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  1. Hi Guys, First time posting on forums so disregard any mistakes I have made. I installed all of Orbx TE Britain last week, and every single time I start up I get "can't locate terrain file" and then X Plane quits. I have browsed other Orbx forums and tried things like deleting back up then installing, checking my storage, verifying my files, but none of them work and the problem has been present for over a week now. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Tom
  2. Just bought Sumburgh Airport but there is no taxiway lighting at night on 09/27? Paul Gardner
  3. Greetings, all, Recently I installed the entire Return to Misty Moorings package which works perfectly. However,TFX has problems, particularly with floating buildings. Here is an example at P3D stock PAKT, not Orbx payware. But, this is with Orbx BASE, NALC, and SAK among other regions. I am certain scenery has been placed correctly in re Higher and Lower priority for TFX, as well its positioning in the Orbx Central. The issue also shows up at PAGY, and possibly other airports which I have not yet explored. Thanks for taking a look and hopefully guiding me to a solution. Sherm
  4. I recently bought Orbx great Britain south, when itry to install it into Xplane 11 the installer says i don't have enough disk space, i have 600gb of free disk space available so why am i getting this message ? any help would be most greatful. Xplane 11 is installed on an external 1TB SSD drive with 600 gb of free space. Kind regards Gerry
  5. I purchased this product yesterday and when I went to try to "fly"at Brisbane it immediately Crashed to desktop. I tried this a few times and same happened. I tried reinstalling and rebooting but always get the same result. I have about 12 products so far which have not caused me any problems at all. Any help for an old man who is also a bit of a newbie would be greatly appreciated thanks Your transaction ID / receipt number is 6109fd96b4c2f. YBBN Brisbane International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator x1 $16.72 AUD Subtotal: $16.72 AUD GST (10%): $1.67 AUD Total: $18.39 AUD © Orbx Simulation Systems 2021
  6. Hello, Kia Ora. To all my friends who are still active. The last time I was on here was roughly 3-4 yrs ago. Oh how things have changed, for the better too. Because I don't have a great memory now ( 80 yrs old is closing quick), I have to ask, how do I find my scenery that I bought right back to 2008 when FSX first started. I now have a new computer, have not tried to download anything and bought FSX:SE. Any help will be really appreciated as I'm flying blind.
  7. Hi there... I've used Orbx for a while and love its scenery but over the last few days it seems that Orbx Central has been playing up. My EGNM scenery has, despite being installed, gone back to default P3D version of the airport and the whole of the UK has black squares and bodies of water appear all over my scenery (I have Orbx england installed). Also, when I have tried to un and reinstall any scenery, it comes up with an error and then suggests buying it again. Also, upon loading it, it goes straight to my product page which means I also have no way of logging out. I have even tried reinstalling Orbx central but this does not fix the issue. Really want to get this fixed asap as I want to get back flying! Thanks, Thomas Nobrega
  8. Hello everyone decided to join the "ORBX community" today for the P3Dv4.x and have licensed the most important products for EU (you can't buy software, only buy the right of use :) ). I purchased the products via ORBX Central and installed them. Presumably I need to update my complete hardware now to get the full enjoyment. Now mine (maybe stupid?!) Question: are these products also available e.g. as ZIP files, because otherwise I would have to download these downloads again on the new PC? Thank you for your help & happy Christmas, Dieter
  9. I cannot get the 'London City Pack' to load in Microsoft Flight Simulator. (Post Sim Update 5, post 30 July 2021, Hotfix.) The flight stops loading at the blue indicator line half way point. Have to use CTRL+ALT+Del to stop and restart. Have installed from the Marketplace and uninstalled twice since the Hotfix. ie This is repeatable. This issue appeared after Sim Update 5, before the Hotfix. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  10. Hey there I bought Dubai Landmarks. Now I flew over Sheikh Zayed Road and mentioned some missing buildings. Only some windows and parts of the wall appeared of the concened building. The same at Dubai Marina. What can I do. Did somebody else noticed this problem? Also the trakck/path of Dubai Metro is missing. Only the stations are there. Thank you very much in advance for your help Regards Paul
  11. Hi,I am new to MSFS. I have it installed for one week and I am still trying to configure essential things.I would like to know:1. How to get rid of those static aircrafts from all default sceneries.2. How to have AI working like he had with FSX and P3D. Do they work with schedules as well? Where to put them? It seems that folders' organization of MSFS is quite different than previous simulators and I don't know where to find those folders.Thanks.
