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  1. As you may have read, I was struggling in getting the time setting right for this flight when trying to shortcut it from Broome only. So my task for the weekend was clear: Depart correctly at Singapore, and find out how sun settings and light conditions change during the flight. I started flight preparations after a "long turnover" 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, which is 21:15 hrs. I am too slow for a professional, so I took off with 8 minutes delay, shame on me. Not much to see outside, but the pilots have enough to watch. Equator crossing. Still during climb, with the center tanks almost empty already. Closing in to Oodnadatta gets us the first sunlight. No way to see the Broome coast or Uluru during this flight . Wake up mates, breakfast is served! PMDG did not pay too much attention on the interior design, but that compromise is well done. Flinders ranges. We have control. Descent over Victoria. The preferred passenger seat. The preferred simmers seat, approaching ILS27. Essendon, and the city. Here we are... ... and into the first traffic jam. Get your stuff, ... ... and walk towards immigration, into a land down under. PS: I opened the doors at the gate with 5 minutes delay to the official SQ schedule. Maybe I need to look for vacancies at other companies?
  2. Somewhere, around the sea... mostly with a jet. From Nice... ... along the alps, ... ... passing Genova. With a short intermediate flight from Verona... ... to Venice, ... ... and finally to Iraklio. And as this is one of the more challenging approaches, I directly entered into commuting service to Athens - and back. Some training is necessary here!
  3. Following my trip from San Sebastian to Seo de Urgel I headed back to the northeast ... ... to the next country on my plan: Andorra. Just to let you know why this plane is named F-BRDO... Crossing Figueras, Dali´s village... ... and, after a plane change, Rosas bay: Palafrugell, a nice place to stay... ... and down to Barcelona for the night. That would be a cityscape, with Gaudi´s buildings....!
  4. I started for this 3-country trip in San Sebastian, quite a nice bay at the Biscaya Sea surrounded by the northern end of the mountain range... ... crossed Biarritz (hello Karl, I am not wearing sweat pants!) ... ... and left the Pyrenees to my right, for the time time being. An uncommon pilgrim´s view of Lourdes ... ... before entering the more difficult terrain for an intermediate stop at Bagneres de Luchon. A challenging valley approach, but the airfield looks crappy - therefore no photos here. Next airfield in the list is Seo de Urgel, on the spanish side of the border, downwind... ... final (can you spot the landing lights just under my left wing?), ... ... and parked. A great FTXG freeware enhancement here, thanks to Sylvain! And, as you can see, with some american tourists around... . To be continued...
  5. From Porto ... ... to an intermediate landing in beautiful La Coruna. Going on with a commercial flight across Santander, ... ... and Bilbao ... ... to San Sebastian. These harbour cities in northern Spain really look good, perhaps we are lucky enough to get some more Orbx updates here ...?!
  6. Just a little bus tour up the westernmost end of the European continent: From Gibraltar ... ... across La Huelva ... ... and Lisbon ... ... to Porto.
  7. Revisiting some places I have seen last year... or that I see every day ...: Taking off Athens 03R... A turn over the airport, showing the photoreal summer inside FTX autumn... Traffic, traffic! Split: Venezia: Here we go again... ... crossing the Alps ... ... over Innsbruck: Approaching VOR DLE, shortly before... ... turning into final onto ILS27L at Hanover: Always a pleasure in FTXG!
  8. Took off from Lone Pine over Independence... ... with a slight turn over Kearsage Pass ... ... to Kings Canyon, and back over Big Pine: Winter doesn´t reveal the colours of Mono Lake... ... but still it gives a beautiful approach over Minden valley: Don´t you think these ladies are a bit underdressed for January at 8°C OAT... ?
