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  1. For the upcoming CeBit fair in Hanover Switzerland will be the official partner country. Swiss airlines uses this occasion for type-rating flights for their new 777, which are currently going into service. However, Orbx pilots are quicker than that, we can do these flights already now... (weather set to March, for sure). Taking off in Hanover, with Aerosoft´s grass a littlie lighter than Orbx´s; Wunstorf AB: One might see the Mittellandkanal, Weser- and Wiehengebirge and the city of Minden here: Not a typical cabin for a short distance flight. And probably not the right occasion for a sleep. Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg and the Neckar river melting with the Rhine. ZRH approach. The ND doesn´t give a too clear orientation. Mountain view, ... ... better trust the instruments, ... ... here we come. Seems this bird doesn´t fit to the Europe terminal and gets an outside position. That is the view out of the old Lufthansa lounge, for the frequent fliers amongst you. Ready for the next pilot to be trained.
  2. Not too much to see on these pictures, so I was not sure if it is worth to post them. On the other hand the lights are great enough to show the beauty of FTX Global at night... Do not be confused by the second major airport on this picture. Le Bourget is just too close to CDG! Indeed, instruments CAN help finding orientation. A festival of lights. Probably the hotel to the right is not too quiet...
  3. ... that is where I had to go today after a nice holiday week. And at least in virtual, I was able to head into the moderate temperatures of the mediterranean. From Barcelona... ... to a place with a rock. On base, ... ... on something like "final"... ... and - luckily - successful. With a strong crosswind from the left and without instrument support, this is not as easy an airport as the layout might suggest. Maybe a bit late, however I wish all of you a happy new year!
  4. Before everyone´s aiming at SoCal, I move on southwards from Nice,... ... passing Cannes, ... ... and arriving at the Catalunya coast. Passing Barcelona downtown... ... towards the 25R: Looks sunny enough. And I will repeat this flight when the Cote d´Azur citscape is out!
  5. Mountains covered with snow,... ... planes covered with ice (better not). Let´s book a flight southwards! Leaving the slightly-white runway... ... and heading south, to enjoy the mediterranean alps - until they lose their white coverage. Putting some noise to Antibes, in order to reduce the price of these flats... Nice service. Now get the warm jackets back into luggage! PS: As you can see: I am prepared and waiting for Maurizio´s next cityscape... it will surely be a pleasure.
  6. Coming from Zurich over the Brienzer See... ... and entering the Valais at Brig, with Raron AB in the middle of the picture (and Sion should be in the background). Martigny (hidden in winterly fog), and mighty Mt. Blanc to the left... ... while we turn right to follow the Rhone river. Les Dents du Midi to the left, and St. Maurice to the right, at the smallest point of the Rhone passage through the valley. Reaching Lake Geneva at Villeneuve - surprisingly snow-covered, whilst Le Bouveret (with its fun park) is still green... Can you see Chateau Chillon down in the middle of the picture? It was governing the coastal road for decades. Montreux, Vevey and the vineyards to the left... ... and finally Geneva airport in front. With the usual fog - at least not too much this time.
  7. De-icing in Venice-Tessera already indicated what the weather will be during this flight... Climbing out of Venice, into the alps and over Lake Garda... ... and downwind towards Zurich. Looks fine. Please remember the slight angle between the 2 main runways... ... as you will see only one of them during final. And this is the wrong one...! This is the intended 16. Seems to be quite difficult weather currently in the alps. I will have to move south, like the birds...
  8. No, this is not going to become another remake of John Carpenter´s movie... It was just a lovely little VFR flight out of Innsbruck on a sunny day, following the Brenner motorway... ... while Lake Garda was suspiciously hiding under clouds. Visibility went down as I moved east towards Tessera, I had to switch to IFR. As you can see in the red circle on my ACARS, I am lined between two (fast) airliners - that is the reason why I use a rather high approach speed. Unfortunately the 737 pilot in front of me did not clear the runway fast enough. Beginner! Going around gave me a little payback with the nice view of the city, not tourists in December at last (the missing TouristFlow could be another reason). Next trial wasn´t much better, but at least I was alone and could slow down. 200 ft AGL I spotted the runway lights and switched off the autopilot. Visibility wasn´t much better on the ground...
