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  1. Windows 10 (up-to-date) - Orbx Central 4.1.40 - GeForce GTx 1660 - (Vector / OpenLC / All Regions / Australia v2) (Had an issue with KDEN - entire airport 20ft below ground level - moved it from AEC enabled TO -> AEC Disabled and it's fine) Did this after running Auto-Configuration ie: upgrading from Australia to Australia V2. Tried the same thing with YMBD - not in either AEC Enabled or Disabled Tried turning YMBD 'bgl' files to OFF in Orbx\....\\scenery\ No third party Mesh or Scenery
  2. Hello after much testing ( I have both impulse YPAD and AusScene Parafield). I concluded that Adelaide Landmarks isnt compatible with Sim update 6. With Adelaide Landmarks in the community folder with the other scenerys, when I hit fly now the blue bar goes almost right across except for the last 100 mm or so then just hangs.I took Adelaide Landmarks out and the sim loads as it should. I have done all the steps in trouble shooting as per Nick Coopers instructions. Is an update planned for Adelaide Landmarks? Its only YPAD and Parafield that seem to not work with Adelaide Landmarks. I can load in at other Airports fine away from Adelaide when Adelaide Landmarks is in the main community folder. Cheers Greg
  3. Hello, I have the problem that on every start Volanta tell me to install Simconnect. I click on "install" but nothing happened. I see in the App Overview from my WIN10 that Simconnect is installed.....so where is the problem? Thx in advance Mark
  4. After world update 6 msfs get almost to the end of final load screen and then stops this only happens if airport selected is egph for which I have Orbx scenery this is the only Orbx scenery I have for msfs If I select any default or any freeware scenery I have then it works perfectly
  5. Hi, just purchased KSAN and I have some other scenery bleeding through as can be seen on this image. How can I get rid of it? https://imgur.com/xXz35nL Many thanks, Ben
  6. I saw online that the Microsoft website showed that I had two instances of Microsoft flight simulator installed. So I went looking. I believe one is the original installation from the 10- CD pack on "C" drive (100gb) So called pre-install, I think, and the second instant on a different hard drive (G) nvme (162 gb) is the one that Microsoft had me download. So my question to you all is, can I delete the first original installation as it's taken up 100 GB on my c drive. I don't believe I'm using it as the game resides on my g drive as well. I see that it appears no updates have been put on to the c drive simulator but there has been updates on the g drive simulator. Or what to do...Should I cut and paste the c drv installation some where else to confirm that the sim will still run and then delete it? I just don't know.
  7. Well the first place I went to was Blackpool, and Blackpool is all about the night life so expected really good Night Lighting, but no, you can not hardly see the add-on scenery at night, the tower has not even got lighting at the top that is the public viewing area and above. The piers don't even look good in the day light, they are well above the ground level, just so poor for a paid for scenery. So disappointed that I have not even bothered to visit any other areas of this product.
  8. Hi there! Following your nice recommendation on the socials to fly Malmo to Nis with the WizzAir, I am trying to spwan in at the Orbx ESMS Malmo scenery but loading time takes ages!!! Spawning in with FbW A20N WizzAir livery. Then I treid to spawn in at, just a wild chosen airport, at EHGG (Groningen airport), which is not payware or in the communty, and there it took normal time. Am I the only one or could this issue be replicated?
  9. Hi, I recently updated to P3D5 and installed all Orbx packs (BASE, Building, Vector, Trees etc.) and i noticed something strange will on departure from ESSV. The main city lighting is looking a bit odd... Any thoughts? It looks all blurry and weird. Did not have this issue in P3D4...
  10. Hi there, I bought ENSD today and then ran in the latest MSFS updates. Headed off to try ENSD but found MSFS very slow to load up the scenery ... and then it just seemed to stop so the flight didn't start even though the blue ribbon at the bottom was at 100%. Can anyone offer any advice, please? [I have got MSFS to run with default scenery.] Thanks!
