerraFlora/Trees HD settings or is this a correct depiction? Best regards, Stefan
  25. Hey there! After getting Accuseason by REX, I am asked to provide a license key, which shouldn't happen. I've opened logs and seen this line: `2022-01-15T01:45:36.888Z [ERROR] [Central::LicensingService] - Couldn't fetch license key for rex-accuseason` I believe this is the issue, if you could do something on your end to fix this that would be great. Thanks!
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