  9. The best way to avoid traffic jams when returning from a nice skiing tour on the Schmittenhoehe is out of Zell am See airport (nicely enhanced in the freeware EU airport packs)...: Crossing the Zeller See: Hochkoenig: Koenigssee: Watzmann: Approaching Salzburg: Parked in front of Hangar 7, obviously the home of this plane... ( http://www.hangar-7.com/de/the-flying-bulls/cessna-c-337-push-pull/ ):
  10. I was impressed by a flight from Vienna to Innsbruck recently shown here in this forum, so I had to repeat it... in the same livery, of course. With a little mountain panorama... The Inntal to my right, waiting for a Dash to enter: I was lucky to get the easy approach: Straight into the 26. Mmmh, those mountains in the background are already waiting for the skiing season...
  11. After yesterdays fantastic pilot´s work... ... the Hawker needed to be returned to KLAX. The plane was checked while passengers enjoyed the pleasures of the lounge: All seems fine, so we went on to 31L... ... and straight we go: Just after passing Benning, ... ... you find yourself already over greater LA. Approaching KLAX i see the ocean again, after applying Jarrad´s waterbody correction ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/106505-kpsp-los-angeles-expands-out-toward-catalina/#comment-960056 ): Downwind, base & final: This time the gear does not refuse to work! I am still struggling with the autopilot´s vertical modes, but finals are done manually anyway. Heavy on frames, this area. But I trust the Orbx designers are better in programming the SoCal region than the Microsoft team did 11 years ago. And how I look forward to have the west coast completed!
  12. As you know I always like to find out how good reality mimics our sims. This time I took the chance from Osaka Kansai (plain FTXG). Climbing out across Kobe... ... that airport is clearly a miss in FSX/FTX - probably as it was opened in 02/2006. Maybe OpenLC_EastAsia can help here... Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - sorry for the slightly different angle... A mandatory part of the documentation. FoodFlow would also be an innovation, I bet most of us still have unsufficient bord services at their flight decks. Reaching Singapore from the Northeast... Tropical clouds, no comments needed. Pulau Tekong... ... and the approach to Changi: Check the roads to see Vector´s strenghts. But the photorealism can be improved... Getting into the parking lot. And another mandatory part of the documentation: For all who like to repeat. PS: Sorry for 26 pictures in one post. But, hey, that is less than 2 pictures per hour of flying time .
  13. Getting ready in the early morning at American Samoa. I doubt there is a RL scheduled connection on this route, but ANZ offered a bit of comfort today for the interested simmer. Ready to taxi, engines running. Maybe I accidently turn the PeopleFlow into PeopleMelt? OK, all went well. No claims. Turning north out of the easterly take-off. Westbound to the sea. To plenty of sea. Cut. Many hours later, already descending over Papua New Guinea. FSGRW doesn´t have boring clouds either, Rockliffe! Downwind, please follow the ATC instructions... Always a pleasure to see such great airports.
  14. In order to get my screenshot folder empty to discover the recent Orbx sceneries, I´ll put some flights together here... From Pamplona... ... iced ... ... to Leon. Checking Melilla... ... towards Gibraltar. And from Gibraltar... ... across Marbella ... ... and Granada (you can spot the Alhambra below) ... ... to Barcelona. Ready for another long-distance flight... Recommendable freeware in use for Leon, Pamplona and Melilla. Just search for "Simzaleak".
  15. ... and Jaydor´s latest Legacy paint...
  16. This is how we simmers move from Osaka to visit Kyoto: And this is how the usual travellers have to do it: The Imperial Gardens from the air... ... and from the ground: It takes slightly longer to walk down to Kyoto tower than to fly. This is why you can hardly see it in the screenie (in the left of the picture, underneath nr. "1"), while the view from top was taken a bit later... Long time to wait before we get OpenLC_East Asia. What a pity, if you see the Osaka coast...