  11. Hello: I just a few minutes ago purchased the scenery for Southampton for about 15 Euro and when I first opened my simulator with a Tristar on the active runway I did not believe my eyes!!!! It seems to me that something went terribly wrong here with a gravel runway and very rough grass and tarmac, low details on the buildings etc. Just see for yourself here: Please tell me that this is NOT what I paid for and how to get this right. THANK YOU! Juergen
  12. Quick question to see if everything is okay server side? Getting 200KB/S. Just thought I'd check as it's pretty slow. Jase
  13. Cannot make paypal payment via Orbx central for bundle product Just had the same issue as some other users (paypal window opens and immediately closes) trying to buy a bundle - I did this last week with no issues. Cannot currently purchase anything and intend to use paypal only so I know what what I'm paying. Can this please be looked into/fixed? If I try buying the products individually will you refund me the bundle difference? Steve
  14. Hello guys. After SU6 ILS in malmö went off AGAINNN and there's a double ILS at Bromma. Can u guys fix this please.
  15. Hi there, Recently got the new Orbx EGNT for Xplane11 and I'm finding that my frames seem to drop from about 60-70 to 30 when coming into the gate. There also seems to be a large bump at either end of the runway (worst on 07) making it quite difficult to landing without getting airborne again!! Is there any possible way to fix this? Thanks
  16. Not sure if this has been covered or if its me (more than likely) I just purchased Elstree and thought I would have a quick go. Using the Bonanza got clearance to taxi and hold for runway 26. All is well until I get to the hold point. I stop, wait for clearance but then I'm stuck, the plane just will not go any further???? anyone??
  17. Hi, On Tenerife island I am having some issues with the mesh. La Palma airport and the island look amazing, however tenerife looks odd. I have purchased the serpeate tenerife airport from Orbx as well. Some places look good, but some sections look default as in the pictures. Any help is appreaciated.
  18. Hi Guys, Recently I have noticed my frames being exceptionally low whenever I am flying into and around True Earth. I believe this happens mostly when X-Plane is loading the scenery in. Now I know that True Earth is very intensive and there's quite a bit of scenery to load in but I notice when the scenery is loaded in, my frames are fine, averaging around 25-30fps, if not more sometimes. This only happens when it's loading in the scenery in-sim and when flying online (which I always do) it keeps disconnecting me due to frames. Sometimes I've had the frames reduce down to 3-4 FPS and then it'll jump back up to 20-25 FPS.. I'm running an Intel i7 6700K CPU @ 4.0GHz and Nvidia 1080 GPU. I've got XPlane on an SSD where True Earth is as well which should help the load time but obviously not. I'm also running 3jFPS Wizard to improve my general frames and Vulkan too. Is there anything else I can do, apart from uninstall True Earth altogether which I do not want to do. Hope some suggestions can be posted. Thanks, Tristan
  19. I noticed in my Scenery Configurator red triangles next to the Orbx Scenery. I opened Orbx Central and tried verifying each scenery that I own. Each time I tried verifying the files a pop-up said that I do not own that scenery. How can this be fixed? thank you
  20. Missing boarding bridges at many airports after the latest MSFS 2020 update... How to solve this problem?
  21. Hello, I am running P3D V5.2 and everytime I am on final approach at Brisbane V2 the sim crashes, I am running low settings with a RTX2060, wonder if someone could fix this? Thanks
  22. Not sure if this has been discussed or if I'm putting in the wrong words in the search bar, but having some scenery issues. White lines show up on the ground, it happens all the time and follows me everywhere. Much help would be appreciated!
  23. Hi there It happens that I was exploring a Chilean airport and I found these avatars I don't know what is the technique used to create them or how you add them, I believe these are photographs, at least that's how they look like but the quality and immersion is amazing. There are many others out there but these in particular called my attetion. Can Orbx do something similar or even better? I believe these belong somewhere else....but defenitely not in 2021 almost 2022 I do understand that avatars are not the main goal but due to the increase in creating interios and animated avatars made me wish Orbx to do better with theirs. Besides, it feels weird that others are doing better than mighty Orbx. Thank you in advance! Cheers Carlos
  24. I've been using P3Dv5 for over a year now with no issues or CTD's. Two days ago I decided to fly into KSJC in the PMDG 737 from KSAN and everything was going great, silky smooth. With airport loaded in the distance, 5 mile final for 30L my sim pauses for up to 30 secs, no CTD and then it resumes and I can land. I can take off with no issues and I did two more flights into KSJC, one from KLAX and another from KPHX. Same thing happened, same location. Again the airport is loaded up as I can see the terminal and runways clearly. I can fly over KSJC into KSFO with no issues. I don't have this issues with any other payware airport and I have tons installed. Any suggestions on what might be causing the long pause? Note: all these flights where night time arrivals. If I disable the Orbx KSJC and land at the default P3D KSJC I don't have this issue. I have the following installed for the area: Orbx NA LC Orbx Global Base Orbx Vector Orbx KSJC Flightbeam KSFO
  25. Available here: https://aitraffic.ch/index.php?topic=2931.0
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