  9. ... sure you all are aware of this stunning freeware of Antonio, Maurizio and Holger. Entering the playfield from Las Vegas over Amorosa Valley: Zabriskie Point: Heading down the valley ... ... to Trona (AEC needs to be disabled here): Following Hwy 395 N ... ... via Red Hill Cinder Cone, ... ... and Owens Lake ... ... to an intermediate landing in Lone Pine. Though it is "only" Summer season in the valley (would there be any snow at all?), it looks impressive. Artwork, again.
  10. I took the P-38 out for a flight from Las Vegas over Lake Mead ... ... eastwards, just crossing the Grand Canyon area, ... ... with a view across North Rim. Page Mun was the place where I managed to change to a slower plane for a tour around Lake Powell, starting at Glen Canyon Dam... Mesh & Vector data work great here, the Global textures are brilliantly sharp - so what is missing is the next delivery of OpenLC. But the base is set! Meanders at the best, at Goose necks: O4UT again shows the unability of FSX to have sloped runways - which becomes obvious with the level of mesh we have achieved nowadays. But the view back to Navajo Mountain compensates. And now down to Marble Canyon, for the next chapter...
  11. And here we are with the main course, after flying the Overture... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89799-an-overture/ Entering from Marble Canyon, that means from northeast: I am not sure if it is wise to fly there in RL at this speed... Just a short turn over North Rim... ... before landing in KGCN, another place with passionate OZx enhancement. Antonio, Maurizio and Holger did an amazing job here, resulting in pure enjoyment.
  12. The Delta flight KIAL-KLAS is being equipped at gate A15, to have enough coffee for a 3.5 h flight: Off we go. The 757 is a rocket, at least when it is not fully fuelled and on sea level: Rio Pecos: The sun and the moon: Albuquerque, the "half-way mark": Someone has carved this area in stone (for simmers the "someone" is known: Antonio and Holger). KCGN, enhanced by Maurizio: A little overview across the scene... ... but Lake Mead isn´t boring either: Las Vegas under the engine. Lake Mead again, in the passengers view, ... ... and on final into KLAS: Now let´s go gambling, and earn some presents for my family...
  13. Took off from New Orleans Lakeview on a hazy day, ... ... no good view on Lake Pontchartrain: Heading north over Mississippi state, ... ... to Jackson, MS: Had to take a commercial flight the next morning (I won´t tell you why... )... ... leaving Jackson, ... ... towards KIAH, Texas. I had to pause the flight here to join wifey for a christmas market walk - and after that EZDOC refused to work, so there are no more screenies today...
  14. A short hop from Baton Rouge ... ... across the industrial area at Geismar ... ... to a location with impressive river view ... ... here you are: Down to New Orleans ... ... still a long way to go until we come to the end of the river...: So I turned back north over the city, ... ... to the Orbx freeware Lakefront:
  15. No Show Boat, but the trusty Dash, climbing out of KIAH... ... towards Port Arthur / Sabine Pass... ... and over Calcasieu Lake: Here we are: The Ol´ man river in sight: Baton Rouge, painted in rouge: Sure there are some on this forum who see this river more often than me...
  16. The climb out of Corpus Christie to the north looks unspecatcular from the bird´s view ... ... but the AXE cockpit never looked so impressive before in my FSX, remember to have the fsx.cfg-entry "ForceVCShadowMap=1": Passing Matagorda Island... ... before I had the chance for another heading & shadow change: Houston, here we come (do you see the city in the background?)... ... but, hey - where is the runway? No shadows left. OK. No airport left. Not so OK. Stay calm, and leave the autopilots on... 500 ft AGL. The problem is solved. Autopilot off. Enjoying the last meters...! Thanks to Steve Parsons and his continous efforts to improve!
