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  1. New York Schipoil,Amsterdam. Tanna,Vanuatu Gdansk,Poland San Francisco San Diego No Addons. Cheers Stu
  2. I installed several FTX products over the weekend. I have an FSX Default, FTX Global icon, FTX Global icon, and a North America icon. When I click the second FTX Global I get an error message "Access to the path C:\Program Files...Backup\restore.bat is denied". Then, when I click the "North America" icon the error message "The system cannot find the file specified." Why do I have 2 FTX Global icons? I did place the backup files on my "E" drive rather than "C" drive to save some space. Also, I have no "Hybrid Mode" available. I did have error messages on all the installations that the installation did not take on the first attempt and I reinstalled each. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi I have ftxg and can any one please let me know if ultimate terrain Europe will work with ftxg . And please could you let me know if you have to disable any thing in the fsx library . Also I have fsdreamscapes promesh for all Europe will this also work with ftxg look forward to any help on this.
  4. Port Elizabeth to Capetown...I was blown away !! Been around most continents with Global so far but this is my first to Africa. These screenshots probably dont do it justice,but it is the best I have seen so far.My Genesis mesh was 100% right and the FTXG is just fantastic. Still hard for me to get my head around that this is now my new Default setting !! Cheers Stu
  5. Hi all could I ask a question about scenery in the Library of fsx when having ftxg installed I have France vfr Truelandscape France and Asttec photoreal scenery for Luxembourg installed . My question is should FTXG be on the top above all installed addons in the Library of fsx . I look forward to any help on this regards Stewart .
  6. Hi, I'm just trying to make sure I didn't break anything.... Out of curiosity, I added the KGCN from OZx to my system. Installed it properly, Added the Area in Scenery Library, moved it to just above Edwards AFB and below all FTX stuff. Then reinstalled ORBXLIBS 0723 version on top. Everything seems to be working okay but now the Vector Lights and Orbx Trees options are not present on North America if I select that in FTX Central. I vaguely recall they were before this addition. Is anything wrong? Tried reinstalling SAK (latest FTX NA) and then ORBXLIBS 0723 again to see if that would change anything, but it didn't. Thanks, Steve
  7. Leaving Hana airstrip . Some Maui scenery . West Maui mountains . Lahaina and Kapalua area , with the famous Plantation golf course in foreground . On approach to Kahului Airport ( OGG ) Orbx Global has made this trip possible . Mahalo (Thank you) for viewing . Brad
  8. So chaps.my first look at Hawaii...looking good !! Cheers Stu
  9. FTXG,No Addons,Just the V Key. Cheers Stu
  10. Installed FTXG yesterday morning and have been having a ball with it. I fly almost all of the time now in Prepar3D and have only installed FTXG in P3D. I fly with FTX Central on Global with hybrid checked and it now loads up quicker than ever before. However, I am now getting a message when I start up that reads as follows: "RenameUniqueFile: Could not complete operation since a file already exists on the path C:\Program File(x86)Lockhead Martin\Prepar3D\scenery\world\scenery\ADE_FTX_NZNI_NZAG_elevation_adjustment.bgl Here is what my file looks like for the NZ areas- ADE_FTX_NZNI_NZAG_elevation_adjustment.BGL ADE_FTX_NZNI_NZAG_elevation_adjustment.OFF I tried to copy all of the files but could not so I just typed this one out but they are all duplicates like this. After a big group of these comes another big group with the same listings and all or .OFF. Prior to installing FTXG I had NZ working fine. I hope this problem is stated clearly enough to understand. If not let me know and I will try to give more information. Thanks for any help you might offer. Lazyeight
  11. Congrats on your work with FTXG. Flying west from Innsbruk Austria I noticed some mountain textures that did not look right or did not fit in ?
  12. Near Lake Tahoe,USA Graz,Austria Near Innsbruk Paris China Malaysia/Thai Border Phuket Athens Batami,Georgia Zvartnots,Armenia Koh Samui,Thailand Cheers Stu
  13. Here is a Before and After screenshot of ENNK (in anticipation..!) using FTX Global. Requires flash. Freeware addons in use: Airports of Norway, Norway Scenic II, Norwegian GA. In addition UTX is in use. Unfortunately I forgot to turn SweetFX off before the screenshots were taken. Link: http://www.almenningen.no:81/fs/FTXGlobal_FoerEtter/ENNK_Eng/Index.html
  14. I'm very pleased about the release of FTXG. Tried a few parts of our world and by ex. in the middle-east noticed the sand dunes desert textures. I landed in Badgad not the int. airport but downtown not sure about ICAO like N17M. The buildings and trees were nice but also too proeficient. There were all around the runways, taxis and approns. This project is so huge that we will discover more of those smaller anomalies for sure. I was wondering if this is a thing I could fix with ADE?
  15. Just 3 quick screenies done on the fly. Captured heading North up the Malaysian Peninsular around Kuala Lumpur Bit hazy..got REX,Shader,Opus all going. I have also got all the Genesis Terrain mesh areas loaded..looking fantastic. FPS are just the same as the old Default settings for me so its a real win win. Cheers Stu
  16. FTXG,Opus,Shader,REX,Genesis Mesh Incase anybody is wondering.No addons at all,This is all just FTXG Im Speechless !!! Cheers Stu
  17. Now listen up Orbx. I've just realised something. The more 'Regions' I purchase from you (England, Alaska, Wales & Scotland for starters) the less value for money FTXG will be for me as it will have to cover a smaller area. So, I was thinking, how about a discount for people with 'Regions'. I suggest about 10% per region would suffice. Thank you muchly. So - 10% off because I have England, 10% for Wales, 10% for Alaska and another 10% when I get Scotland. How about the senior's discount too as I feel over 65 a lot of the time anyway. Ooo, ooo, and extend the GB discount to include FTXG. That's 75% off so far. Yes? You can't blame a bloke for trying.
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