  17. In a hole in the ground there lived a pilot. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a pilot-hole, and that means comfort. During the morning hours, more and more paxes arrived, striving for free food and drinks. But a good pilot´s hole always has some sparkling on stock. United we stand! "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." Crossed the (blue) mountains to reach places so far eastwards the pilot had never reached before. “There are no safe paths in this part of the world. Remember you are over the Edge of the Wild now, and in for all sorts of fun wherever you go.†At least, the wizard had prepared a good map for the adventure they were heading for. A map that even included some ETOPS pubs along the way, just in case one encounters unforeseen trouble. Having not even finished half the way of the day, just after SAPIR, a problem ocurred that required an unexpected emergency landing. “Go back?" he thought. "No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!" He took a look at the wizard´s map, and found the closest suitable landing place was NSTU. "Pago Pago", as the dwarfes called it. He had never been there before, and it was pitch black night. In unpoetic words: NSTU should have an ILS, but the default Navigraph of PMDG´s 777 does not have it. That added a bit to the pitch-black challenge in the middle of the Pacific. Too high and too far left in the first attempt... A nice challenge to make a manual go-around with no guidance by useful FMS data - and limited views. But even more rewarding once you hit the spot - can you see it? (The T7 is on both shots, between the white lights on the wingtips...) And out of thee darkness Orbx´ Pago Pago scenery grows, as a shining group of buildings and GSX ground crew. “May the hair on your toes never fall out!â€
  18. Another joyful chapter from the book "compare FTXG with RL". From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (how unprecise from me: I chose the wrong gate ) ... ... reached initial cruise flight level: Comments needed? The special Songkran Festival after-dessert was fantastic. The passengers route info: Our route info (we do care for precise simming, don´t we?): Descent: Osaka RJBB downwind: Final: After final. PS: Brad, next time I´ll try to capture a window seat again !
  19. Not across, just around the Pyrenees, from Biarritz ... ... to San Sebastian. I have been waiting for an upgrade of this beautifully located airport, and Simzaleak´s freeware http://simzaleak.wix.com/simzaleak ismuch more than I was hoping for. Plus, it blends nicely into the Orbx Global world. I would say, a win-win for all developers, with a big win on my side...
  20. Just two shots into a freeware-upgraded Biarritz. A nice location at the end of the Pyrenees, thus a good starting point for an as-low-as-possible-and-slow mountain tour...
  21. Coming home in the evening. Plus Maschsee, Leine river and Steinhuder Meer as a bonus view. Not easy for full fat North Germany to increase this pleasure, we´ll see once released....
  22. Asia night lights still await the FTX touch, and I hope for OpenLC_Asia to bring us progress. You may have difficulties to see our trusted 777 at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji? This is how the real AI8345 looks like. Same time, day, and weather as virtual. But, ok, this is a 788... - you can´t sim every model (and you won´t learn all of them, would you?). This is how you may fuel yourself while the plane is fueled. Unfortunately I do not get this service when flying virtual... Yes Brad, I followed your advice. Boarding is completed, you can see the lucky guy with 2A for taking the pictures, 2C to relax. Here we go. The only energy you need during a night flight. Came all the way down from the Isle of Skye. Crossing the Indian Ocean, perfectly safe with ETOPS 60 min. I was too tired to collect precise routing information, sorry. Closing in to Bangkok VTBS. Unloading, while our neighbour already receives the next catering service. Good morning!
  23. Just another report from a flight done some weeks ago - and repeated in the sim meanwhile. From Hanover ... ... climbing out over Wunstorf AB ..., ... with a look at Weser- and Wiehengebirge (unfortunately a bit difficult to spot EDVY south of the mountains), with the rape fields far too prominent in FTXG / OpenLC. Followed by a nice Frankfurt city tour. As a special note for Brad, I did sneak forward for these shots: These are from seat 7F - but the A320 is too small to get away from engine and slats. Time to change into a bigger bird: Here it is. But this is how it would look in my sim: a) I do not have a HQ 747, b ) Frankfurt airport 2.0 is still in the making. So I did make a slight deviation in order to enjoy the flight, sorry: T7 in fictious LH livery, with Munich as the departing airport. Still I followed the executed flight plan from Austria onwards. Night lights in the real flight are more than impressive here ... ... but there is a gap in FSX & FTX world . Mumbai does not match the real light either. Even hard to spot the runway... A great moon lightens the mood of the simmer. Hope you don´t mind another long post. And I hope Brad is satisfied not having the disturbing wing & engine view in the shots made over the asian cities .
  24. No good summer weather here in northern Germany currently, so we had to escape. The first flight did not produce so many shots: LH2105 from Hanover to Munich. But I have to apologize for the 2nd one. LH1810 Munich to Barcelona. Simulation shots with weather, day and time of the real one. Innsbruck Lake Garda Nice Marseille ... and finally Barcelona. STAR is BI2DCN into 07L in both cases. EDDM and LEBL from 3rd party. AI traffic is WoAI.
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