  17. Heading out of Houston International for a little tour with Jan Kees´ brilliantly fitting repaint*... ... over Galveston Island ... ... Freeport ... ... and towards the endless Matagorda Island, ... ... before reaching Corpus Christie. As we are pilots here, an evening spin needed to be done before getting a Ziegenbock and some fresh fish in the Water Street Oyster Bar... Unfortunately the Harbour Bridge is missing in our virtual world (yet). As does the Lexington. Quite some icons here for a scnery designer... * "flown by Training Squadron VT-35 Stingrays of Training Air Wing 4 at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi", http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3347-carenado-b200-king-air-us-navy-tc-12b-161197/
  18. ... with incorporating the airport from the current sales into Global. It is so great we got rid of FSX´s default world - and I expect more to come with OpenLC ! Even the WoAI traffic fits perfectly: As we all know this pilot had more trouble, documented in his communication with ATC Houston... (picture taken earlier this year):
  19. ... some shots from a flight I did in September, keenly awaiting the next full fat region pack: From Hanover (which is hidden just over the cockpit) ... ... over North Friesland (is there a proper translation?) ... ... Sylt (under the cockpit), ... ... and reaching Norway´s south coast, ... ... before approaching to Stavanger. No more shots for now, cause I stopped the tour there waiting for Iains "final shots" post...
  20. Part 1: It ain´t too easy to start out of EMO either... ... but the flight along Kumusi river to Girua is now pretty pretty (thanks to the freeware add-on...): Part 2: Out of Girua with the adequate commercial service... ... over Kokoda ... ... into Port Moresby, ... ... Jacksons: A DC-3 would also be a great choice here, maybe next time...
  21. Probably the airfield in Efogi needs to be cleaned up in the next days ... .
  22. .... even during daytime? I do not notice this anywhere else currently. Sure somebody knows which setting to tweak?
  23. In contrast to my recent post of the failed landing in Efogi, the rest of the flight (which was a return to PNG after some months of OpenLC_EU-flying) was a pleasure. Leaving Port Moresby ... ... to Launumu. The short jump to Kagi went well... But the attempt to drop some boxes in Efogi caused some major repairs... . At least, this works easy in the sim. I thought I better leave the bushstrip area... ... follow the trail to Isurava ... ... followed by a relaxing landing in a relatively big & easy airfield. Hope the barbie is ready?! OK, time to put the newspapers away, we are starting again. Following Kumusi river until the well-known waterfall appears to the left, ... ... then a quick turn to the right, followed by a fast descent ... ... and then a challenge I encounter at home only too often: finding a free parking lot. At last. A nice new challenge in this wonderful bushflying playground, thanks Ken & Tim!
  24. Let me show you the second part of my comparison shots, as promised in http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/87238-greetings-from-greece-holiday-report-part-1/ . Our plane is coming. We were quite happy that ours was the one in the background, not the Skyexpress. Ready for virtual boarding, for sure on the correct parking position with weather loaded for the executed flight time. Line up and hold. Climbing out over Heraklion downtown. You can see the old city walls (now a green belt), and the venetian harbour and fortress. Leaving Crete. I can confirm landscape and colours are now great in FSX, thanks to global. What a mess this was in default FSX! Just to confirm I have the right routing... ... over Milos island... ... and Cape Sounio. One of the most romantic places on Earth to watch the sunset. On final to Athens. Like in RL the city was invisible behind clouds (and the hills...). Hey, that´s a nice heliport (left of the approach to 03R). Unfortunately I could not find it in the sim... We had a 4 h stopover in Athens, and my companions actually thought going to the IKEA... . Unfortunately sim-ATC allocated RWY 03L for me, so I could only take this simmed shot from the wrong direction. Slow down. The connecting flight from Athens back to Germany was in full overcast. Not even the Alps could be recognized (except by turbulences). So I won´t bother you with part 3 of my holiday report . PS: 3rd party add-ons used for LGIR and LGAV.
  25. Honestly I can´t tell if this is a Vector, a landclass, a mesh or a texture issue. But the peninsula south of the bay of Bonifacio should be a massive rock (the movie "The Guns of Navarone" was taken there). Maybe the object is smaller than 1*1 km, but there are definetively no trees around, and there is not just a little hill. I think this is a major landmark that simply needs to be there. Position N 41° 43 66, E 9° 8 85
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