  12. Hi Is the EU region package only landmarks or does it also include ground textures? Could the product conflict with terrain textures? I just saw this out of Liverpool Here in the map is the exact location I reported this to MSFS as initially was not able to access the forum Cheers Carlos
  13. Since the release of YBBN V2 for me it's been just about unusable, a complete stutter fest, I had much better experience and performance from V1, just about everything is turned off in the V2 control panel, could there be some files left over from V1 or something? I uninstalled V1 and installed V2 through Orbx Central, V1 is still showing but it's greyed out so I assume that's ok, any advice would be great.
  14. Since the latest update SU5 to MSFS I have had to remove Southend EGMC airport. Otherwise the sim hangs when trying to start flying there. Anyone had this issue, is there a fix?
  15. Since updating to the latest version of ESSA I have had problems with the ground textures. At first I also had problems with the terminal building textures flickering but reinstalling solved that. Is there any solution for the ground textures both Orbx Libraries and Objectflow are installed and working. Tried disabling Objectflow to see what happened and could not see any change. I thought the issue could be that the libraries entry is above ESSA in addon list but since I don't know how to change that I am not able to find out. Thank you for any help. I attached some images to help. Isak
  16. @Finni Hansen I just did an ILS 18 approach into ENTO (Torp) and noticed the localizer is off-set (probably since World Update 4). Any chance for a fix?
  17. Firstly many thanks to the Orbx team for this add on. It’s impossible to add every POI but you seem to have got most of them. I’ve had a quick 5 min look at the cities and they look really good. Most of my Settings are at High, just wondered if there is a certain setting I need in Max/Ultra to see everything? Thanks.
  18. In Windows 11, I'm unable to open Orbx Central due to a JavaScript error.
  19. Im downloading now this 40Gb patch but what about update for Orbx sceneries? They need update also by Orbx Direct? I have no idea because I am downloading this official update, but I would like to know if what I have is compatible e.g. with this new LOD etc. Thx for reply.
  20. Greetings fellow flight simmers, Not long to go now for the release of MSFS 2020 on the XBOX Series X and with any luck, not long after will we be able to access and use Orbx products for the XBOX as I can tell you I'll be amongst the purchases for sure. Does anyone know of or could share a link as to what joysticks/control yokes will be compatible with MSFS 2020 on XBOX out of the gate ?. I have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and hope that may get me through until the Velocity One Flight Yoke Controls from Turtle Beach are available at the end of August. Also, is there any knowledge as yet as to what Orbx products will be available through the XBOX marketplace at MSFS 2020 launch on the XBOX ? Cheers, Chris
  21. Hello I have built a new system and after installing central the app will not recognize any of my scenery files , I did a back up from 4.5 on a external drive and have moved to 5.2 and installed my files into the library but yet no joy can you please allow a way to re down load my files. My error file is attached. In the main file structure is a folder named Orbx so I loaded all my files there so the sim works yet central dose not function. Thank you Central File.txt
  22. I just discovered this issue. Not sure where it came from.... saw some of Thames river covered by land ... then when TOP viewed saw land texture in other places. I did verify files for TEGB as well as for Europe LC and no results... any idea ?
  23. Hello all. First time posting on this forum, long-time Orbx product fan! I'm hoping that a fix can be implemented for the KTIW Windsock. It's got the 'ol "180-degrees-off" feature. I'm using the 1.3 version FWIW Thanks!
  24. Currently the YBBN MSFS scenery is on sale for $11.50 and sadly that's all its worth in its current state. Just like the P3Dv5 version there is a large amount of detail that is missing from this airport and it surprises me that it seems its just a port from P3D to MSFS? Really expected greater things from Orbx with this airport in MSFS but sadly other smaller third party devs like NZ simulations are out shining scenery's like this one. Some items to report that need improving - Night lighting is poor and needs improving - Ground grass textures are way to low Res for MSFS - No PBR or lack off PBR on buildings and the glass in the windows are terrible.
  25. Hi, My installation of P3D - no other addons yet but Orbx Global, US,EU,AU,NZ plus openLCs - works wonderful and - for the first time in my personal flightsim history (which started with FS3.0 somewhen in the '80s) - without stuttering. But... As soon as I add TE Netherlands to the scenery library (installation via Orbx Central v4.1.6), the scenery loading of P3D hangs at 5% - for hours, never yet to have come beyond it. Removing TE NL - via OC4 - makes it run again seamlessly. Some people here post screenshots from TE sceneries with P3Dv5 - so it should work. What's the trick? Michael
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